11.01.11 by Jeff

Electrical Way

“Electrical Way” by Zoos of Berlin. Directed by Pomp & Clout. This music video is from a bit ago but I only discovered Pomp & Clout last week and it appears not too many people saw this video. Enjoy.

zoos of berlin electrical way music video pomp & clout

Watch the music video below!

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  • http://www.synblatten.blogspot.com Tchist

    I absolutely loved the video, it was like seeing the world through a childs eyes.

  • http://perrisalka.webs.com Perri Salka

    there should be a seizure warning before this video haha.

  • http://superluminousvelocity.com neuman

    Great color scheme and fun textures. The song seemed sorta meh, so the intensity of the video balanced well.