17.12.12 by Jeff

Risograph Calendar Giveaway

Risograph Calendar Giveaway
I’ve got 5 Risograph Calendars to giveaway! They were designed by JP King and printed by Paper Pusher Printworks. Who wants one of them?

Risograph Calendar Giveaway

Risograph Calendar Giveaway

Risograph Calendar Giveaway

If you want to snag one tell me your favourite month and why, in the comments below! We’ll pick 5 winners at the end of the week!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • January because it is cold and snowy and it is home to some of the best birthdays.

  • Alice Hines

    November, I love watching the leaves change colour & how pretty the english countryside looks on a frosty morning

  • Alice Hines

    or if you’re referring to the risograph months.. july.. colour..geometric..repeat..change.. illusions


  • I like October. The colors are amazing and you can wrap up! Love your beautiful calendar… Usually my mum sends me a calendar every year in my Christmas parcel but this year she has forgotten to do that!

  • rachelle

    August, prime for summertime biking & beaches

  • megan nguyen

    February because it’s significantly shorter than the other months.

  • May. Green seems to be in full swing. A time of new beginnings.

  • danielle

    October: Apples are in season, I get to see the creativity of others via Halloween costumes, Evening art openings when the weather is just right for bike riding, not to mention – my birthday.

  • My favourite month is October because of the fabulous colours around in the parks and countryside. The warm richness of the colours reminds me of real printing inks :)

  • Every month is worth favoring –life events, weather changes, holidays– a calendar is merely a reminder of how great it is to be alive! This calendar is fantastic… Good luck to all.

  • yasmina

    april, because its always a new beginning with the end of the winter !

  • June, The sun is out all the time and I love the hot weather. There’s cookouts to go to, the best shows and festivals, and my sisters birthday.

  • Daphne

    April because i can feel the excitement coming. I love seeing people who are still cold wearing coats and scarves and thz other ones -lile me- who are braving the windy, little sunny days. It’s also the month when you can start drinking in parks.

  • Lucas Eggers

    June in Seattle heralds the transition from the “gray season” to the sunny season (the best-held secret by those from the PNW).

  • Jacob Halpern

    December, because Apocalypse.

  • Elaine


    First month of the school year–a time for new beginnings, a hope for productivity, finally, and a chance to start things the way I’ve always wanted.

    Fresh, rejuvenating.

    Gorgeous weather–one of the only comfortably warm months of the year, yet you can just feel the summer weather, freedom, and bliss slipping away.

    That feeling of urgency to savor the remainders of warmth and sunlight and smiles before the cold winter attacks you like you always know it will.

  • Sabrage

    Gorgeous calendar. My favorite month is October: Halloween, first snows, fall colors, birthday. What’s not to love?

  • cleo sallis

    March, because the beauty and sensibility of pisces is born then

  • Colby Edwards

    JANUARY. hands down.
    the air is fresh, clean, and it puts me in a good mood to start fresh and make positive goals for the rest of the year. I cant wait for 2013

  • Katie G.

    September! Honestly, because there’s no yellow in it. Easy to look at.

  • ecchu

    December because I can stay indoors and wear sweats all day during christmas break

  • i’ll go w/ may. spring is always great… everything and everyone slowly comes back to life. cheers!

  • April, because that is when I get my vacation in turkeyyyyy

  • marietaensalsa

    September. Everything changes in september. All the things that will become significant for the rest of the natural year… they all begin in september. New jobs, new projects, new hobbies, new people, new music, new fashion collections…

  • March, because it’s the only month that doubles as a verb.

  • my favorite month is January! because it is my birthday month! and I get to wear a lot of layers since it’s the coldest month of winter

  • October. Our appetites increase and it gives us a reason to eat more delicious comfort foods. The leaves are pretty colours and we start layering our clothing. Awesomeness.

  • March, because Spring equinox takes place then. It symbolises rejuvenation for me. I always feel more positive from end of March onwards.

  • Laura T

    July is my absolute favorite month — family time, birthday time, swim time, sno-cone time, firework time!

  • Sean

    May. Everything is coming up roses!

  • Aimbalaim

    September, for new beginnings and Indian summers.

  • March. Here, on this calendar…a motion-graphic still from the late 60s.

  • May: a most delicious vegetable spelled backwards..

  • stayearly

    April — the name is also the sexy reporter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who doesn’t want Michelangelo as a friend? come on.

  • Tessa BX

    June looks like a *~*meta*~* Josef Albers etching. So beautiful, makes me happy :) Happy Holidays!

  • Leila

    December. I love the satisfying feeling of wrapping up the year, and the anticipation of a new one. Also snow!

  • Cheek

    January, because the most wonderful time of the year continues with New Years then my birthday celebration!

  • JANUARY >>> New year, new semester at school, new (Risograph Calendar) art to put on wall!

  • David F

    April, because I get a little bit older that month, every year.

  • AUGUST! not only is the 2nd my birthday but it is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

  • I would have to say October, the birth month of my brother. He’s been my best friend since, and I simply can’t imagine my life without him, so October it is.

  • Ann

    June, the beginning of SUMMER

  • colin b

    September! because that’s the first month of Autumn and Autumn kinda sounds like Hamada backwards!

  • In April, in Seattle, the sun starts coming out and you start to remember what the rest of the color spectrum is like and life’s ok.

  • August—for cramming in all the summer adventures before everyone goes their separate ways.

  • October, because it has the most costume parties of any month

  • Kari Breitigam

    October. Sweaters, cooler weather, and hot cider. Can’t beat it.

  • cindy yeh

    april because its becoming spring!

  • Denton Crawford

    July – My wife, son and mom were all born in July. It also means I’m most likely traveling or working in the studio a lot, which is awesome.

  • August, for the smell of heat, concrete, gas, and my next road-trip.

  • March because i can start biking again up here in Massachusetts warm and spring time in the woods, just a gorgeous month to be outside.

  • Grace Lee

    november because that’s when the holiday season starts!

  • May, sun sun sun

  • Sophie

    October because the air turns crisp and the leaves turn red.

  • I would definitely like one! My favorite month of the year is May, which is often the first time I get to dress for the SUMMER. Hooray!

  • Kelly

    January, in life as well as on this calendar! Love those circles. Even if I don’t win, thanks for introducing me to such a gorgeous calendar.

  • Gray

    October. Change of colors, smells, weather…and oh yes, flavors of the latest brews from the local brewery!

  • rSand

    semptember! Summer is stilled by the smell of natural decomposition

  • martha

    march of course ! weather’s getting nice ish, no real holiday hooplah. march just seems friendly to me

  • c athena a

    J U L Y ! because:
    music + street festivals, being outdoors + physical, body, heat, waves, love, sweat, and just a sexual month in general!!!

  • Lil

    June, because the weather is good in all parts of the world (at least the parts i know)

  • April is my favorite month because it holds very wonderful memories for me as a child and growing into my adolescence and adult years. It’s the only month where I feel truly nostalgic. The only time whe I think I’m truly the most happy! Not to mention the weather is wonderful down here in the south during that time!

  • January! because its all hopes.

  • Oh. My. Gosh. I want. It’s amazing. And I’ll have to go with a transition period between October and November. There’s something about those rainy autumn nights turn winter. From festive costume parties in October to cozy winter nights in November, nights full of the people you love most, christmas movie specials playing around the clock, peppermint drinks, and new memories.

  • ERB

    October because of colorful crunchy leaves!

  • My favourite month must be Ramadan son because it sees my spirit peek. Whatup

  • astro

    June, the month of the summer solstice and the longest days of the year, because I’m solar powered.

  • Marc Funaro

    A new England October is something to love. Motivation is at its peak and the change of color is always a sight to behold. The beginning of Autumn has too many great things to list on here, but if you’ve been to New England during October you can probably smell the fresh fall air while reading this right now.

  • November! Love the weather and the upcoming breaks!

  • December! The month of my birthday, Christmas, snow, red & green, Sufjan Xmas albums, cats wearing santa hats and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Not bad!

  • Moonbagel

    December! Holiday sprits and such just lovely x

  • Melissa Arendt

    April because JP’s depiction of it is really groovy. It’s also my mom’s birthday month and I love my mommy.

  • September, i’m the kid that get’s mad hype when school is starting and the leaves look beautiful because they are dying

  • September, because the design found on the calendar that month remembers me of the Q-bert game :)

  • MarthVader

    August ~ It’s when my birthday is and when I get to head back to school and make things (Maryland Institute College of Art.) However lovely the school is it also means I don’t have much spending money, and this calendar is right up my alley in terms of design. It’d be great to have this nearby to inspire my work.

  • May, because it’s the month that contains that Magic Day when Montrealers grin with a certain deep relief, and grin at each other, and easily share the snowbankless sidewalks. (If this day happens in April, then April is my favorite month. It is already a close second.)

  • Zara Humphreys

    October, always a month of change spring here in australia, and autumn in my native England. Also includes my birthday and haloween- which equals presents and costumes two of my favourite things!

  • jaycie

    october because at the end you get free candy.

  • September, because the season changes to Autumn and the new (academic) year begins. It’s a time when I reach for my umbrellas, and scarves, and I truly feel the most optimistic about how the rest of the year will go. Summer ends, and suddenly I am more myself – I am more self aware. September is my true New Years!

  • ethan zañe

    come AUGUST the days are long and nothing goes wrong

  • March is friggin’ beautiful!!! Like the colors and shapes on this beautifully designed and printed calendar. Good work guys and gals! Look @ the March design…..hello!!

    • hey kelly, you’re one of the winners! can you email me your mailing address! thanks

  • Lindsay Costello

    March. To me, it symbolizes the marching away of cold dreary weather and the ushering in of beautiful Spring.

  • September. dunno why

  • I like July because you can sleep siesta while watching Le Tour de France on TV.

  • ghosttthead

    June, because I can go sketching in the parcs…

  • Hsiang Ju Hung

    June. I like it most for being the middle of everything.

  • Hmmm… September. No,no,no sorry. October because Gandi is an Aquarius.

  • elien

    May, because that’s when I will be moving into my beautiful house with a beautiful ginko-tree in the garden and maybe a beautiful calendar on the wall?

  • rob

    definitely january because it has all, circles and squares and the colors! look the colors! i do so much love colors and forms on brown paper or cardboard. amazing!

  • december because it’s acceptable to be hammered like all the time

  • VESA

    December, well because its now.. and i want one.

  • anne

    May – if I may say so

  • Toine

    December 2013 – when then apocalypse will be postponed if the guy who came up with it was shit at maths

  • Paul a

    June, because then in Scandinavia we have the midnight sun that is also pictured there at the calendar, it looks just like the magenta ball.

  • Although it’s virtually impossible to choose, I pick July. Its design in this calendar resembles a ‘real’ July in so many ways. It’s endless and seemingly unpredictable with a multitude of possibilities.

  • January, because in latin (mensis Ianuarius) it stand for the Janus god of doors and gates and all the new beginnings. Most conceptual month of all :)

  • weeetabix

    October is FAN TA SY ! ! !

  • Edroso

    June! Because it means the beginning of the summer, hot and… BIKINIS!!!

  • October…for the leaves and the clothes :)

  • September. Because I was born in this month and I love geometry :)

  • Giloscope

    May. It almost always catches you out with how lovely the weather is.

  • Alexandrine Thore

    October because it’s the month of my birthday and because my english it’s very very bad! But especially because I LIKE THE RISO, it’s magic and fairy-like!!!!!

  • violeta

    I love july, because you can breathe summer on it!
    very nice work

  • October is about hoodies, fires and coffee

  • I like May. It reminds me of two overlapping record needles just at the end of a great album.

  • Tor

    August. Watching the sun set during the last days of summer is always tinged with a bit of meloncholy, but you can’t help but smile while that still warm glow hits you and your friends as you sit in a good patch of grass.

  • I love the January. It is a month of a dance in snow & stillness. A time of tiny vivid moments in white dress.

  • Sophie

    july!!! the temperature is perfect and the strawberries are ripe in my part of the world. I always feel absolutely free in july

  • Manon

    april because it’s when we can stop wearing coats

  • Anneka Warburton

    March – because in the UK it’s strangely the best month weather wise and makes for an early Spring. Also the Risograph design looks like a kaleidoscope.

  • Drongo93

    September, back to school and ready for autumn

  • january, just because my birthday’s in january.

  • FU

    dezember so i can whine about the whole year and think in some magical way it changes from on day to the other. an attractive calendar would be a great start for 2013 and totally change everything i wrote before.

  • K.

    May. Because it’s the month I stopped denying my love and gave in. I am genuine happy since then…

  • K.

    May. Because that’s the month I stopped denying my love and gave in. I am genuine happy since then.

  • Austin

    December because its CHRISTMAS!!!!

  • erica

    September — still summer but just starting to transition into fall

  • Lusi

    June. Nothing can beat the first month of really warm weather.

  • December – because it’s the last full month we’ll be able to enjoy instagram before we all quit

  • Matt Bacon

    The designs looks sick!
    I pick September because you can’t beat late summer / early fall, the autumn colors, the smell, the comfy temperature, the list goes on.

  • KJ

    June, it contains the most memories and usually holds promise for new ones. Its stained with nostalgia that’s ripe with feelings of youth and freedom.

  • pistacjanna

    January because the snow is diamonds.

  • april, because it makes me imagine spring as a beautiful young woman named that way

  • davidjcubberly

    June, since it’s the start of summer. Woo!

  • May; when the first hints of a balmy summer start to show in the breeze and the evenings are getting longer.

  • MAY because if you unscramble the letters it spells my name & also precedes July, August, September, October, November which spell out JASON, my brothers name. BAAAM! That deserves a calendar of months.

  • Shane

    July, it’s the end of the academic year and the begging of personal growth as apposed to academic. Sometimes it’s not about how much you know outside of yourself but how much you know about whats inside. Thats what June is for me.

  • aliyachristsuperstar

    January 2013 because it means that we managed to outsmart complete annihilation and may continue to imbibe the sweet nectars of beautiful design for at least another decade or two.

  • October! Halloween happy times!

  • jesslingley

    September is my favorite month because school starts, and the air is electric with ambition. The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is still warm, but with a nice refreshing cool breeze.

  • December because it may be the last month we spend on earth! #ohnos ha ha

  • June, cause it’s mt bd

  • digit.al.chemist

    january because snowboarding is epic. july because beautiful women are out in abundance. october because that detached melancholy sets in and you start writing haiku. and then…back to snowboarding again.

  • april. we can fool around the first day.

  • Morgane Duchêne Ramsay

    June because all flowers are bloomed and it smells great and looks beautiful everywhere around montreal city

  • Lbc_510

    April because my favorite holiday is my birthday!

  • David Steinberg

    AUGUST because biking, beach, beers, brunch, books, cherry blossoms, cherry blasters, cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, huckleberries, park dates, picnic dates, pitted dates and on and on and on and on until it’s time to sober up (Sobtember)

  • Shannon Holliday

    Favorite month is October because nothing beats colorful fall days and crisp Autumn nights.

  • Erika Strohecker

    December :) because Christmas and my birthday is in this month. :)

  • I like January because i like summer days (here in Argentina is summer) and I love how people goes away from the city so easy during that month, and the centre starts to feel a little silent, as in every weekend when they all go home and the cars noise stops, but at January you know they are not in home, and thats what it makes me anxious, maybe they are all having fun or having troubles in some place new, changing their rutines to have good times and memories. It’s a shame they don’t see how much they want to change their rutines, they are just so blind with all their stuff and the “things they have to do for living” that they just look another side and go straight with the life they have chosen.

    • JP KING has picked you as one of the winners, can you email me your mailing address!

  • Amazing calendar!! My favorite month is October because there’s my birthday (= cake), Halloween (= candy) and all the colorful leaves.

  • April! When school ends and summer slowly starts to kick in

  • April. Here in MN you can have snow and blomming flowers in the same month. Like living in a time warp. So beautiful.

  • Maribel Ruit

    September, because it’s when it rains the most here in my hometown and at night the street lights reflect in puddles, aslo the whole city smells a lot better, it’s like all the dirt and rotten food on the streets gets washed off.

  • Definitly May. I live in Bergen, Norway, and after having five months of non stop rain and cold and wind and grey and sloppy and just sad surroundings, in May, everything turns beautiful and romantic. Dousins of pink cherry trees around the city, and the green mountains facing the blue fjord makes it the most beautiful city ever.

    • Vicky D

      Hey Mina !! I love you.

  • Lewis fishcakes

    Halloween! I mean, October!

  • Jette .

    my husband has always hated his birthday because it falls right after the holidays, at the beginning of January when everyone is broke and in hermit mode. last year he we decided to change his birthday by six months so that we could celebrate it at the beginning of June. it’s a stupid thing, but it has made our summer much more eventful and exciting. plus he doesn’t even hate his birthday now! June 4 eva.

  • Derek Durand

    My favourite month of the year is April. The city where I live, Vancouver, turns into a flourishing frenzy of cherry blossoms as well as perennials and biennials flowers. The spring rain shakes the blooming blossoms off the trees causing the side walks and surrounding areas around the trees to be littered with a light pink snow like layer. Its a moment to forget about winter and look forward to spending the hot summer days on the beach.

    See link below for example of cherry blossoms:


  • November, because of the Tom Waits song:

    November’s cold chain
    Made of wet boots and rain
    And shiny black ravens
    On chimney smoke lanes…

  • January – fresh start and no expectations

  • Maya


    I was born in Ibarra, Ecuador and in February we celebrate something called “Carnaval”. Everyone gets three days off work and school and the whole city has a water fight. For three days, people get up in the morning to make water balloons and and fill up their water guns and buckets and run around town soaking each other. It’s all good fun and one of my favorite memories.

  • My favourite month of the calendar is April and my favourite month of the year is May because summer is starting!

  • David Adrien

    Certainly may because it’s right before june, my favourite month.

  • myhnr

    I don’t have a favourite month – I would love them all equally if I had this calender, as they are all as amazing as each other.

  • december because that’s when the cuddling happens

  • Cole

    August, because it’s my birthday, and the back-to-school vibe is always a newer beginning than the New Year is for me.

  • kuku

    i like september because nature shows us its most beautful face;
    as its a beginning of a new season, the trees give us delicious fruits and the leaves shows us different colours ..and also its not too hot to make a long walk!

  • The end of August is my favorite. Cool nights to sleep with the windows open and hot days to get up and out with your friends. Waking up to someone mowing the lawn a block away. The bitter reminder that summer is almost over and how it makes you slightly anxious. Getting out for morning cups of coffee with special people and just enjoying being outside.

  • Shea

    It used to be August when I lived in New England, but living in Texas the summer tends to be hellish-ly hot. I’m new here and still trying to figure out what I like best. December has been pretty nice so far :)

  • nylon

    march. it’s my birthday

  • Beth Newcott

    June because of ice cream.

  • Brian

    February; birthday and snow

  • Martin

    January. Its a month for new beginnings (cringey as it may sound) self change and motivation. A lot of people see it as their least favourite month, however Ive always seen it as one for opportunity. Ive just finished high school and I used to have a lot of my exams in Jan. Obviously this made it a challenging and tiring month also, but it meant that it had purpose and has always been one of my most productive months. Hopefully come January 2013 itll be a time to look forward to another sick year and look back to learn from 2012.

  • Rae miranda

    October- for fall, my birthday and Halloween.

  • Lu

    July, because of the solar maximum (in the northern hemisphere)

  • i’d love one of these. great paper texture and colours.

    my favourite month is September. Prime hiking time and the best weather in Vancouver.

  • Jonathon

    June is my favourite month. The ski fields open, school is forgotten and we all pile in the car and head to the mountain for some pow pow.

  • Robyn

    For the calender, I love how April was illustrated – such a beautiful isometric piece! In terms of my personal fave month of the year – I think it would have to be January because it’s summer here (in South Africa), it’s my best friend’s birthday and she throws a mean party, it’s the beginning of the year, and it feels like you have a clean slate, a year to go all out and live your dreams, and there’s also the hope that that year will be a better one than the one before.

  • Ian Guimarães

    August is the hottest month here in Doha, Qatar and when I arrived here from Brazil. The design of the cone can be a good representation for the exponential increase of the heat during all the month and the blue lines rising together with the humidity. Also, the city craves for good design. :)

    • JP KING has selected you as one of the winners, can you email me your mailing address!

  • I love August, because it conjures up that old feeling of summer vacation, and excitement for the upcoming school year, although I finished school long ago. Fall is on the horizon, nostalgia is heavy in the air, and I can feel the year getting ready to turn over.

  • Stan Van Steendam

    Yes Septeber would be my favorite… and the reason? That will I keep as a personal secret ;-)

  • PloyCharoen

    August would be it. my birth day was in August and it’s interesting because i have found out that 3 of my close friends have the same birth day.

  • /sarahcollage

    August!! the thing like a hat is interesting and clear designed, and the bright color add more happiness to it, and it’s my favorite month of the year :_)

  • FishcalledWanda

    That calendar is so beautiful! My favourite month is December, because of the holidays, spending time with my family, the end of year-feeling and I’m madly curious as to how the world’s going to end! (But I hope it doesn’t cause even if I win the calendar I won’t be able to use it!)

  • september…its been a month that i find very unlucky and very changeable….but at the same time these changes are what keeps life intresting and pushes you forward….also i like the feeling of prevaleing over a bad september day

  • Bobby_R

    June. Because it’s my birthday month. But frankly, that’s by-the-by because these are so gorgeous it’s making me feel slightly bilious.

  • Erik Schneider

    June, because it’s the best time to travel north for vacations. Any other time and it’s simply too cold. I Spent a week in northern Maine this last year. Absolutely wonderful.

  • pietro

    OH MAN, if I will get this calendar every month will be my favourite! But yes, September, the end of summer with its lazyness, the perfect temperate climate, energies boiling for new starting projects, students going back to school, tshirt in the day and jumper in the night.. September all the way!

  • Ellie

    April – flowers are out, and the weather’s nice enough without having to scream “It’s SUUUUUMMMMEEERRRR” on facebook…

  • August!
    It’s the month I get to spend with all my friends before we go our separate ways (back to school). The summer weather here in August is the best as well.

  • I love November because of Fireworks night and Halloween just before,and cozy weather. I really really want this calander :)

  • Has to be October, I love slushing through rust red leaves under slate grey dishwater skies while wrapped up under layers of wool…

  • I wouldn’t mind being a tightrope walker on November’s crazy shape. That’s my month! ♥

  • Darius Vaheb

    July! Because the weather is getting better in germany and people also seem to be happier! Park, beer, swimming and sun. :)

  • April – it’s the beginning of spring, and the beginning of STORM CHASING SEASON

  • Fabiola

    April is my favorite, because it’s the month when fall begins, the first rains of the year and it’s my birthday too.

  • I love june , its perfect weather and its the month that I got married!

  • august- here in seattle it is the only month you can expect summery weather all month. it is a gd godsend.

  • colin c

    sept and june ? probably june because its my b-day month, dec is nice too, i like it. the fall months are good as well. The illustration for july is awesome though.

  • sarah

    October, the smell of jack-o-lanterns, the best seasonal colours and an emphasis on the arts with inventive costume creation.

  • littleArtHaus

    very simple and colourful. I Love it… everyday is the same when you are a homemaker with two little angels – full of surprises, plays and ideas… so i don’t have a favourite MONTH. am i still qualify for the giveaway?

  • Harmony

    October because autumn is beautiful.

  • William

    April. New York has very specific smells for the four seasons, but the onset of Spring yields my favorite. The renewal of life coalesces into this dewy, warm smell that I welcome every year with a pretty big smile.

  • saltyjon

    May… its just a good month. No particular reason… most stuff seems to go right and get done then. :-)

  • Zsuzsa Weszely

    January because of my birthday and i love winter, snow, family events and the fresh feelings and opportunities of the new year. Everything is clear in January.

  • stephen

    December because I am forced to stay indoors and do art, it’s perfect.

  • july — hot and sweaty, bbqs, beach time, and the feeling of an eternal summer

  • Glen

    MAY: it’s gemstone is my favourite colour which has also been chosen as colour of 2013 and that is Emerald!

  • My favorite month is November. Because of the clouds.

  • gabrielle d.

    This calendar is georgous! I love the month of May because after getting through a long winter, seeing the plants beginning to grow is the best thing ever.

    • JP King picked you as a winner – can you email me your mailing address!

  • MARCH – the emergence of signs of brighter weather in a some what gloomy place (ldn) in the early months of the year.

  • ianguy

    october! colors change snow starts to fall and you get to eat way to much food!

  • David Jaworski

    December, to drunkenly live through the “end of the world”.

  • > April!,,,the beginning of autumm, sunny days with a light breeze, multicoloured leaves filling the streets with a lovely pattern…i definitely love it :)

  • Guy

    October in upstate NY. Autumn is the season where you see change most, that is if you have seasons where you live.

  • Lindsey

    February. It’s probably the most awkward of the months. It’s the shortest and has the silliest name.

  • October – hands down. Pumpkins. Hot apple cider. Fading leaves. Cozy sweaters. Halloween ghosts. Scarfs. Cinnamon. Charlie Brown. The harvest moon. Canadian Thanksgiving (wink* see what I’m doing there). It is national pizza and popcorn poppn’ month, and it contains national pasta day and my birthday. Also, the October print in this calendar is pretty sweet. October – magically delicious.

  • LLadov

    October, most definitely. Not just because it is my birth month, but because it seems to be everyone’s birth month! In that, for every day of October, I wish somebody a happy day. And then there’s Halloween…

  • November. Because if I’ve made it until November that means I’ve survived more than half of the semester and get to enjoy the fall and pumpkin everything.

  • mmclou88

    March. Because March is awesome.

  • Joe Black

    definitely August because of the ocean. happy holidays.

  • Яэль Авельсник

    October. Because it’s my birthday)

  • I have to say july, love, love love the colour combinations!! what a fab calendar !!

  • November has the best sweater weather. Cuddle Time

  • yuichi

    november, the winter smell-a refreshing sensation through the lungs…

  • Wickawoo

    October – Bright colors, pumpkins, cider, caramel and apples…. the rustling leaves crunching under fall boots, windy cool days spent in cozy sweaters and fuzzy scarves.

  • june because it’s awesome

  • jes

    april because spring is beautiful! this is also my birthday month and beautiful things always happen

  • bren


  • Rozzy

    I like October because it will be funny in the future!

  • slicktor

    July – Long days and hot weather. Ice cream trucks!

  • Paul

    I love that each month is different from the one before it and after it. This allows each month to be the best for its own reasons.

  • oui, c’est ca!

    January – in Montreal, because it really encourages you to motivate yourself and toughen up to leave the comfort of your warm cozy apartment!

  • Henry

    April – something good always happens then

  • Gretchen A.

    DECEMBER! because it is the month of reminiscing. Since it is the last month of the year, people tend to look back at what they have done/accomplished. It helps people realize what/who they should be grateful for and what they need to do to improve. It is always important to appreciate your past before you can move on to new promising beginnings of the future! PLUS….it is a month of giving & receiving (:

  • Dijanna



  • My favorite month is “July” its looks like a graphic designers interpretation of the sea viewed from a cliff above. I just want to dive in. Also its a summer month and my birthday month…all good reasons..

    • JP KING has chosen you as one of the winners, can you email me your mailing address!

  • James C

    November. That period late in fall, when the trees are breathing their last breaths, their orange-brown leaves fluttering desperately in the breeze as their stolid coniferous comrades heed no attention…where rich foliage once bathed the ground in shade, now glimmers of the sun’s effervescent beams slip through – I see the skeletons of their tired bodies becoming increasingly exposed, mere silhouettes of the proud fullness of their youth. I can nearly hear the creaking of their aged limbs as they struggle to stretch out their gnarled arms for what may be the last time. Yet it is this same time, when death can no longer be ignored, during which they are most beautiful.

  • Scott Lewis

    I really like July because I realize the year is half over, the sun is shining, and I need to call in sick to work to spend the afternoon in the park with some friends.

  • JayVee

    April is my favorite month because it’s just a nice time to be outdoors, not too hot and not too cold. It is also my favorite design out of this set because of the architectural features being so interesting, along with the round yellow shape balancing it out and bringing something more organic into the design. I also enjoy how the illustration interacts with the name of the month.

  • Forrest

    August, because it makes me dance.

  • Ana

    february!!!!! i love february!!! :D

  • Jackson Beyda

    I love walking during December because the smell of winter and the cold air’s bite are so enticing!

  • Daniel Gonzalez Lozano

    September. You can smell it coming

  • MAY because it’s the last month before my birthday (full of music festivals) and I always try to end that year with a BANG

  • Emilia

    december 2012 because then i’ll win my beautiful new calendar to start 2013 with nice pictures on my wall :)

  • Elissa Campbell

    January – I love the start of the year and it’s a non-stop party – New Year, my birthday, Australia Day…

  • Tomo Willoughby

    May is my favorite month. It’s never too hot, nor too cold (at least where I live). And I love when May comes, so I can open my windows and feel the breeze picking up the smell of grass or flowers, or just the smell Spring in general (yay for not having allergies)! Spring has always been my favorite season (I’m not cold and I sweat less haha!) Plus, May is when finals are overrrr!! And I get to truly enjoy the good weather and my friends’ company!

  • Piers

    April is wonderful. Landscapes become green and everything comes back to life. Shorts and t-shirts return and days get longer and longer for all day bike rides :)

  • I must say it September (early September), because you are still im the summer mood in your head (everything is so relaxed and you are in good memories), but it is cool enough so your mind doesn’t melt down from all the heath. Also every color is brighter more intensive. And you start to have those pink cotton candy clouds in different animal shapes. :)

  • celpiii

    I like May because the weather is nice in Spain, not to hot not to cold.

  • December – but only if I win one of these this month.

  • Parker

    The design of these poster calendars is incredible. Nothing would make my year more than to receive the tessellated July print!!! If only that one.

  • Jay

    June. The start of summer when the creeks haven’t dried up from the summer heat. There is nothing better then being out hiking with your dog and some buds and swimming the day away. Back yard grilling starts up. Everyone takes a brake from art for some reason.

  • Alright. Who doesn’t love Halloween? The crisp night, full of haunting demons and whispering ghosts, spidery trees and dark, sinister houses.
    Also the candy. Loads of candy. The sugar rush. The stuffed, aching bellies.
    I wasn’t born in October. In fact, October 19th is my half birthday, being as far away from when I was born as a month can be. But I love it. I love the dark nights and the jack o’ lanterns and the tumbling leaves and horror stories and that spine chilling thrill you get as the earth prepares itself for a cold, silent winter and sparkling snow.
    October is my favorite month. School is still fun. The food is great. Halloween.

  • Nomi

    october in Seattle this year, such a dramatic change from beautiful, piercing blue skies of late summer that burn the eyes of most folks here disappear into silver, damp days that live in you till the suns return next year. it breaks your heart but grabs you and makes you know the wheel keeps turning..

  • I like April, the start of Spring brings longer days and slightly less harsh weather to drab England. It always feels like coming out of the longest winter ever and it’s so weird being able to go outside minus a few layers, or leave a window open, almost like winter was so long you forgot that was even possible haha, definitely feels like there’s a lot to look forward to in April

  • April because I like the cool refreshing rain and the new flowers blooming.

  • Denise

    February! In Argentina it’s summer, and I love sun, beach, ice cream, to use less clothes! :) And its my birthday too!

  • December is my favorite. Birthday, Christmas, Snow (Potentially), New Years Eve. It’s an eventful one and I dig it like a shovel.

  • AR. Vieira da Silva

    I have a special love for May, because is not a month of big decisions or desires, but it is a month that brings memories now almost half a year, and prepares us for another cycle, and many more for a summer vacation. Is the month without a special date such as Christmas or Easter, but in its own way …. everything turns simple and gorgeous around us.

  • Annie Dunckel

    April in Texas! Lady Bird Johnson made it her life’s work to spread wildflower seeds across the Texas Highway system, as a result every week in April the roadways are lit up by a different color of wildflower from bright bluebonnet purple, to indian paintbursh red, to sunshine yellow by the mexican hats. Come visit!

  • kirahtabourndigital

    October because people always feel a little bit more creative in October. The air is fresh and crisp and you can wear all the fun autumn clothes that come out in September but it’s still too hot to wear then. Plus there’s halloween to look forward to at the end of the month :)

  • S.

    Definitely September. The weather is perfect, everyone is relaxed and has a healthy glow from summer holidays. There is a laid back feel in the air. People start looking forward to fall. September.

  • Maggie Muldowney

    I love July because the risograph’s layering produces that bright orange within the layers of planes. This reminds me of the electrics that exists in the summer, especially in the hots summer nights of July where no one is in school and young people are wild and discovering and exploring themselves and their city.

  • The fresh breeze of April brings a reviving warmth after winter’s frosty mornings. The nature rises in a chrestendo of birds fluttering, tweetering and singing. April is the time to anticipate all of the summer festivity. Also it’s fresh green, is messanger of sunny days to come. All in all it is a milestone of my aging and every year it marks an end, giving rise to a new begining. A month of great insperation and sensuality.

  • masterofthehouse

    March because all the beautiful ladies peak out of their shells and into their spring dresses.

  • mosesmagee

    What’s in season in August?

    Apples, Apricots, Basil, Beans, Beets, Blackberries, Blueberries, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chinese Vegetables, Chives, Cilantro, Corn, Cucumbers, Currants, Garlic, Kale, Lettuce, Melons, Onions (sweet), Peaches, Pears, Peppers, Plums, Potatoes, Radish, Raspberries, Rosemary, Sage, Salad Greens, Shallots, Spinach, Strawberries, Summer Squash, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Thyme, Turnips.


  • michelle

    I love february for it’s simplicity. There is a necessity in it’s simplicity because it balances out the complexity and detail of all the other months. February is like the unnoticed underdog!

  • patricia

    I like january the best ( actually all the month looks nice but january is my favorites) because the colours are great and it looks like a lesson on colours, I learn at school , from them every colours are possible.leave your imagination do the rest!

  • Ernst

    July makes me feel sexy,
    it beamsss hotness!

  • Amy Skelton

    Only just discovered this, hoping there is still some left. :)
    November is my favourite month. Everything in it becomes beautiful. the cold chrisp air in the mornings and the fresh autum beeze throughout the day. all the shapes and colours become more vibrent and pristine. November birghtens up every city in england, the streets turn from grey to different shades of browns and golds from the fallen leaves. the sky echos the low sun and reflects it off the clouds. I love it.
    plus it’s bonfire night and my birthday so lots of celebrations all round.

  • Yeahhh..

  • Christine Larsen

    April is Autumn here, leaning out toward Antarctica from the coast at the bottom of Australia. April; summer visitors are gone and the shearwaters leave soon for Siberia. April and my thoughts curl inwards toward drawing and gardening and writing real letters. Snail mail. The colours are deep sea blue and sky pink and falling leaf yellow.

  • James B.

    May, my city is covered in gorgeous sunlight, and cool breezes and it feels like home the most during that time! and also when the pools open up so you get to wear sexy shorts!!

  • Vicky Ledsom

    My favourite month is October, its when the leaves are changing and the weather gets abit nippy, so I can dig out all of my big comfy jumpers. Its also the perfect month for soup, especially pumpkin soup. Yummmmy, and Halloween is just around the corner too!

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