17.08.15 by Staff

Mini Documentary of the Day: The Wanderlust of #Vanlife

van-lifePhoto via Van Life

You may remember a post about Foster Huntington’s Kickstarter for The Cinder Cone back in February. Huntington was also the man behind the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram, cataloguing the time he spent living out of his camper van.

“The Wanderlust of #Vanlife” is a short documentary, produced by The Atlantic, focusing on the people who choose to undertake the van lifestyle and the community it’s created. Watch the video below!


Foster Huntington’s Website

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  • joseph

    s/o to @vanagonia

  • Lunararmbands

    s/o to @jon_seagull

  • I resent the declaration that Foster created the idea of wanderlust in a van. If that was true then he must have time travelled to teach my parents about it before he was even born.

  • That said, this is an excellent window into what road travelling is actually like. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yesss <3 I love following tiny house and van people. I'm super stoked to do a 5 day trip down the Oregon coast in a Westfalia van late this month.

  • That was super cool!! Thanks. :)

  • Timothy Alan Johnson

    I am trying to decide if this is about living in a van, or using instagram to prove your existence.

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