25.02.14 by Jeff

The End of Facebook

It’s taken five years to get the Booooooom Facebook page to the size it is now and after all that it appears, due to Facebook’s greed, it’s a complete waste of time to continue using it. The other day I made a post, and of the 155,000 people following our page, only 400 people saw it. That’s not even 1% of our followers! That’s kinda insane if you think about it. There was a time when 60,000 people would see a post, and we had less followers then!

If you run your own Facebook page you’ve already experienced this problem of reaching your own fans. These people who opted in and want to receive your updates won’t ever see them now unless you pay money.




I was going to make this a post for those of you who still want to be updated on Facebook whenever I publish new content. If you go to the Booooooom Page and click on “Liked” there’s a drop down menu to select “Get Notifications”, in theory this should notify you of all future posts from the Booooooom page. I say in theory because who knows if it even does anything. So that was my original intent, but having thought about it some more, I think I’m about ready to throw in the towel.

I was disgusted when I watched these two videos that went viral recently, revealing the shadiness of what’s happening on Facebook right now. The videos explain why none of us see each other’s posts, why all of our pages are filled with fake users, and how Facebook makes more money because of it.

It’s enough to make me want to give up, and it’s sad because if Facebook still worked the way it did a couple years ago, it would be a tremendous tool for connecting with all of you.




I’m interested to hear from other people out there struggling with the same issues as me, what are you doing about it? Have you given up already? Is there an alternative?



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://supersonicelectronic.com supersonic

    I’ve thought about it as well… Just look at my Tweets about being upset with Facebook. Their greed is reprehensible.

  • http://michaelshamoon.com Mooner

    Super interesting, I think you’re onto something with thumbing your nose at FB (pun?!), though I’m curious to see if there’s any backlash about this. I will definitely be sending this around to my next client who complains about not enough “Likes” on their FB page!

  • Josh Moore

    I recently set up a page for a new magazine, Ive seen those videos about how promoting your page doesn’t work and didn’t want to spend too much money. We wanted people who are interested in film photography to like the page and magazine so we ran a competition to win a camera and some rolls of film estimated cost £35, all people had to do was like the page, like the picture and share the picture a simple enough competition. At the start of the competition we had 6 likes and after 2 weeks nearly 700. The photo for the comp was shared 138 times and had a total reach of nearly 8,000 people. If I was to ‘boost’ a post on facebook that would cost nearly $100 and like the videos said probably woudn’t be seen by people that actually care.

    I think you should give it a go before you give up on Facebook, there are ways around paying to promote.

    Here is the page http://facebook.com/frayedmagazine

    At the moment though, Instagram is the best way to promote and share.

  • https://plus.google.com/112767041460502214504 Greg Miernicki

    I just wish there were ways to get this sort of information out to a larger group of people that haven’t had the wool pulled out from in front of their eyes about fakebook. It will probably take years for the masses to realize what a blackhole and waste of time fakebook really is.

  • sweeks

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Having joined Facebook in college back in 2005, I’ve seen all the changes they’ve made. I finally quit the thing almost two years ago. One less maddening online universe to worry about.

  • http://www.vignericandleopera.com fmvigneri

    TY ! Will Share Now !

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheModernAndContemporaryArt.Paris Deniz Ince

    i am the creator of “The Modern & Contemporary Art” and i’m totally agree with your article i have 32 000 followers and i only have 30 likes maximum and sometimes nothing. it’s really shocking to see how a free social website want to force professional to paid for maximum visibility, some people said that google + and other social website is better.

  • http://dnlwdn.com/ Daniel Wooden

    WOW, i really appreciate you sharing this Jeff. i never thought about this and now i will have second thoughts about spending my own time on my Facebook fan page for sharing my photography to users who aren’t on my friends list.

  • WB

    I haven’t used Facebook in years. Every few months Facebook users are outraged about something. The only thing I’m missing by not being on Facebook is that I don’t have a good way to promote myself and my work to my friends and acquaintances. Now it sounds like Facebook users don’t even have that. My question for Facebook users now is what are you getting out of it?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      its like any bad relationship, we’re stuck and it feels like theyre all we’ve got

  • http://www.rossfriedrich.com/ Ross Friedrich

    This is only for pages right? What about making Booooooom act as a person instead of a page on facebook? Of course you’d have to restart your fan base there, but wouldn’t that allow everyone that’s friends with the account see the posts? I’ve been thinking about this and have considered getting rid of my page and letting people add me as a friend to get to actually see some updates.

    • Eon Rodrigo

      the time and effort to do that isn’t worth the ROI. As a person, you’re only limited to having 5,000 friends to my understanding. Thats when Pages come in to allow you to have more.

    • disqus_UBrOJvbCQq

      Then you are limited to 5,000 friends/fans. Also, I think that’s against their terms…

  • http://www.erikarier.com/ Erika Rier

    I’ve been struggling with this too. Granted, my art page just has a handful of users compared to yours but that makes it even more important for the few followers I have to get my content. Between feeling like no one is seeing my updates and getting drawn into ridiculous ideological conversations on my personal feed FB just feels like a drain my time these days. That being said, of all the social networking that I do FB is where most of my followers are still. I feel like I’m on the edge of ditching it but just can’t figure out what a good replacement would be.

    • The Wall Breakers

      I actually think that things like discuss and commenting on each other’s blogs is the best way to go, because that seems to be what the essence of Facebook originally was… see content you like, comment on it if you want, share it with other people etc…

      • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

        ya i want to figure out ways to do everything i was doing on facebook but directly on Booooooom

      • The Wall Breakers

        That’s also what we’ve been trying to do. I guess the best way is just to comment on other people’s blogs/sites that you find interesting? I think posting interesting content is essential to a certain extent, but I wonder if we should even worry about casual followers or if we should just continue to worry about talking with our core followers? Haha: The peril’s of being an artist at heart in a business-minded world.

  • Romke Hoogwaerts

    Grace and I didn’t have a Facebook for the longest time but we just started a personal joint account so that our Mossless posts can be seen by people. So far so good. But my despise for Facebook remains.

  • http://www.evelienjaspers.nl/ Evelien Jaspers

    Even before seeing this, I would understand if you would choose to give up having a Facebook page. I’ve also found that lately I dislike using Facebook more and more for different reasons. But, for booooooom, at the same time I feel like giving up being on FB completely would be a shame. My main reason for saying this though is that I really enjoy seeing your posts on my feed. :)

    Maybe you can turn this negative energy you feel right now around, and think of a way to tackle it? You out of all people are able to think of amazing creative ways to outsmart this. That’s what you do! (Maybe I’m being too optimistic about the whole thing here though.)

    As long as you don’t forget you have a LOT of people who love what you do, so maybe you can make use of your followers supporting you in any tactic you can think of to ‘beat’ Facebook’s ways. Well, I don’t know, it’s just a thought and it’s probably not as easy as it sounds. In the end Facebook is just one of the many ways you can reach us :)

    I haven’t really decided to completely stop using it yet by the way, I’m sort of ‘waiting it out’ for now. I think Facebook having reached its peak is pretty likely, and if so, I think there will be a response to it and naturally an alternative will present itself sometime in the near future.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya i would love to keep it going, maybe if everyone clicks Show Updates it will help our posts actually be seen but it doesnt change the overall mindset of Facebook and I feel like its only going to get worse. The example in the video that is the most poignant is where he talks about fb vs youtube – we make content on youtube and they pay, we make content on fb and we pay them. Its a broken system, no one would use gmail if we had to pay per email.

      • http://www.evelienjaspers.nl/ Evelien Jaspers

        I agree with you completely, it is a broken system. We shouldn’t have to pay for our content to be seen, it’s ridiculous. I think right now the word about FB is going around (also thanks to you!) More people are starting to realize how it works, and most of us are angry and frustrated. Not just bloggers, all kinds of FB Page owners.

        We all want an alternative, but there is none yet. Even if there was, Facebook is powerful, would people just leave it that easily? I wonder…
        The “problem” is that it took a lot of time to build up what is on Facebook and it will take more time to recreate a similar thing if a new Social Network presents itself. Almost everyone is on Facebook, so we feel like we’re stuck to it. What are our options? Just wait it out or quit? Nothing will change.

        My point was, maybe we can speak up? We can try to reach the people of Facebook and tell them we want a change for Pages. Maybe you can have a contest where you ask people to create FB-awareness content that could go viral? Or work together with creatives on a website where every Facebook Page owner can leave a message for the people at Facebook somehow. I dunno. Something like that?

        I do know these ideas are time consuming and maybe an “anti fb campaign” is bad energy. But you’re not the only one who feels like this and why give up what you’ve worked for? If someone would speak up, I’m pretty sure it won’t take long for people to join them. All your fellow bloggers and everyone in your community would be happy to help, support and share. We all want the same thing, for people who follow us to actually see our updates.

      • a boooom reader

        Im sorry, but fb has been providing you a free service for years to market and advertise your site on, exposing you to tens of thousands of people who might have never even heard of your site. Now you are complaining because they are asking for a return on their investment? I would have never even heard of this site if it wasn’t for facebook (I’m glad I did because I enjoy your content). If you have good content (which you do) than people will make sure they see your updates or visit your fb page on a regular basis. I think that companies and brands are now complaining is almost laughable. What did you think would happen? Would you expect a billboard company to not charge you for advertising on the side of a freeway? Would it not charge you more for a heavily populated area than a rural one? Same goes for other forms of advertising. I understand that you’re upset because this seems like its coming from nowhere but this has been several years in the making. Leave facebook if you don’t agree with their practices, but don’t make it sound like facebook is harming your site by giving you free access to its millions of users (even if only a few hundred see your updates).

      • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

        it would help if you actually watched the videos.

        the sentiment among most people ive talked to running websites and businesses is that we would gladly pay for a service that actually allowed us to reach our owns followers but the way in which facebook is going about it is flawed and ultimately a waste of money for us. the current situation is like setting up your dvr to record a series on tv but the dvr deciding whether or not it actually records it. sometimes your show is recorded sometimes its not. you can pay money but it still doesnt record every show.

      • Carlos Santiago

        Thank you!! As Administrators we have NO REAL communication with OUR fans, except what Facebook ALLOWS! That is complete and utter bullshit! They are in COMPLETE fucking control and it sucks!

      • http://ofdustandkings.com/ tehanna

        There is a pretty big difference here. We’re not talking about free advertising to reach a new audience. This post is talking about a current audience that have subscribed to receive updates via facebook anf facebook is refusing to allow them to receive updates unless the site owner pays to allow it.

        Their model of advertising in order to reach a new audience makes it worse. When you pay Facebook to advertise your page, they flood your page with likes (that you pay for) from predominantly fake profiles. Then, this effectively serves to REDUCE FURTHER the number of legitimate followers that can see your content, despite having indicated a desire to do so.

      • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada


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      • vdbss

        I have started ‘collecting’ fake likes – I can only assume someone has started a click farm in my town (South West UK) because in the last 12 weeks I have had roughly 10 bogus profile friend requests a week ostensibly from and living in my town – and sometimes they even use the same photos with different names.

        This was from the day before yesterday…

      • Jacob

        Yeah I keep getting LOOAAADS of these from Bedfordshire… I’m in Leeds now, and none of the spammers have locations set here, so it’s definitely localised down there somewhere.

      • Ellen Dean

        Same here in Masham, North Yorks. I asked around and nobody had heard of the people who were sending friend requests.

      • Jackie Garlick

        Exactly. These people have signed up to see posts, and not there has been a wall thrown up, and they must pay to see what they’ve signed up to see…and the NEW audience addition is a FRAUD…in the real biz world, they’d be attacked by the better biz bureau and shut down…or sewed for such fraudulent practises…

      • John

        You obviously do not work for a brand that has invested in Facebook. What about those companies that spent tens of thousands of $ to Facebook to build their fan base, only to see their reach plummet. What about all the FREE content they provided to Facebook to turn it into the juggernaut it thinks it is? What about seeing MANY and ONLY product advertisements in your news feed because brands only promote products/services that highly convert. I see class action lawsuits coming…and a mass exodus to Google+ or whatever new social media platform people decide to use.

      • Alexander M Nordås

        They earn alot on advertising already. making ppl pay is against the law here in norway atleast. the only channel we have to pay for is nrk whick has no comercial’s except what they are running themselfes. the others who has comercials is free.

      • http://clones.net/ Glendon Gross

        Strictly speaking, It would seem to be false advertising for Facebook to promise to distribute content to followers and not actually distribute that content. I think it amounts to extortion, because the implication in the beginning was that all followers would receive the content of pages they follow. Consequently, if it is against the law in Norway, perhaps some legal action against Facebook originating in Norway would potentially improve things for those of us living in countries where the laws are less restrictive.

      • vdbss

        I think you’re missing the point a bit – this doesn’t just affect people who use FB to promote; also a case of you the end user having 1k friends and liking 500 band, product or company pages, but only ever seeing updates from 100 friends who live nearby and 10 companies because you posted on their page a while ago. And that FB will randomly limit which of your friends see your status updates and pictures. They’ve crippled the advantages that brought people to the site in the first place.

      • http://clones.net/ Glendon Gross

        I agree with this. Facebook used to be a gold mine for musicians who wanted to promote their gigs, but its usefulness has declined dramatically in recent months.

      • Jackie Garlick

        Oh, please…they’ve been making billions all along…now they are just trying to make billions on top of billions…give your head a shake. No one enters a biz to make NO MONEY…provide a free service…lol…oh my…

      • Melkiades

        Amazon provides a free service for abnormally low priced items. They haven’t make a cent of profit for over 10 years muhahaha.

      • Lance Rubin

        I’m sorry, but I have spent several thousand $ on FB, so exactly where do you get the idea that FB is free? I pay to get the likes at a premium price I might add. And then once I have the audience, I have to pay to have them see a post? And then on top of that only a small percentage get to see it. AND on top of that there is no transparency about how many of the people are actually real people who are interested in my stuff, or 3rd world click farmers. “a boooom reader” I am getting the impression you didn’t look at the videos, or maybe you are a little thick.

      • Melkiades

        We pay on average $1 for 1 like. So the last movie we promoted cost 7K
        to get 7K likes. But it was useless, because we had to boost each and
        every post. If you don’t understand why this makes no sense whatsoever,
        you really need to go back to school. Your argument is “you had a free
        lunch for years, why are you complaining that it now costs something?”
        WRONG. We have accepted the increased costs. We are paying $1 per
        like. We shouldn’t be taxed like schoolboys by bullies for MORE, always
        MORE and MORE.

      • http://clones.net/ Glendon Gross

        A better analogy would be, you had a free lunch for a while, but then the lunch turned out to be missing various food items, and then one day you opened the box you had reluctantly started paying for and discovered it was empty, or only contained an apple whereas it initially contained a balanced meal.

      • Carlos Santiago

        Your whole post is bullshit, because Facebook didn’t do shit for FREE! Anyone who has a semi popular community with more than 25,000 members didn’t get to that number by Facebook’s kind heart…GTFOH, We PAID intermittently to get those likes/new fans. So this post is complete bullshit, and all those who agree more than likely are in cahoots with Facebook!

      • Jackie Garlick

        here here

    • Rhyan

      I doubt we will ever invent a cure for greed.

    • MartinNYID

      I stood at a bus stop with a bunch of 18-ish year olds yesterday. One whipped out a phone. Kid 1. “You still on facebook?” 2. Yeah, kind of. 3> Why it sucks, you can’t ever see anything you post. *the end*

  • http://www.bleaq.com/ Jantine Zandbergen

    I understand your statement, it’s annoying you have to spend time updating a page that doesn’t reach the people it should reach. Do you schedule your social media updates? Just checking a box and updating to Facebook when you’re updating your other pages isn’t as much work and doesn’t leave out the people who (for some reason) still get your updates.

    As a Facebook user I’m frustrated by these new rules too by the way. Facebook was a great way to stay up to date from pages/brands/musicians/artists I liked, now I forget to check in for days since I don’t miss a thing anyway. Curious to see where this will bring FB in the coming years.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      Ive read that scheduling your posts actually further decreases your engagement/reach.

  • Morgan

    I work for a social media for business startup and the change in the Facebook algorithm is a BIG ISSUE for pretty much every client we have, both big and small. I don’t know of any way around it without paying money, but at the same time I wouldn’t recommend just throwing money at promoted posts, as those videos point out why. It’s tough because Facebook knows (or at least is betting on) that with their massive user base that most people won’t leave.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      It reminds me of Digg, back in the day they were the centre of the internet and then they super agressively tried to monetize and everyone left.

  • The Wall Breakers

    Interesting take Jeff. We’ve been experiencing the same kind of issues and because our fan base is much smaller, a given post (when not “boosted”) will only reach say 38-45 followers! Also, if you do decide, hey I’d like people to see this post, let me boost it, make sure you’re paying attention because the default drop-down selection is $100, or the high-end tier selection.

    It’s really the same issues that you see with a lot of corporate companies. Not to get onto a soapbox, but since FB went public, there has been a noticeable corporate thumbprint all over FB. Having worked for both Comcast and Condé Nast, the pattern is usually something like: They have a good idea, but rather than organically let something continue to grow, they’ll beat it into the ground, and then they’ll continue beating it until only a black hole is left haha. There’s a lot of similar things on a surface level that we’ve noticed from FB.

    In the end, Pinterest is probably the best route, since it’s visually stimulating, easily linkable, has the ability to embed videos, and you can add some text next to it.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      Google+ has gone the route of Pinterest essentially lifting their entire design but im not sure why people still havent really engaged with it, maybe these moves by Facebook work in Google’s favour

      • The Wall Breakers

        That’s a good point. Facebook is basically driving people to look for new social media outlets whether they be for personal or business use. I don’t see how facebook’s business model can last another five years. Like the above video says, they’ve pretty much reached all the people they can reach and are set to tip in the other direction.

  • http://www.mammoth.co Troy Moth

    Yup, I’m in the same boat for Mammoth & Co. But what are the other options? Google?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      Google we have even worse interaction with over 2 million followers but its not because they are intentionally blocking our voice (to my knowledge) its because no one uses it yet

      • http://www.mammoth.co Troy Moth

        Yeah, I can only think of a handful of people who use it, which has made me stay away from investing any time into it yet.

  • http://saltypineapple.bigcartel.com Katherine Gaskin

    I’m really glad you’re posting about this because Facebook is the devil. What’s worse, for small businesses like mine I felt like I shouldn’t have to pay to interact with people who already Liked my page so I deleted my account altogether. Now I only use Twitter and Instagram for reaching my audience and I’m a lot happier because of it.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i feel like this too, it’s just hard to let it go after all this effort to grow it

      • http://saltypineapple.bigcartel.com Katherine Gaskin

        You just have to think if the value of time spent is actually growing your reach or killing it. For me, it wasn’t “worth” my time.

  • http://www.be.net/Frenetisk Bjarte Edvardsen

    There’s this option at the top of the news feed where you can choose “most recent” – I’ve always been annoyed that it isn’t possible to make that default so that my news feed is chronological like twitter and instagram is. That would be more fair and it would be the same possibility for everyone to reach out. My instagram posts are getting lots more attention than my facebook posts, even if I have less followers on instagram!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      yea i’m having the same experience

      • http://elieverbrugge.com/index.html Elie Verbrugge

        There is a workaround, adding /?sk=h_chr at the end of your bookmark will put it to most recent immediately.

      • http://gabinet.co.uk Kamil Macejko

        there is extension for browsers: FB Purity that lets you set it up (and way more)

  • Mmmitzi

    I’m so glad you started a dialogue about this Jeff! Every client I work with wants to reach a larger audience on Facebook (more page likes and post likes) and we work together to create “sharable” content to but it leads to minimal results. It looks like the only way to get results is to pay for it. And even then, we’re barely showing up on people’s feeds. It’s incredibly annoying. Unfortunately, I don’t have any solution to it but I do challenge my clients to focus on creating content for Twitter and Instagram, which we also post on Facebook for consistency’s sake. Facebook is the neglected stream exactly for this reason. So while we haven’t done away with it, it doesn’t get the same priority as Instagram and Twitter do.

    Maybe if Canada gets the Paper app, Facebook users will be able to “subscribe” to what they want to see and our content will have a better chance of reaching people. *fingers crossed*

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i haven’t heard of Paper ill look into it thanks Mitzi

      i think this will change as advertisers realize they are paying for likes that have zero relevance, when that shift happens sites that are spending time creating interesting content and building up real communities will really benefit.

  • http://leecrutchley.co.uk Lee Crutchley

    Facebook has been getting worse and worse for a while now. I shut down my brand page which had 2.5k fans(?) a year or so ago. I guess that I “lost” those fans, but 95% of them weren’t seeing my posts anyway, so I figured it was pointless. The only reason Facebook keep doing this is because no one leaves. People put up with it because they’ve built their page up to a stage, like Booooooom! have, and it’s scary to just hit delete/I give up/you lose.

    But that’s the only way Facebook will ever get the hint, the sad truth is that as long as they still have money rolling in they don’t give a shit about your brand page. And they never will. They feel invincible and immortal because of their user number, but they’ve learned nothing from all those other dead websites and are walking down the same path. Eventually having a brand page on FB will become so futile that people will be brave enough to hit delete, and once that starts it’s game over.

  • http://www.heavenandhaven.com/ dee.

    I work as a Community Manager for a couple corporate pages and was told directly by our Facebook reps they would continue to decrease our organic reach until it hit zero. For as much as Facebook tells community managers, etc. they want to declutter feeds to bring out quality content, they will now bring only paid content to the fold, based on what your friends like, not your affinity with the brand or community. Creating a community based on quality content, in their words, was “not a sustainable business model”.

    Paid Facebook campaigns still bring out better results than investing into the other big paid media platforms, but engagement will always be low (and probably backed by a Facebook farm). We’re pushing clients to explore new platforms, and even to going back to using websites! I can’t wait. Eff Facebook.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      this is why I like to design community projects that mostly live directly on this site, the active comments and interactions clearly show there is a real audience here not a fake one. the trick is getting companies to understand a “like” doesn’t really mean what they think it does and definitely doesn’t accurately represent how many real people are engaging with their content

      • Matina

        I think the whole problem started when companies began to use facebook to promote themselves. A whole lot of garbage that no one wants to see, sorry I don’t give a shit about your company or thier products or your bullshit ads. Facebook for me was about connecting with my friends, relatives and other things I had interest in. When you all starting promoting your “clients” pages then of course there’s a downgrade in content quality and of course some companies with big pockets foudn a way to pay to get noticed and it all degenerates from there. So all of you commenting about your “clients” and being a “community manager” look in the mirror. YOU are the cause.

      • David Polka

        You’re fucking idiot.

      • mastermind2

        You don’t have get anything you don’t “like” moron, if you choose to “like” anything you want, then you will start receiving all that BS information therefore, you are the idiot selecting that shit you want, it’s like shitting yourself. And the ads, they are fixed in facebook page, it’s not like you don’t want them and won’t appear, you should start learning something about this before posting. And keep reading from your friends, I bet that is more interesting how they post a picture of them eating and drinking, hahaha.

  • http://desireeo.com/ Desirée O

    I’ve been dealing with this same thing and it drives me nuts. I can barely be bothered to log in to Facebook anymore. I’ve had A LOT more luck with Twitter and other social media networks.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya i think Twitter is by far the most reliable thing for me as well – it definitely doesn’t push traffic to the site like other things do but i use it to find interesting links/news all the time

  • http://jacobvanloon.com/ Jacob van Loon

    Facebook is the lowest priority out of the six sites at the core of my network. Keeping it updated is a passive process and takes almost no time out of my routine. The function of an individual artist network compared to a site like Booooooom is pretty different, but my percentage of return across any of my own websites is fairly comparable (where a comparatively small group of people from each place are the only ones interacting with me directly out of the broader subscriber base). In that way, Facebook doesn’t seem better or worse than some of the other places.

    Where Facebook becomes worse than other popular networking sites is pretty obvious, especially from the business side. But if I’m still connecting with at least a few people through Facebook, it maintains its worth. I’m less interested in numbers and moreso in the people behind them.

    • http://supersonicelectronic.com supersonic

      But what about the people you’re not reaching out there through Facebook that you might have an incredible impact on… where as if you post something on Tumblr or Twitter all of your followers have the chance to see it? Being ok with only a percentage of people who have liked your page simply to be kept up to date of what you’re doing but then not receiving that information goes against all the things that that like button is there for.

      The word “sham” comes to mind

      • http://jacobvanloon.com/ Jacob van Loon

        I don’t disagree that Facebook is abusing the numbers game, and it’s become significantly less effective as a sharing platform if numbers are your primary concern. I also think their attempts at boosting revenue through their own user base with such a confrontational ad structure is awful. It’s a few inches away from full-blown sham.

        As long as Facebook still offers free advertising on even the smallest level, my consideration is for those people who connect with my content primarily through Facebook. I don’t know about other artists out there, but I’ve gained numerous relationships and opportunities with users who both discovered and followed my work initially from Facebook, even though on average only about 30% of the people subscribed to me there get to see the posts. It would be premature to shut it down in its current state.

  • http://www.ihath.com/ ihath

    Following this discussion with great interest. I don’t have any useful suggestion. But this concerns me and I hope that we can collectively find a solution.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      me too

  • http://tiffanygholar.blogspot.com/ Tiffany Gholar

    I am so sorry to read that your Facebook page has fallen victim to the same thing mine has. Like many of the other artists on here, I have a much smaller fan base, but I understand your frustration just the same. Thanks for sharing the informative videos. They explain a lot. Now I see why my paid promotion of my event just got me a lot of replies from people in other countries and states (my open studio was in Chicago) who were never going to attend in the first place. But at least you have this wonderful blog, and Twitter.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      yea i wouldn’t continue to spend your money on those things, i think this is a nice reminder to continue building your following in real life in your own city – if im gonna spend money its gonna be on an event in Vancouver

  • Jo Grisaffi

    I have nowhere near as many likes on my page – But I noticed the other day that my ‘views’ which are normally around 200-300 per post, had gone down to around 5-10! I’ve never paid to promote the page but it makes me dubious to consider doing it in the future for sure! why would they suddenly drop?!

    • Lorna Watt

      My likes continue to steadily increase, but they don’t come from suspicious users or locations, and I’ve never paid a dime for anything. Nevertheless, I too have noticed a drop in views and engagement lately. $19B to spare? What better things small businesses could do had they not forked over all that cash!

  • Cleopatria Peterson

    the realization that i’ve missed so many boooooooom posts is really disheartening. thanks a lot fb. :( facebook is great for liking pages and being updated by everything you love in one place, but when it’s failing to do that whats the point?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya this is why frustrates me the most is that people like you who actually want to see the content aren’t seeing it, i’m trying to figure out the best way to put things in front of you!

    • Josh Thorsen

      you could always just come to the site instead of reading on facebook? or subscribe to the posts via RSS and use a service like feedly to bring in all the content you want to read without the BS of facebook.

      • Cleopatria Peterson

        Don’t get me wrong I come to the site directly but I’m more likely to when it pops up on my fb feed just because its something I look at more. I’ve never really used rss feeds before but I’ll look into feedly, thank you!

  • Jesse

    Feeling completely frustrated with Facebook as well. Been focusing Global Yodel’s efforts on Instagram (which I’m just waiting to get all f’ed up too) and other social channels. I am with you in that I am about to throw in the towel. Infuriating to see posts reach only 1-5% of a fan base.

    Excited to hear peoples thoughts on alternatives…

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya im really nervous about Instagram, it will undoubtedly get ruined in the same way. im already suspicious i’m not seeing everyone’s posts that i follow – so far Twitter has been the only completely unfiltered reliable resource for me.

      • Jesse

        Me too. For Instagram feeling like its not if, but when… Guess its all part of the game. This will open up big opportunities for new players to join the game. Been loving reading about startup http://DuckDuckGo.com a search engine that respects privacy first. Small company but a big concern to the search giants.

      • Donna_Baylis

        Yes, Twitter posts are unfiltered but you still can’t see all due to sheer quantity. The pile is made worse when tweets are duplicated. It would be good to have a “like”/”dislike”/”not interested”/”spam alert” buttons to gradually build your own filtering. Of course the algorithms behind the filtering must be good. (As for the Twitter paradigm, there is something creepy about being followed by complete strangers. It is unattractive to private users.)

      • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

        i dont find anything creepy about being followed by people i dont know but the way im using it is precisely for that reason to make connections with people i dont know.

  • eawesterhuis

    Facebook is like a game of Monopoly. The first half of the game is pretty fun, until a tycoon clearly rises above the rest. Then it’s a slow painful death for the other players. Looking forward to the Settlers of Catan of Social Media.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      Facebook just put hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.

      • Swami G

        lol, totally

    • ninedragonsphotography

      LOL. Pretty perfect description.

    • BetsyMoyer

      I like this analogy the best!

      • Jackie Garlick

        If someone were smart, they’d start a new facebook, the old way…ask everyone for $10 to join, run limited adds, for only users of the network, and leave it there…be happy with the billions they got, and not bother to get any greedier, and they could take over the world…again…only it would benefit it’s users again, instead of the greedy punk at the top who is just having a great time mucking with the little people’s lives. Where is this tech savvy entrepreneur with a conscience? Who is willing to live on mere billions? And dethrone the jerk? I’d so love that…please!!!!

      • Al White

        Now, I am WITH YOU Jackie! We woke up one morning and our entire Page was GONE! 6 years of work, sweat and money… ALL GONE! With a little automated note from Facebook, saying “they had deleted our Page” for “violation of their policies”, stating that we had indulged in “discriminatory and/or hate propaganda” on our Page. We are a new Home Designer and Builder for Christ’s sake… how can there be any “hate or discrimination” in that? Of course, everything GONE! Likes, Friends, Fans, Star Ratings … all of it… GONE! It cost us thousands and thousands of man-hours and dollars to get our Page to where it was. Of course, absolutely no response to our repeated requests to them. They want “hate propaganda”, I’ll give them some… I hope you bastards BURN IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DAY WHEN THE GUY/GAL Jackie describes comes along and TOTALLY DESTROYS YOU FACEBOOK… and he/she will, you believe it!! :-)

      • JimmyCanDo

        Al White – you ought to look into suing FB some how. Seriously. Would be tough in small claims court as you cannot sue for labor. But maybe check around and see if any law firm is interested in starting a class action suit against FB. They deserve that and more….

      • Max Hodges

        $10 once? how you gonna pay bills like this: Facebook ended 2012 with $4.55 billion in costs and expenditures.

      • Yo_Its_Me

        The Facebook “company” does invest in many ventures outside Facebook, which explains their high expenditures. They need to separate all their different business ventures into different business entities.

  • digital4trees

    Any given single social network site should only be one aspect of your overall online presence. Register with them all and then use services like IFTTT to push your posts to all of them at once. Find ways to drive your traffic to your site. If you ask me, “social” will have to evolve to be the glue that connects people and content rather than the platform on which to deliver that content.

    Fact is, Facebook is now publicly owned…..by a very small number of extremely aggressive investment bodies which will insist on extremely aggressive revenue targets. Hence Facebook are effectively forced to walk this delicate line between pushing brands to pay for advertising and managing the PR of claiming to “be all about connecting people”.

    • http://supersonicelectronic.com supersonic

      Twitter is publicly owned too.

      • digital4trees

        Yup, but they’re completely different platforms both in their UX and monetisation models.

        The fact that they’re both publicly owned is irrelevant in the scope of the discussion around what Facebook are doing to push brands so spend more advertising bucks.

        If you want to open up the discussion, then arguably Twitter are under similar pressure of walking the line between revenue and user uproar but until Twitter layer in a new feed system as per Facebook, the issue of throttling reach won’t happen in the same way.

  • Brian John Mitchell

    What I’ve been doing with my record label is posting content as usual & then when there is something that is actual revenue generating (e.g. a new release being for sale) I admit that it’s worth me spending $5-$10 to get a promoted post. But that’s just me.

  • Manny Lopez

    Why not actually pay to market to your fans then. You are using Facebook free of charge to post your content, and Facebook is giving you a portal to be able to connect with those users. Why would a business pay for anything if they got 100% of their viewers anyway?

    Then the companies would only spend to a certain amount then stop once they have a big enough fan base.

    I use Facebook Ads to reach my users, if you cant afford it, then maybe you shouldve found another way to monetize over 100k leads.

  • ben kelly

    Really shit situation jeff.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that invites to friends events through facebook are the default I wouldnt use it at all, I log on once a week to check any- if i didnt i wouldnt know about anything going on.

    But i think outside of facebook itself there seems to be a larger issue of user participation, perhaps due to the sheer abundance of info we absorb daily now- you cant respond to everything, but now we hardly respond to anything.

    ive been following this site since near startup, and good posts then used to get around a dozen comments. now most posts seem to get 1 or 2- most of the posts i make now are actually along the lines of -“how has no one commented on this?! this is awesome!” so you have 50 times the audience you did in 08 and 12 times less participation on your actual site- have you noticed this too?

  • http://zengarage.com.au Justin Fox

    I run and admin quite a lot of facebook pages. All of them are having the same issue except for the one I work on the most (https://www.facebook.com/zengarage) which is soaring and reaching 10 million people a week (that was a crazy week last week ,it will be dropping back down I’m sure and no, we did not do anything different at all last week).

    I figure facebook somehow likes it that we post every hour. It’s perhaps how they want people to be using pages? That and we also post quite a bit of original content so maybe they’re rewarding us with reach? Either way we’ve never paid for likes and so glad we haven’t after watching the above videos.

  • http://www.lockedowndesign.com/ John J. Locke

    All social networks lose steam eventually. Everything about Facebook just *feels* the same way that MySpace did, right before everyone jumped. I think that’s the big thing keeping Facebook as the the #1 social platform right now: there’s not a #2 that absolutely everyone can use.

    the latest news about them extorting you to reach your own fans…I’m not surprised in the least. They’ve already been doing this with everyone’s personal stream via EdgeRank.

    I think Facebook will survive as a sort of infrastructure, like Yahoo, because so many services can use the API to authenticate and most people are on there. It is one of, if not the least valuable marketing platforms I’ve been using for a little while now.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      agree about the lack of a #2

  • Karen Schwartz

    The likes and the visability of a post is not the only way facebook makes money. They try it with like everything. Have you ever played a game on facebook? And all your lives in this game for this day are spent? So, facebook offers you to buy lives or gold or anything to help you in the game with real money. So you can pay to get faster ahead in the game. These games can get really kinda addictive and facebook profits from that fact. I find that as horrible as online gambling.

    Furthermore have you ever tried to invite all of your friends at once to en event? There is no option for it! So imagine you have over thousands of friends and want to invite them all? No way. Just click until ur fingers bleed or find a way around it in the internet. Ok, let’s say you just want to invite the relevant 50 of thousand friends you have. You can click 50 friends, no problem. But how to find them? Facebook no more sorts them alphabetically. So good luck with finding all the friends you want to invite.

    Last but not least. If you have many regular events and always invite all your friends, after some time you will get a message like : We have noticed that you invite to many friends and that not enough friends join the event. So for now you can not invite anyone anymore until more friends join ur event. Not everyone who is invited and actually wants to join an event clicks “I join” publically. So, what the heck? And I think that the people who do not want to get my invitations anymore can block them. So no indiviual responsability for the users of facebook but enforced immaturity. Or does facebook not want places like galleries to use the page to promote an event?

    Last but not least : Have you ever tried to delete your account completely ? Right, there is no direct delete button. You have to search in the online help, follow a link, click on another link and then wait for 2 weeks.


    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      they also now allow you to pay money to send direct messages to people who you aren’t connected to, aka spam.

      • Karen Schwartz

        That’s really low… and greedy. As if they didn’t make enough money.

    • Oto Spál

      you cannot delete FB profile i stopped using FB (“deleted fan page and personal profile”) in winter 2011 and in march 2014 just for fun i tried to log back into my account. what to say – login went smooth, both the fan page and my profile looked the same as when i left. so no 2 weeks, no 2 months, not even 2 years. FB conserves your data forever…or so it seems.

      • Karen Schwartz

        For me deleting my account worked. Sure it doesn’t say anything about the data they saved. That’s probably still there.

  • Matt Verburg

    dee.’s response below about FB’s plan to continue throttling a brand’s organic connections to their followers is enough for me to forgo building my brand’s Facebook page entirely. There may be a use on FB to mirror the content being created for other social outlets – if only as an outpost to point those who are actively looking for my company toward actual sources of community and content. But what a waste. A shift in my social media time and resources is definitely in order.

    What’s ironic is that this story is the first post from Booooooom I have seen on my FB newsfeed in a while. Based on information from the videos posted, there has been enough interactivity to finally push it to me, a long time reader. (I originally found this post through Twitter)

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya i expected this post to be the most viewed/shared of the past few months and it already is

      • http://www.calicohorses.com/ Lorraine Turner

        I for one am glad I found it!

  • http://www.scribble-project.com Lisa Currie

    ah! thanks for sharing this Jeff. you know what I’ve gone back to? email lists. inbox love. signing up for those ten or so newsletters (once weekly, or once monthly) of the people whose work and voice most inspires and interests me right now. when they land in my inbox I take a proper moment to “catch up” with their recent work or blog posts or whatever, and often head over to their blog or website. feels so personal and sweet to get that short, nicely-crafted letter saying “here’s what you’ve missed” and “here’s some stuff I think you’ll enjoy”.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya ive thought a lot about this too – i just get so much email already its hard to imagine wanting a lot more

      • Ashley Whiteman

        The other way is use RSS newsfeeds, or set up a dedicated forum for your site

      • Paula Harris

        I would much rather go and read a blog than clog up the inbox with newsletters. These days I engage most often with friends and family on FB and certainly wouldn’t pay to boost interest for my business page on there, especially after watching these vids! In case you’re interested, for shopping I mostly use Pinterest, Folksy, Misi, Etsy or Ebay, and for business interests I read their blog or go direct to their web site. Twitter is where I go for news and utube or netflix for entertainment and occasionally educational or instructional content

      • Adrienne Vose

        I agree. I engage with mostly friends & fam on fb
        I am learning the hard way with promoting FB posts! Wasted money with boosting posts on my biz page. NO more!

      • Chris Schwartz

        Twitter for news, really? SCARY!

      • Paula Harris

        Scary? why? – I personally prefer not to be spoon fed the things that mainstream media consider to be news, and Twitter users are much quicker to circulate world events (often tweeting them as they happen) than the majority of the media channels and ‘news’papers.

      • Thomas Madison

        True. I typically publish a story a day or two ahead of the mainstream media.

      • Magoo Timmerman

        right! If I wanted to “tweet” I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t own a computer. Oh, & I had wings & could fly FCOL…

      • Aromatique

        Good share thank you Paula!

      • Andre Vautour

        i really like email and getting site updates via email.

    • Aromatique

      never enjoyed doing newsletters so much, however I am going to seriously get back into them. Love the term ‘Inbox Love’!

  • http://katwhite.com.au/shop/ katwhite_

    Couldn’t agree more. I did a $10 experiment for my page, and got 19 engagements (although the stats don’t add up) and no links, and just two click throughs. I find sharing my own post a couple of hours later on my personal account works better at getting eyeballs on the post then anything paid promotion could give me. Was really shocked at how little engagement I got at all…

    Since doing this little experiment I’ve just decided to push any extra engagement I get on Instagram and Twitter, as well just posting a little more often. Already noticed a trend on what seems to get more likes – so really just going to continue that way… Until Instagram goes down the same route as Facebook.

  • http://www.weheart.co.uk/ James Davidson

    Have had the same problem for an age with our account Jeff. Interestingly: I found myself in a cycle of feeding the evil just to try and keep our traffic moving along. We don’t have nearly as many followers, but with around 30k we were seeing some posts getting just a thousand or so views.

    Ergo, we were drawn to the dreaded “Boost Post”. Funny thing is, it seemed to have an adverse effect on the posts that weren’t boosted – and we dropped down to just a few hundred for some of them.

    As we grew disenfranchised, we stopped boosting so much – guess what? The views have been slowly creeping back up. An algorithm to capitalise on those stupid enough to feed the mouth that bites? I wouldn’t bet against it!

    Crazy that social networks aren’t working more with content producers, because without great content, they kind of miss the point, and the world looks a much sadder place.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      the sooner we can get away from pageview based advertising and like-based incentives etc the better for sites like ours.

      • http://www.thedailystreet.co.uk Alex Synamatix


    • Graeme Luey

      We tried to advertise an art show event post 2 weeks in advance with the Boost Page feature. It worked, sort of…. we had (of 1500 people) 20 people see it the first week, then up to 80 the second week. The opening reception came and went, then a week later the post jumped to 2,700 people…. totally useless at that point.

    • Declan Hehir

      i think you have hit the nail on the head, When you boost, they reach gets very small on the one that you don’t boost

      • Thomas Madison

        Yeah, fascistbook may be stupid, but they aren’t crazy. They know how to keep you dependent.

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    i know how to run competitions to get likes, my point is that it’s useless to build up a following on facebook when you don’t ultimately control how well you can communicate with them once they’re following you. 700 people are not seeing your posts, a small fraction are.

  • Jackie

    I completely understand your dilemma, but Facebook’s recent shift toward fewer page posts in the newsfeed was at least partly a response to complaints that individuals’ feeds were starting to be dominated by pages instead of people. I know that my page usually has around forty to fifty percent engagement, twenty percent at the lowest, so your problem isn’t universal. Obviously, it’s still a big issue for you, though, so I don’t want to discount that.

    I would also argue that Facebook isn’t purely interested in making a profit. A company like Facebook can’t run for free and has to make revenue somewhere. Facebook just needs to better balance everything that it aims to do… connect people with each other, provide companies and organizations with a way to reach their audiences, and more. With Internet.org, it’s virtually impossible to say that Facebook’s only goal is to make money and that the idea of “connecting the world” is pretense, as that’s a project that would cost a lot for a long time before they could make any net profits at all.

    I mean, let’s be honest. Facebook isn’t going by the way of Myspace anytime soon. At its peak, Myspace hadn’t captured a fraction of Facebook’s current user base and levels of engagement, and Facebook is pretty deeply embedded into the online world. Instead of leaving Facebook, it would make more sense to just communicate the issues we’re finding and work to find a better middle ground.

  • Gunnar

    great article! thanks for sharing.

  • Mark Henkelman

    Isn’t there a linux-style facebook out there?
    One from the community, by the community without any commercial setup?
    I’m sure it would go viral 😉

    • nalex21

      there is ning.com which allows you to setup a facebook like community of your own

  • Julia Vysotskaya

    There is an alternative to facebook – vk.com. This social network is also a great platform for public pages, it’s absolutely free, and there’s no ads.

    • bebekashmir

      For now…

  • Ori Toor

    It’s sad to see what has become of facebook.
    Personally I added a Booooooom feed to my Feedly account long ago after realizing FB are not to be relayed on

  • http://hja.no/ Hja!

    Ultimately, Facebook is a free, commercially-driven service. You’ve signed up and you’ve agreed to their terms and conditions (whether or not you actually agree is irrelevant once you tick that box). Of course, you can complain – and they may well listen for the sake of holding onto their users. But you chose to sign up for their free service. You also choose whether to pay to “boost” your posts (there are terms and conditions for that too).

    I think some (many) people and companies rely far too heavily on Facebook to bring their business exposure. More innovation and looking further than the big F is necessary.

    Though, I agree, Facebook is probably dying a slow death, and that will inevitably lead to some very interesting developments in regard to online social networking – and advertising.

  • http://www.nomadtravellers.com/ Nomad Travel

    Same problem here, even if with much smaller number. My page as over 1000 likes and gets only 50 to 150 people seeing it. I don’t know if it’s worth the effort

  • potasmic

    I’ve gone here for the first time through twitter. And I don’t think I’ve gone to new pages through the sharing of Facebook. So yeah… I could say that Twitter and other media are way better.

  • Morgan Ralston

    I have been feeling this way for well over a year. Around the time I started paying for advertising on Facebook. About 99% of my new followers were from fake accounts. So I stopped paying. I noticed at that point that my statistics had gone from fairly promising numbers to roughly 1% participation. What a terrible waste of time and money this experience has been for me, trying to grow a new business.

  • Wesbo

    I’m right with you on this, i run a network of websites with over 2.5mill audience and have spent the last 3 years building up the respective Facebook pages for each site, it’s taken blood & sweat to make them a thriving part of the whole website browsing experience, with a supporting Facebook community of users to compliment the offering……then back in the end of the last year came the tears…..my story is exactly the same as yours in what has transpired…..i even run a Facebook poge for a huge celeb that used to get over 80% engagement if i just posted ‘Hello’ – Now it too is struggling to reach the people who want to know about him, so in my opinion it is across the board….is there a fix? Of course there is! Spend-spend-spend!!! As a test i have been promoting (Sorry…’Boosting’ EVERY post i have made on one of my Facebook pages since i first notice this and the swathe of blog posts/videos appeared saying the same thing – and guess what, it works! Yep, if you pay $$$ to reach the sudience you spend many hours/months/years building up they will see what they want to see (using the $$$ – %%% reach ratio of course)

    Conclusion: It’s a scam. I understand Facebook needs to monitize, after all they have lots of hungry investors mouths to feed and pockets to line, but i feel like the victim of some warped pyramid scheme in some ways, duped into building up a community on Facebook, moving them from my web pages to their platform, only to find out i now have to pay $$$ to reach them……..I think, like you, i might just go back to doing it old skool and let Facebook go the way of MySpace.

    • Lance Rubin

      I agree with THAT!!! Let FB die like MySpace.

    • http://clones.net/ Glendon Gross

      I definitely see the similarity with a pyramid scheme, since the problem with a pyramid scheme is that the people at the bottom of the pyramid get screwed, once the market is saturated. So you ended up having to pay constantly in order to get the same results that you initially got for free.

  • margapereira

    There are alternatives, Use Instagram!
    There is no algorithm behind, everyone sees everything.
    But you don’t have access to FB statistics.

  • http://bobbyvelev.com/ Bobby Velev

    About the Facebook fraud – .. if targeting is used well – there is no such a problem.

  • http://www.archistas.com/ Maya

    I knew they were making sure posts got less and less organic reach but I didn’t know it was this bad! It explains why huge pages only have minimal engagement while my (small) fanpage has the same amount (but still only about 1/10 of my fans see what I post lately while before it was half). It’s driving me insane though as Facebook is one of the main social media directors towards my blog and I’ve worked hard to grow it, now it seems the time spend is a big waste of time

  • http://brandihofer.ca brandihofer

    I can relate to what you are going through even though my pages have quite a lot less followers than yours the views have gone way down. I have been working on my pages for years everyday, that is why I am on Facebook!! If they keep limiting exposure for my business or others surely people will find another way or another site with positive free exposure. If anyone should realize or understand it should be Facebook, the fragility of social media and the fact that it can become “uncool” as soon as there is something trending.

    I love your page, you do so much for the arts community, keep posting!!


  • http://everydaydude.com Aaron Durand

    I manage a FB page with 11M+ followers. Seems more like a game to trick their algorithm into surfacing your content to more people (including those who are already fans). Whatever gets folks talking, engaging, and interacting will be the most viewed content. It’ll be the controversial stuff.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i guess i need to learn the tricks

      • Aaron Kelly

        I manage 15 FB pages with 21M followers. It’s all about understanding how edgerank and the algorithms work. It’s a pain, but we see a tremendous amount of good come out of our pages, and things are only getting better for us.

        Jeff, email me and I’ll explain more: aaron@moviepilot.com

      • Oliver

        I make $62,306 a week working from home! Email me to find out how you can get your starter package and start earning money from your couch like I do!


      • Aaron Kelly

        Drinks are on you then.

  • toby fraley

    Great post in that I’m really happy to hear I’m not the only one having these issues. I don’t have a ton of followers but I notice it’s always generally the same people ‘liking’ posts almost as if the rest of my followers never see what’s going up on my page. As a self employed artist ‘Boosting’ every post (or even every tenth post) just isn’t going to happen, it’s not in my budget. Really holding out for the next thing after Facebook or that they see their errors before I give up on them.

  • Todd Smith

    Facebook spent millions of dollars developing pages as a service you can use. They still offer a free option. The bottom line is that they’re providing a community management tool that’s worth actual money and you’re using it to manage the operations of a business that you draw a profit from.

    We can complain about economics and throttling but the bottom line is that they’re providing a valuable product. They’re continually updating it, they’re increasing your visibility, and they’re providing a direct link for you to speak to customers/viewers/audiences. Why shouldn’t they charge for business tools?

  • Emri Pamundur

    You’ve got 2.3 million followers on Google+. Why even bother with the Facebook dinosaur that’s designing its own extinction? (Sorry if I missed earlier discussion; haven’t read all 95 comments.)

  • Chase

    Make a new “BOOOOOOM” page and don’t buy followers

  • ScottinOttawa

    If you are not posting content that engages your audience (like & shares) in the first 3 hours, you will only get that post into about 3% of your audiences news feeds. Don’t blame Facebook…blame yourself or hire someone who knows how the new viral scoring works. When people quickly like and share a post, Facebook calculates that as an important post and will start placing it in more news feeds. The more new feeds it gets put into and the more people who engage with the post will put it into more news feeds…and so on and so on. This is a sign that your content is not that interesting or you are posting too frequently. For someone who likes 100+ pages, how else do you think they will see in their feed what’s important?!

  • ScottinOttawa

    I just reviewed your FB page and it is just not engaging on the level it needs to be. If we were to sit down and I showed you what the page managers do on popular pages that get 500+ likes and 100’s of shares on most post, you would see that what you are doing is fairly flat.

    • http://glipress.blogspot.com/ Clarence Ewing

      “Facebook is not going anywhere…”

      Neither is MySpace, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Napster, And America Online. All of these destinations had massive increases in usage, too, until they didn’t. There’s no reason to think that what happened to those sites won’t happen to Facebook too, eventually.

      • ScottinOttawa

        Facebook is all those apps rolled into one. If someone needs a social networking app, they are not going to leave Facebook. If they don’t need it, they won’t join another.

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    thanks brandi i appreciate the encouragement :-), i think ill just be focusing less attention to trying to figure out the tricks to getting things seen on fb and more time just trying to grow the community directly on the site

  • Frank Plant

    With all due respect maybe we’ve become a bit spoiled, what I mean is that we got used to having an immediate connect to thousands and thousands of people for free or at least for the price that we spent in front of the computer to collect, collate and disburse our cultural goodies. To be honest it was a dream come true and in the end too good to be true. It makes me think of other marketing strategies, for example drug dealers who will go into a new market with a high quality strain of a drug get people hooked on it and then start selling something of an inferior quality. Facebook definitely got us hooked and now they are filling us with the virtual cholesterol of their paying customers. Or like virtual gentrification, it used to be a nice neighborhood. Whatever you do do not follow or like Huff Post. For me Facebook has become a vacuum of hyperbole but still an important way for me to connect and be connected even if the quality has eroded. Hopefully something will appear in the not too distant future to fulfill the needs and desires of those of us who’s criteria have diverged from Facebook’s current path. Anyhoo I do get a bit of fatigue of hearing people complain about facebook, as if a platform of a billion people is there to accommodate the specific needs of every individual/platform. I mean meaningful discussion on the role of social media in our lives ok, but I’ll never convince myself that Mr. Zuckerberg has my best interests at hand.

    • Frank Plant

      And now if I may reply to my own rambling comment I was thinking if there was like a Moody’s or Standard and Poor’s (without the malfeasance) for the internet as far as the quality of the service platforms provide so we could determine the virtual good Samritans (such as yourself at BOOOOOOOM) as opposed to the Virtual Dark Overlords and Virtual Paving Stones to Hell… Ummmm.. Right. Better get back to work.

  • dynaluther

    Facebook was built to get laid, not to get free advertising, so quit your whining please. Thank you.

    • ScottinOttawa

      No, Tinder is to get laid. Facebook is because we don’t know how to make real friends and be face-to-face social anymore

      • dynaluther

        On a more serious note: Facebook is great to stay in touch with old school mates and the like – as a user, I find most FB pages irritating and full of crap I neither want nor need. Tinder, to keep the sexual thing going, is for the really desperate.

      • dynaluther

        I’m not part of that “we”.

  • CruiseFactoryData

    One of our FB pages used to be as good as a second email data base and amazing for getting last minute enquiry now we hit 1.5 of our 16K group if we have a stella performing post, yet our demographic is bang on what it should be. The paid ads do well in terms of CPC compared to Google but I hate doing the paid post it feels like dirty.

    • ScottinOttawa

      The issue is that so many more people are so much more active in Facebook. Instead of new ‘friends’, people are now more interested in liking pages that match their interests (joining tribes). Where an audience used to see your post because they only liked about a dozen pages that produced regular content, now they like 100’s of pages where there are 100’s posting regular engaging content. If a person’s news feed is set to ‘Top Stories’ (which most are by default) instead of ‘Most Recent’ they will only see the post from about 12 of their most engaging ‘liked’ pages.

  • Jeff Johnson

    I run an alumni page for my high school and have always had the page set up so that new members/likes require approval so that we wouldn’t get fake users because Facebook has been full of them for years. So I’m constantly ignoring about 60-75% of the requests to join after scanning their profiles for authenticity. Now the high school is not large and the volume of new members/likes is relatively small so this approach is not feasible for most, but if the member request has a risque picture of a young lady that is an automatic tip off that the profile may be fake…In fact I’d be curious who all these young ladies are and if they approved of their pics being used this way. That’s a whole other article. But I’m also seeing a slew of random page likes in fake user profiles or relatively new profiles (less than 4 months old)… any combination of these factors gets an ignore from me as the group admin. If the request comes from someone who already has friends in the group or the individual actually appears to have some connection to the geographic region around the school I’ll approve. Again I realize that this approach doesn’t work for most but just what I’m seeing and how I do.

  • Jaime

    How does booooom know how many people saw his post? I’m less fond of FB every day, but I don’t see how a person can determine how many people read my post if they don’t comment or “like” it.

    • ScottinOttawa

      Pages work differently than your profile. Your profile has no analytics, pages do.

  • http://www.madamenergy.com Megan Atkinson

    I just started my business last year so I was late to the fan page bandwagon. Knowing that this “boost” thing would be a hurdle, I’ve never made much effort to grow my fan base through it. Instead, I created a closed Facebook group and generate content for my fan base there. It might not grow as quickly or even grow very large, but it gives me the opportunity to a) get seen by the people who want content from me, b) give my people the opportunity to connect with one another, and c) engage on a much deeper level with my community.

  • Marisol Cabrera

    I recently deleted my personal Facebook, and while I don’t run a page for a group or organization, I feel I can commiserate. I thought I would be disconnected from everyone, feel out of the loop, or be lost without it. Frankly, it’s a relief and my life is free of one stressor I did not need. People are taken aback when I say I deleted my Facebook but I suggest everyone do the same. I no longer see a practical use for it.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      it must feel great! the day i can destroy my email once and for all will be a good day

    • ScottinOttawa

      Marisol, you are too young for Facebook to be of a high psychological need. Twitter is a narcissistic existence. Be interesting to know what online social networking site you’re using when you’re 30+ when many of your girlfriends are cocooning with babies. I won’t be surprised if you turn your Facebook profile back on.

      • Marisol Cabrera

        I may be young but I doubt there is a “phsychological need” for a newsfeed which provides a false sense of connection and community. While I am just barely old enough to vote, a good number of my Facebook friends were 5, 12, or even more years older than me due to the fact that I am very mobile and am uninterested in keeping up with the day to day “news” of my former friends. Age, I have found, does not automatically produce a “need” for or even a proper use of social media. My feed was full of baby pictures and vacation photos and wedding planning problems. I find that I can still fulfill the “need” to keep in touch and feel a part of the world and network of friends perfectly fine without the use of Facebook. Thanks for your input, however!

  • http://juliahendrickson.com Julia Hendrickson

    Thank you for addressing this! I am currently wrestling with the best way to have my work seen, but am very frustrated with the fb metric…

  • Tomek Brzezinski

    So, uh, maybe a statement could be made with an advanced ad-block sort of system. If enough people installed a monitoring system it could tell if the amount of newsfeeds where a post was listed was above the statistical expectation for non-promoted content, then it would be hidden from the advanced ad-block people’s newsfeed.

    Of course, massive privacy problems and it’s unclear whether the critical mass or funding for that application/plug-in/extension could be found.

  • http://www.elwingorman.com Elwin Gorman

    Facebook is a business. From where you think that Facebook get the money to pay 19,000 million dollars to buy whatsapp? As in a nightclub, where you feel happy in the party, you have to choose, when raise the price of admission, if it is worth or not .. Final users (end customers) like you and me pay everyday with our time. How long time are you willing to lose?

  • Fry Burger

    Young people and women are leading the trend of leaving Facebook for good. if you create a page on Goggle+, 100% of your audience sees it. If you are using Hootsuite manage your content on your sm platforms, you can add your Google+ Page so it’s only one more click for you. …Not sure if that helps at all. Goggle+, last I read, has about 1/10 the audience as Facebook, but that could change and it sounds better than only reaching 1%. A shame indeed.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya the trends im reading about are that young people are not into facebook like the generation before them was

      • ScottinOttawa

        Only the 25+ crowd has a psychological need for Facebook once relationships start breaking down due to relocation, career and family involvement. Highschool & University students are at the peak of their real world social life and have very little need for online networking; they have a need for communication, anonymity, and expression not networking.

  • https://www.facebook.com/LanceCopelandArt Lance

    For what it’s worth, I just rechecked and it appears that I’ve been getting all of BOOOOOOOM’s facebook posts in my feed.

  • Cuaren Taydos

    Here’s a huge fan of RSS feeds. I get all posts in chronological order (without a creepy algorithm only showing a few), can read them whenever I want, mark posts as unread to read them later and take my subscription from one service to another. Just to name a few benefits.

    I go through your feed in my feedreader and if the preview picture looks nice (or the title / first part of the post seems promising) I come to the website to view the rest of it. Simple, fast, you get page views, I can comment here if I want.

    I think many people don’t know the possibilities of a feedreader (they can choose themselves from a huge pool, from easy ones like feedly to nerdy self-hosted solutions). Maybe it’s not as “social”, but I didn’t miss a post since 2009 at booooooom.

    Thank you for your this! Trying to follow people is really annoying if you have to scan through overcrowded and censored timelines.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      yea i think RSS is great for the reasons you said, im sort of an anomaly as a blogger where i dont use RSS readers because i never feel like i get anything done, the endless scrolling and the forever updating feeling of it is hard for me to get used to. i like opening 30 bookmarks going through them and then moving on with my day (thats just me though) – maybe i just subscribe to too many sites

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    Owen Philips Photography was told he liked too many pictures on people’s pages and he needed to stop. If he didn’t he may need to be blocked from liking pages.


  • Bob D’Eith

    The choice by Facebook to monetize the basic function that drew us all in – sharing content with our friends – is a fatal error. I completely understand your frustration. I feel the same way. Like many online platforms (and empires) – they rise and fall. Maybe it we now in Facebook’s denouement?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i feel like we are, ya

    • ScottinOttawa

      How has Facebook monetized what you share with your friends? I don’t even see ads in my feed. FB only monetized artificial reach.

  • Fiona NoEnbridge Bowie

    Jeff, let’s start a new one.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada


  • Stephanie

    I just deleted my FB biz page today. Out of my 1950 “fans” I’ve had less than a 1% engagement in the last three months. On a good day I’m only getting about 200 users seeing a post, and that’s with barely 12 or 13 likes! You’ve got to be kidding me. Not to mention the even worse stats I have when I post a link that pulls up the meta info. I’d be lucky to have 50 people see that post. I’ll be utilizing my website’s blog more (what to do without Google Reader these days?), Twitter (always a great option for me) and YouTube. I’m posting on G+ for the hell of it, though I’m not seeing high engagement (maybe my friends aren’t early adopters?). Thanks for this post!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      G+ doesn’t have the engagement YET – i think the changeover on youtube to g+ comments and several other smaller changes may start to get more people using it

      • Stephanie

        I’m looking forward to it!

  • Donna_Baylis

    I think the future holds more user interaction. Facebook has several strengths — it is all about “me”: (i) it gives people a forum to speak, (ii) it gives people an engaged audience, (iii) it allows people to have an opinion through comments and “likes”, (iv) it doesn’t have to take much time. Should facebook or any app give the user greater interaction (“like”, “dislike”, “not interested”, “spam alert”) and deliver entertainment (in the form of news/updates/tidbits) accordingly on the results it will get the bulk of the user’s time. Once the advertising or regulatory structure becomes more important than the user (and once there is a decent alternative) the user will leave.

  • http://www.matsie.net matsie

    I found you through my RSS reader Feedly. I absolutely love your website and would not be opposed to some kind of advertising in the RSS feed. (Though, your content tends to bring me to your website anyway even if just to lurk in the comment sections.)

  • Benjamin Caplan

    By and large, when i’m advertising on Facebook it’s for art or music shows that I’m organizing. I have a specific amount of people that I want to reach, and a specific outcome, i.e. getting 60 to 90 people to come to a show. I’m usually able to get around the limitations that Facebook tries to impose, but it takes a lot of work for what can seem a limited reward. When i’m working with artists and musicians I make sure that everyone involved knows that it’s their responsibility to get people out. In New York this can be a struggle. I could get five bands to play for free without trying, but just getting those people to invite their friends is a struggle. Still, with enough people involved it usually works out. For most shows my goal is to get 1500 people invited. About 300 will come from me, because i won;t invite people who don;t live in the city. After that I tell everyone to post, comment, like and share, to keep posts on facebook walls. When I post, or when I get other people to, I try to give value or novelty with advertising. I try to make my posts funny, and to include some kind of multimedia. Music or videos from the bands, articles about the artists, and images of the art. I don’t know if anyone watches the videos, but I do think that people feel less set upon when you offer them something with the little bit of advertising, helping it to push through the static. I only advertise for the week leading up to the event (although that was because of how people used to interact with event pages).

    I’ve found that people do notice my posts, whether or not they go to the show. As far as attendance goes, if I have 80 people say they are going to a show, usually about that many show up, although maybe only 25 to 50 percent of the people who confirmed on FB. I’m not a professional with any of this, and I don;t pay to advertise, but these have been my observations.

  • jeff

    So happy this has been written about. I’ve been thinking a lot lately how my FB feed has become this swirling toilet bowl of junk; the more I scroll on my FB feed, the farther I’m sticking my head into this pot of crap. But like many other people posting here, I don’t know of a great alternative, especially being in a band trying to share music, videos, events, ON TOP OF THAT I feel like all my posts add to this mess of bleh advertising. So happy to see I’m not alone in this. looking forward to a much needed alternative. Don’t give up Booooooom.

  • http://oldmanwizard.com Francis Charles Roberts

    I just made this information clear in a highlighted facebook post, offered free stuff to two random people who shared it, and told followers I wouldn’t be posting anymore. Everything is switched to a mailing list, a blog, twitter, etc.

    The problem will go away as soon as two things happen: Page owners stop paying to promote their pages/posts, and users stop seeing quality content.

  • Petr Šulc

    Me and my girlfriend had a small design brand and 2 years ago we (obviously) started fb page. Until last month we had about 500 likes (yep, almost nothing compared to others) and we never paid for any likes. All came organically… ummm… I should add that we are czechs, the brand was czech, posts were in czech, design was european-style and still… every week there were new likes from people from India, Egypt and similar countries. I guess all of them were interested in czech language and czech design brand.

    Regular post with no “boost” was seen by approx. 10-50 people. I assume 300 or 400/500 were fake profiles, so 100-200 were real fans. I’m quite sure that fb has a good filter to show your non-paid posts only to those fake profiles and 1 or 2 real fans :-) But hey, you can pay and show it to another 50 people! That means all 4 of your friends!! Yay!!! :-)

    Since last month, both me and my gf left fb. We deleted the page and accounts… We are more focused on twitter now, where nobody filters your tweets and all you can see is 1 or 2 promoted tweets per day.

  • mznatnat

    Been switching over to Google Plus lately…

  • *✩‿✩*

    I hate FB and unfriended all my “friends” except for 6 people. For some reason I can’t quite pull the plug, probably because I’ve created so many lists of pages just like an actual feed reader. (I do this in Twitter, too) That’s the best way I know to make sure I see what I want to see. I even did this for “friends” when I wanted to make sure I saw everyone’s posts. But I don’t believe most FB users operate that way. Bottom line, FB is a piece of poo. I think I just keep it around so i can share things with my husband directly. Things tend to get lost a bit more on Twitter.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i think a service like feedly would really work well for you

  • charul shah

    I agree with the content you shared here….even i had observed this trend when I was working for a social media agency. The basic problem was there is decreasing engagement with increasing number of promoted posts and people don’t rust the pages, they always think that they are all fake. And secondly its even because the maximum users of Facebook are the teenagers, they are the ones who likes the pages, but they seldom engage. Its because the like are due to peer pressure, they always want to follow the others, and none of them are interested in engaging in the pages but they engage in others lives. (the popular people around)
    ‘Like’ is an easy way to show your peers who you are, like your cv for job, Like acts like CV for our friends…:)

  • Margaret Manzi

    I’m using Facebook much less than I used to.

    • ScottinOttawa

      Interesting because your friends are using it more. Have you tried changing your news feed to an actual news feed instead of a friends feed?

  • michael

    We’ve got around 55k fans and we always get some pretty great cut through. You really just need to content sharable to get your spread. Ours is SAFM in Adelaide (a radio station).

  • http://addictionblog.org Addiction_Blog

    We’re about to get into socializing and this has helped me immensely. In our case, the lowest common denominator for page posts is probably inspirational quotes. I suppose that Facebook can rationalize their strategy by “taxing the popular”, but this must be so disappointing to people like yourself who have invested time and effort into creating a fan base. My hope is that those of us who continue to create relevant, targeted content will come out on top.

  • nalex21

    A free social network that allows targeted sharing and public sharing already exists. Google+ has maintained a level of technical integration with the google infrastructure. FB is designed to push advertising but has it effectively eliminated its primary purpose of being a social calendar by not keeping church and state separate. You have revealed it is a massive distraction away from real productive effect.

  • Silencer

    I totally agree with you. Another “problem” which Facebook should resolve is Likejacking. More and more spam pages are jacking likes and because those pages spam with “interesting” things (which are not true – like death of Michael Schumacher). people click on it and later on not knowing like other pages (when they try to close popups which contain hidden like button on close button). There are a lot of “easy” ways whichFacebook could do to prevent or punish those people which are doing that, but they don’t. I tried to contact Facebook for multiple large violations, and none has done anything. Not even Mark (he did read the message, because it was posted privately on web and only he got the link). Reporting system is a joke on Facebook – I understand that there are millions of reports every day, and that it’s not possible to inspect every report, but getting back rejected reports which clearly violates rules is just absurd – like old man placing for his profile picture image of his penis (and he has hundreds if not even thousands of underaged “friends” added on his profile). After sending negative feedback it got reviewed again and then profile removed, but first time report was rejected (I don’t know maybe bots are checking reports and if anyone gets bad review after rejection a real person then checks it). Mark made mistake when he “soled” Facebook – it’s all about money now, and that will soon kill it when the right competition will get out and won’t be for sale… Instead of “putting billions” in stockholders pocket, they could invest more in hiring perople – “moderators”. Each country (larger more, smaller less, but at least one person) which has Facebook users need moderator which would act on reports and he would have time to investigate them. I ran hundreds of applications (mostly sweepstakes) and I was able to get thousands of fake profiles and exclude them (without having any special tools or detailed view like Facebook does). After a few years, most of them are still active (same goes for clickjacking – most pages are still active and can contain FB like buttons). Wanna get and ban fake profiles? Buy mil. of likes and gain them on one page and you don’t even have to investigate, just “DELITE *members from mynewpagewithbots”… :) Egypt, India,… are most at risk for fake profiles? Make phone verification mandatory (or maybe some other actions). But no, Facebook won’t do that, they will rather invest money for “free internet in Africa”, where we will get Nigerians moving from mails to Facebook spam and scam… I would say Youtube has much much more reviewing to do and it’s more complicated but I really hardly see some bad videos which violates rules, but Facebook is full of inappropriate things which violates rules and even after report is made no action is taken… That’s just absurd. If they can’t manage reports, hire more people or make higher priorities for selected people (developers or payed moderators from around the world). And if Facebook will continue to charge for every thing (even private profiles), not even companies will no longer invest in pages, people will start using other pages, because If I have to pay for my friends to see my post… haha… No way… Facebook will waste his popularity, which is beyond any imagination…

  • Sergio Young

    True Story broo

  • http://www.be.net/Frenetisk Bjarte Edvardsen

    Hi Jeff! Came across this article about the decrease in facebook organic reach: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/03/12/facebook-organic-reach

  • dersurhodes

    Completely agree Jeff. I run a small blog and we have worked very hard to get our 3000 followers. It’s taken a few years because we wanted to make it core and have only people that were recommended our blog follow it. Now we can’t reach any of them, because we don’t make money from the blog and don’t want to, but can’t afford to pay for people to see our updates. It’s a huge disappointment that the fans we’ve earned and who have liked us because they want to know what is going on through facebook all lose out.

  • John

    Facebook killed my reach and they are killing themselves with this terribly conceived plan to force advertising. I built a fan page to 115,000, with over 200,000 talking about this and 4 million weekly reach – 100% organically. Then, I ran a one week ad buy to see how it compared to my organic rate of 1,000 likes per day. The result was an immediate drop of reach – the day after my buy ended. Since then, two weeks ago, my reach has dropped 90%. Algorithms for photos, sharing, engagement and such is nonsense. Reach drops more each day because ONCE YOU BUY AN AD THEY MARK YOU AS A BUSINESS AND DESTROY YOUR REACH. I paid Facebook $61 to kill my page. I would have paid $10, 20 or $50 per day if my organic reach had been supplemented by the paid reach instead of destroyed by it. With 42 million fan pages, all Facebook had to do was charge $10/month to make $420 million per month instead of the $200 million per quarter they are making. They will receive nothing from me and I am making the rounds telling all the blogs NOT TO ADVERTISE IF YOU GREW YOUR PAGE ORGANICALLY. (My page is http://facebook.com/glutenfreeworks. Please feel free to delete if you do not wish to post the url.)

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      completely agree about the low monthly fee, i would gladly pay

  • Erik Beckler

    Jeff, I came to this page from a LI group, Chief Marketing Officer. Very interesting. I do think the comments are very sound and the insights on how much of my ‘friends’ comments come to me seems weird, but you back it up. The first video on this page, IMHO, is more centered and analytical. The second seems to be bashing FB and promoting others. That said, with my limited knowledge on the subject, I’m not discounting your comments in any way, shape or form. The concept of the differences of what YT, IG and FB are there for really hits strongly. You obviously have a passion for this and I appreciate that you’ve brought these views to my attention. Thank you.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      cheers erik

  • http://www.hotcitybeats.com/ Jansen Brown

    Hey Guys, Id like to propose that we all open up new google plus accounts today and perform an experiment.. lets add each other and build a community around people dissatisfied with facebook’s antics and start developing out branding over there and see what happens??? Who’s with me?? (cue jerry miguire music)

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      haha yea the thing is i already started to build a community over there awhile ago, there’s way more people technically there 2.5 million follow Booooooom but there’s just not a lot of active users yet. maybe this will help more people use it – remains to be seen

  • http://SwallowDaily.com Ivy Knight

    I agree with Lisa – the email subscriber list works well. I still get more hits from fb than I do from twitter or tumblr though. But I admittedly do shell out the odd $6 to boost a post, I hate doing it though.

  • Robyn Waffle

    Hi Jeff, thanks for bringing this up. Do you think it’s worth it to buy ads on Facebook? Or is that a waste of time too? I will let people know about that notifications thing on my personal page, which is weird and probably a lot of people don’t know about it. I don’s have nearly as many followers on my company page as you do, but still, I like to think people who want to be updated will be, not the other way around.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      if you watch the video it could easily be a waste of money

  • Myles Formby

    You’re basically getting a free website, with a potential audience of a billion people. Facebook is not a charity, it’s a business and if it doesn’t turn a profit, it won’t be in business for much longer. No business offers an audience 60,000 for free. Suck it up.

  • Graeme Luey

    We’ve noticed the same thing happening on our gallery facebook page for #Hashtag Gallery. Out of 1,500 people ours hit about 30 on average, unless we share them to our personal timeline to boost it a bit, and even then most people miss them.

    It’s bad when we have a call for entries, or a new show opening, and nobody sees it in time.

  • Ryan Paulsen

    Can I just ask what’s wrong with G+ that so many people can be so fed up with Facebook and yet everyone just treats Google+ like it’s just a joke as opposed to a genuine alternative?

    I’ve been on G+ since the invite days, and granted, it was something of a ghost town at first (what do you expect when you limit a social network to invite only in this day and age?) but I really expected it to catch on in a much bigger way. Just seems like everyone bitches about Facebook’s various annoyances and stupid/malevolent policies, but when you bring up an alternate it just gets laughed out of the room.

    I have nothing to do with Google other than being a user, I’m just curious about what it is that makes it so unappealing to most people…

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i think G+ has huge potential its just a matter of people starting to use it. its tough when most people already use fb and to them it’s like why join another network? i would personally love it if G+ became the network everyone used. the design though is mimicking Pinterest more than a linear news feed so that may also be really confusing for people. it seems more like a browsing/hobby focus rather than a practical a to b thing.

  • http://www.luxondemand.com Jesica

    As a small business owner I definitely felt the effects of this. I owned a business a few years ago which amassed hundreds of followers with little to no effort on my part. When I created a page for this business I was wonder why it was so stagnant… then I found out about this pay to boost BS and it all made sense. I still post on FB just so things won’t look stale, but most of my energy now goes toward Instagram. I think in the long run Google+ will overtake FB.

  • Sarah Smiles

    Facebook is part of the funnel not the goal. Learn how to use it for your business do’t abandon. Like all other social sites it’s just one more tool in the box. Make me crazy to see everyone bitching about the percentage of people who see each crappy post you put out vs people like me and my peers who know how to use FB to convert to sales.

  • Informative Stats

    Yes, yes, goddamn yes. I have 3 business accounts and a general interest alt news account on all main SM networks (except YouTube). And Facebook has gone in the last six months from being the best to the worst. Not only in terms of my follower-to-reach ratio, but also in terms of the news I get from those pages I follow. I actually made several complaints on one account, thinking my news feed was broken, but now realize crappy limited news is the future of Facebook.

  • http://www.friendora.com/roryaustin+ Rory Austin

    This is why I recently switched to FRIENDORA, the social networking site that rewards its users with real money. You earn viewcoins for doing the things that you would normally do on Facebook. The advertisers buy these viewcoins from the users. And it’s created by a real person whom I know personally, and can vouch 100% for his heart-centered integrity. Sign up here: http://www.friendora.com/roryaustin+ You have to be invited to Friendora. If you read this comment consider yourself invited by me, you can type in my name: Rory Austin

  • Gianni Chavez Man-Ging

    Thanks for sharing this, I have my yoga page and yes, I gave up last year, actually, I use my page only to share my feelings and my thoughts, and yes not looking for the “likes” or for the “shares”, I post everything only for my own delight. I have never paid or believe in paying for followers!!

  • Greg

    Talk to people face to face. It’s the new internet!

  • http://hawkenking.com/ hawken king

    I’ve been running paid stories or ads for a few years, pulled the plug and got paypal to refund my money after seeing those videos. Remarkably Facebook paid my advertising spend back (you can only claim 45 days) – doesn’t stop my pages being followed by fake users and having no reach though.

    I recommend anyone using the advertising system, stop and get a refund. It’s the only way we as the consumers, can make an impact.

  • http://facebook.com/bradokalipsa Slobodan Radic

    I made my own page 5 months ago, and didn’t invest a cent into it. It’s all organic and with ups and downs works OK being more local than global and with such narrow topic (facebook.com/bradokalipsa). I can measure what people really like and what not (at least the ones that see the post). The problem with other two pages that I run is simple. On both of them previous community managers invested some amount of money in to them. Both boosted post, or bought likers. Those two pages are literally dead, unless I invest more in everything I want to post. A page of a top 10 selling magazine on App store has 22k likers, and organic reach of 50 (fifty!) people. One of the most famosu bars in Belgrade has similar organic reach, and boosted one is around 30k. One thing is for sure, people don’t like PROMOTED posts either way, and Facebook don’t like organic traffic.

  • Sarita Shoemaker

    Wow. I’m old (born in 67) but still trying to find a way to promote my business. I was very grateful of the “free” program and group pages I had for our small business here but just last night I decided THAT’S IT. I see so much advertising forced posts when I log in it’s a pain, and I assume that’s what everyone else is experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to make this information known!

  • Nikitakitty Ralalampour

    wow, very eloquent. promising to see a very concise yet progressive characterization of not only what is happening now, but also a potentially real future of this technology on modern sociological psychology.

  • Chris Elliott

    Everyone with a band, organization or a business spams his/her list and says, “Like me on Facebook.” Sure, why not. Based on this alone, most people have dozens maybe even hundreds of “Liked” pages. Now imagine if every post from every liked page was in your feed. It becomes one massive ad. There has to be some kind of management of that flood.

  • Alexander M Nordås

    All big sites have the same problems, and the sites i used to post on, and had daily 3-10 post’s. never show up. and if i visit their site they dont even show all the new stuff that has been posted. they made this hit like and yes if u can c this post.
    and it had about 200-300 likesyes’es. normally thousands….. This is sites that spread alternative news and it anti nwo and so on..

  • mr white

    wah wah wah attention seeking bitch

  • Sam Litvin

    I agree, I tried it and it was a complete waste of time. In fact worse than waste of time, people started sending hate mail to me just from seeing the advertisement. So much for “smart” marketing.

  • Martin Rogers

    Not surprising! Just like many of the other modern predatory lizard shit asshole corporations, with lizard shit asshole men running them. They could care less about providing a legitimate service with integrity. They care about the power it affords them, the revenue it generates, and, monitoring the public so they can “manufacture consent,” for their heinous designs for society!

  • http://AriGoldFilms.com Ari Gold

    I built up my movie’s fan page to 118,000 people, and suddenly I could only reach about 2000 of them. Why Facebook thinks we are going to pay to speak to people who are ALREADY OUR FANS is beyond me. http://facebook.com/adventuresofpower

  • Michael DeAmicis

    I only game and chat on facebook now. It is useless for anything but pointless entertainment.

  • http://www.VexFX.com Chris Ellerby

    I’ve been struggling with my page, which operates on a much smaller scale. I’m trying to interact with a relatively small community of special effects artists and fans of the art of practical effects. My company makes no money off fasebook, and likely never will. For us facebook is about community and fan interaction and the sharing of information. This is something we value highly, but not something we profit from financially. Even though we don’t stand to make any money, we’ve spent nearly a grand (an unbelievably insignificant advertising budget, but for us it’s not trivial) just to try and reach out and get our posts seen by others. We only have a few thousand followers, but our posts rarely get seen by more than 40-100 people. It’s like facebook is holding our content hostage, and something needs to be done to stop this behavior. I understand facebook’s need to make money, but they are out of control, and are hurting their users and customers alike. I only wish there was something I could do other than delete my page in protest. They just don’t seem to be listening, and it’s pretty clear they don’t care as long as the money keeps coming in.

  • http://tapastic.com/series/Just-Sprite-Me BurningWood

    LOL, I just used #facebook to post something here… that said, “sign-in” services keep me using the site, along with friends and family who won’t leave. However, as a person who wants to make comics for a living and has paid facebook for “boosts”, the service has become completely “organic-based”; in combination, with it being hard for people to be able to see wall posts, facebook has become very limited as a marketing tool. So I contend, it’s a tool to keep relationships. #Google+ has a much more human experience to organic interaction , so many go there, but it’s culture and build can not broadcast like facebook has. #Instagram is where you may want to put your efforts in, and #Pinterest also helps for connecting with new people.

  • Trula Dawn Jackson

    If people want to ensure they see your posts, they need to like them or comment on them often. I have a few pages I subscribe to and like/comment regularly to ensure I see their posts-which I do see on a daily basis. The followers need to have a certain accountability. If you follow a page, then follow it and let them know you’re following it! If you aren’t liking/commenting then it’s not really following, is it…the “follower” is just one of the numbers.

    These pages I follow , who are bloggers as well, also regularly remind their followers that if they want to see these posts in their feeds, they need to be active and not passive. It’s the same with friend posts…if you don’t interact with them, FB thinks you aren’t really interested. And let’s face it, many people “follow” pages just because others ask them to do so, to drive their numbers up, not because they are really interested (not saying that’s the case here, but I’ve followed pages to support friends’ new businesses, not because I particularly wanted to see their weekly special on my page).

    I’m not defending FB. Every time they change something it irks me but I agreed to the terms of use and whether I like it or not, that’s the name of the game.

    Simply, if people really want to follow a page, the followers need to be more interactive and the page needs to remind its followers to do so. And, these options are totally free!

  • http://insidmaldesign.com insidmal

    That’s a bit of a bold statement to say you have to pay for people to see your posts.

    What is shown in people’s feeds is what they have or are most likely to interact with.. if people like your page and the amount of content from it they see is curtailing then either you need to produce content that is more engaging, or more narrowly targeting your marketing to attract people who actually would be interested in your content.

  • David Kidd

    As I do a great deal of business on Facebook, this has affected me greatly.
    I have to wonder if Facebook forgets that there used to be a little site called MySpace, that was very popular before they came along? I wonder why they are so sure that people won’t just make the switch again?

  • Scott Nathan

    Yep. Same here 1-2% Sucks.

  • Erthwjim

    Here’s the why: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/03/the-filtered-feed-problem/

    Tell your fans to like less pages and have less friends, then they’ll have a better chance of seeing your posts, cause you’re competing with every other page on facebook, and there’s a lot more than there used to be.

  • RU-Responders Unite

    Add in the fact that facebook will make unauthorized payment withdraws for ads you DID NOT set up, then refuses to refund the money. they stole $150 from me!

  • Zach Edwards

    I love your photos, and you have a great looking blog, but I’m going to put 100% of the blame on a lower organic reach on your Facebook posting startegy and the way you’ve coded your site. I wrote a blog post highlighting some of the problems, but just a quick look at your Facebook page should show that you can’t robotically post the same content, over and over again, and expect Facebook to just be one big refferal engine to your domain.


  • http://josholland.com/ Josh Holland

    Some talented friends of mine are working on a promising Facebook replacer for creative types called Ello. Recently featured on Vice. Read their manifesto here: https://ello.co


    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      Very nice, thanks for the link. I hope this does well, it’s a great idea. I think a social media platform created for a certain type of group, such as creatives, is a good idea.

  • Karl Baba

    Kinda tough. My news feed is mainly important updates from my friends and a few notification from pages I liked. There’s only so much room and hardly any BS on my newsfeed. I have almost 5000 friends. THere’s no way to see everything. I have trouble blaming Facebook for trying to make some cash out of promoting posts even though I’m not inclined to do so. It’s still a service that has brought me to thousands of people for free and I don’t see a good alternative (and good luck if anyone thinks Google+ will be saintly if they reach 100s of millions of people)

    If I got every post from every page I liked, It would be far too much and I’d have to go unlike them.

  • http://blog.invisiblechildren.com/music Alexander Collins

    JEFF! This is our daily struggle as the 2nd largest non-profit on Facebook… with 3.3M Likes, it’s INCREDIBLE how little engagement Invisible Children actually receives from a post. We built that network over many years and with thousands of face-to-face engagements and events (over 5M people around the world), and it’s disheartening to have the one social platform we used the most to disseminate our message shoot us in the foot. Much love. Say hello to Nada :)

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      hey alex thanks for the comment, yea its frustrating but maybe all this discussion will change something (doubtful but maybe)

      nada is the best

  • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

    I do not have as many fans on FB as Booooooom, but I was working hard on growing that number and now, I might as well give up. I don’t have a problem paying for ads, but what Facebook is doing is pushing you to pay for ads and then once you earn new fans (if they are even legit fans), they now push you to “boost” your posts so can reach the fans you have already earned.

    I realize it is a free service, and I know many argue that point. However, Youtube is a free service as well. The fans you earn there see your content, and many of the content creators there earn money. That model is working and growing every year. This idea that you need to pay some service to reach the fans you already have is ridiculous and there should be no reason for anyone to stick up for this model.

    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      Artist Kelly Vivanco pointed this out, and I thought it was worth the share. She posted the definition of a racket; “A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, will not be affected, or would not otherwise exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.[1] Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party. A prototype is the protection racket, wherein a person or group indicates that they could protect a store from potential damage, damage that the same person or group would otherwise inflict, while the correlation of threat and protection may be more or less deniably veiled, distinguishing it from the more direct act of extortion.”

      Sounds just like Facebook. I know many people are moving to Tumblr and Instagram, but Instagram is owned by Facebook. How long will that program work the way it currently does?

  • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

    Read your article. I would say the only issue with it, is that I have seen other art driven Facebook pages that do everything you state is the best thing to do, and they are still dropping. It sounds like you are well versed in this topic, but do you have an example of a Facebook page you manage with a higher interactivity than these art sites are seeing?

    • Zach Edwards

      Thanks, Josh. I don’t want to lay out all of my strategies publicly but feel free to ping me at zach [at] victorymedium [dot] com — i’ll show you a tool I use that helps. More broadly speaking, people who work in the art world need to better understand the pulse of trending topics — even if it’s a specific type of art. One stop at http://imgur.com/r/art/new and you’ll see what hits people’s fancy. If I worked with artists in a professional capacity, I would aim to post ~4-6 times per day on Facebook (it seems like you’re hitting that number on most days). That may seem outrageous, but you only need to share images — maybe a minor comment — but art speaks to people differently, so I would worry less about the comments and more about the content. And i’d heavily use their scheduling features — so spending a couple hours a week scheduling up diverse content to mix into the content I was personally creating.

      Also — i love the content you are pushing through the Creep Machine Facebook page but there are actually little things that could have an effect on your reach. For instance, you shared a cool image from the art of skinner: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153989193400548&set=a.10150246257540548.472760.210830190547&type=1&stream_ref=10

      But this photo of the same piece actually has more engagement: https://www.facebook.com/theartofskinner/photos/a.262877030431064.71034.174788759239892/704202966298466/?type=1&stream_ref=10

      You also do a lot of great engagement with other pages — I’m sure that takes a ton of time, but there is an app to monitor dozens of pages and get a morning email about what is the most popular. That app, could definitely help.

      Also, your current most popular city is in Mexico — it appears you’re running some advertisements right now (i could be wrong) — but I’d take that into consideration too. How could you either tweak your ad universe, or tweak the content you push to better speak to the Mexican audience.


  • Pilates Montreuil

    All true! And Have experienced! No longer pay for for FB advertising because of the likes with completely rediculous names who obviously were not real. and VIEWS ARE INCREASING!

  • Martin O’Hara

    I think you have made all the relevant points in an excellent way. However, if you are not trying to reach out to an audience that maybe potential “customers” for you, i.e. if it’s purely just friends and relatives, FB still works. If you’re running a page or more for other reasons, even if charitable or not-for-profit, then maybe FB isn’t doing what you need and you should look elsewhere. I do both and find the friends/family aspect works great, but you are right about the pages that are to engage with “fans” in the case of my band and “students” in the case of an educational page I run, it just doesn’t work as well. Maybe FB is trying to be too many thinks and failing at some of them, I noted myspace is trying to redefine itself to corner the “music” (bands/groups etc.) social media space, but it’s user base is still too small. FB has the user base and as you comment is trying to monetise it, unfortunately it is doing it extremely poorly in most cases.

  • Damir Danny Mustafic

    Maybe your content in not interesting to people? Maybe the fans followed you expecting something else that you are not delivering? How is your website doing? How many hits are you getting there? Keep in mind, Facebook concept is social media for personal use, and by extention comunal sharing. Its not a full-out adverizing platform where you are dumping your aritcles on wide audience.

    Just because you lured somebody to follow you, doesnt mean they are fans of yours and will read everything you have to say.

  • Robi Luko

    It is bogus. I run two pages: phxinternetfm and stunning beauti. Less than 20 people see my posts out of nearly 500.

  • http://www.smallbones.ca Smallbones/Jane

    I’ve given up — unpublished my Smallbones Page on Thursday. It’s become a total waste of time.

  • eLBw

    I found this post on Facebook :-) Social media – the eye opener to even those in the know. Facebook a crash course in Political Science. First it needs to be clear that 1 in 7 people globally use Facebook. That is not everyone. 2. Facebook is a publicly traded company. Thus, it has graduated into a real media company. Real media companies use a pay to play business model. When in a pay to play business model you better have something to sell. Jeff it seems your commodity is information, knowledge, etc. Traditionally, that offering was confined to the academic system. The Internet has definitely added a new space for finding information. Lately, I have been working towards finding things that are not on the internet, in fact my book collection and art collection offer a slew of ideas and information not noted anywhere on the web. Back to our political science crash course. The 1%. Jeff you are part of the 1%. Perhaps not financially, but it is self evident that you are rich with information. Thank you for your well thought out insights about Facebook and YouTube. I look forward to seeing what else you have produced. Namaste. eLBw

  • http://zerodeadtime.com/ Graeme Voigt

    This is bullshit. I might just shut up shop on all of my pages and even delete my personal profile. Facebook was great, it’s all downhill from here.

  • jboogie

    Facebook was never intended as a marketing tool. Many of us have turned it into such, or used it to promote things, but it still works just fine for connecting with people you actually know and staying in touch with them. Facebook looks to profit off of people who use it for their own gain. And why shouldn’t they? If you cut your page down to only people you truly know, and choose to see all posts for the most important people, facebook still serves it’s purpose. It’s like being mad that a sock isn’t a great collander. Yes, it will work if that’s what you need it for, but it wasn’t what it was intended for. Create a real website with a newletter your fans can sign up to receive. I’m not some huge facebook advocate, just a regular girl who has used facebook to promote my business just like countless others. I just can’t justify being upset with them for not making my life easier. Food for thought.

    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      Watch the videos again. This is not an issue of Facebook not making our lives easier, this is an issue of the ad money we spend and the fans that are gained from that money we spend, not being what they should be. Many sites have fake friends from ad money they spend VIA FB. Then ad money is spent to reach your fanbase, which is turn is throttled, only so you spend more trying to reach them, then its throttled again, and so on. That is the issue, not that Facebook is trying to join in on that thing we call capitalism.

  • Patrick McCullagh

    We started our page last January and this time last year with around 1500 fans we had a reach of almost the same number. Some weeks even more when we had “hot topics” on the go. Now we are at 4500 fans and our reach is 130-150 :( We are/were thinking of heading to Instagram and hitting it with all out content but I have heard that it may be going the same route as Facebook. I have been so tempted to “boost post” on a number of occasions just so that we can make sure the fans are seeing our work and also to make sure that our contributors are getting the maximum out of doing work with us. It’s very frustrating right now and I feel as if we just started our page a little too late. We definitely need another outlet for getting our content out there.

  • Heidi Johnson

    This drives me nuts. I work with artists and small creative biz, who hire me to build/curate their social networks. I spend long hours, organically building fan bases that I can hardly reach now. And yes in some cases FB ads have been used to build awareness. Isn’t it double dipping, to have us pay for ads and then charge us again to reach the likes we paid to reach in the first place? Sounds like a class action waiting to happen and I’m all on board. Think it’s time we all really re-considered google+

  • Swami G

    Yea, im really pissed off about this.. its so irritating. I built my facebook page. Before even this year i would get 500,000-800,000 views for my posts… now it is has sunk to 20,000 at most per post and i KNOW its an algorithmn, i can show you on my page the exact drop point when i hit a specific number of fans, and then i started getting texts EVERY DAY to convice me to pay to boost my posts…

    SOO irritating…

  • http://lordashbury.com/ lordashbury

    I smell a class action lawsuit..

    • Market-timer

      Then I would get my nose checked.

      • lancesackless

        Pulling your head out might help.

  • Market-timer

    So how is this problematic? FB has to have a revenue stream. Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.

  • Apskaft

    I just checked out your Facebook page. You make several posts per day with links to photos and such. Indeed you don’t have very good engagement on your posts, i.e. not that many likes and comments.

    I administer a page for my band, which has about 50 000 followers on Facebook. We post stuff maybe once per week. Twice sometimes. At the lowest, a post reaches 10k people. If we post something extra newsworthy or an especially cool photo or something, we can get much more engagement than that, usually in the 25k-30k range. When we posted a Christmas picture of the band for example, over 50 000 people saw the post (despite us having only around 30k followers then). We got over a 1000 likes and hundreds of comments.

    Yesterday I posted a band related gif someone had made. “Static” posts like that where we just post a link to something not directly band-related, usually don’t get that much engagement, still we have 10k views on the post since yesterday and 250 likes.

    So how can we, a band with only 50k followers, get more activity than a seemingly huge blog with 150k followers? My theory is not that Facebook in some sinister way reduces the number of people who see your posts in order to make you pay up. I think that today, there is simpy so much content of so many sources flooding a person’s feed, that Facebook’s ranking engine has to prioritize what it thinks is relevant for that user. And unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that pages who “spam” their users with posts that invite to little or no discussion get filtered out. I’m not saying you spam, but you do post a lot of similar links every day.

    How did you get your 150k users by the way? Did all those people actively search for your page name and click like? I’m pretty sure in our case, every person who came to our page were into the band. We didn’t pay any company money to buy fake likes just to make it look better. We never asked anyone to like or share the page. We earned every single one of them. Did you use some scheme to beg site visitors to click the like button? I’m sure Facebook takes that into account as well.

    I’m admin of a couple of other pages as well… there is one page which constantly posts stuff and begs people to share, etc etc… no surprise, that page hasn’t got nearly as much as activity as my main page.

    The point? Don’t do everything just to get more views and more likes… put out original, engaging content that encourages people to discuss and partake. There are hundreds of sites that just churn out photos. Do something unique with that instead. Ask your fans how their weekend was. Have a competition. Ask people to submit stuff. Etc etc…

  • Sameer Gupta

    Use Google Plus. The communities there are much stronger and the engagement is super active. I have been a Community Manager for multiple brands in India and I can say safely it’s going to influence web trends a lot. It is also what is going to rule the social media platforms space in the coming times. Watch out!

  • David Buckley

    Turned my pages into groups not as much fun not the same open access but it was the only way I could see of staying in touch with people who had shared interests.

  • Dimitri Rastoropov

    A good solution is to permanently choose ‘recent’ posts instead of ‘top stories’. If everyone does that, Facebook will become better. For a while, until they remove their ‘recent posts’ button, or change their algorithms again.

  • http://aeonpi.com aeonpi

    LETS WORK TOGETHER TO SEE EACH OTHERS Work and start to measure what really matters to real people the world over. We are all SO tired of big corporations with their regulations and false promises. I have 5000 friends and they regularly complain they missed my post.. and i typically post things that are not only relevant to their lives but to the planet as well. Sustainable is not just a word that can be throw at a advertising campaign, it has to become a way of living in complete balance with all that we are and create.

  • ivanamicimici .

    so true and sad!!!!!

  • http://www.CowboyButler.com Cowboy Butler


    Then: To connect with friends and family, and the occasional Fanpage or company.

    Now: Information prioritized within algorithms to support “Recommended Games”, horrorscopes and Spam- & Ad-ware. Where posts and even notifications of “Close Friends” categorized individuals are delayed by minutes or even hours in favor of promoting “Top Stories”, users start to delete the spontaneously marked “Like” pages. Less “Likes” equals Less categorized information, which equals less knowledge for facebook to sell.

    Tomorrow: Not used.

    Information overload is coming to an apex.

  • Roman Rossi Rosina

    yes there is an alternative to massivly leave facebook and go for google plus

  • Destroboy.

    You are beyond naive thinking all those people only like YOUR page and are all online within 3hours of you making the update. Your update generally disappears between posts from the 100+ other liked pages and 400+ friends. And yh paying makes it more visible because you’ll end up in the sponsored zone on the right. Having shares, likes and comments boosts your post as well. But again don’t think you are the only one with shares,likes and comments. So you better make your things provocative, interactive and interesting or you’ll fade out between the rest of us real soon. And rightfully so. You should be happy with the 400 people.

  • Peg

    Funny I’m reading this now. I too have a business page. I’ve paid for a few ads. A few I mean, 2. However, I’ve been charged 4 months after ads completed, $50 here, $120 there… from FB. Have you ever tried to reach FB for trouble? NOT happening, there is NO way of talking to them. So, I’m just as frustrated. Not sure how long I can last…..

    • Shawn

      Stop complaining and direct your bank or credit card company to stop paying. That’ll get their attention.

  • https://soundcloud.com/mvrdagray MVRDA//GRAY

    here’s the answer and no! its not about raves or ravers despite the title:


  • https://soundcloud.com/mvrdagray MVRDA//GRAY

    its like paying the nsa to not only spy on you but collect info about your events ect.why the fuck would anyone pay big brother ad space? i will pay them and fb no fucking mind!

  • tibby trillz

    smart move. alienate everyone who makes your company worth a shit so you can make more money. think zuckerturds will go back to harvard after he runs his shitty website into the ground?

  • Howard Perks

    Totally agree and thanks for making these videos. I have seen it and have also talked with another business friend that was wondering why a very small amount of fans seemed to be seeing the posts that he posted on his Fanpage.

  • Thomas Wyse

    As Facebook begins to sink due to its privatized monetization you might check out Friendora:


    Paying the user for using the site. It’s what social networking sites should be.

  • jeremie lederman

    bottom line, a free service.

    once again a free business model is shown to require capitol at some point. I too am frustrated by the work it took to get my measly 900 fans, but I suppose that it’s my own fault for buying into the illusion that the free thing I do will never change or require something back.

    I don’t like what they came up with as a way to capitalize, but I suppose that’s life.

    Now on to the next social media adventure.

  • David Burn

    I too have experienced the frustration, and agree and disagree.

    Why should perfect-for-the-job tool’s be free. Just because they once were? Sometimes you have to pay for tools that do the job perfectly. Why should digital tools, with years of programming, development, and thousands of staff, be any different? Unless they begin charging everyone to use it? Also, because of how Facebook has evolved, people are connected with that many people that filters need to be applied in order to balance the rate of home page change and usability. Sure people could remove a lot of their connections (liked pages, friends etc) but the result of that would probably be your likes reducing to half of what they are now, if not more.

    However, Facebook built it’s platform on the premise of it being free, so completely understand the frustration that comes with them changing this and applying charges.

    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      One thing they could do, is follow the model that many email campaign programs do. Take Mailchimp for example, you can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free every month. You have more subscribers then you pay, and so on. The kicker, is that Mailchimp does not throttle who out of your list sees and doesn’t see the email, its fully up to the recipient. Now it’s all about the quality of your content, and not some toll-booth-troll saying what content can pass and what can’t. Facebook could follow this model and do fine. Free for pages with >100k fans, and start charging pages with a larger audience a monthly fee.

  • Stephanie Wickens

    Amazing videos explaining this stuff…personally i am just waiting for the next best social media site that everyone wants to join cos I hate FB now and would prefer not to use it! I never see my friends posts, unless i go to their page, and all I see are ads for things I don’t want and posts from people I am not interested in! It’s absolute shit but I always knew this would happen, you get nothing for free these days huh!

  • http://www.boonstrategy.com Wouter Boon

    I wrote a similar column on Amsterdam Ad Blog, of which I am editor-in-chief. I compare Facebook in my column with a crack dealer; first it makes you hooked for free, and then it starts to charge you for it: http://www.amsterdamadblog.com/columns/unlike-facebook/

  • S2N

    This is much less about Facebook and more about your (Boom) social media strategy. You make multiple posts per day with links to photos and other moderately interesting material. Indeed, you
    don’t have very good engagement on your posts (few likes
    and comments). Each post you make the same day minimizes your previous posts of the day as well as your next. One strategic post per day with interesting lead-ins will go much farther than multiple posts of irrelevance. Additionally, when are Boom viewers online? Figure that out and determine the most opportune time to post. Alas, Fb is still a free service monetized by ad-generating content. Boom’s model appears to e exactly the same. Curious how you (boom) admonish Fb for the exact same thing.

  • Naarjtie

    We have 55k Facebook fans. A look at our previous posts – once per day, never more than – has a view count of between 12,000 and 35,000. I would be happier if it was more, but considering this is entirely free for us I’m still very happy. For our bigger announcements we’re happy to pay. Compared to physical or traditional media this is good value.

    Facebook shows up your posts most frequently on those who have interacted with your page in the recent past, so the more engaging your posts are the higher the view count. By engagements I mean people visiting, clicking like on a post, commenting etc.

  • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

    Many of these comments are showing that people are NOT watching at least the first video. To me, this is less about strategy or the willingness to spend money on ads, and more about the quality of the fans ad money brings, and the tactics Facebook has initiated to interact with that group. Watch the first video again if you need to.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      haha ya its a lost cause – certain people just want to voice their opinion without taking the time to at least understand what most people here are talking about ie actually watch the videos

      • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

        I’m starting to see that. Actually if you really take a look at these comments, you can see what is wrong with sites like Facebook. Maybe engagement and interactivity is going away because people simply can’t read the actual content. It’s too long, takes up too much of their time, so they comment as if they know what they are talking about, but in reality only have a small idea of the issue. It’s pretty hard to encourage discourse, when people don’t want to educate themselves on the topic first.

      • http://www.calicohorses.com/ Lorraine Turner

        This to me is a clear example of why you cannot trust “likes” -people post that Aunt Roxanne had brain surgery and someone clicks “like”…do they like that she needed surgery, oh wait let’s add a “heart” to it… I did watch the video and I feel better informed THANK YOU Jeff for bringing this out into the open…I will be watching to see how you move forward. I have stayed away from an author’s “page” for this very reason and I am using blogs, etc. to network.

  • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

    Emailed you about the tools you use. I am already familiar with many, and use apps like Buffer, Hootesuite, IFTTT, and more.

    The issue with paying attention to trending topics, is that it has nothing to do with quality or the brand that writers such as myself want to create. If trending topics is the goal, then we should all be like Buzzfeed. Popular yes, but in no way unique. Very much like that subreddit you posted. If that is what is trending, I think I will be happy with my engagement levels as is. Most of the art on that subreddit is student quality work, with very few gallery/museum showing artists. The comments there alone show the people are clearly there to argue about art, rather than enjoy it. If the goal is to post images with little written content and pull content from a subreddit, why not /r/reactiongifs, /r/skyrim, or better yet /r/aww, each one with far more passionate users and higher quality content. It also sounds like you are talking more about a Tumblr strategy, which is ideal for sharing images with the engagement just being the click of a button on the users end. In that case sites like booooooom and my own, are no longer content curators, but just another user on Tumblr blindly sharing what gets the most “likes”. Doesn’t sound like fun.

    The image you mentioned from Skinner has more engagement, because it is the first image of that mural he posted. It’s the first one on the dancefloor so-to-speak. I chose the better looking image, and as it follows, it is the first one the fans will see on my page, or an alternative one fans of Skinner may not have seen. That is the better strategy. Giving differing content, and hopefully of better quality is what keeps a fanbase.

    I have received emails such as the one you speak of, that focus on the most popular, but again what is the goal of a site like that? To share what is only popular, what is on a bunch of other sites, to share what has no connection to the voice art sites have worked so hard to create? The strategy of sharing in that manner, sounds like a popularity contest and nothing more. A website has longevity through the years, especially in the art world, for the voice they have created. Each site is unique. Booooooom does not show the same as I do, nor do we share the exact same as Fecal Face, Hi Fructose, Beautiful Bizarre, Supersonic Electronic, and more. If we did, if we focused mainly on the most popular, what reason would any art fan have to follow us all? To see repetitive content? Much like a brick and mortar gallery, we share what inspires us to the most and hopefully in turn, give those rabid art fans an entire gallery “walk” to see a variety of work as opposed to a street lined with galleries sharing the—but popular—works of art. That is not the goal of a content curator.

  • Tim Buist

    It appears America’s entitlement culture has even infiltrated social media. Here’s a refresher on reality:
    1 – It’s not your platform
    2 – You don’t pay any fees to facebook to open or keep an account or a page
    3 – You assumed by getting fans you could have them on speed dial for free, Facebook never made such promise and even if they did, see point #2 again.
    4 – Facebook is not obligated to provide this service for free… It’s a business folks, or did you think it was another Obama program?

    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      Watch the videos again. This has little to do with entitlement, and more to do with the ad money that IS being spent is not doing what it should be doing. The first video should suffice.

    • WordAndReason

      Your one mistake is calling it “social media”. It’s not. It’s a business with a fringe dabbling in allowing people to interact. Sort of….

    • Depak

      Halleluja! Shawn read and weep – the best post on your whole site is right here!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      it is one thing to provide a free service its another to call it a free service and then subtly change it so that in order to use it you have to pay money. it has become a paid service pretending to be a free service. they can do whatever they want, i agree, im just explaining to you why many people are upset.

  • Paul Newhouse

    Thanx for this had a feeling already there was something up :-)

  • Stephen Armstrong-Smith

    Hi, interesting read & so true, I got sick of facebook ages ago & decided to create my own website. It’s target group is the dance music community, when people post things like youtube videos the VERY annoying adverts that we are forced to watch get filtered out. We are looking to keep the site advert free (well apart from related items that are of interest like events, producers etc). The site is about 6 months from going live to testers, then a few months later go live. I’ve started a blog about this. And wont have any silly limits on friends or filtering of posts (well only filtered to user preferences). No games & no meaningless adverts! Blog is here http://mymusicwall.co.uk/mmw-blogs

  • ericwilkes

    I noticed this as well…I have a fan page that gets ridiculous views (usually 2-3 times my fan base) when I post a video…but when I post a link to a t-shirt or any sort of photo my post engagement drops to virtually ZERO! It’s insane and very frustrating!

  • Timmy Hogan

    you don’t have a good grip on English. ah, the internets.

  • Rhyan

    I find it a waste of time unless you are a corporate company with other peoples money to burn!!!

  • DWS

    We need a new facebook – one that charges everyone a very small fee for administration, and promises to never sell your data or fill up your screen with adverts. A facebook that puts people before corporate profits – now that would be good. it would be possible for another company to create a new type of facebook that is able to import all your current facebook info. Yeah, suck it Zuckerburg.

    • Alieninvader

      Instead of that, I’d like to see a Facebook that is more similar to YouTube – with ads paid for by advertisers instead of content creators.

  • Russell Pander

    Excellent eye opener. I admit I am learning the ins and outs of social media. Recently I started a separate page covering my wildlife carving hobby to help determine the true interest in what I carve to see if there is a business.
    I refused to go the route of paying for advertising and hoped to get to 1000 likes.
    That task was tough to make organically. Once an interested party shared my page on his site my likes took off and engagement remains fairly constant on a percent basis which all makes sense to me.
    I had no clue about click farms or how Facebook went about gathering more likes for my page which made me skeptical about paying FB to find people who genuinely like my work/page. Thank you for keeping me from making a financial mistake in order to fill the pockets of Facebook and simply boost my FB ego.
    This is great information, keep it coming.

  • Liam Doyle

    Hey Jeff, there is just too much content. There’s no great consipiracy.

    I don’t see all the posts from my friends either.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      it helps if you actually watch the videos.

      • Liam Doyle

        I’ve watched all the videos, Jeff.

        The reality is that it’s not possible for every user to see every post in the 15 mins – 20 mins – an hour – they spend in each session on Facebook. So Facebook has an algorithm to work out what content I would most like to see (which is no different to PageRank for Google Search).

        Companies / brands / blogs pay good money to employ internal or outsourced SEO resources to optimize towards Google’s algorithm, as they are incentivized to do so. As they should be with Facebook too.

        It just seems to me, and I mean this with no disrespect to you at all, that these same entities would like Facebook to guarantee posts at the top of every user’s feed, regardless of the strength of the user’s interaction with that entity.

        Facebook is optimizing towards users, rather than these entities, and I think that is a good thing.

  • Chris Schubert

    Fans only see your posts if they continue to engage with you, if they don’t engage Facebook rightly assumes they have lost interest in you and stops showing your posts. You can pay money to bypass this but surely the best bet it to re-engage with the fans, start conversations, build campaigns, do all the things that you should when using social media!

    • Shawn

      It’s not that easy. People can’t engage with the page if Facebook doesn’t show new posts in your feed!

      • Depak

        it is apparent from your posts that you have been trying to force a square peg into a round hole. give up. move on.

      • Shawn

        One may suggest that you do the same.

      • Saul

        It’s pretty obvious that you don’t get it. When you own a small business or are a content generator, and see your page views go down to less than 1% *with no obvious cause and regardless of content posted*, then you’ll have the right to have your opinion taken seriously.

  • Adrian Alexe

    The real problem would be the fact that the term “like” is not well defined. If for example, I like Al Pacino, it doesn’t really mean I’m gonna interact with his page much. I just like the man, not the page.

  • lexplex

    Facebook needs to make money so it needs to create some revenue streams. Savvy marketers like yourself think “Hey, why pay for adverts if people will just follow my page?” and that doesn’t earn Facebook any money. So they’re naturally going to force businesses to want to pay some money to guarantee exposure, which is at the expense of genuinely interesting creative endeavours that don’t have a big enough revenue stream to pay for the exposure.

    People are increasingly subscribing via RSS to stuff they want to read. That way they see everything a page publishes and it keeps Facebook all about my friends, and I can use Feedly to catch up on news from my favourite sources.

    Bottom line is – money makes the world go round. And someone’s got to pay the bills (and shareholders’ dividends) at the end of the day. If it’s not working for you, go somewhere else, try a different method. At least you’re not paying for it, so it’s not like a lost investment.

  • Esteban Ottaso
  • Antonio Orrico

    it seams like controversial posts do help to get readers engaged…and here is my comment….FB is still cool – get good free traffic from it – and there’s no shame in wanting to cash in from your site…don’t we all want that?

  • 1stopthailand

    Facebook needs to make $100 in ad revenue off every single user just to justify its IPO valuation. Considering half its users don’t engage that regularly, it’s a tough call, since each click earns them just 10 cents. Ask yourself how often you are clicking and do the math (hence the pay for likes model). All the same, it can be a more targeted and much cheaper advertising alternative to Google (itself mired in click fraud).

  • Bruce Asbestos

    Great article. Thanks Jeff.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      cheers bruce

  • J Nich

    Right on point. You brought up Instagram. Thoughts on that? Will it change as Facebook (who own’s for those who didn’t know) begins to mess with its original intent?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      its going to change for the worse – facebook owns it, they are apparently phasing features out of the web site and focusing on mobile, which im sure means that instagram will take the place of the fb photo albums eventually

  • Depak

    it is a poor workman that blames his tools, and a stupid workman that uses the wrong tool for the job. do not blame Facebook for the quirks of your ‘followers’, I have ‘followed many sites, and done a review 3 months later and thought to myself ‘wtf am I following this rubbish for?’ people are fluid, and so you need to look at how to be more progressive and keep them interested – by my first look at your website, there is nothing there that is even vaguely interesting, and the loading times are far too long for you to be able to maintain the interest of a casual visitor. you might have several thousand ‘followers’ but you would be better off having a few hundred active members.

    • Shawn

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention to what Facebook has been doing with business pages.

      • Depak

        and what kind of muppet uses a SOCIAL networking site for business use? the clue is in the name!!!!!

      • Shawn

        You’re just a bit off in your criticism. Social networking is now a major part of business. This isn’t the ’80s.

      • Alieninvader

        EVERY kind of muppet uses social networking for business use.

    • Alieninvader

      Facebook has pulled a bait and switch. It’s gotten to the point where a company needs a Facebook page, almost like they needed a Yellow Pages listing in the past. Suddenly, though, Facebook changed the rules on businesses to where they won’t even let legitimate customers see the posts.

  • http://www.retireyoung.com.au/ Serena Star Leonard

    Thanks Jeff, I was a big fan of Facebook and I have spent money with them to promote my pages. But all the changes recently mean that nothing makes sense, and this is very frustrating. I will be focusing on Google Plus and Twitter from now on…

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i think its still worth it to try to use your facebook (theres still more engagement there than G+) but ya its frustrating waiting for another network to come and take its place

  • anitasvv

    I work for a big brand and they spend tons of money to get people to see their posts. It’s unfortunate that you’re competing with megabrands with deep deep pockets for the same attention – because I’d much rather see your posts than those of the megabrands!

  • http://gianfaye.com Gian Faye

    Facebook is really no good. I also noticed this, and I know each and every one of us who owns at least a Page knows this. It is really disappointing. I agree with @lisacurrie:disqus, email campaign spurs much effectiveness with getting in touch with your audience than using Facebook. Once you get your audience click on that email, their whole attention is yours. Unlike on Facebook when continuous scrolling down the feed loses everyone’s focus on one thing. It is the abomination of the information age.

    • Alieninvader

      See how fast you’ll lose customers if you send them 3-5 emails a day. Facebook allows you to send several messages in the same day without pissing people off.

      • http://gianfaye.com Gian Faye

        That’s if the audience can actually see your posts, as written on the article.

        There’s a big difference with spamming and campaigning, for which most are still confused with. That’s the whole point of sending one ‘valuable’ email in an appropriate timeline than populating the news feed with tons of different crap just to get people’s attention and get over with Facebook’s algorithm. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay them.

        People need focus and value and I think that is what’s missing when using Facebook as a medium to get information.

  • http://www.borbay.com/ BORBAY

    I ceased to ‘Promote’ content last May, and since, my engagement has plummeted. You are right to drop your Facebook page, as should many, many other brands. The moment a platform loses it’s ‘pay or else’ appeal, it’s Friendster.

  • Brooke McMillan

    I’ve managed many nonprofit pages and groups since 2008 and have had amazing success in connecting causes with constituents. FB Groups might be a good alternative headed forward…until they figure out how to monetize: http://socialllama.co/an-open-letter-to-facebook-from-nonprofits/

  • Michele Settle

    Well, I guess the …’always free, always will be” was all over with when FB became public? I do agree, however, that FB is NOT the place for business. It is a SOCIAL networking site, not a BUSINESS networking site. They should make a sister site for that.

    • Alieninvader

      What’s wrong with business pages? You don’t have to like them. I’m not talking about the ads, I’m simply talking about the existence of business pages.

  • mistidawn

    You are so right, The reason we dont leave facebook is because we hope to keep in contact with certain people, ones like family or who provide a good laugh each day from silly posts. As for businesses, pretty much I can see that unless you pay you wont reach the audience you hope for. What about Google’s version whats it called Google plus? Cant remember .. but If the majority of people wont move there then there is no one moving. I have wanted to change but find also google moving into the Advertising heavily aspect. Lets look at that, remember a time when youtube didnt clutter us with ads? youtube now every add is forced on you i turn off the sound everytime and look away i refuse to be forced to see things i will never want. Only advertiser I have liked was Kmart cuz they were funny and fun and a vid clip in itself. I really wish someone would have the capital to create the outreaching social system that we all dream of. Heck Id pay to just get an ad free facebook. most people would. But really we were not meant to have to pay to see our friends post. I know i dont see several of my friends posts anymore and i cant find a way to get them showing I even did notifications on them only way i see their posts now is if i look at activity stream at top (little world icon) there is where all my real friends post that I see all their posts. That is a tip btw .. make sure you put notification put all yoru facebook notifications in spam folder in your mail so that it doesnt show up in yoru main mail .. I learned that other wise it spams your primary mail( like on gmail) I think its great that this man has surmised all of whats going on in graphs and what not and produced this information. I plan on sharing it to each person i know individually so i know it goes to them. Anyway im so fed up with facebook antics going to try to phase it out i think only use for photo storage might be the answer.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      just use Flickr then, dont let them own all your photos

  • Carol Schaffer

    Social media is a lot like being in a huge crowd of people, or (assorted nuts). The quality of the followers is not really known anyway, so not much to stress about most likely. I have come to the conclusion that it has served it’s purpose for those who used it early on, and now it is time to take it to the next level; websites. Those who follow you to your website are more than likely to be the ones that sought out your fb page anyway.

  • http://www.inbedwithmarriedwomen.com/ in bed with married women

    and effing how.

  • Kandy

    I’m glad I read this. I paid for an ad and got 150 like that were all fake. I thought I was crazy! I knew they were fake because they were all hispanic in there 20’s who liked tons of pages and had weird cover photos etc. I sell my art and knew these peopel were not really liking my page. also my views are way down!

  • Roxana Nunez

    Thank you Jeff. I always thought that once Facebook went public, the beauty behind the idea would be lost because now they needed to make money. This just proves my point and no, I am not interested in paying to promote personal posts to my friends. I guess slowly I will move my organic posts somewhere else where I hopefully will not loose that many friends in the process.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya its a shame, i would actually pay an affordable fee per month, but the amounts they charge are ridiculous

  • kc38

    Even ad targeting doesn’t get the response it used too. I’d be more willing to pay for ads if my followers actually received my posts. But since they don’t unless I pay for it then it doesn’t make sense to pay for ads to get followers who will never see my posts anyways. It really makes no sense. And requiring people to ‘like’ every post they see in order for it to eventually show up more in their feed makes no sense either. Not everyone wants to like every single post that shows up even though they are interested in seeing it.

  • Ben Garman

    Scrap FB, come to G+ :)

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      there already!

  • Chazmanite1138

    The only viable alternative is to pay for social networking, so that your privacy may be ensured and that you can use your account for whatever you wish, without restriction. You wouldn’t have to pay much; if FB just charged its users $1/month (assuming every account is legit) they would make over $1,900,000,000.00 every month, or $22,800,000,000.00/year.

    That’s a helluva lot of zeroes and more money than they are making right now.

    The problem is that people want to think they are getting something for nothing, which they do with Facebook. So very few users realize how much of their personal information,even the most generic distillation of it, is monetized by Facebook. So no one is getting something for nothing. However, paying even a tiny amount for social networking would give you an enormous amount of leverage in determining the future of that company and ownership of your information, pictures, posts, and any content you put up on the site.

    So, you can get social networking without paying cash, but you’ll pay with your privacy and your ability to choose how you use the network, or you can pay $12/year to keep your privacy and right to choose how you use the network.

    Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • billbobaggins

    Part of it is due to greed, part of it is due to the fact that not many people are interacting with your page. The more people interact with your page, the more your posts will appear in their news feed. But, yes, Facebook did admit that they have tweaked the numbers in their favor.

  • Amanda Taylor

    Instagram or Tumblr are definitely the way to go! They have no “bias” on what goes into a users “feed”… If they “follow” you, then they see your posts whether your a “business” or a “personal” user. So your engagement is entire based on YOUR ability to engage your followers.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      we’ll see how long Instagram stays like that!

      • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

        Agreed. Instagram is owned by Facebook afterall.

  • Guest

    its mainly due a change in user behavior,
    more facebook company pages + more users liking more pages * the speed of light ..
    if you treat it like a search engine it will become one.

  • Nova Leighton

    Yes, very true, I have changed the name of my page several times, and still with no luck at all. Iam currently working on a web page, and once done Iam closing the page. Thank You for bringing this to light. I think you might find others encountering the same difficulty.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya i dont think changing the name is going to do anything

  • http://theparadisescientist.bandcamp.com/releases ParadiseScientist

    Been slightly depressed about this problem. I put alot of work into what I do and Fb was my only way of sharing it with the world. Feels like almost no point in posting now! Really hate how amazing tech like this gets abused by greedy corp trolls. When will they stop trying to suck us dry!? Will try and build up a mailing list now see if i can do better without facebook

  • ktoth.ca

    I have less likes then you do, but when I made an event page for a gallery opening, I got almost no response. I heard people complain about this before, so I emailed a few friends and it turned out a good chunk of them didn’t get the invite. Then I get these windows asking me to push my post for $33 to (probabily) fake accounts in Dubai and India. FB is turning into another garbage platform I can do without.

  • lblemos

    I had the same experience, created a page for my wife Dental Clinic in Brazil and got 200 likes 2 days! Most from young and weird people without any link to the clinic and they never liked any other post on the page. Facebook ads never more but still a good communication platform with the people who “really like your page

  • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

    Being the editor of a newly launched entertainment website with lots of numbers I need to meet every month, this has been especially frustrating. I’ve had posts only reach seven people before. SEVEN! I was baffled by this, and I’m happy to see that I’m not just going crazy.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      yea i was thinking the same thing, wasn’t sure if i was imagining it and then it became really obvious as the numbers really dropped off – whats your website?

      • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

        1428elm.com, it’s a horror website within the FanSided network

      • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

        It’s a horror site: 1428elm.com, a niche market that unfortunately has a lot of competition to overcome!

  • http://www.drumtalktv.com Dan Shinder

    Check out our Drum Talk TV FB page at http://www.facebook.com/drumtalktv We are getting an average of 500 REAL Likes a day with REAL fans who engage and we have not spent a DIME on FB ads. I teach a one-on-one Skype class of how we built our audience that is growing exponentially and organically. Message me if you want info, seriousness. We have a 95% Talking About right now – all organic. Look at the numbers in this
    graphic – this is NINE HOURS after it posted. We have dozens of others
    in the 100’s of 1,000’s. If your posts aren’t performing and your
    talking about is less then 30% of your likes, message me and I will show
    you how to change it with a 4-hour session. No BS, this is REAL. I will
    Skype this class with you anywhere in the world – and it’s fun!

  • Chris Hughes

    This is quite an eye-opening story. And those YouTube videos really drive the point home.

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    i built the following one follower at a time over the course of 5 years. they came and clicked the like button. i would never pay for followers. cheers.

  • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

    thanks Zach, checking out now

  • MartinNYID

    Anybody who thought this thing wouldn’t eat itself was ill informed. Just the dot-com-bust pattern of trying to monetise popular usage rings hard of 1997.

  • Jen Tiller

    We liked fb being free, but ultimately it’s a business, and they’ve literally invested billions in it. Gotta get something back, but if they’re not providing ROI for the members, they’ll lose the lot. FB business pages are becoming less viable all the time, but I find facebook groups still function well, especially if you start discussions, provide reasons to interact and post etc. I can’t flood the group with my stuff, but people recognise me as the ‘go to girl’ and listen when I post. I’ve started my own membership website with forums and groups etc of people who want to hear from me. Only a few hundred members at the moment but gradually developing momentum and a feeling of community. And of course I can message all my members, and we have social media share buttons on every page, so if someone likes a blog/profile/event they can post it to fb, twitter, google+, pinterest or whatever (over a hundred options) so members (all within the wellness industry) can share information, cross refer, and boost each other. http://www.healerzone.com

  • AlainCl

    Facebook isn’t a free service or utility. Companies used it to drive users to their own sites (to sell things or to get ad impressions), essentially enjoying free advertising while also helping Facebook grow. Now Facebook wants to earn money for passing along company posts – is that really so surprising?

    • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

      What’s surprising is the amount of comments here that clearly show the people did NOT watch the videos. No one is faulting Facebook for trying to make money, they are made at the way Facebook is doing it.

      • http://www.calicohorses.com/ Lorraine Turner

        Agreed- I DID watch the video and I am very thankful it was shared here. I for one am moving away from FB after learning of this. Some have watched the video and some have posted some great suggestions on this thread… a pawn in the monopoly game is NOT how I want to proceed. Another draw back to FB–all the damn “likes” when they haven’t even read or viewed the content…

      • http://www.creepmachine.com/ Josh – Creep Machine

        People are always quick to sound like they know something, but if they have not studied the source material, or actually spent some time in the kitchens (facebook page in this case) they are nothing but skinny chefs as he saying goes.

  • http://Batman-news.com ViceFox

    As someone who manages large groups on facebook and has pages with lots of people. I am convinced only about 1 in every 3 facebook accounts is real. So as for reaching people the numbers are all bullshit.

    As a small business owner facebook was great for building connections. But facebook benifits from all us small business people being there. When they started restricting the reach of my posts and telling me that every one of my posts was 90% more effective then the other posts that are all 90% more effective then I threw in the towel. I refuse to pay for reach and have moved to twitter that is a far more effective tool for communicating with the masses and using as a customer service platform.

    All facebook does now is alienate people, I see people moving away from it all the time and look forward to the day it doesn’t need to be part of my marketing mix.
    Facebook also now resembles my old hotmail account with the amount of drivel and bullshit that fills my wall. I miss the days of penis enlargement.

  • Depak

    the real eye opener for me is the number of people commenting on here expecting reach from facebook. moaning about the potential free publicity and quickly turning to the ‘next’ free portal. WAKE UP PEOPLE IF YOU PAY ALMOST F**K ALL, EXPECT ALMOST F**K ALL.

  • Depak

    but the real shoker, facebook was and is designed for social interaction. most people that use it, use it for that purpose, I for one see many people posting how sh1t the advertising on facebook has become. I agree. companies that expect commercial results from this forum are deluded, I and many others block all potential commercial activity – commerce is one thing, social interaction is another – and there is absolutely NO CORRELATION. while I accept that some corporates will try exploit the advertising real estate, there are many filters and advertising blockers that can be downloaded for free that will allow a user to use facebook for its original purpose, i use them and recommend them, as my social life is MY LIFE, and i do not appreciate some monkey that wants to make money out of my pleasure intruding on my privacy.

  • http://thekitchensnob.com Dee @ The Kitchen Snob

    I’m fairly new to blogging and am trying to grow my small Facebook page. I’ve even noticed a drastic decline in reach in the last 6 months. I’ve had friends (that also like my page) tell me they never see my page in their news feed. Very frustrating!

  • http://www.thomaswictor.com/ Thomas Edward Wictor

    It’s a waste of time, but if you have a Website, you need Facebook to get higher search-engine ratings. I duplicate my Facebooks posts on my personal and business pages, and I’ve bought ads. Though expensive, they’re having results. I also regularly remind people to subscribe to my RSS feed to see all my posts.

    Don’t bother trying to improve your visibility by having people click anything on Facebook. They change the algorithms all the time to keep people from working out how to get more views without paying.

    The boosted posts don’t do anything either. I’d say keep the Facebook page just to make sure your SEO is as good as it can be, but don’t put even a second of thought in Facebook anymore. They’re losing users by the millions, so they won’t even be here in five years.

    • Depak

      facebook will be here, it has succeeded. there are many losers that have a crap product, or website, that are envious, and they will try to steal some scraps, but they will fail. simple economics.

  • Laina Castle

    Maybe FB will die and a new social media will be born and do what it is we had hoped FB would. Look at the main share holders of FB, that may be the “why” in this dilemma :)

  • Larry Ingram

    Jeff — Very grateful for all the work you’ve done here to prepare these videos. After contemplating these details I can clearly see that what this system does do that most people are not aware of is create a genuine user profile. I’ve seen the trend where pages and posts I LIKE have filtered in more of the same; when what I’d like to see is alternative points of view, not a rally of one viewpoint. I’m honestly disgusted this is happening.

  • Kirstie Mckeown Hanrahan

    EXACTLY!!! ive given up on my facebook page i make things and sell them with 100% of the money going to charity and ive had to give up on the page because its just soul destroying i might be making an etsy store soon for my makes i just cant deal with fb anymore

  • Mike

    I find it lame that I must click “get notifications” from the pages I really want to get all posts from. Even then I do not know if I am really getting all the posts. While I can faintly see any reason for this I do not understand why Facebook would do the same for family and friends. Terrible!

  • Samantha Owens

    I don’t even have enough followers on my Facebook page to get Insights, but even so, it’s hard to get more followers when the people who do Like your page can’t see most of what you post. I think it’s quite ridiculous. For right now, I’m sticking with it to see where it goes, but with all I’ve been reading about it, it doesn’t seem worth the effort that could be going into crafting content and using Twitter (which will actually reach everyone that wants it).

  • lorenhadassah

    Thanks for posting on this. I’m a small business owner and have nowhere near the reach you do on my FB business page. I’ve been slowly growing it only to realize that it doesn’t matter and my posts are barely seen unless I pay. I sure wish there was a clear answer, but I appreciate realizing it’s not just me.

  • http://www.hydrosupralicked.com/ ─╤︻ ∆LLΫ ₣ỊЄ$₮∆︻╤-

    Wow this proves how much of a waste of time having a fan page on FB is. I was thinking how I do not want to have promote every single post.

  • Dorian Douma

    I thought Diaspora was gonna save us from Facebook. But then the creator apparently… died… and that’s that?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i never heard of it

  • Teri S Carrandsuch

    I’d definitely use a different social network if one was widely available.

  • Eva Lawrence

    Yes, it’s a struggle for all the page managers. Seriously, we need to find a way to just move somewhere else or rely on people bookmarking your website, I don’t know, still in the need of a creative idea…

  • Niall McKeown

    This is clearly a commercial site. You make money and Facebook is a service to deliver content, much like Mail Chimp. Why shouldn’t you pay them?

    • eenoog (one-eye)

      See my historical note above.

  • eenoog (one-eye)

    Anyone defending FB needs to be aware of the historical context.

    Initially FB had groups where you could post status updates as well as email individual members. You could even download your list of members. FB groups (V 1.0) worked just like, if not better than newsletters.

    Like so many group organizers, I was convinced to move my group to FB, prompted everyone on my mailing list to sign up there, and they did.

    Not long thereafter, FB removed the option to download the member list. All these new people I’d brought to FB/my group were now lost to me. I could still post events and people were notified, so I didn’t leave.

    Then they changed the group model, force-migrated “old” groups to “new groups” where emailing the members was impossible, communication only via status updates, but at least they would show up in everyone’s feed.

    Shortly thereafter, they forced everyone to convert their groups to a page. Of note: they did not migrate the members of your group, everyone had to “like it” all over again. So I did, lost a bunch of members, but at least you could reach everyone participating on FB.

    Then, slowly but surely, they reduced member exposure and made it “interaction-based”. The logic being that people who don’t interact with your page are not interested in the message. It might make sense superficially, but in practice, with people “liking” so many things and limited attention-spans, your members saw fewer of your posts.

    Now you can pay to get your posts in their feeds. I did the other day. Spent $30, paid reach supposedly 14,885 (10x group size) and got… 30 people engaging with the post, a few ticket sales. Meanwhile, I also sent an email to the old newsletter list, which has a 30-40% overlap with the FB group, which resulted in 300+ people buying a ticket.

    I have similar experiences with clients whose experienced NEGATIVE ROI on FB ad campaigns, while Google adwords resulted in a 4000% ROI.

    Facebook *IS* broken and I’m abandoning FB in favor of newsletters.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i had many of these same frustrating experiences

  • Eliza Moisei

    I made a page for my site http:cimpanzeu.ro check it for fun 😛

  • Daniel James Shigo

    Thank you! I recently created a professional page at Facebook, and advertised it after having a good number of friends “like” it, and observed the new likes as being really odd- not people who would- on the face of it- be interested in my content. Yes- I believe as you do that these new “likes” are fake. Know what? I think I am done with Facebook in this regard. I am taking my professional page down after I post this message. The personal page? Thinking about it.

  • galynne

    So grateful you took the time to reveal Facebook’s fraudulent behavior. Curious….where is the next destination for world citizens? What are the upcoming alternatives to Facebook…?

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      Nothing great yet

  • Zangmo Keebee

    I joined 3 months ago telling myself I missed some worldly things… and I much prefer to get into my own thing like painting and doing good for other people instead of affirmating the obvious to other parties who put everything in a mundane basket… I will love to keep 4 or 5 very interesting friends but for the rest it is a loss of time and I will NEVER pay for FB!

  • yvo84

    Yes, it’s very shady of Facebook to demand that successful pages pay for posting content (the more fans you get — usually 100k+ — the more likely Facebook will ask for money). Trouble is, Facebook is assuming that because your Facebook is successful, you’re a multinational like McDonalds of Coke who can afford to promote each post.

    This change may spell the end of Facebook independent business pages, but people will still use Facebook for personal use. It doesn’t affect what you see of your friends (so far).

  • Snke Powr

    It strikes me so many people thought/think facebook is created with the best intentions towards it’s users.
    I deleted my ‘real’ online me account years ago and use a fake one now. I hate facebook but sadly I have to use it for some reasons… If only I could program I would create something authentic

  • LillianKithia

    Social media marketing is getting to a level where a more strategic approach is needed to reach your target audience. This is because your fans are following 50 other business pages at the least and as a result cannot see all these posts and those of their friends on their newsfeed all at ones. Those who have mastered a more strategic approach to social media marketing hence get more visibility while others struggle to blast their fans with more and more posts per day.

    The solution: Look deeper into your insights and find the best time to post. That is when your fans are more likely to be online. Experiment with a variety of post timings and measure the effect of each.

    You also need to make your posts less about you and more about your fans. Fans connect to posts that are more emotional and inspirational than those that are more sales related. You want your fans to like, comment and share your posts to increase your reach. Ask yourself how you would rate the sharability of what you post on the page. E.g. if you were a fan of your page, would you like, comment or share that post?

    Remember to use calls to actions. Fans are 40% more likely to like, comment on or share a post, if you ask them to.

    • Depak

      and as a result of such strategies, you are biting off the hand that feeds. I don’t know what the exact stat is, but I would estimate that 60% of people hate advertising in general, and the figure is more like 99% if the advert is forced down their throat and irrelevant. with that in mind – who gives a pink flying fairy if facebook’s algorithm does not suit your apparoach? I don’t, and i’m actually quite happy about it – it means that most of you pushers won’t bother pushing and I will be able to enjoy my browsing experience again.

  • Graham

    Jeff, you forgot rule one of the Internet: “If it is free, then YOU are the product.” And that applies off the Internet too: Loyalty Cards, Green Shield Stamps, and everything else that a commercial organisation ever gave you: you are, were and always will be the product. Especially when you think that you are not.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      ya its true

  • CarolinaClover.com

    It’s back to basics, we figured this out Facebook scam awhile ago that Facebook was not a good ROI. Our efforts have shifted back to our web site as the base of all information through email, blog and genuine likes on our web page on multiple social networking platforms. We’re still social networking, but zero dollars are being given to FB. The real scam was the fake likes for advertising dollars and then zero reach to those fake likes through paid post boost.

  • Anastasia Pergakis

    I found this post just because a friend shared it on her facebook profile. I’m a small, just starting out author and business owner and both my author page and business page have diddly activity. Both pages have less than 1K likes on them, which was fine with me because at one time I had a ton of engagement from my little group of followers. Now, however, it’s gone to the tank and I don’t see the point in it. Even my personal profile posts don’t get the interaction I once was. As someone who is on the smaller end of the scale than some ohter businesses or even authors out there, it really…well pisses me off that facebook is doing this to us. How can I possibly compete now? I had a small chance before to grow and make it big, and now I have none (on facebook anyway). So, I’m with you on leaving facebook. I know many of my fellow authors who are also leaving facebook behind and heading to other social media areas. After seeing your very informative videos here, I’ll probably make the same move. It’s a shame I can’t even tell my fans that I’m moving, since they won’t see the post anyway!!

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      really the best thing you can do at this point is try to have them subscribe to your posts or go the old fashion email list route

  • fieder

    thanks for sharing your insights!

  • Barry Neely

    I have paid Facebook to advertise my music page and have seem SOME, genuine new interaction. But given that I paid $50 and received only about 5new “likes”, I have officially deemed it “not worth it.”

  • MarkInCA

    If we could go back to Myspace, we would never have this problem

  • Vera Mariner

    Yes. Really obvious in the last few weeks. I feel badly for non-profits and small business (one of which I work for) who rely on social media to spread their message, build community and brand loyalty. Mr. Zuckerberg is now trying to leverage his going public by reneging on his initial intent. It makes me a little sick. I feel like I’ve been had.

  • jafabrit

    Glad I found this, I liked your page ages ago and wondered why I stopped seeing your posts on fb. I have made to sure follow you on instagram and check back here.

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada


  • http://www.cococakecupcakes.blogspot.ca/ Coco Cake Land

    argh jeff as a small biz too, i totally hear you. that is insane that only 400 people saw your post. utterly frustrating for sure. i feel like the only way i connect now is through instagram – it seems to be growing for me the most and it’s purely visual which i love. but i’m sure pretty soon IG will get co-opted by the evils of mega greed too… FB is just digging their own grave while everyone starts hating on them…

    • http://www.booooooom.com/ Jeff Hamada

      i wouldn’t rely on Instagram either, i’m sure similar things will happen there as well

  • City of Craft

    Great article and something the creative community really needs to think about. I would also be interested to hear what sort of solutions you have come up with. Add to this that Gmail now filters all mailing lists into a ‘Promotions’ folder and it has become a challenging time to connect with the people who have opted into all updates. Late last year I started getting way more “I didn’t even know your event was happening” comments than usual (by a large margin). I guess these corporate baskets aren’t a safe place for our eggs.

  • Donovan

    I remember something called Myspace when you could invite ALL your friends to an event, or ALL your friends in your city, etc. Instead of hand clicking the 600 people you want to invite, over 30 boring minutes.

  • Charlotte Clarke

    Interestingly I’ve noticed only about three promotional items in my newsfeed, and I always see friend content that I want to see. So I feel like I’m not having the problem you are discussing. I was thinking maybe it is because I don’t actually click Like on anything very often. I wonder if, by not participating in the the algorithm, I’m essentially just keeping it totally random?

  • http://www.thisisimperfect.org/ Ryan Trimble

    I’ve read several articles about this recently. Ultimately, as the number of FB pages have increased and users follow more and more pages, FB is limiting the display of those pages as it is just impossible to show every post from pages in a person’s feed, especially where users like as many several hundred pages.

    Another thing, FB is really limiting anything that is considered “spammy.” This qualifies as any “unoriginal content.’ So republishing of articles or YouTube videos is more or less getting cut out all together.

    I have seen all this personally, too. I just a launched a website and have been promoting through FB. After spending $1000 or so the page is up to 2k followers roughly. I also have a personal blog page where I have about 80 natural, organic followers. My posts to my blog page, which I do like once a week, will get way more likes and interaction than the twice daily posts at the business page.

    The point is, it’s not worth paying for anything through FB. I think you have to rely entirely on organic traffic and quality content. Good luck!

  • Mike

    I am currently experiencing the same issues and frustrations with facebook. I manage the social media for a relatively small business and in the last year our page likes have doubled and our engagement has decreased substantially. I have not bought likes. Even with slow organic growth facebook seems to have cut down organic reach by 50% every 3-6 months. I have also noticed it with my personal page and my own friends. I have over 1000 “friends” on facebook and when I post something I get a few likes. I estimate maybe 50 people on my whole list see a post. Which is ridiculous. Thats the primary purpose of facebook is to interact with your friends and It dictates who and what I see. I have yet to come up with a real solution but for now I have focussed my business efforts to other channels like instagram. I still share the content on facebook but its not worth paying for and its more of a customer service platform for people to get in touch when they have a product question or issue. I do think with Facebook’s strategy they have shot themselves in the foot and people will decrease their time on facebook and business will pull budgets from it. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Kristen Nemain

    I manage a band with just shy of 1300 “likes” on facebook, and we don’t even update the page much anymore because without paying to promote our posts, we’re lucky if more than 30 people see it. I am not really upset about the new model (facebook is a business that needs to make money, after all) as much as I am upset that everyone worked really hard to recruit facebook’s cash cow FOR them. We did all the work and now have to start over. We just moved to Tumblr, Twitter, and good old fashioned email marketing.

  • Dawn Perry

    What I want to ask is how do you know if you are struggling? I would never pay to boost business and only approach it organically

  • Davide Oo Faccio-Filmini Vasta

    Thumbs Up (genuine) Jeff!

  • Steven Allen

    Great videos. Hit the nail on the head.

    Facebook WAS great but for a small business or community group launching today and expanding its reach then it going to be tough. They have also done it wrong. Facebook should charge a genuine business to list and charge them a small monthly fee. And on your feed you should be able to toggle “Everything” > “Highlights” on the feed. Too clever for its own good.

    For businesses I am involved in Facebook use has stalled and we’ve even closed one page down. Twitter and Linkedin are our champions. If we had more visual businesses then we’d be on Instagram and Pinterest too.

    We’ve touched on the role of social media and Facebook a bit in our Blogs aslo http://pockitworld.blogspot.co.uk/. I think we’ll be sharing your videos a lot!

  • Amber

    I still say, as an avid FB user, this has more to do with UX than greed. As a user I am always logged in to FB as I travel the internet and I’m constantly liking pages and websites. I currently have 512 friends and 370 likes. If FB showed me both friend statuses and page statuses at the same rate, I’d be seeing a page update for every 1.3 friend updates… and FB would start to look like a big advertising machine, I’d get frustrated and I’d leave.

    Ironically, the best way to cut back on the over abundance of pages in a person’s feed (and thus cut back on FB looking like a giant ad) is to have pages advertise in order to be seen. And we shouldn’t complain b/c FB is still one of the best platforms on the web (if not the best) to advertise on. If FB did what some pages are asking them to (just show them in fan feeds with no filters) there would be no FB to be seen on.

  • Gerry Watson

    Facebook is coming down the hill very rapidly and not even overlapping accounts at WhatsApp and Instagram would help it. I know about a new startup coming off New York City I’ve heard about that takes social media to the next level. I’ve made myself a member and it connects social network with e-commerce (with global social integration and an internal “banking” system) over a cross-platform ecosystem. Pretty cool for small business and brands alike. It’s getting a lot of traction lately. Here’s the link: http://www.niarmi.com

  • Pro EU & Labour

    You can’t beat Twitter…for now.

  • 1stopthailand

    Facebook should be sharing revenue with the content generators

  • Alan Johnston

    You have to really know how to use it I have only 1000 likes on my company page yet the other day my post got seen by over 1000!

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  • Reagan Guthrie

    Thank you. I’ve recently started a FB page and tried boosting posts to help grow my business but I found it to be expensive and less than helpful. And this seems to explain why our GOFUNDME posts seem to be getting no traffic to speak of. I have been considering, for a while, to leave FB altogether simply because I can’t keep up with my friends and family as easily as before. Now it appears it really does nothing useful and fulfilling for my business as well.

  • http://fourthcorner.wordpress.com beatgrl

    If you want those Facebook views you need to earn them by offering content that people care about. If people are liking and commenting on your page, then Facebook will keep showing it to them. As a user, I would prefer to see less advertising on Facebook. I agree – stop sending Facebook money. But keep your page for real fans.

  • Becky Tyner Sandoval

    I’m have 3 Facebook pages and have noticed the same thing. Wouldn’t it be better if Facebook just charged businesses a monthly or yearly fee rather than hide our posts from our followers? It’s very sad. We all need to find a new social media forum, where do you suggest we go?

  • Sarah Deanfneil

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  • https://twitter.com/btcbase Peter Greyman

    I think Facebook didn’t have other choice. There are a lot of FB pages, which are pumping out dozens of items daily…if all of them were to show to each follower, they would all unsubscribed…it would “spam” the timeline in a matters of hours.

    • CommonSenseSpeaking

      The choice should be in the hands of the user, not in the hands of FB. I follow only a handful of pages, and if I find a page is pumping out too much then I would silence or unfollow it. However, there may be pages where I want to see every post, and again, that would be my choice.

  • Emily powell

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  • Lance Rubin

    I have been preaching the gospel about this topic for almost two years! I used to advertise on my FB page, and was excited to see so much interest. I have experienced everything described on the boooom article, and am disgusted that FB is pretty much committing suicide in the name of greed. While i still use my FB art page, I am transitioning over to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, and more. I honestly think that Twitter is positioned to exceed FB in their popularity for reaching people because, well… you can actually reach people. I would absolutely dump Facebook if I didn’t have 17k followers there, and I am constantly tempted to pull the plug once and for all. It’s a shame the somethig so innovative as FB will soon become another irrelevant dinosaur like AOL, Yahoo, and MySpace. Oh well. I tried.

  • Bradley Speck

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  • http://kellymartinspeaks.co.uk/ Kelly Martin

    Yes my page is reaching hardly anyone now. I am using it as a face for what I do but its kind of an empty shell. I schedule posts to lots of networks and know it is wasted on Facebook. I have not as many followers as you, but I ran some give-aways to increase followers and now over 1000 followers I am lucky if I reach 10 per post. I share inspirational posts, so its not a business, I don’t get paid its voluntary so Facebook has screwed big time with people who do it simply to support others. I now focus most of my time on Google+ and Twitter and I reach and receive far more feedback from those networks.

    • Stevie

      I agree with my chum Kelly but I use Facebook to keep in contact with my friends who are both close and far. I wouldn’t want to annoy or bombard them with loads of things that may not interest them.

  • http://www.beechgrovecornwall.co.uk Beechgrove B&B

    As a sole trader with 300followers and no technical knowledge, I have been horrified to discover suddently only about 40 views of posts recorded, which is far too much work for no return. Cannot afford advertising, what to do?

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  • matt lachance

    We run two e-commerce sites.

    On November 5, 2013 we posted a Like and Share contest. For that post we had:





    On May 21, 2014 we posted a Like and Share contest. For that post we had:



    1 Share


    Tried the post boost but results were poor. We have pulled the like buttons from our sites and now engage site visitors to submit their email address instead to build our subscriber base. We are also pushing Wanelo, Pinterest and G+.

    We do a lot of web dev and are advising clients to continue posting to FB but not to spend any $$ with them as we see it as a waste of money.

  • veroniquepalmer

    I had the same thing on my small business page. Paid for a campaign, got a bunch of likes from totally bogus accounts. Will never ever pay for anything on Facebook ever again. Definitely need an alternative marketing platform for small businesses, activism groups and non profits now, Facebook has lost the plot.

  • http://blog.markstokes.com Mark Stokes

    This is really interesting. I have just been “dabbling” with a paid advert to increase my likes and exposure to new customers in my geographic area.

    However, as the likes have come in, I was questioning who the heck these people were. I am a new small business with a niche B2B service offering and the people who “like” me have no reason to like me.. so I am questioning the quality over quantity of these.

    I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have fewer likes, but better quality so I have cancelled my Ad and will let my Likes grow organically around people who actually are my customers or peers.

    Thanks for bringing this to the fore.

  • James Smith

    I have 2143 likes I have an average of 60 people reached on some post and close to none reached on others, I feel ripped off I paid for advertising to get the fan base- Will never spend another dime with Facebook.

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    essence what you are saying is correct in broad terms, but there is a lot
    more to it than this. How many times a day do you post, share, comment,
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    think of your own Timeline, how long would you have to scroll through to see
    everything your friends have posted. If you encourage your ‘likers’ to
    click Get Notifications then they will get notified every time you post
    (good tactic if you’re only posting less than once a day – hard to get
    them to do). There are a lot of nay-Sayers out there now that FB are
    monetising their feed BUT what is the true purpose of Facebook and why did Mark Zuckerberg create it? When you
    remember that and can still tap into it to generate leads that you can
    then convert to paying clients then IMHO you should be thankful. There
    is currently no other platform anywhere that gives you such targeted
    control of who see’s your paid ads that you can get for pennies. Phew
    Rant over, sorry got on a roll.

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    I can top that…when it says at the bottom X number of people reached…that is a lie altogether! When I click on post details to see who was actually reached, NOBODY was reached. A big fat ZERO.

  • http://www.bicycleroutes305.com Jefferson Aleman

    Yep. It’s ridiculous. So, go figure if you have a page like mine, with 2.7k of likes. Any guess of how many people visit my blog from Facebook? The answer is between 0 and 1.

  • Zizo Abdallah

    Jefff… listening to you explaining all of these information was amazing because I was thinking about it myself,, and I have actually found out that my personal account is much better than the page I have already created, because people follow me all the time, what I do, what I write, what I work… Everyday I find like 20 persons adding me as a minimum because of some “likes” I have clicked or some “comments” I have written, and friends of friends just start adding me… I have found it much more efficient than my page…

    It’s true that I don’t receive notifications from all my friends I have on Facebook although I am a good reader and I pay attention especially for my “competitors” so it is kind of silly… don’t u think…

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  • Aromatique

    I hear you, it is disheartening and I am now working to do more face to face complimentary events. My reach is not even worth mentioning and my sales have dropped dramatically. Even when I pay for boosts and advertising it makes little difference and sales are still way down.

  • http://greenpencilbooks.com Mark Griffith

    Getting close to giving up on Zuckerworld, yes.

    Opportunities up ahead for the sites that will replace it though.

  • cynthia

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    Jeff, you’re brilliant!! I have never understood the appeal of fb. However, I, too, am an artist and I’m getting ready to us it, and other social media, to promote something. And in setting up my “business” fb page I wondered WHY I would need to pay THEM so that people could “Like” me. … Through this video you have clarified a lot about fb for me. I will be downplaying the use of fb in my marketing outreach. Thank you for being an advocate for indie artists like me. And for being a voice of reason regarding regarding the Big Brother behemoth of social media.

  • mastermind2

    True, I am looking to engage fans to other social media tools, such as twitter, G+, tumblr, etc. I have around 20,000 fans yesterday monitoring 5 posts, one, only one!! fan was reached in 5 hours as per FB statistics, that is total BS.

  • karim
  • Rod ‘Hank’ Hanckel

    I wonder if you encouraged your likers to click ‘get notifications’ if this would change the situation. On my personal page, I found I was seeing very little of the people I was there to interact with, so I systematically went through my friends list and clicked ‘get notifications’. I found I was receiving much more from all the people I wanted to in the first place. It certainly took longer to go through everything but I was definately seeing more.
    If this would work with an individuals page (as opposed to profile) and the page encouraged their individual likers to click ‘get notifications’ I believe more interaction would ensue.

  • Simon Peter Clarke

    I’ve never boosted my business pages and never will. Facebook will never get my money. Once again greed corrupts something that was great. On the other hand I’ve got a business listing with Google, that was free!, and this generates loads of work for me, with a listing in Google every time someone searches for my field of work.

  • Vaishali Totala

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info . . I was having a doubt that fb is filtering and declining the post reach. I am just hating it that its becoming obstacle for us to reach genuine people and fb taking money and getting fake likes. Its ridiculous. Completely disappointed.

  • Guest

    I’m getting so sick of working on my Facebook page. Since I’m a small business owner (Personal Trainer/Nutritionist) It took me forever to get 812 likes and I put a lot of thought and care into my posts only for them to be shown to 30-100 of those people. It’s utterly ridiculous…..the only times I get a lot of views or clicks is when I pay a fortune for them. I’m about ready to give up and stop wasting my time with it. :( By the way, I don’t think clicking “get notifications” does a darn thing more to improve the situation.

  • Rebecca Lazar

    I’m getting so sick of working on my Facebook page. Since I’m a small business owner (Personal Trainer/Nutritionist) It took me forever to get 812 likes and I put a lot of thought and care into my posts only for them to be shown to 30-100 of those people. It’s utterly ridiculous…..the only times I get a lot of views or clicks is when I pay a fortune for them. I’m about ready to give up and stop wasting my time with it. :( By the way, I don’t think clicking “get notifications” does a darn thing more to improve the situation.

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    Thanks for this, it is very informative. I have 1000 likes on my page , but a recent post who got reach of only 130, now thats 870 of my people who like my page not seeing it. Up to this i had been paying for to boast post and I would see a much higher reach on the post, but not a huge amount of engagement. As I was boasting the page my likes continue to grown but since I stopped paying Facebook the likes of my page have immediately stopped

  • http://steroidreviewer.com Steroid Reviewer

    Personally the only reason I have used Facebook is for a marketing tool and nothing else, over the last few years I dont think I have seen a worthwhile post and of course the marketing potential for me is a bust. There are many other options that are way more effective and outshine anything Facebook can offer especially now and in the future. In all fairness I seem I have actually generated sales from twitter which i never would of thought would happen.

  • Hetal Majithia

    Jeff that’s an eye opener. I just launched my ecommerce website from India and promoted my page through legitimate Facebook ads. I got over 4000 likes but as you said it’s a non-engaging audience with zero sales so far. I am so pissed of with Facebook.

  • Jim Berkin

    I’ve been a “victim” of the click farms while using FB ads and immediately stopped my ad. I have noticed less engagement for my ads, and now with the “advertising guidelines”, I’m finding almost no benefit whatsoever in using them. As far as FB advertising goes, I search for FB groups in areas I wish to promote and post that way. I unfortunately don’t get statistics conveniently provided to me, but my friends and family always ask how the business is going.

    A lot of articles, blogs, and emails I’ve read about this growing issue recommend using FB as only a complimentary tool in advertising. FB is viable asset in this context, however, relying on FB ads or anything FB related is pretty much a failed business model at this point for me. Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google +, Vine, whatever social outlet you choose isn’t going to be much better. However, with a consistent personalized message and a stong desire and firm resolve to constantly connect with your audience, i feel that things will eventually pay off…just stay away from the “money machines” that promise big gains with little or no effort…wait a minute, isn’t that the right way to run an advertising campaign anyways????

  • Carlos Santiago

    Facebook is a scrupulous and under handed company. They hold all the cards though. What sense does it make to even pay to have your posts promoted to drive revenue for them, and new members/fans for us, …BUT WE STILL HAVE NO REAL ACCESS TO! You could drive a million likes/memebrs to your community but wec still have to TOTALLY rely on Facebook to get information to them. It’s a crock, and Facebook is the worst freaking company in existence! And anytime they get ready, they just won’t show our posts to the new fans we’ve already paid to have “Like” the page/community already. i hope the Government or someone gets involved with them and their illegal and unscrupulous business tactics Last I checked extortion is illegal in the United Stands. If anybody wants to spear head a class action lawsuit on behalf of Administrators and communities like mine, count me in, I’ve had it up to here with them, Fuck Facebook!!!

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  • User Deleted

    Facebook can be brought down. What you have to do is to convince the big marketing companies, big retailers, and the religious orders that Facebook doesn’t work as well as other media outlets. Then you have to show how Facebook is being used as a source to investigate companies for tax evasion, AND that it is promoting anti-religious themes in an attempt to get people to go against god, morals and values. A good sex scandal involving Mark Zuckerberg would help thing out too, like a gay pedophile kind of sexual scandal.

  • mihaeltores

    This would be very nice news.

  • Jane

    I am so glad I found you and that maybe I’m not the only one. I am quite new to facebook myself but I started noticing that even when I could see likes happening as I was posting my counter did not record them. I have tried contacting but there seems to be no way. Yesterday I had 32 likes in my notifications and only 10 on my counter. I seriously don’t get it, but I am open to help if there is any.

  • Jane

    I am so glad I found you and that maybe I’m not the only one. I am quite new to facebook myself but I started noticing that even when I could see likes happening as I was posting my counter did not record them. I have tried contacting but there seems to be no way. Yesterday I had 32 likes in my notifications and only 10 on my counter. I seriously don’t get it, but I am open to help if there is any.

  • http://www.thoughtbrick.com/ Clare Hudson

    I know this post is over a year old, but I had this problem after only paying a few dollars to promote my fb page about a year ago. It got around 500 new likes in just a few days. However, these likes aren’t real. Is there any way to get around this?

  • thowedthanka

    need a campaign to end facebook completely.
    give it a taste of myspace. fucks those scammers!

  • http://www.lageneralstoredesignstudio.com Leslie Delamater Anderson Aitk

    HOW DARE FACEBOOK MESS WITH THE FREE SERVICE THAT THEY OFFER!!??!! Dude — it is a FREE service. What else do you get for free that is even a fraction as effective? Seriously?!

  • susabelle boutique

    I too expected my followers (over 1600) to see my posts on my fb business page. Not a chance…not sure why I expected anything different really considering Mr. Zuckerberg wasn’t even on the up and up when he created THE FACEBOOK. #WinkWink

  • Owen Jones

    That was great info and well presented, I’m signing up :-)
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  • Andrew

    The biggest fraud in the history of Fb is promoting your page ,facebook has created a lot of fake accounts and when you promote a page it says tha you have new 50 likes and if you count them they are only 35 . It is certain that fb reduces all page’s algorithm because we have 1 million or billion pages and all people must find a little space inside fb news feed. It is very disgusting when you see that the cost of promoting your page is very high and the one like costs from 0,06-0,07 until 0,10 cents as far your succesful campaign is concerned