18.10.10 by Jeff

Jay Howell x Lifetime Giveaway

The guys over at Lifetime Collective have hooked me up with a tee shirt and an original drawing by San Francisco based artist, Jay Howell! This is not a print, this is an original drawing! Who wants it?

jay howell lifetime collective giveaway drawing t-shirt

Leave a comment below with your definition of “Punks Git Cut,” a phrase that Jay often uses but can’t really define himself.

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Best definition wins:

1 . Lifetime x Jay Howell tee
2 . 10.75” x 14.0” original drawing

Winner selected Friday October 29th.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Zac Benloulou

    Seems pretty self explanatory to me but:
    punks git cut: if youre frontin, youre gonna be severely injured with a bladed weapon.

    • Punks git cut (phrase)
      1. Punks git cut from corporate soccer teams. i.e. “Johnny refused to wear his JPMorgan uniform to the game last night”
      2. Punks git cut in lower east side bars. i.e. Johnny had one too many whiskey’s and the bouncer showed him his switchblade

    • Aldea mecánica

      It just means “please be alert at all times”. In other words, don´t drool fool.

  • It’s kinda like when you say, “FUCK!” and is said in quite possibly the gnarliest, yet, classiest way possible.

    • Dalton

      Also, what happens to the person besides myself who wins. With a vengeance.

  • memes

    It’s the tastiest part of a punk.

  • Evan
  • Zack Domes

    Punks git cut.
    I’d like to think that every true punk has a rebellious soul in them. You know, they are really just those individuals who start and fuel all Rebellions. They make history. And making history is a dangerous thing that often times gits you cut.

  • Muna Caroline

    What goes around come around.

  • Am

    “Punks Git Cut” eh? The painting on Jay’s website of graffiti being sprayed on a wall reminds me of the 33-year-old Swiss man who just recently got jailed here in Singapore recently for vandalising an MRT train. Picture here: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_535411.html

    He was jailed for the offence, and when he appealed, his appeal was not only rejected, but his sentence extended: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-08-18/swiss-man-s-jail-term-for-vandalizing-singapore-train-extended.html

    Yes folks. Punks Git Cut. Especially In Singapore.

  • “The irony of life”
    – Ominousness can be a delightful illumination
    – A great artist might as well is a punk
    – Some people might look strong from the outside but are sensitive inside

  • Caitlin

    Punks Git Cut.

    well, there are multiple possible meanings to this phrase. When i think of the word “punk” I think of either the 80’s in england with huge mohawks and studded jackets, or angry old grandpa’s yelling at little boys who pull pranks on them. “Git” and “Cut” are self-explanitory, as in get cut.

    So, I’m thinking either a death match between two punks, one with a red mohawk and the other with a blue, in a mosh pit at a punk rock concert… Or of an old grandpa chasing a little boy who just pranked him down the road with a butcher knife.

  • Kevin

    Punks Git Cut:

    When Flavor Flav puts his hate on on em punks.

    • mariah

      hahaha. you win my vote.

  • Harry

    In the early days of the Stooges, Iggy Pop used to nick himself w/ a a sharp object before going on stage – just a small cut to get his adrenalin pumping. This “ritual” became well known to punk fans and eventually spread to the skate scene. The definition changed over time so that whenever someone did a particularly sick trick, people would say “Punks git cut!” as a way to show props.

  • kill ashton kutcher. as an example.

  • brooke

    the punk sword

  • Jill

    I wish this meant that when you’re at a concert or show that those punks who cut you in line at the bar, bathroom, or will call got cut right back…with a knife. That was a little violent, but doesn’t everyone hate it when you get cut in line by a punk?

  • Alyssa

    I feel like its taken “haters gonna hate” .. and stepped it up a notch… “punks git cut” … taken the passive and made it active. Basically – stand out ma’ way and lemme do my thang… or else. Else = you get shanked.

  • Hi Canada!
    In 2010, we can say that punks are unfortunately cut out of our “healthy” society, so that they loose credibility.
    To be a punk doesn’t mean that you wear boots and mohawk.
    I hope that everyone will behave just a little bit like a punk in his entire life.
    Very nice drawings by the way.

  • Nick

    I’m going to assume this definition comes out of the prison culture. That said, a punk is one who snitches, bitches, cries or generally upsets the prison hierarchy.

    And what do we do to snitches? Stab, shiv, slice, dice and generally hurt them in a cutting fashion.

    Thus, Punks git cut.


    a rebelious orca whale who listens to the ramones and the sex pistols. whilst being a badass dj he would often cut up dj mixes to create a blend of hip hop punk. people would then be like , ” shit, punks got cut”. Which soon changed to ” punks git cut” as he dominated the japenese punk hip hop scene. True story.

  • it’s all about feeling, not explaining. this one describes the attitude very well:

  • Punks Git Cut:
    A despicable passion.


    a rebelious orca wahle would often listen to the ramones and the sex pistols. Whilst also being a badass undersea hip hop dj, he began to cut up hip hop and punk. People began to say ” punk got cut up”, which soon turned to ” punk git cut” as desmond the whale donminated the japenese hip hop scene. True story.

  • Niko

    Punks Git Cut is an acronym for:

    People Usually Never Know Stuff,

    Granted…Interesting Things…

    ..Coincidentally…Underground Thrives.

  • Marika

    …”And then it’s three A.M.
    And I’m on the corner, wearing my leather
    This dude comes up and he’s, like, “hey, punk!”
    I’m, like, “yeah, whatever!”
    Cause this is my United States of Whatever!…” :)

  • Is it, big trouble in little china?

  • TEO

    It’s like saving the world from catastrophic drought by just spitting on it.

  • Topher

    If you a bitch ass punk, you is gonna git cut.

  • literally it means in french: “a punk is laying on the ground sliced into pieces…” it makes sense know, doesn’t it…?
    see: http://jmcouffin.com/essai/files/punksgitcut.jpg

    btw i need a t-shirt

  • MrSuffixIt

    It means gentlemen DON’T.

  • kostaw

    mam to w dupie.

  • Samad

    “Punks git cut” – if you’re prepared to stand out, you better be prepared to be cut down.

  • the playas gon’ play
    them haters gonna hate
    them callers gonna call
    them ballers gonna ball
    them punks gittin’ cut
    yaaaa hear?

  • Nuno F.

    Young people that self harm, to cope with life again. Associated with art and fashion it’s like an inner scream, when you use the body as an artistic medium to release the pain, in order to express it in the work of art.

  • Punks Git Cut:

    I think it definately has something to do with punks being rebelious and strong willed. They stand up for what they believe is right and true, and they do everything in their power to make that visible to society. Society doesn’t like change, so what are the going to do to the people that want change? Cut them out of the picture!

    It’s either that orrrrr you say it in the context of frustration…. like….”Fuck off!” “Git the Fuck out” “Punks git cut!”

  • Alex

    Punks git cut is just like other saying like
    snitches get stitches!

  • No clue but this post did turn me onto the Punks Git Cut blog.
    Found this and pretty darn giddy about it…

    Perhaps Punks Git Cut is human nature?

  • hurt people hurt people!

  • Aaron

    Punks Git Cut-
    A term to when the average Joe(and or punk) in like gets screwed over. May be used as a humorous joke when not a punk.

    ie: “Dude, they demoted me again, how can I live on this salary?”
    “Punks Git Cut.”

  • kevin

    coward can’t hang with the posse

  • Wazza Rabs

    Note to self: Punk Git Cut when you have the genetic inability to feel pain,
    smashing your self in the skate bowl at high speeds of impact, wanting to drop some acid down Justine Bieber eye ball, whilst giving him the number ZERO hair cut!!

  • CeeBee

    Could it mean “bad guys are losers”?

  • Punks Git Cut (punx-get-cut)-v.- The action of being, or already have been, cut if one is of the ‘punk’ genre of persons. If yoos a punk, yoos git cut bitch. Image clarification: A large man with attitude flirts with your woman/man whilst you are away for 1 minute, punks git cut. or. Bitch with kids on leash cuts you in line at the supermarket, punks git cut.

  • Jam

    punks git cut = talk shit get hit…which is the tattoo that i got with my grandma

  • Jerry T

    “punks git cut” : the sound of a sharp mohawk slicing through the pollution of the everyday world

  • alalala

    Punks Git Cut:
    Punks are emos with a lot less mascara

  • Alex

    “Punk” is smoldering tinder, from the Algonquian for “dust, powder, ashes.”

    “Git” is British slang for bastard, from “beget.”

    “Cut” in glassmaking is to produce a pattern by grinding.

    So “Punks Git Cut,” referring to a person, means “you are ground out of ashes.”

    It refers to the first phase of “ashes to ashes,” implying that the second phase–returning to ashes–won’t be long in coming.

  • It means “Anyway I think I’ll probably go home and fart on a shoe box”

  • It’s a well known fact that counterculture kids love to cuddle and roll over barbed-wire and broken glass laden floors, resulting in inevitable bodily harm. Hence, punks git cut.

  • Raiko

    it means super cool if you’re teenager, and it means completely retarded if you’re adult.

    example: Shepard Fairey- he claims he’s punk, well, I don’t think so.

  • Nick Francis

    Firsties: isn’t it an adorable phrase?

    It is.

    Seconds (as mentioned above): git (git) – noun – British Slang. A foolish or contemptible person.

    And lastly: “punk gits cut” or punk-gits (plural for punks who maintain, specifically, a contemptibly foolish rebellion or punkness) cut (as in “cut a rug”).

    And so we see, after so much analysis, that this three-word, thee-syllable phrase is describing that all too common jive undertaken by punk-gits, a surly type dance that, undoubtedly, cuts up the dance floor with its hot pizzazz and simmering acrobatics. Punk gits cut, indeed (if you’d’ve seen ‘em, you’d know).

  • Amelia

    “Punks git cut” means that in elementary schools, those little kids whose moms let them get mohawks and listen to their Walkmans nonstop would stand in the lunch line, waiting patiently for their tater tots and refried beans while just a few spots ahead, a little ponytailed girl would slide in line behind her best friend of the week.

    This phrase has become a common saying now, because of how frequently this situation took place. It’s now stated with resignation, meaning “that’s just how it is.”

  • Naomi

    it’s quite hard to say aloud, could be a tougue twister designed to confuse and exasperate people, or it could be a secret club, where leGITimate punky looking fellows can flash there fine cut patches, like the winkle club, only for reckless reprebates that obssesss over patches of material…
    i doubt it.

  • It means if you are acting like a punk your gonna get cut, meaning- cut from the team.

  • Shannon

    “Step aside, bitches.”

  • de

    it is what it is; there is no control. therefore, “punks git cut.”

  • Kaitlin

    “Punks Git Cut”
    Well, not only are punks cut from “normal society” for being against the man and the norm, but they “cut loose” from their prohibitions and allow themselves to enjoy life without any constraints.

  • Matt

    Werriam Mebster would define “punks git cut” as: “the very basis for being ultra gutter and slamming the core. Usage Example: Every now and then Billy and his friends would constantly nag Tim about this un-righteousness. At the playground one day, Tim decided to end the pestering and while everyone was playing tetherball the heavens parted and Tim flew down on the wings of a pterodactyl, back-flipped onto the pavement, slam-dunked a basketball and proclaimed; punks git cut.

  • Ian Weber

    It means don’ mess with best! Cause’ If you ain’t lookin’ up you goin’ down quick son!

  • Diesel

    Punks Git Cut: If your goal is to annoy, don’t do it around me.

  • Stefan

    I Belive it’s an old saying, I’m not a 100 procent sure on this but I think my greatgrandad used to use this saying when ever the havest would go wrong or when ever my greatgrandmom whould do something that would seem out of line. But nowadays it has become a saying that is used before going hunting, like a ritual for goodluck just like knock on wood.

  • he means eggwhites will significantly increase your chances of looking like your parents aren’t financially backing you.

  • Jake

    Punks Git Cut

    It means everything and nothing, like keep on trucking, or ramalamadingdong, or free tibet.

  • Felix Acuna

    It just refers to the tao of punk.

    And “The punk that can be spoken is not the eternal punk”

  • Khalil

    Punks Git Cut: A common expression used to explain the consequence of one who commits excessive punkery. Such as excessive amounts of Tom foolery and heinous/unnecessary comments. Example of the consequence in a scenario: Two boys are rough housing in line at your local super market and bump you from behind which leads to you dropping a carton of eggs. After such an act, the culprits will try to flee the crime scence and before they get the chance you grab them by their collars and whisper “Punks git cut” then the speaker deals 2-7 quick jabs with a preferably blunt blade to either the small of the back or the jugular.

  • It means don’t act like a jerk or a fake or your comeuppance will come.

  • punks get laid!

  • stop snitchin’

  • mort goldman

    The “Git” part of it just screams Larry the Cable Guy, it must be one of his punchlines.

  • JR

    Go B*lls Deep and T*tty made a baby named Punks Git Cut. The baby understands the vast highs and lows of life and knows that it’s all okay. It’s better than okay even.

  • Rach Face

    He says this phrase the way I use idioms. When in Rome, there are times I need say, “hair of the dog.” Well, instead he says,”punks git cut.” Therefore we rule.

  • Roberto

    punks are Emos

  • evan

    when some fool actin out of line, hes finnin on gettin set back.

  • Obviously it refers to moments where a situation requires an exclamation of anger and/or joy that can only be produced by savagely running an electric buzz cutter through a variegated Mohawk of any number of greasy delinquent youth.

  • James

    punk up da jam!

    da course!

  • Farn Mirza

    It’s a child friendly replacment for “Fuck A Duck”

  • my mom used to tell me that when i would disobey her. So I think we all know what im getting at… :)

  • anny

    hoodlum! ruffian! hooligan! thou shalt be split open by mine blade if you venture across mine path.

  • Jon

    I think “Punks git cut” has two meanings:

    1. Punks get injured from their punk ass behavior

    2. Punks get a slice of the action (or cut). This means girls sometimes get with guys who are punks

  • Ben

    “Take off your sister’s jeans, son. You will never make a name for yourself looking like that.”

  • gren stickyflap

    PUNK AS FUCK. nuff said.

  • Camille

    Discussed this with a friend after his interview on fecalface.

    Punks git cut- you skateboard, you thrash, you fight, etc. there is no avoiding way you can avoid the inevitable scratches, bruises, and cuts.

    • michael

      punks, or rather the lower rung of inmates who allow their anuses to be penetrated by human male phalluses (phalli?) in turn for cigarettes, will often make small incisions into their rectums so that they can more easily be stretched to accommodate for barterers with a greater mirth of loin.

  • Jordan

    Punks git cut? Bitches get stitches?

  • Annika

    “punks git cut”–> a phrase used to warn oneself of impending danger in result of your unusual, nonconformist actions.

    example: John Hancock, after adding the last, large flourish to his name on the Declaration of Independence, yells “Punks git cut!” because he realises the weight and danger of his rebellious ways, yet he celebrates.

  • shayne

    Punks git cut-
    if you have a fuckin attitude or try to act like you’re on point when you’re not, you’re fucked.

    a zeitgeist for the next generation. its kinda like “step up or step off” but you always better be stepping up. survival of the tightest.

  • Punks git cut reminded me of Donnie Brasco (“forget about it”) and just for the punk reference Romper Stomper!

    ps artwork looks awesome!

  • Ariela

    punk git cut:
    having a punk feel to it. Punk influenced

  • Art

    punks git cut: rebels don’t make the football team

  • Shane

    When said punk isn’t up the punks enough, the punk in question gets physically harmed.

  • jordan

    I think its part of an ‘anti-bodybuilder’ culture. “cut” meaning like ‘well sculpted musculature’… and you’re a punk if you exercise with the goal of looking like that.

  • robin

    if you really live the punk life, sooner or later you are gonna get hurt because living that close to the edge is fucking dangerous.

  • Erica

    Punks Git Cut:

    Punks may be more at risk of injuries such as paper cuts and pin pricks as it is well known that punks often spend their time writing to “the man” to kindly please cease from their actions upon which affects the society as a whole, or in laymen term: FUCK OFF. Punks are also often pricked by their multiple safety pins adorned throughout their apparel. Their skin, protected by black leather and denim is very sensitive and pale, often more susceptible to abrasions or lacerations.

  • Seth

    Git Whatcha Get

  • Travis

    Punks Git Cut.

    Lets break down the phrase to evoke its true meaning.

    “Punk” can describe a specific cliche style typically categorized as “a rude disembarkation from contemporary society.” or “rebelrouser.” In this case, a punk most likely refers to someone in opposition to the speaker using the term, as in, “Quit hassling me, you punk”

    “Git” is a celebrated misspelled colloquial that is often associated with lower-class and uneducated people.

    “Cut” implies stabbing. or the chiseled affect working out has on the human body. Typically, the latter doesn’t apply here. Or does it?…

    Phonetically “Punks Git Cut” is a hodgepodge of tough-guy bravado that is more of a “beware of dog” sign then a empty threat. Simply put: if you are hassling the user of this saying, watch out, as you are about to be physically impaired.

    See also:

    “Bitches get stitches”

  • Jon

    Punks-Git-Cut (puhn-kas gei-tah cah-tah)

    Coined by Jay Howell, this phrase is referred to punks as mainstream culture portraying a negative outlook upon them. Their lifestyles and beliefs interfere with the main’s and there becomes an array of unfortunate clashes’ between the two separate halves. While many argue this term is just utter blabber from cultural anarchism, the term speaks for itself substantially.

    Jay went to pick up a pencil, but a person nearby picked it up before him and broke the lead. That goes to show, punks git cut.

    hatred, ongoing revenge, jealousy, artistic expressionists, fun, negativity, bad portrayal, obstructed culture

  • j


  • Nadia

    bonquiqui goes underground.

  • Riley

    Punks Git Cut:

    A Latin phrase used to inspire Roman soldiers before entering battle.

    ‘Alala! Punks Git Cut!’

  • dillon k.

    art schoolyard trash talk

  • Jeff MacDonald

    Anagram – Stuck pignut

  • “Drunks git shut”

  • charles

    definition: Stab a motherfucker in the back.

  • Punks git cut “punxgetcöt”
    Shanking due to annoying individuals.
    Can also be used to let someone know that they are being annoying.

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  • Elsa Fraire

    The cross between a unicorn and a rebellious chicken who decided to cross the road.

  • Kimi Lundy

    I assume that “punks” refers to crazy little children who “git” cut running with scissors

  • Mike Follent

    Punk Git Cut:
    An injury that occurs when punks have their gits cut

  • Punks Git Cut = Life is fun, enjoy it!

    gaurav dhwaj khadka

  • AndreW

    Two members of any rebelious subculture with two sharp metal objects, participating in a playful bonding ritual, really, in no way agressive or harmful.
    I could be wrong, tho. :)

  • mokasi

    Punk git cut: a short screenplay
    punk 1: yo grrrrrrr raaa my safety pin has fallen out
    punk 2: here you go my fellow anarchist ( passses fresh pin)
    Punk 1: thanks man!
    Punk 1 : ( push pin into jacket) 00000oooouuuchhh!
    Punk 2 : you dude be carefull with that! dont no “PUNK GIT CUT”
    Punk 2: that new pin looks Siiiiicccck!
    PUNK GIT CUT = Safety pin hazards!!

  • Aidan Volkofsky

    ‘punks git cut’ |pə ng ks| git | kət|
    1 informal a threat to possible tormentors (normally used to make oneself sound important)

    |fuck you
    Yo, punks git cut|

  • Sick Gut Punt

  • katherine

    it’s what happens when my kitten schools me!

  • Katherine

    Punks git cut: Punks are on the ‘cutting edge.’ They ‘get’ things that most others won’t for awhile….that’s my take.

  • GT

    you’re either down… or you ain’t.
    down? sweet. good to meet ya.
    ain’t? you’re cut. gone. seeya.


  • Elizabeth

    “Punks git cut”
    Because…well, if they don’t, they will lose their punky credibility. Then the sun will turn dark and the seas will be poisoned with blood. Yea, I say unto thee, the bears of polar regions shall starve nigh unto death, children shall search for sweet things to please their tummies only to find naught but stewed carrots, people who mine the earth shall be reside underground until November? No. December? No! January. Great swarms of locusts will cover the land and “Friends” will return to syndication. Lo, these are troubling times. We implore thee, punk, cuteth thyself.

  • it’s a blogg.


    neeeearly boobies!


    yum. boobies.

  • adam c.

    dang, an original piece.

    punks git gut means no mammer jammers. it’s the Sacramento jive talk equivalent to, “i’m going to jack your jaw.”

    i think it was adapted to his zines as an ironic way of making readers feel tough while laughing at cartoons.

    great website. great team up give away.

  • Jim

    It means findin’ out a day late that you missed out on some sweet shit.

  • Punks git cut:

    Get involved with a Punk or Jerry Springer and get cut, don’t be a punk.

  • I think Punks Git Cut means something over the top ironic, for example: While I was living in Mexico City I was stabbed on the street by a hobo that was I think was high on paint thinner. Not that ironic…yet! After I was stabbed I pushed the hobo down and saw him drop the weapon. To my surprise I saw that it was a rusty old potato peeler. How is this ironic? I’m from Idaho and my last name is Schenk (Shank).

  • ross

    it means you have to take care of a full on, raging art boner.

    context: Lexington:”man, can you believe the breadth of this exhibit.”

    Me: “I know, i need a bathroom, this punks git cut…..AHHHhhhh… too late.”

  • larp


  • Follow me here:

    In this case, ‘punk’ refers to that stick, something like insence, the one they give kids on the Fourth of July when the parents want to keep their lighter on the porch where they’re smoking. Jay probably carried his punk out onto the street with a paper bag full of 5-for-1 fireworks, probably resented the fact that his dad didn’t trust him with the lighter. Perhaps, a few times he went inside to “go to the bathroom”, sneaking back out with pair of scissors, no, a knife in his pocket. He’d light a few black cats, maybe a busy bee or two, then cut the punk maybe an inch under the glowing ember. He’d walk back from the unlit street to the unlit porch and interupt the adults with, “Dad, it went out.” Grumbling, his dad would reach into his pocket for the lighter and light the punk again. Back out on the street he’d light a few crackers, and then, again, he’d slice the punk. After a few of these, dad grumbling and reaching into his pocket or to the windowsill, the lighter would finally be his, the satisfying shhhck shhhhck under his thumb better than the cracking black cats near the mailbox.

    A few year later, maybe in college, maybe at work, maybe during his regular Friday nights at the Sizzler, Jay picked up punk the way most people do, using it for in place of ‘jerk’ or ‘lowlife’. The association took over unperceptively, and once, when somebody got in the way of something Jay wanted, a lover, a job, a sandwich, he whispered, “Ah hell no. Punks git cut.”

  • miss kitteh

    Definition of Punks Git Cut: You win some, you lose some, and sometimes it really fucks you up.

  • Ahmad

    I don’t think it means anything. It’s just an expression that doesn’t express anything. Punk Git Cut.

  • In ancient Greece a wise man said the same with diferent words: “Children learn through sufering.”
    “Punks git cut” is a phrase that easily stays in your mind because it sugests a deep knowledge.

  • Punks Git Cut: [puhngks-giht-kuht]
    1 a: win shit hit tha fan

    b: if you din’t git tha hint and now imma gon ta show tha brass and refunction yo face.

    c: win shit go durn.

  • This should only be attempted with an experienced or just gifted female. Basically the chick gets on her bed in a yoga position and the man approaches her spread legs and grabs her around her lower back while pulling her off the bed. The chick then positions herself in the target zone and goes to town. The man needs to lock his elbows in his hands otherwise he might drop her when the moment cums ;) Cross country runners are generally the best.

  • Nat

    You can try to be different and rebel against the norm but some one is going to try and cut you down. They might not get your idea or your philosophy and try to criticize your point.

  • Lukas B

    it means ALL KIND MOMENTS!!

  • Patrick

    “Scuff my shoe and I split ya wig.”

  • Jack

    Punks Git Cut:

    It’s a fact of life. It’s the risk that everyone who strives to live boldly and true must face. Because when you stand against the man, whether it be in rocking too hard, being a bit to “real”, not giving a fuck, or giving a fuck, invariably… You’re gonna git cut. And it’s not a matter of if, but when.

    However, simply getting cut does not give you the pleasure or title of punk. Far too many people have tried, gotten cut, and backed back down too mere existence. Punks, on the other hand, git cut again, and again, and again, and come back for more.

  • emily

    its completely open to the interpretation of the user/recipient
    whether its said to mean ‘if your a punk you WILL get cut’ or ‘if you rebel against the system it will hit you back haarder – dont be afraid of it’
    either way its what ones mother really should have said as you walk out the front door to go and live the rest of your life

  • c.marie

    “punks git cut” – i’m guessing, “mess with best; you’ll get shanked.” or “watch yo’self fool!”

  • Ricky

    “Punks Git Cut”
    I interpret it as,
    If your a failure…your a failure,
    If your annoying….your annoying…..etc.etc.
    It is what it is.

  • Thank you all for your hilarious answers – CONGRATS TO TYSON SCHENK. You have won yourself the original drawing and tee shirt!!!

  • Shara

    The phrase means that punks strive to ‘get’ cut, they just cant pronounce the get part right.
    and this…. http://slicktiger.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/the-slicktiger-guide-to-klapping-gym-boet/ is exactly what they strive for in order to be classified as cut;)

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Illustrator Spotlight: Boris Pelcer

A selection of work by illustrator Boris Pelcer. More images below.

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24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Val Britton

A selection of recent work by artist Val Britton (previously featured here). See more images below, courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

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