24.01.11 by Jeff

Fight for Your Right Revisited

“Fight For Your Right Revisited” is like my wildest fantasy come to life. The short film, written and directed by Adam Yauch, is showing at Sundance and has the most insane cast EVER. For starters Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA will be played by two sets of actors: Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride as one set, and John C Reilly, Will Ferrell, and Jack Black as another.

beastie boys film adam yauch seth rogen elijah wood Danny Mcbride fight for your right revisited

The rest of the cast list just might give you a heart attack!

I uploaded the Fight For Your Right (demo version) for you to play really loud while you look up and down this cast list and your mind explodes. Grab it before it disappears.

From what I understand it is a continuation of the original Fight For Your Right music video so it might only be the length of a music video who knows, either way I am dying to see it.

Fight For Your Right Revisited

Cast list (IMDB):

Elijah WoodAd-Rock (B-Boys 1)
Danny McBrideMCA (B-Boys 1)
Seth RogenMike D (B-Boys 1)
Susan SarandonMother
Stanley TucciFather
Rashida JonesSkirt Suit
Will ArnettBiz Man
Adam ScottCab Driver
Mike MillsSir Stewart Wallace
Rainn WilsonChurch Goer
Arabella FieldChurch Goer
Ted DansonMaitre D’
Roman CoppolaCafé Patron
Shannyn SossamonCafé Patron
Steve BuscemiWaiter
Amy PoehlerCafé Patron
Mary SteenburgenCafé Patron
Alicia SilverstoneCafé Patron
Laura DernCafé Patron
Arthur Scipio AfricanoCafé Patron
Alfredo OrtizCafé Patron
Milo VentimigliaCafé Patron
Jody HillCafé Patron
Silvia SuvadovaCafé Patron
Jason SchwartzmanVincent Van Gogh
Losel YauchSkateboarder
Chloë SevignyMetal Chick
Kirsten DunstMetal Chick
Maya RudolphMetal Chick
Clint CaluoryGeorge Drakoulias
David CrossNathanial Hornblower
Orlando BloomJohnny Ryall
Will FerrellAd-Rock (B-Boys 2)
John C. ReillyMike D (B-Boys 2)
Jack BlackMCA (B-Boys 2)
Adam HorovitzCop #1
Mike DCop #2
Adam YauchCop #3
Martin StarrPaddy Wagon Driver
Nicole RandallCafe Ted Patron

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.hellosweetcheeks.com Nicole Underwood

    whoa whoa whoa!!!
    I never even heard of this! OMG!!! I love the Beastie Boys with all my heart!!
    This. is. exciting.

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  • http://fessolsnaps.wordpress.com fessols&naps

    This is great news! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://erik_lemmerz@hotmail.com Erik-ski

    Where the heck is Ricky Powell??

  • kiddo

    i need to see this so badly i’m embarrassed about it.

  • http://www.deptm2.com mike m


  • Ivonne


  • Johnathon

    Is it wrong that I am more stoked about seeing the B-Boys as cops again?

  • Dandanyeahman

    uhhh… wow

  • http://allisonbosworth.com Allie B


  • http://www.dustpanproductions.com Kris

    Destined to be a classic!

  • David

    I like how they’ve just casually got Steve Buscemi as a waiter.

    no big deal.

  • Kyle


  • IsaElena

    fucking ridiculous

  • Brent Akhurst

    That’s a sure shot!

  • d.no

    OH MY SHIT!!!!!!

  • http://nathanveldhoen.com Nathan Veldhoen

    nice find!

  • http://www.Artsurfsoul.com Matt Lawler

    Insane cast! Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/icilicil lcil Gasper Jr.


  • http://geld-news.net/anleger-ziehen-geld-aus-irischer-grosbank-ab/ Judith Bird

    Reilly and Jack Black all have something to do with the movie also. If James Franco is added to the cast later which is a rumor I have been spreading through the internet since this morning the Oscars would be canceled. This movie would sweep every category no doubt…………….

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  • http://fessolsnaps.wordpress.com fessols&naps


    thanks again for this emotional post

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  • http://www.sunnybreaks.org yak sox

    who was the limo driver?

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