16.07.15 by Jeff

Live Discussion: I Will Give You Free Encouragement




If you could use some free encouragement, leave me a comment below and tell me why. I will be here for the next two hours responding live to any comments and will check back here after that!

Maybe everyone is happy these days and no one needs encouragement? If there are no comments all afternoon I will take it as a sign the entire world is happy, but if there are comments it would be my pleasure to cheer you up. I’d also like to start live discussions on the site maybe once a week, so this is sort of a test.


*EDIT #1 – Okay I’m done for the day! But there will be more things like this. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Working on that actually really encouraged me too! So thanks!

*EDIT #2 – 10PM – I’m back responding to as many messages as I can.

*EDIT #3 – I’m going to check back on this post over the weekend so if you’re just discovering this post now you can still leave a request for encouragement and I’ll respond to them all!

*EDIT #4 – It is now Monday morning and I have responded to (I believe) every single request! It took me quite awhile but it was such a positive experience. I am closing this thread now just so there are no comments left without a reply. Thanks to everyone for participating!




Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • eloyramirez

    I don’t need encouragment…but I did want to say to you love your blog and this idea :)

    • You’re doing this wrong haha I don’t want to trick people into giving me encouragement! Thanks for leaving a comment anyways – glad you enjoy the site! :-)

  • ArtDept

    Heck, I’d have some of that.

    • I really like your company’s mission – good on you guys! Hope it continues to grow!

      • Cheers dude – we’re working on that!

  • leanna-o-rama

    I need a pep talk Jeff :( Feeling negative

    • you win for best user name in here so far. you have a beautiful face and haircut. your homework – take a selfie and smile at yourself it will make you feel better i promise.

      • leanna-o-rama

        Thanks Jeff. I think you have a troll on here! How do you stay positive when life gets ugly?

      • yea there was someone trying to make themselves feel better – ironically someone who could probably use some encouragement! i try to always look for a positive and not dwell on things out of my control! i also think helping someone else is the quickest way to making yourself feel better

  • Rebecca Trawick

    yes, please! struggling.

    • you can do it! whatever it is that you’re struggling with. you have my full support – here is a giant high-five and a hug and a piece of chocolate.

  • I just checked out your post about Fruitvale & Mission post – great work! Keep it up I’ll keep an eye on it.

    • Thank you. Definitely working on developing some rolls of negative soon. Will keep you updated.

  • Adabeth

    Where have all the good people gone?
    Better question: where do all the good people go when they realize the system is ….. Wrong?

    The industry of education (aka. money making), post secondary bureaucracy, nepotism… and the people that blatantly “crazy-make” and feed this system to protect their status.

    That’s what I’m taking about.

    I know they’re real sensitive people inside, with good hearts, that just do bad things, but they are proponents of this sick system that serves only a selection. And pretend to know nothing about it, nothing different.

    I am glad I have friends and people in my life that understand what I’m talking about… but for ‘work’… where we need to make ends meet in order to ‘live’ … for 8 hours a day usually… I want to use my passions and talents toward something good.. not corrupt. Is it possible?

    • it is possible! i believe it is anyways – i feel like it’s easy to get down watching the news every night but i try to look at the people and things im surrounded by and make sure that i’m spending more time doing things that energize me and encourage me than things that discourage me and make me feel negativity. work together with good people to make an alternative to whats out there. i’ve been trying to do this with my site for more than 7 years now! you can do it!

  • Alicia Coleman

    I want that courage to really put myself out there and be proactive!

    • You’re already doing it by leaving this comment! Well done, now set a slightly bigger (do-able) goal and put the same amount of effort in, report back to me.

      • Alicia Coleman

        I’m a graduating design student putting together my portfolio right now. I want an awesome design job in NYC and need to start networking. I get scared to make the first step sometimes but I really wanna go for it!

  • I’ve had a dream of being a full time artist for way too long, but have not yet jumped in (equal parts fear of failure and success). I’m working on a plan for doing a Kickstarter to do a one year artist in residency in my own home starting November first. After looking at your blog I have a feeling of simultaneous inspiration and sadness (that I’m not fulfilling my full potential as a creative person). Thank you for your offer of encouragement! What a cool idea!

    • ALFR

      That is a fabulous idea! My friend suggested something like that to me many years ago, before Kickstarter. You’ve reminded me that my much-dreamed-of, yearlong work sabbatical in Paris is an idea well worth re-igniting, and is not impossible. Post your Kickstarter! I’ll kick in!

    • yea do it – glad to hear this has inspired you a bit. i encourage you to do the residency thing, any projects that require you to step a little out of your comfort zone are always the best experiences – always!

  • Morgan

    I just quit my job and don’t know what I’m doing!! aaahhhhhhh

    • Morgan I think I remember your profile photo – were you the one who asked about Vancouver-based events in the ask me anything post 2 years ago?

      Regardless – no one knows what they’re doing and now you get to really choose something new that inspires you! You can look at your position as a really exciting place to be!

      • Morgan

        Yesss that was me – man you have an exceptional memory!

        Thanks for the encouragement! Greatly appreciated.

      • :-) i didn’t have good answer for you then though – throw me an email if you ever want to get a coffee!

      • coffee sounds rad – will do!

    • Korean

      Everybody quit job and move on for next job.

  • Stefano W. Pasquini

    if you were living in a provincial, corrupt country that doesn’t follow the rules of meritocracy, how would you build up your art carreer?

    • you obviously have internet access I would encourage you to start sharing what you make with people online! maybe try Instagram or Tumblr? they are both great for putting the things you make in front of people you don’t otherwise know

  • Ever deal with the “fear of success?”
    A lot of times it seems easier to get to bed on time, then getting work done.

    • noooo i left a really long response to this and somehow its gone now. i know people who often wish they had the opportunities others seem to always get but when they are presented with the chance to step up and take on something big they dont do it. i think they’d rather make excuses than risk failing. i dont really know of people afraid of succeeding more so of the anxieties that come with finally not having anymore excuses. like they wont have anything to complain about anymore! dont put off anything, life is too short! take on something that makes you anxious, get in over your head. it’ll always lead to the most rewarding things you do in your life

      • I put myself in over my head in December of last year, didn’t get the project done til February, but it’s the thing I am most proud of so far this year. It’s just wierd that I let all the small stuff pile up that shouldn’t be a big deal.
        But thanks for the kind words, really was good to hear.

  • Jessy Bee Cee

    I’m feeling overwhelmed as I’ve just got 4 months worth of rolls of film back from a trip through Latin America which is so exciting but I have such a huge job getting through them/getting them to say what I want them to say/them living up to my own hype. I have such an idea for them but I can’t see how it’s going to pan out yet. It’s exciting but scary as I don’t want to be disappointed!

    • you just spent four months in latin america??! you should be the one encouraging me! haha – i’m sure you’ve shot some amazing things. my sister often reminds me that you have to tell yourself hey this is what you love to do. it’s easy to forget that sometimes

  • Carol

    I wanna be a tattoo artist but I don’t know where to start….maybe my own arm?

    • haha yea maybe start by getting tattoo by a professional and ask them about what they do while they do it on you – im sure you’ll be great!

      • Carol

        Thanks! I actually got one and missed the chance to ask, so I will have to get another one soon ;)
        Thanks Jeff!

  • Julia

    This year has been really rough on me, and I am about to graduate from college and I need a job so badly!!!

    I am so scared of not realizing my dreams of being a textile artist… dont know what to do

    • Julia – you will realize your dream! it is always scary coming out of art school but i think one of the best things you can do is find people making the kind of work you want to be making and get to know them – buy them a lunch and ask them about what they do and show genuine interest in their craft. these people will help you immensely –

  • I need encouragement about selling work directly from my website. Who wants to sound like a used car salesman? I want to be focused on creating (and I currently am) not selling.

    • heey Mike can you email me medium res images of your work – i am a fan – are you Tim’s brother?

      • Hi Jeff! Yes I’ll email you something. Yes, I’m Tim’s brother. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • JLNP7

    I could definitely use plenty of encouragement! I’m 22 years old, “trying” to finish community college but I let things get in the way of reaching my goals. I’ve never been book smart so the main reason I keep going back is because it seems like the right thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn! I enjoy all forms of Art and I try to stay connected to the art community. But overall I find it stressful to chose a path because of how unsure I am of the circumstances that lie ahead. What can I do?

    • i think you can’t get too ahead of yourself – focus on what you have going on now rather than worrying about the future (in a negative sense). finishing school was hard for me too but my parents drilled it into me that finishing was an important lesson and i think it definitely was. you can do it! thanks for being such a loyal reader for so long (it hasn’t gone unnoticed)

      • JLNP7

        Thank you very much as always!! Today certainly brought up my spirit! Glad to hear so much positivity from everyone as well. We are not alone that’s for sure!! Keep up the good job Jeff!

  • Hobie Fuerstman

    I just started family medicine residency here in Colorado and I’m getting brutalized. My wife isn’t doing well being 1700 miles from her home in charleston

    • You can do it man. Colorado is a beautiful place, I’ve been there a couple times. Hopefully she’ll come around to it with time. Don’t give up!

  • Korean

    Do not be scared. To get a job as a textile artist. Go to big cities.

  • I’d love some man.. thanks. Getting really close on two projects: one is my art, and one is for kids online. Both are wandering the desert, currently!

    • great little characters i like the snorkel guy and bonus points for the word Boom there :-)

  • Korean

    Fear is Success.

  • I was recently broken up with and having a hard time feeling valued as they so quickly moved on.

    • it’s always tough but alone time is good too – before my current girlfriend i was single for several years and it was an important time for me to really figure out how to be happy on my own.

  • I feel happy and content. I even have a sense of direction. However hearing encouregment is always appreciated.

    • I love your motto about dancing! i think if you can find time to dance everyday you will life am immensely satisfying life

      • Thank you. Honestly that is great advice.

  • ALFR

    Embattling discouragement over a music video that was supposed to be released months ago, but which has run into a few perplexingly bizarre setbacks. It’s made me wonder if “the universe” — or rather, the soul of the project itself — is demanding something more to take this project from good to great and actually make money for the charity it is intended to benefit. However, this would mean reshoots and a tear-down and re-edit. The good news is that I have a fun idea for reshoots that would cost me nothing but time. The challenge is my head game. The project has been in the works for over a year and people are asking when it’s coming out. I feel like an ultra marathon runner on mile 99 who’s been told to go back to mile 10 and finish from there. Reshoots & a new edit could broaden its chances of success, but there are no guarantees. It’s made me wonder if it’s worth it, or if I should just write this one off and move on. How do I inject myself with renewed energy and freshness on this project after so much time, energy and heartbreak?

    • i did film in school and can relate to obstacles like this. i shot two rolls of film for one of my films and both rolls were completely empty after paying for the lab work. i think the camera was just faulty but it meant i had to go and re-do a bunch of stuff. it was worth it in the end. i think you want to be happy about what you’ve created after all is said and done. it will only be a waste if you abandon it at this point. Push through, you can do it, it will be worth it!

      • ALFR

        Thanks so much, Jeff!

  • neonlooiz

    I’m a former Chicagoan who lives in NY for the last 8 years, and recently left his husband of about a year. I feel like I’m trying so hard to “make it” in my creative profession that I don’t even know why I wanted to do what I’m doing anymore. Help!

    • maybe take some time to find a hobby, something unrelated to anything you are doing work-wise. find whats fun for yourself again. i sorta made a decision a couple years ago to stop doing things just because other people said they were fun or cool. i wanted my job and free time to be filled with people and things that i was energized and inspired by. it was in some ways a simple choice but one i think maybe people forget is in their control. so many instagram accounts are filled with photos by people for other people – to please random people they dont even know! take time now to find things that you find fulfilling and make you happy and i think it will help change your perspective on work and everything else

  • Cori Flowers

    OMG this is just what I needed. I work for an art a culture magazine in Mexico, I am very poorly paid and I design the magazine, write articles, do interviews and contact artists to publish them. I am practically a magazine maker robot. The problem is i am totally in love with my job, but it is not paying my bills (I have already asked for a salary raise but they gave me silly excuses not related to the quality of my work). Is this a sick relationship? Sometimes I feel like giving up and look for another job that I don’t like so much but i’m better paid, but I really love what I do here. HEEELP

    • don’t undervalue yourself! i’m sure you are incredibly talented if they have you doing all those things. i would give them a choice to keep you or let you go – ask for what you’re worth or find something new. i see this all the time and many talented friends get burnt out from relationships like this and some find it hard to have fun making things ever again. dont let it kill your passion! stand up for youself, you can do it.

      • Cori Flowers

        Thank you so much Jeff!

  • amcabrero

    I want to be a Javascript guru! Please encourage!

    • i dont know anything about java but if there’s anyone who can do it, its YOU. i believe in you.

  • So! I’m a high school English teacher and the head tennis coach. I’m switching to a new high school this fall, and I’m nervous of course! However, I’d like to become a freelance illustrator. I don’t have the money to go back to school, and I’m hoping I’ll get better with my self-taught illustration skills while I juggle my tasks as a teacher/coach/mentor to many students I know need me.

    • hi janie – there are many free tutorials online for drawing with a tablet or using photoshop, etc to make images. i dont think going back to school is always the only way to go! i think if you’re a teacher you’re likely a people person and this is very helpful when you’re trying to work as a freelancer as its all about relationships! make some small goals for yourself (managable ones each week) it will encourage you to be able to cross things off your list once a week.

  • pearson

    “What’s my problem?” is something I just asked myself as I lay cradled on carpet. Then reaching for the current smartphone I type on I refreshed Gmail and my eyes lit upon finding an interesting email from you, Jeff. Freezing over at 21 years, I go to work as a line cook in a couple hours. This is not my dream.

    Should I sharpen my writing skills? Self-publish a compilation of my hidden poems? Finally begin on that photo series I conceptualized? Work ritualistically to save money so I can backpack through parts of Asia? Go back to school next semester?

    I feel as if I am spiritually becoming who I am yet the world continues to discourage me monumentally. Unexpected people in my life just don’t seem to get it. Fame and money and earthly pleasures no longer seduce me yet I still sit here and read Tolstoy, Orwell, and Pynchon.

    Confusion seems constant as I am torn across abysses.

    I would like to simply hear what you, Jeff, think of these words I’ve written. This is what honest misdirection and languid despair sounds like in 2015. What’s my problem?


    • i want to hear your hidden poetry. i think the thing i’ve learned most is the importance of maintaining real and lasting relationships with people you care about. do anything you can to mend broken friendships. and let people go who cannot be helped at this time. dont take on other people’s stresses and pursue whatever you find most fulfilling with all your energy. if that’s poetry or photography, or anything, you’ll find an audience is really responsive to honesty – based on what you wrote above you dont have a problem with being honest and you are a great writer. i think whatever you choose make sure it is always something that will allow you to learn something new and meet someone new. that’s sorta been my thing and it’s worked for 7 years.

      • pearson

        Thank you :) have a great day! Keep booooooomin

  • My paintings have been rejected by so many galleries in Los Angeles and maybe thinking about quitting and going back to my normal job. I have been working for T.V studios for 10 years but I couldn’t find the light. I need a encouragement, Jeff.

    • Sierra

      you’re so good!!

      • hugs

      • ALFR

        Beautiful! Talk to Yossi at Santa Monica Art Studios!

      • Yossi?

      • ALFR

        Yes. He’s part owner of Santa Monica Art Studios. They have big open studio events every few months. Perhaps you could get an exhibit there. Do you have a website with an email contact?

    • A_Inu

      Um..I’m feeling this painting

    • This painting is incredible!!!! Have you reaching out to galleries in other cities?

      • not really. maybe Zurich and Berlin. but not in U.S.

      • Reach out to some galleries in other cities… NYC, San Fran, Seattle, Denver, Miami……etc. I had a conversation with the extremely talented artist, Travis Louie, who said that he reached out to so many galleries in NYC. Time after time he got rejected. When he started reaching out to West Coast galleries he finally got some interest. His advice “each city has it’s own flavor of art, don’t get discouraged by rejection.” Keep up the AWESOME work!

      • very sweet. thank you so much, Olivia!

      • thanks for taking the time to encourage others here Olivia, i was hoping this would happen a bit

    • I love your painting! Taste is different for everybody keep on going :D

      • yes! i would like to encourage all of the people that just left encouragement for this painter! well done everyone, now you’re getting it!

      • hugs. Thanks Marine

    • really cool stuff! can you email me a link to your work and/or better quality images of your paintings – love to see more. dont quit! art is in your soul i can tell

    • Jesse Robertson

      I love this! It’s difficult approaching galleries….I find it best to let the interactions happen naturally….not to say I dont try, I just don’t force my paintings too much…just hang around and engage with the galleries I fit with until they notice my awesomness☺️

    • Sandra

      awesome work

    • Loes

      I LOVE this painting! Definitely keep going, I am súre you will find a spot where they will love it, it’s great work :)!

    • Nicole Standard

      You are doing great work!

  • eunhyelee85

    I need some encouragement about putting myself out there (socially and professionally) and being brave about my decisions! Thanks Jeff!

    • you’re already doing a fine job of putting yourself out there by making this request! be bold! don’t worry about others opinions – just do you! people who like you will like you more and then you dont waste time with people who dont vibe with the real you anyways. when you get to a place where you can be yourself 24/7 it is honestly the best feeling and you become sort of invincible at that point. i encourage you to keep going, i know you can do it.

  • David K Koppe

    Will my photos ever be good enough or creative enough to be art?

    • YES. keep producing work, and continue to learn and improve, looking at work that others say is good and trying to figure out for yourself what is good about it. this will help inform the work you are making. it takes time

      • David K Koppe

        Thanks for the encouragement Jeff!!

  • You the best Jeff. Bless your kind heart. Keep doing what you are doing. You have inspired so many minds including mine.

    • you’re doing this all backwards haha im supposed to make you feel good – thanks for giving me a boost! hopefully i can keep it going. have a great day

  • Sarah Swinwood

    I came back to Vancouver with a big mission that I am sure I can accomplish if I stay focused – but I find myself getting distracted by people, social situations or just feeling drained. Can you encourage me to keep my people standard high & remind me how to stay focused? You’re awesome thank you!

    • yea you can totally do it Sarah. to be honest i’ve spent majority of my friday nights for the past seven years happily working on this website. it takes a lot of discipline but i wouldn’t be able to do the things i’m doing now if i hadn’t worked really hard when a lot of other people were partying. i encourage you if you have a big dream to put the work in, it WILL pay off.

      • Sarah Swinwood

        I take it to heart. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll print it & keep it with me!

  • Natasha Neale

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed at my new venture: opening up a pop-up space on Main Street (Little Mountain Shop—come visit!). Was I crazy to make this move?Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated? Jeff, you’re awesome, by the way.

    • Vanessa Tam

      You’re gonna be fine. I’m so excited for you and this space!

      • of course you are encouraging other people here Vanessa you are the best.

    • what! when does it open? that’s amazing i will come visit you. if anyone can make something like this work YOU CAN DO IT. love ya!

  • That’s cool some encouragement to you to reply to everybody! Have a great day and weekend oh yeahhh!

    • thanks Marine! hope you have a terrific day, and that whatever you eat for dinner is the best tasting whatever that thing was in the history whatever that thing was.

  • Rebecca Chaperon

    I’m working on a painting and struggling to make it work. I’d love some encouragement in that area!

    • i’m sure what you are working on is really cool and it’s actually so close to working. take a break, put on your favourite song, go for a stroll, remember you’re getting to paint for a living! enjoy the rest of your day doing totally un-paint related things. come back to the studio refreshed and knock out the rest of it with fresh eyes – you can do it, you will

    • Tyler Durbano

      I feel like I am constantly at that stage with one painting or another. Don’t give up! A professor once told me that when nothing is going right in a painting and you feel like giving up on it, you’re at a pivotal moment in the work. Often when nothing is going right, the potential to make a positive change on the canvas can’t get any higher – just don’t be afraid to make a big change!
      In the past when I found myself in that situation, I used to put the painting aside, thinking that i had hit a wall and there was nowhere further to go. Now I realize that I have just hit a certain difficult step in the process, but there are a lot of fun steps afterward that I will enjoy if I just push through. Maybe this is the same for you, so I have to encourage you to push through, too. I’m sure it will be a great piece, and I know we’d all like to see it when it’s finished :)

  • shuuki

    Yes please. Short version: lost job, burned out, looking for the new thing, about to chase a grand idea to build something big and new in art/education. But the deeper I get into it the more I see other smarter more successful pretty people working and it’s easy to get demoralized… though it’s all I can see myself doing and all my fire will let me burn for. I feel like there should be a question mark at the end of this. I dunno. Thanks for asking and listening.

    • dont be discouraged – rather than look at it like you’re in competition with other people, try to figure out ways to work together. people doing great work in the same area of interest can be tremendous assets/resources for you to improve and grow in whatever it is you’re doing. you can do it!

      • Rebecca Chaperon

        How sweet are you ? Thanks so much Jeff : ) you’re an amazing human.

  • So distracted by life. Love creating, but can’t seem to stay focused for more than a few days for most stuff. Day job, and the pressures of supporting a family are constantly pulling me away from the art I love to create. How can I find the balance without disrupting or damaging one or the other???

    • maybe try to find family friendly art activities – take a fun art class together or just go to the beach with a sketchpad. i just took a ceramics class with friends it was a fun way to be creative and spend time with others.

  • Kirsten Whitney

    I can’t get over myself and take the step into self promotion for my art. I’m quite proud of my work, but my closet is full of it because I’m too worried about spamming people on social media.

    • Nicole Standard

      I have that same feeling sometimes.

    • just post it somewhere where people can decide if they want to follow you or not – make a separate account for your work if you have to. you’ll be surprised how many people actually want to support you!

  • Alexia

    Thank you ❤️ I’m struggling with harnessing my ideas and directing my inspiration into something positive and fathomable. How do you do it?

    • i think sometimes the Internet can be bad if you’re at a point where you overwhelmed with possibilities/choices it doesn’t always assist in narrowing down and can just freeze you up and make you indecisive. maybe just go for a walk/hike. bring a notebook – sit and dont do anything, just enjoy being alone for awhile. and then maybe take an hour to write out whatever comes to mind. alone time every week is super important especially if you’re at a crossroads

  • Lostboy Finn

    i often get discourged from the over saturation of illustration images.
    how can i counter balance that? thanks jeff xo

    • sometimes its best just to keep your head down, dont look at instagram everyday. just make a whole lot of stuff without worrying what everyone else is doing. or take a break – dont burn out – learn to play guitar or something else creative but entirely different from what you’re doing right now – i will inspire you in a different way

  • Shannon

    i need some encouragement to clean my room! HELP ME JEFF!! give me that boost/kick in the pants

    • CLEAN YOUR ROOM. but only if you’re not using that as some sort of excuse for not doing something else more important. i find i only want to clean my house when i actually have other work to do! Download some new good music and play it really loud – it helps me clean.

  • Bayla

    Hi Jeff, I apply to the Boooooom submissions almost every month with no success :( I feel like my work has a fighting chance in comparison to other submissions and hope one day I can reach my goal!! Thanks for BOOOOOM!

    • hey bayla i’ve seen your work and keeping an eye out! you definitely have some great work on your site. i think its all about finding your voice. i really like your from “me too” you series. i encourage you to keep going and maybe narrow down what you show – focus on what the direction you are headed in and have all the work reflect that! great work so far

  • Heather Owens

    Thank you! I gave a career I loved to take a less demanding job in Japan that gave me time to work on my art. I can’t imagine doing anything else, but trying to work and promote myself in a foreign language and culture is draining. I can’t financially afford to live and work this way back home. I love being in Japan’s art scene, but still feel like success is always out of reach.

    • You made the right choice Heather – i can say that not even knowing you because any time you step out and take a chance like that in the name of pursuing something like this its a good thing. art scene there is tough as many people do not buy art because they have no room for it. but its an amazing place to live and be inspired and hopefully you can find an online fan base! keep going do not give up!

  • slugwormsnail

    Insecurity in showing people my paintings because they’re pretty ‘scribbly’. Insecurity about being able to call what I do art. Discouraged from never selling anything. On top of it all moving to LA and feeling stuck in concrete with no nature & also told someone I like them yesterday and got rejected. Ugh.

    • your honest will be your greatest asset – dont let small rejections get you down! LA is a tough place for sure (in the little i’ve been there) but try to connect with a small group of people into the same things you are and go from there. make smaller goals – do-able ones so you can see your own progress and be encouraged by it. you’re doing great

      • slugwormsnail

        Thanks a lot Jeff. I appreciate you facilitating and carving out a space in which people could express frustration and insecurity. I am comforted and feel encouraged after reading through the comments. I will work on small goal wins. Much love, Janice.

    • Jon Hanlan

      I love this particular painting! So much potential for exploration, wow.
      Keep going, man! If you find enjoyment from creating these I’d say that is a good enough reason. Chances are some other people will find it beautiful also! Create your small community of backers and manifest that positive feedback loop for you and your creative world. And LA! Many people aspire to move there – there’s plenty of nature to see in-and-around there, just stay positive and uplifted. You got this!

      • slugwormsnail

        I like your positivity and perspective. This means a lot to me. I will take your advice and work on building a close network. Thank you, Jon!

  • EK

    Hi Jeff.. I feel mostly lost in life, feeling dejected by not really knowing what my passion and aspirations are. How do people keep up with the society and knowing what they want it life?

    • i think it changes all the time – people dont want the same things when they’re a teenager that they want when they’re 40. dont worry about figuring out your whole life at once. maybe just try to identify what makes you happy right now. what do you find fulfilling? spend more time with people who build you up and give you energy.

  • Yes, free encouragement! I need it, especially today. I can get very negative due to circumstances in life and feel like everything is falling apart :(

    • Judy you rule! everything is gonna work out for you I can feel it. starting today! take a moment to watch the sunset tonight and let its beauty fill you up with energy for tomorrow. you’re doing great!

  • Nicole Standard

    Such a great Idea Jeff! Some days, I feel overwhelmed with all the work that goes into being an illustrator/artist. I spend so many hours working and promoting my work but sometimes I feel i’m not getting anywhere even though I have had great opportunities in the past couple of years.

    • I know the feeling :)

    • find someone you care about – maybe the other person in your profile phot and play the game where you say 5 things you like about each other. look into each others eyes are you do this. its actually very powerful and will make you feel better about all the things you’re struggling with! they’re all small in the grand scheme of things – keep going!

      • Nicole Standard

        Thanks Jeff! There should be more of these positive discussions in the world!

    • Rebeka Cimelli

      Ditto! Am sending you lots of positive thoughts. Keep on keeping on xx

      • Nicole Standard

        Thanks! I have received those positive thoughts and sending positive thoughts to other people now :)

  • I’ve been feeling neglected at work lately. I don’t feel like I’m part of a team and usually feel like I’m left out on projects and other company functions. I feel like the only person in my office that doesn’t love their job. Maybe I need the motivation to start looking for another agency to work for.

    • feeling like part of the team is super important!! its tough if you dont love your job – not sure how easy or hard it is to find another one in your industry but it doesn’t hurt to look! maybe make a conscious effort to connect with people this month and if its still not happening for you dont feel bad about moving on! being around people that make you happy and motivate you and value you is really key to being happy. im sure you’ll find people out there who enjoy having you as part of their team!

  • Kirsten Whitney

    Blind Embossment and Touche Wash are beautiful! I also really like the Magenta/Cyan painting on your homepage.

  • L_Aluna

    Should I still be encouraged even though I’m not an “edgy” artist?

    • who wants to be one of those anyways? i like you already.

      • L_Aluna


  • Nick Angelo Arcidy

    definitely could use some. taking a break from painting for a minute to make some gifs.

    • SO GOOD! where can i see more

  • Karen Victoria

    Hi jeff, nowadays everything seems to go nowhere and i usually am the person who encourage other people, i don’t really like to talk about feelings and stuff but sometimes we kind of need it :)

  • Elliat Albrecht

    I’m moving to Hong Kong in a few weeks!

    • its gonna be a great experience for you i know it, not sure about their candy situation though.

      • Elliat Albrecht

        I forgot to say I’m moving to Hong Kong to open a candy factory. Little dim sum gummies.

  • Thanks for your time, Jeff! My first solo show is next month in Portland, OR. I currently price my work based on my time and materials; my pieces take an enormous amount of time because of the detail and size. I hear two schools of thought… Price what you are worth and price to sell. Do you have any advice on pricing?

    • a good starting point is making sure it was worth your time to make it. i dont feel like art can be solely priced based on this but you could kinda treat it like freelance design work where this is more the norm. figure out what your time is worth and price it based on this. obviously making an enormous piece and spending months on it makes it harder for people to afford it in the end so take this into consideration when making work – especially when you’re starting out. the gallery should also have suggestions or an idea what sells in the gallery, varying price points and sizes helps at a show, giving people options

  • i always wanted to work in a video store and actually applied to Rogers video and they never hired me. i like to think this is what it would have been like to work there. nice dream sequence

  • mmqc

    Thanks for your offer and this site. Feeling burnt out. Unaligned day job. I make small progress with my music and art outside of work, but it feels like these little steps are at a snail’s pace.

    • its ok! dont feel like its a race. it takes time to make good work! its the forgettable stuff that gets churned out all the time at a rapid pace. you’re doing great, im sure the things you make will be amazing if you have the patience now! keep going!

  • i think you’ve definitely got a wide array of skills based on the work in there. try to narrow down your portfolio to what you’re best at and what is the most fun for you. your best work will come out of jobs that allow you to do the things you enjoy the most so shape your portfolio to allow you to attract more of that kind of work.

  • Jay Bibel

    Hi Jeff. I go to the RISD where I used to study illustration up until the first semester of my third year. I then realized that it just wasn’t for me (focusing on making an image/work for a client that the masses could understand while still being interesting) and switched into printmaking. I am happy to be learning these new skills and to be explore my own ideas, but I still feel lost. Since I joined so late it seems as though everyone else in my department has an idea of what their work is about. I’m struggling to find conceptual links within my work and to describe who I am as an artist. I am so hung up on this problem that I have been struggling to produce work myself. Did you struggle trying to write up an artist statement or to find confidence in your work? What advice would you give to help someone find there footing to describe their portfolio of work? Thank you for all that you do.

    • i honestly think you should spend all your time making the work and looking at good work. surround yourself with talented people – learn even by watching them. get involved with some sort of art community and show your work to them and get feedback from them – good work will speak for itself. help others with their print projects, i find its easier to make new connections offering to help rather than asking for favours. the more work i make the more confident i am about what i’m making. don’t over think everything just go and do! you’re gonna do great!

      • Jay Bibel

        Thank you for the advice, it really lifted my spirits!

  • Scott Francis Davies

    Hi Jeff, Booooooom is quite honestly one of my favorite corners of the internet. If it wasn’t for my 16 year old self accidentally stumbling on the website and opening myself up to a world of fascinating things going on around the world at a point where I wasn’t sure what to do with my life I’d be far less positively driven and inspired by now. So thank you first, sir.
    I’ve just finished my first year at university, I’m from a poor background, about to be god knows how much in debt. I don’t know if it’s all worth it, everything I’m getting out of higher education is completely self motivated, I’m trying to specialize in the discipline of Illustration – but I feel constantly being pressured how to make a buck now I’m ‘of age’, and when an absolute necessity to be creative is being pressured by outside influence, it becomes a little soul destroying. I feel like what I want to do is being dismissed, discouraged by ‘reality’. I thought I had an unbreakable work ethic, but I’ve lost the spark, not that I’m in a creative block, but that I just lack self motivation and enthusiasm, my health being of concern does not help either. It’s hard finding a balance of bread & butter then also doing what you love, keeping a positive mind set and lifestyle.
    I’m combating this feeling by putting my energy into ‘managing’ an exhibition event for local visual artists and also creatives from further afield, it’s great to put ego aside and work as a collective. I just need some luck that it will all work out by this late August, it’s incredibly stressful being in a call center & ensuring things happen, but I need it to happen. Maybe it’s the kick I need.

    feels good to vent, apologies


    • hey scott thanks for the kind words! i would say find a solid group of likeminded people – even one person who shares the same passions are yourself. it will be good to have support from even one person. maybe this person is in your artist collective already. set some really lofty outrageous goals and then figure out really small do-able first steps towards the goal. keep each other accountable. share successes with each other and dont dwell on the setbacks. you will make significant progress if you work this way!

  • Chrissy

    Hi! I’m getting ready to take big life-changing leap that will be a big upheaval and it’s a bit scarey and risky, but ultimately an awesome idea. I’ll take all the encouragem that you can muster! Thank you!

    • DO IT CHRISSY. it will be the best thing you ever did. change is good. success without risk is meaningless. it wont necessarily be easy but it will be that much more rewarding once you’re on the other side of it. i encourage you to keep going

      • Chrissy

        Thank you!!

  • i like your photos paul – ill keep an eye on your work. i’ve found teaming up with people is a great way to survive. its important to have a support system – perhaps collaborate with people of entirely different disciplines so you can reach an audience that you wouldn’t have otherwise. keep going, dont give up!

  • i still love those photos travis – i think its something that will always live inside of your whether its ever your full time job or not you will have a desire to create! maybe just a find a way to ease back into it, still doing both the day job and the hobby. you have talent!

  • keep on going! i think surrounding yourself with the art community that you want to be a part of is important. reach out to people whose work you like, take them for a coffee, go to their art shows, support them. just being around those people will inspire your work, you will learn a lot and it will motivate you as you will see you and them are not that different. that was huge for me, meeting some idols of mine and feeling like i could do what they were doing (not in a cocky way, just in a realistic goal sort of way) it is possible!

  • some great portraits on your site – keep going man, dont get discouraged! its hard sometimes with Instagram and other things like that where its easy to start making work for others. i encourage you to keep making work for yourself

  • cool stuff – would suggest maybe changing to a tumblr format where people can view more than 1 image! but nice work! keep going!

    • Lautaro

      Jeff, the other pictures are on the list of pages on the left. I wanted to use that one as some kind of “cover”. Thanks!

  • njparkernj

    Hey man, I’m 27 years old and I’ve made some mistakes. Everyday I’m doing my best to save my money, and make somthing of myself so I can have a happy life with my girlfriend. We’re trying to move out and start a life on our own, but damn can it be frustrating. But it seems the harder I work, the more connections I try to make, somthing happens that makes me take two steps back. You’re the man Jeff, been following your blog from the beginning!

    • thanks so much for the support all these years – dont be discouraged by small setbacks. keep grinding it out, you’ll get up to the top of the hill in no time. keep surrounding yourself with quality people and dont waste time dwelling on anything outside of your control! you’re doing great! amazing things are within reach!

  • i like these allyson, the really abstract black and white one especially. i think the most successful artists are making work that’s coming from an honest place – try to find what you like to make the most and go from there. you will be able to start creating something fresh sooner when its coming from you rather than a focus on imitating something or someone else! look for colour/pattern inspiration outside of weaving – go for a walk in nature – find flowers, plants – anything that speaks to you. you can always abstract these things you just need a starting point. dont worry about whats trendy, make things that feel like they’re honestly you

  • i still love those photos travis – i think its something that will always live inside of your whether its ever your full time job or not you will have a desire to create! maybe just a find a way to ease back into it, still doing both the day job and the hobby. you have talent!

  • think less about who is going to deem something good or bad and just focus on making work and surrounding yourself with talented people who can give you feedback. everyday your goal should be learn something new or meet someone new. the more good work you look at and the talented people you connect with the more improvement there will be in your own work – keep going!

  • Aww this is so nice. I’ve been working myself really hard lately to the point of burnout, but I just need one last push so I can finish what I need to finish. :)

    Also I wanted to say that a talk that you did a while back was really encouraging to me! It made me realized that fear is a good thing and that I should embrace it as a sign that I’m going in the right direction. I had always wanted to direct music videos, but I let fear stop me from trying. Thank you for that talk, it was exactly what I needed to hear.

    • heey jen – which talk were you at (or did you watch online)?

      in any case im glad it helped! yea i think its always hard right near the end to keep going but i encourage you to push through! dont let fear dictate your life! or what i wrote on a slide for recent talk in barcelona was “let the fear of letting fear dictact your life dictate your life.” if you can figure out what that even means thats how im living my life – out of fear if i run away from things that scare me i’ll my life will never be as fulfilling as if i turn directly at those things and pursue them

      • yes that’s perfect! You should let the fear of not having acheived what you wanted in your life overrule the fear of possible short term failure. I don’t remember exactly which talk it was, but it was something you posted here. Thanks again :)

  • it is a tough industry – i worked in it for several years and kinda burnt out on it. i dont know enough to say whether you should keep going or not but figure out what’s fulfilling for you. maybe there are similar/related things that will be just as fulfilling – like if you’re doing the graphics maybe there’s a way to also offer prints or something that doesn’t cost as much as clothing to produce and maybe easier to sell and just as fulfilling to create. just a thought – regardless i encourage you to keep pursuing your passion, maybe just take some time to reevaluate what it is that makes you most happy. its easy to have your head down for a couple years and lose track of what it was that got you interested in the first place

    • Yeah, it been rough getting any kind of momentum. Especially when I am on a limited budget and dealing with such small quantities of goods. But my approach has been as long as I break even and have the opportunity to work with some talented creatives to keep it alive. If you have a chance to check it out would love to hear what you think of the brand. Good thought with the prints. I actually do street style art as well. And have been getting back into that. Just did a cool group show with You are Beautiful (below.) Appreciate your response Jeff. Always good to hear some outside perspective, means a lot!

  • i think its important to keep showing people your work and actually be responsive to their feedback. its hard to see a project outside of your own head sometimes especially when its something really personal. being teachable is key to improving. i think if you’re passionate about film you have to at some point show others what you’re making. fear is only going to stunt your improvement! a creative class i took in college was one of the hardest experiences i’ve had where we had to read our stories out loud in front of the class each week but it was also the best because the feedback i got was what i needed to hear in order to improve.

  • i think many people are too concerned with the launching part and the sharing part and not the creating part! just focus on making great work. put all your energy into that part. find people to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from. improve everyday. the launching and sharing and all that other stuff will happen if the work is good! i encourage you to keep going! make a strong body of work!

  • maybe try to bring on someone to help you finish them. even if you make less money because of what you’ll pay for the help it will be worth to just get them out of the way. you can do it! i believe in you –

    • Silvi

      thanks jeff. i would be paying someone just to sit and make sure i do them! but maybe that’s what it’s come to. nothing like shame and money as motivating factors. thanks so much for your time and heart and inspiration. love love love your blog and all you do for art and artists! <3

  • DeeCathyrn

    Hey, thank you for doing your thing. I’ve struggled with my emotional distrust of people affecting how I feel showing my art. I’ve tried to focus on what I’d want to show strangers through my art but often feel to show art is in a way making myself vulnerable or not protecting my art…? This month I showed twice and felt both wonderful and awful. Do you have any wise words for handling anxieties with exhibiting?

    • showing work is definitely a very hard thing at first. you have to be okay with being vulnerable and exposed! one of my first art pieces was a text piece that i drew with pencil crayons and it said “I’m not confident enough to make serious work”. in a lot of ways i still feel like this. humor is a nice way to sorta protect yourself. you can still be honest but it also provides you a little extra buffer to not take criticism so personally. you do have to just do it and get over fears through brute force. any compliments you get from people you dont know will make it all worth it

      • DeeCathyrn

        I appreciate your thoughts on it. I think you’re definitely right, humor is less serious and something we share daily. That text piece was playful- but also very truthful, respect! I’d like to focus on creating installation pieces in the future, so everyone who views my art will be in a way engulfed by it and less observer more participator. The idea of art hung on the wall with an outside viewer onlooking making judgements (whether positive or not) makes me cringe, but over time I’m sure more positive feedback will help. Thanks again Jeff!

  • I am heading out for the evening. I will continue to respond to any new comments later tonight/tomorrow. Love you all.

  • I’m failing. A lot. I dedicated my life to making art, being an artist, expressing myself blah blah blah. I’m getting no where. Every application i’ve submitted, every request i’ve made, all get rejected. I spun through my studies with flying colours and all i have to show for it now is a hundred unexhibited works and zero credibility. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARgh. Now I work an admin job because I make no money from my passion. Boo you cpailtalism.

    • i think a lot of people spend lots of time trying to get shows and less time making work – i’d encourage you to keep making work, keep looking at good work, try to connect with arts programs and artists where you live. as your work continues to grow the gallery shows will come you don’t have to force them or be discouraged early on. hang in there, keep pushing through!

  • Ive been making comics for 9 years and I just recently finished a collaboration that lasted 3 years. I cant publish it because the subject matter is way too risque(like porn) in light of my recent project which is a kids komik antho that Im extremely proud of. I put in a lot of work to both projects, and I understand why I shouldn’t put out the other work, but it still bums me out and I feel like I wasted the last 3 years working on the thing even though some people I respect told me its my best work so far. It’s just this really dead end situation.

    • John Bachman

      use a pseudonym for the risque version, and you will be like stephen king/richard bachman! How about Selsinoj Cola? or Jon Isles Loca?

      • haha Its not that simple, thanks for the suggestion though. I dont wanna use a psuedonym because that would compromise the message of the book (which is to normalize discussions of sex rather than to further mystify it) and If I used a pseudonym it’d send out the wrong message. I honestly think It’s time to just move on from the thing.

    • tough situation – if you decide not to put it out hopefully other good things can come from the work, it can still be sent to people who may be interested in working with you on future projects as an example of the work you are capable of. it’s not a waste – if the work is good it can still help you regardless of it being a published book or not!

  • jooooooord

    Been following your blog for years! My main bookmarks are in this order: Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Booooooom, Thrasher, Soundcloud, Songza.
    This year I’m entering King Shit’s “Connect The Dots” Video/Photo contest. Ive had this concept for a video in mind for a few years, utilizing projections and feedback loops. The project feels very rushed to meet the deadline, and I know the end result won’t quite align with my intended vision. What do I do, Jeff?? Rush my vision to meet a contest deadline? Or take more time to create a film I am really proud and excited about?

    • maybe attempt to make it for kingshit but if you just can’t then at least you started it and you can take whatever time it takes to finish it right and you still have a great piece. if you put it off just because of a tight deadline you may never do it! DOO IT.

      • ps i love that connect the dots contest! excited to see what you make (see how i am pressuring you)

  • Hi Jeff!

    Thanks for granting this space for encourage.

    I’d been watching your page for years and, it took me, years, to finally propose my art for a submission on your website. I feel like jumping from a cliff, because maybe more works are needed to be appreciated. Very few people like, believe in or understand what i do. You see, there was a release delay, because rejection had affected me very much so i stopped working on art (self taught). But i think i can’t wait anymore. Besides, English is not my native language, it adds more tension. Sometimes, I’m very anxious…but in art i find great joy.
    – From Panama, Rep. of Panama

    • hey gisela yes i have seen the work you submitted! i encourage you to keep going with it, keep experimenting and building on what you have going so far. it’s very unique and maybe certain people won’t ever understand it but that doesn’t matter! if it’s coming from an honest place, and makes you happy to do it i think it’s important to keep at it! good for you for taking the leap to start sharing publicly – that’s the first step!

  • cck1

    First off, what an idea- thanks for taking the time! Your offering of encouragement has come at a perfect time actually. I have been feeling like I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately- both on my own time, and especially at work. I am grateful everyday I have a job, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been doing the same thing for a few years now and I crave a change. The same job has been offered to me again- and although its job stability for awhile longer I know I should pass. I need something new, but I’m not too sure what that is yet.
    I went to a talk with Glen Keane (disney animator) and he described these moments in ones creative life like a giant staircase, and sometimes you are stuck finding a way up the next step.
    Anyways- Keep up the good work here on booooooom. Thanks

    • yea i think sometimes its hard to know what to do next but the great thing is that you can’t really screw up as long as what you’re doing allows you to learn something new and/or meet someone new everyday. put yourself in a position to do both these things. when is the last time you failed at something? if it’s been awhile maybe you’re feeling uninspired because you’re not challenged! i challenge you to risk failing at something, try something outside of your comfort zone! it’s a good way to help find the next step – even if the new thing isn’t what you end up pursuing very far it will help you look over to the left, at the thing you’ve been sorta stuck on, and see if from a different perspective

      • cck1

        This is exactly what I needed. Thank you, so so much.

  • i like your painting

  • Daniel

    Dude. You are awesome. This thread is awesome. If I could recommend this 20 times, I would.

    • ah thank you daniel! you rock dude – here comes 20 high-fives! get ready

      • Daniel


  • My first book is being published by a small press, and sometimes I feel it won’t make any difference. I hustle pretty hard to get my writing out there, but I feel like no one really cares.

    • the great thing about the internet is there is the potential for people you dont know, who live in a completely different part of the world, to encounter what you’re creating. i would share the work on something like tumblr or medium and maybe try tagging your posts with really specific tags so that other people who are into the same things as you can come across them. the world is big enough that if there is something you’re super passionate about there are at the very least thousands of people who are also into it. it may take a bit of work but you just have to find those people! the easier you make it for those people to find you the better!

  • awww so cool I remember you – please come to vancouver ill make good on my promise! glad to hear things are going well and you are obviously still ruling it

    • Ariana Leane

      Thanks mate!!

  • i like your recent work the best – i think you gotta do what you enjoy, the best work will always come out of what’s honest! keep going i like where you’re headed with your work!

    • Thanks Jeff!! This post is so meaningful! Thanks for taking the time!

  • Rebe Va

    I love this idea, very encouraging in itself. I hope there is a next time. thanks Jeff :)

    • you’re not too late – i’m still doing this! thank you for the encouragement :-) hope you have a fantastic evening!

  • hey man – yea i think there is so much free information on the Internet that art school’s really have to step up their game for it to be worth anyone’s time to go. school is not the answer (or an option) for many people.

    i think one thing i’ve learned, maybe the most important, is that there isn’t one right way of doing anything. when i got a job as a designer at Electronic Arts I thought I would learn the correct way to design a logo and all I learned was everyone did it their own way. some people sketched with pencils, scanned, and then re-drew in Illustrator, some people used digital tablets and drew right into Flash, other people use Photoshop. at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. whatever method you invent for doing anything is fine. the same can be said for becoming a designer or an artist – there isn’t one correct route. i think the thing that is the same regardless of your path though is the idea of hard work.

    don’t be afraid to show people your work, and be open to their criticisms, the more teachable you are the faster you can improve. ego will only slow down your improvement.

    become friends with people making good work. imitate their work habits, do the things they do, your work will get better even just being around these people

  • yea i can relate to this problem i never really had a style when i came outta art school and i never wanted to do one thing over and over long enough to become known for one thing. i guess from the stand point of actually making a living off of it (if this is important to you) you kinda have to choose one and run with it – once you get a big enough following you can sorta introduce the other thing you also like to do but its hard in the beginning for people to understand what you do if the two things are so different

  • haha i can’t tell if you’re serious about the edge blur thing but keep doing you!

  • nice work sandra i encourage you to get out there – show people your work and tell them about it in person. the more excited and confident you are the more excited they will be. find other photographers and go shoot with them – it’s harder to succeed in any creative field as an island – if there is an arts community in your area get involved! it will help you and your work will be better for it

  • JLNP7

    Thank you! It was a good read, I’ll be working on a few more things from now on! Set goals to accomplish as many of them as possible. :)

  • weird i responded to this and it disappeared!!! i would encourage you to travel! go experience another place – viewing work from different countries via your computer screen is great but to be in a foreign place where you may not even speak the same language will change you an challenge you – travel really does broaden your mind and improve your art in ways that are simply not possible if you stay home. it will also help you know whether you are ready to take art seriously job-wise or if it is more of a hobby thing.

  • Sometimes encouragement can be as simple as showing you care!
    Share some Aloha and change lives!!!

    • exactly! this is about the aloha spirit – hope you have a great weekend my friend

  • Unfortunately, it is already too late, because I live in another time zone – but regardless i will write a few lines…

    Hi Jeff, in the last month i wrote some messages to a lot of galaries to show them my art… sadly I got no feedback ;-(

    • hello ivan keep making work – dont worry so much about the response from galleries. you have to consider the amount of effort any artist showing in those galleries is spending on their craft! use that as motivation – keep working you can do it

  • Becky Nguyen

    Hey Jeff!

    I know I’m late but I’ll put it out there anyways.

    I haven’t really doing any art lately. I graduated from Emily Carr a while ago but never really did anything with my degree.I feel a bit guilty about that. I haven’t drawn in years, I guess ive lost my passion for it. Recently ive been tryng to get back into it, just get back into drawing for myself but it’s hard to get into the groove of things. Any encouragement would be appreciated! Thanks for your time!

    • i know how you feel Becky – i went to the same school. i sorta lost my love of drawing around the same time and it wasn’t until later on that i started again. i guess i’m an example of someone who got a little burnt out on art school but has somehow ended up doing it much later. i’d encourage you to pick up the pencil again and rediscover your love of drawing (for yourself)

      • Becky Nguyen

        Thanks Jeff! You’re awesome!

  • Hi! I am starting an art agency right out of college and have organized 6 exhibitions with different themes in different spaces this year. The goal of each exhibition is to SELL ART… all my shows have turned into a parties and haven’t sold much of anything. I really want to build a collector base and group of people who are serious about buying art…. please encourage!

    • hi Arie – maybe try to make some things without the intention of selling art, just to sort of figure out what you love to do outside of money! you will find people who are serious about buying art when you are serious about making it – as opposed to being serious about making money! its a subtle shift but i think an important one – i encourage you to explore your creative practice more before pushing the agency idea and becoming too discouraged with your situation!

  • Hogachacha

    I love to make costumes and dance. I have yet to find the proper venue/audience. Making this work brings me so much joy but I don’t know how to create videos/make the connections that I need.

    • i’m not sure what parts of creating videos you don’t know how to do but there is so much free learning available on youtube and vimeo about how to make movies. just search! put the same amount of energy into learning about movie-making as you do in your costume-making and you will pick it up quickly i’m sure of it – good luck!!!

  • I moved to London (from the US) to follow my dreams as an artist. I’ve been working hard, leaving my comfort zone and support network to try and make it on my own. I’ve moved to a very small city in the north to be with my fiancé. It has only one small art gallery which is shut for the next 16 months. The only jobs here are waitressing or working part time at a shop. I don’t know anyone here and I feel like I will have to give up my passion as a photographer. I need encouragement.

    • hi Laurelin it seems like an interesting choice to move to a small city with one small art gallery to follow your dreams as an artist! there are ways you can still continue on using the Internet but you may find that you need real community, actual people, a circle that you can feed off of in your own town. if you’re serious about the artist dream maybe there’s the possibility you can move somewhere slightly larger? at the very least dont give up on taking photos because of this situation alone. there are so many resources for good photography online/blogs to check out to be inspired by good work but i’d encourage you to seek out other photographers where you live and go on photo adventures with them. they will surely be in the same position you are, starving for someone else to share their passion with!

  • MeantWell

    My brother is autistic and my parents were ill-equipped with how to handle it. He’s a walking anxiety case and every attempt I make to help him leaves him angry and my anxious than ever. He’s 17 with no real academic or job prospects and I’m terrified he’ll need me to take care of him forever.

    • that’s a hard situation! i don’t have an answer for you but encourage you to keep on loving him even when it’s very frustrating. don’t feel guilty about time you need to take for yourself, maybe their are support groups online or in your city for this sort of thing! i don’t want say something like just hang in there it will all work out and come off very insincere, what you’re faced with requires an unfathomable amount of patience. hopefully you can find support from people who’re going through the same things and can listen to you and offer helpful feedback

      • MeantWell

        Thank you for this. I needed it more than I can say. :)

    • I used to teach autistic kids (granted they were 6th to 8th graders). While I don’t know the particularities of your situation, maybe you could reach out to his teacher? The senior teacher I worked with had previously worked in social work for autistic people and she knew a lot about how to prepare them for working in some capacity.

      If nothing else, I sympathize with your situation. We’ve been housing family members with alzheimer’s since I began college.

      • MeantWell

        Thanks. Your words mean a lot. My brother is 17 now and he just stayed with me for a week. I couldn’t help but notice all of the basic skills he lacked from lack of a real parental figure in his life. My mom has depression & schizophrenia. Her symptoms are very erratic and trust me when I say, I know what you’re going through. I think the best advice I can give anyone dealing with family members whose mental health is deteriorating is to accept them as this new person instead of holding onto your memory of who they once were and forcing them to fit that personna again.

  • hey rebeka i think if everyone listened to only their critics there would be no art! i encourage you to keep exploring to find the interesting little nugget your own personal voice within the combination of the two things. i think there’s value in continuing to explore it for sure! keep going

  • hey Mia – you can’t really worry about what everyone else is doing. no one would make anything if we had to be concerned with that! just make something that you have a vested interest in, something personal – people will gravitate towards authentic stories/point of view. if you want people to get excited about it then it has to be something you’re excited about! go for it!

  • hi dane i think the key is to find your audience – your work is very much the kind i see on concept art and commercial sci-fi illustration sites like Deviantart, conceptart.org – just because it isn’t featured here isn’t a reflection on the calibre of you work. You’re very talented I would just encourage you to seek out a community that is the right fit for the work you’re creating!

  • i’d say the first 4 images on your site (including the one you shared here) are your strongest. some of the other stuff sorta takes away from those pieces and maybe one of the reasons galleries are no responding the way you would like. consistency of voice is extremely important – i encourage you to continue building on what you have and perhaps weeding out some things from your site to strengthen it as a whole – keep going!

  • linda kius

    Love this painting – don’t stop.

  • linda kius

    Good morning – Your web site inspired me to start my own recently. I love what you do. My focus will be to support artists that are otherwise invisible due to illness, phobia or other reasons. I have always had a search and investigate mentality and love showing others my finds. I am, however, having trouble packaging my site or focusing on one or two ideas and running with it. It seems I am all over the place and concerned people will just not understand what it is I am trying to do. I am open to your advice…..www.lanugopress.com….and I think what you are doing now with the encouragement opportunity is so great!!!

    • hey linda glad you got excited to start your own – i think definitely the simpler the better, the more you can make it painfully obvious what the site is about as soon as someone new lands on it the more effective it will be. try to write out your mission statement as a paragraph of text. then really refine that paragraph down to a few sentences and then finally make it one sentence. that motto should dictate all your decisions related to the site, what content you post, how you engage an audience, who your audience is, everything. starting something like this requires lots of work but can also be really rewarding – i encourage you to jump in with both feet at least then you’ll know pretty quick whether you love it or not! good luck!

  • linda kius

    I like this – you captured a moment perfectly.

  • stixandjones

    feeling equally discouraged lately… this one sold before it was even hung at laguna art museum but I cannot get a gallery to speak to me

    • keep making work! don’t get down about things like that – rejection and failure is the first part of success. you can also try put artwork on instagram or tumblr and trying to sell work directly through those channels to people who follow your work! this is a successful route for many of my artist friends avoiding gallery representation altogether! keep going!

  • hi tyler – the subject matter of your paintings right now seems a bit all over the place. i would suggest heading in whatever direction is the most fun for you. maybe try to come up with an idea for a series and make several pieces that all work within that idea. great work so far

  • yea the fashion thing is tough – many of my friends were involved in the industry and some still are but its a grind for everyone – very few survive. you gotta really love it and be in it for reasons other than money. cut and sew stuff is a huge investment, its costly to produce and you have inventory to get rid of. then when you do make a sale to a shop they often have like net 60 meaning its months before you ever see money back and sometimes those boutiques cant pay up in the end so you end up with nothing. there are sooo many other easier ways to make a living but if you really have a passion for it i wouldn’t give up but ya gotta be educated about what kinda business you’re in for. i would recommend walking into your favourite streetwear boutique and just asking them about small brands they’re really into and then try to connect with the guys running those buisinesses, they’re often dudes just like you, slanging clothes out of their apartment. they’ll have good insights for you

  • hi britt i think your strongest piece is To Merely Be. i like the works that sit in the middle of figurative and abstract. it can be tough to come up with an original style in this area but i’d encourage you to keep pushing this and see where it goes! nice stuff so far

24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Val Britton

A selection of recent work by artist Val Britton (previously featured here). See more images below, courtesy of the artist and Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

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24.07.17 by Staff

“The Omega Project” by Rone

Rone continues his exploration of doomed and abandoned spaces with his latest immersive exhibition. “The Omega Project” sees the Melbourne-based artist setting up shop in a condemned suburban cottage in his hometown. Granted access and free rein before it’s torn down, Rone has filled the early 1900s weatherboard house with his signature ‘Jane Doe’ portraits. He also teamed up with interior stylist, Carly Spooner, to recreate the archetypal interiors, furthering the jarring mix of beauty and destruction particular to the experience of street art. As Rone explains:

“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist. As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day. For the artist, street art is all about embracing that transience and impermanence. And for the audience, it’s about seeing it (and taking photos of it) while you can”

Click here to check out the incredible 3D tour created by Phoria as well as more images and video below. While the exhibition starts July 22 and runs until the end of the month, the exact location will only be disclosed via email tomorrow morning to those who RSVP!

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24.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Jacobs

Incredible three-dimensional dioramas viewed through small porthole windows by Brooklyn-based artist Patrick Jacobs. See more images below!

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21.07.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

Booooooom art design jobs

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, we are excited to announce our very own creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, curatorial positions in galleries, freelance animation gigs, a wide variety of opportunities to work in a creative field!

A couple of examples: Our friends at Society6 are looking for a Creative Director, and Skillshare have posted openings for both a Content Producer and Senior Product Designer.

To start, we’re focusing on three cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) and will also be posting remote jobs (for those of you who prefer to work from home). All job postings are free for the rest of the month if you use the PROMO CODE: ‘friends’.

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

20.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Till Rabus

A selection of recent work by artist Till Rabus from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

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