13.11.15 by Jeff

Handcrafted Moleskine Leather Album and Backpack Giveaway


We have a very cool giveaway this week courtesy of Moleskine and Milk! It’s a gorgeous handcrafted custom photo album made of your choice of either black or ivory leather, and either Italian Tintoretto art paper or Mohawk proPhoto paper. We’re gonna hookup one of you with the 40-page version which retails for $795 as well as this leather backpack.


Giveaway ends in two weeks, we’ll pick a winner on November 27th. If you’d like to snag both of these beautiful items simply leave a comment below with your plans for the photo album, what are you going to put inside of it?



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • cptfunkadunk

    For the album, a collection of pictures and mementos from my students. For the backpack, my coffee mug broke in my briefcase a week ago. I could use a stellar replacement

  • Clemens

    i’m going to put pictures of the album in the album, so i can look at it from all angles while holding it in my hands.

  • I would make that 10 year spec photo book that is lingering on the backburner.

  • Floris Voorveld

    Definitely would use the album to capture the magic of our honeymoon / roadtrip through Norway :-)

  • Riccardo Leumann

    I moved a lot in the past 3 years (from SF to NY and now London), and never really took the time to curate my photos and print out the moments that mark how I got to where I am today.. I’d love to use this as an excuse to print photos that are part of my life, including racing mtb in Cali, being Aussie-rules national champs, and good times with people that changed my perspective in life.
    Thanks for the blog, Jeff! We really appreciate it

  • Harm In T Groen


    i open my eyes
    carriers of the collour
    of my soul
    my true home
    like comming home

    waiting on that little beast
    that moment
    the grattitude
    doors are open
    open to each other

    in an empty space
    i hear your voice
    at the window

    thats what i would put in the album together with other dutch and English poems i wrote and photo’s i made and develloped

  • Kelly Rae

    our adventures around the globe with my daughter and husband

  • ninarosa

    Last year I started with collecting albums again. Imagine how fun it’ll be when in 30 years I can look into all of my memories. I would put the best pictures of this year in it. Starting with all the photo booth pictures we took at new year’s eve. And the selection of the travels I did.

  • latanya t

    I would pictures that I took in 2015 in this album

  • Jeff Wills

    For the first three years of our daughter’s life I’ve gathered the requisite gagillion photos online, and in a ‘blog. Our son is due in December, and I’d like to do something different with his arrival: Create an artifact, a real physical thing, filled with pictures of both of them together. So that’s my plan, should things turn out.

    And that backpack just looks DOPE.

    Thanks. Love the BOOOOOOOM!

  • Erin Denise Moriarty

    This would make a great Christmas presant

  • Stephan Dupre

    I am collecting all drawings my daughter made since she was able to hold a pen – it’s like an artist collection from someone learning to draw until today. Some of them are stunning in their colours, others are just hilarious. Collecting those gives you such a good idea of your child’s development. I love to draw, and often draw together with her… one day when she has a family of her own, i’d give it to her…

  • Eric Hosford

    I’d love to have that sweet album for drawing so awesome stuff in.

  • Randy C

    I have been scouring the internet for the perfect medium for my wedding album and haven’t been pleased with any of my options thus far…until this! This would be absolutely perfect!!!!!! Please help me begin the first chapter to a lifelong album. =)

  • francisranger

    This will be the most awesome christmas gift that I can give to my girlfriend !

  • Masato Yamamoto

    ok..let me see.. I’ll do like this.
    first i’ll screen capture all the comments
    on this article. and then i’ll print them out to make an nice memorial album for this

  • Andrea Bader

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of travel opportunities this year – Colorado, West Coast, Turkey, Poland Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. This year has been been a year of transitions and new beginnings with all the travels, leaving my job, turning 30, etc. I tend to just store my photos on my computer or put them up on Facebook, which means I rarely look back on them. Having a beautiful album like this one would be wonderful motivation to document this year with physical photos that I can look through often.

  • Kyle Sheehan

    My grandparents did a series of photographs in France on slide film back in the early 60s… think that’d fit well in this guy.

  • taryn

    I’d put original art from my friends in it – little etchings, mini watercolor paintings, collages and photographs that I’ve collected over the years.

  • Christel Voeffray

    I’ll make bag’s photos, put them in the album and put the album in the bag. Like a vicious cercle. heu heu heu

  • donny

    Family and everyday life photos for my toddler for the future so he has a really nice record of the people and experiences he probably won’t remember later.

  • MY HEART AND SOULLLLL wrapped up in a bowtie

  • Jesse Ellingson

    I got married this summer, so i’ll put the wedding photos in it!

  • Jesse Penico

    I would put various photos of my wife and kids that I have taken over the past few years. I have an eight-year old and a ten-month old. :)

  • Taylor doran

    In the earlier years of raising 5 children, my Father took amazing film photography of us and our travels. Many of these photos have never been developed and some are still in slide format. I would secretly develop and retouch all of his photography and choose the best/most memorable moments and add them to this book. I would give it to him for Christmas. This would be especially meaningful to him and my family because there are many photos of my youngest brother who died years ago that have never been developed.

  • Krystyn

    I’d finally organize all of my family prints — some date back as far as the 1900’s.

  • michaelkostal

    I would fill it with my girlfriends and I’s favorite family photos.

  • Matt

    I would use the album to make a collection of my daughters photographs from the first years of her life.

  • Kimberly R

    I’d use the album to hold my flatten flowers and leafs from the fall. Good way to remember the year.

  • I would like fill it with pictures of the humans and the bugs that find way into my boyfriend and I’s apartment.

  • Wanhala

    Sunprint photo film of trees of the Pacific Coast from a bike tour last year on one half of the book. The back half of the book sunprints of the coast of Lake Superior my old home.

  • Scott Altmann

    Fill it with sketches/ and paintings and the photos I took as reference and inspiration . My personal work and my professional illustration work

  • Matthijs

    I’d put in the large format photographs of my hometown that I’m working on

  • Feliks U. Isaksen

    I have never owned a photo album, since I have all pictures of me on my computer, on Facebook etc. I would like to print them and glue them into an album, so that my children can enjoy their awkward dad as a teenager the same way I did, sitting on the couch with everyone around me, looking over each others shoulders down at the paper album.

    • Customer Support

      Your right! Back in “the day” it used to be painful to look through other peoples vacation photo’s and wedding pictures. Now on facebook people do it all day, for fun!

  • chris pangan

    I like taking portraits of my aging parents. Each page would be a portrait of them together from the following year. It’s so commonplace to document childhood and early years in albums and we have forgotten how beautiful the late years are as well. I also need a new backpack, a bit serendipitous if I get chosen because my $6.97 backpack of 6 years finally gave up on me this week.

  • i’m going to put my photographs of my family that i’ve taken, along with the negatives themselves, so all those memories are in one place.

  • Rust

    I would make it a keepsake album of my childhood and that of my daughter, as a gift to her. Thank you!

    • congratulations we’ve selected you as the winner of the album and the backpack please check your email!

  • Shelby Mitchell

    I’m going to fill it with film photographs of tourists paired with unrelated quotes overheard on the street

  • Marley Grayson

    Me and my friends like to buy disposable cameras and take pictures of downtown Vancouver. They are all hung on my wall right now but Id like to put those pictures and a few drawings in it.

  • Ana Sofia Willemoës

    I will make an Herbarium for my mother, with all the selection of flowers she has at her house.

  • Gaia Lucía LB

    After five years of not being all together, after five years of physical distance, my sister my mother and I are about to spend Christmas. But we are all transformed. My mother is now a grandmother, my sister is now a mother and I am an aunt. A new family member is bringing us together, my little nephew. I would love to fill up this album with the pictures of this encounter aaaah :)

  • Jayson Ramos

    I’ve been taking pictures with my old Pentax K1000 my mother gave me. I have 10 rolls of film from several vacations and trips I have taken with my girlfriend and her family. I’ve been waiting to develop the film for some reason. This will give me a reason to collect all the memories into one beautiful albulm.

  • Holly

    I have a shoebox full of photos from childhood and teenage years that are begging for more dignified storage!

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  • Tim

    I’d fill it with photos of my newborn (second) son.

  • pwillins

    My favorite natural history plate prints.

  • Joyal

    I have a collection of different kinds of textured papers of different thickness and manufacturing method. I will decorate it with dried leafs.

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  • sully

    My daughter looks remarkably like the photos of her great-grandmother. I would like to create an album for her of the two of them, paired at various stages in their lives.

  • Erin Ellis

    This would be perfect to display my artwork! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Emilie

    I would choose my friend’s best weeding pictures, wrap it up and offer it as a Christmas gift. I love the simplicity of this Moleskine photo album! For the bag pack, I would also wrap it up, put it under the christmas tree… To me, From BOOOOOOOM! It’s the most beautiful bag I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for this great giveaway!! :)

  • Brady

    I would use the album to record and store the diverse contents of my brain in whatever form they may take. This will probably include a fusion of photographs, art museum postcards (the one item I faithfully collect), collage, drawings, and words, most likely influenced by my experience in my new temporary home: Hamburg (Germany). I am quickly falling in love with this city and I would show that album a lot of love. The backpack would receive equal parts love, and I can also guarantee that it would travel far. :)

  • eyJhaven

    Recently I have been working with film photography when my dad’s pentax fell into my hands. If the album were to find its way into my grasp, its forty pages would be an exhibit of both my art and life. It would display within its leathery binds photos of life, my experiences, friends, and photos I’ve taken as simple expression. It would ultimately be personal, but one that could connect with those who know me and could live long past myself. What would be printed on those pages will be a wonder to wholly select as 40 pages may seem like a small amount, yet in selection it may seem an eternity. Though, it would be a hoot to receive in any case.

  • Gabriella Anderson


  • Jes Hoskin

    Adventure illustrations.

  • Levi Mandel

    Memories and/or light studies.

  • Troy Meren

    For the album, my grandparents’ polaroids from our ancestral home. Their legacy would be appropriate to be presented in such a luxurious album.

  • Joe

    A few weeks ago I uncovered several massive boxes of vintage Kodak slides in my grandmother’s basement, photos from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, all taken with my grandpa’s old Nikkon. Classic old family photos full of camping trips and awkward kids (who are in their 40s and 50s now). Decades worth of dated style. I’d get some prints from the best of the slides and give the album to my grandmother for Christmas.

  • Marina

    I suffer of what is known as an invisible disease. This 24th i’ll be 10 years since i almost die in an hospital. For over 5 years i’ve been taking pictures of the inside war my life is with the single aim of showing people how an chronic illness looks like from the inside. Id love to have this album to keep all the original film shoots i made and keep them somewhere special.

  • Kajola

    I’d fill it with photos from a trip I took to Iceland with my best friend.

  • Monty Little

    I’d have a call for entry for photographs of Navajo Code Talkers in uniform or while their veterans. This would be an important documentation to the Diné people and our history. Then donate the album to the Navajo Code Talker Museum in Window Rock, AZ.

  • Customer Support

    I’ve kept every photo I’ve ever taken. They would look great in that gorgeous handcrafted custom photo album!! That backpack would look great on me too. I love leather.

  • Lostboy Finn

    moments w/ the family <333

  • Anastasia Antonova

    pix of women of the Ukrainian community in my hometown demonstrating their patriotism for a country that’s still battling for its autonomy

  • Peter Szabo

    over the past year, I’ve documented the adventures i’ve taken on film that i have safely stored undeveloped. I’ll send it out to be developed and this album would be a great home for them.

  • Ian Ghersi Pombo

    I would put my photos, write about them and send it to you :D
    I’m working n a photo project
    granted by the National Foundations of the Arts.

  • Emily Smith

    my parents have about 10 shoeboxes full of childhood photos and historical photos from all sides of my family, I can’t think of a better place to put them!

  • Joel Victor

    I volunteer at Oakland Animal Services, working mostly with dogs. I have a lot of roles there, one of which is dog photographer. The pictures are used for all kinds of things-on adoption websites, in promotional items, etc… Sometimes I even print portraits. Over the years I’ve accumulated 100s of pictures. If I win this album, I’ll pick my favorites and print them for the album.

  • Se th

    I have photos of my old dog, friends, family, and myself when I was a little kiddo that all need a good place to be kept in. This would be the perfect choice!

  • P.

    I’d pull a great selection of family photos to be better presented in one beautiful spot.

  • Tanya

    I will place faded memories of memories to fade.Words that I have swallowed they will have a home now.Drawings and paintings for my eyes only unless someone opens and turns the pages of this book..of me.

  • Jo Shin

    I moved across the Pacific Ocean with my family photos in a box. I’m finally going to give them a home.

  • Yy

    Everything is deteriating around me and I’ve gone simple with capturing the collapse with my phone and a simple point and shoot. This case and album would go hand in hand with the theme. Hoping it will end up in some time capsule or get stolen and get passed on. I’ll fill it with what I can.
    Thanks boooom county.


  • Hazel SIkorski

    I am working on a series of oil portraits and illustrations rendered on pressed dried autumn leaves I have carefully selected on my walks. I would love to showcase them in a complimentary work of art.

  • Vanessa Tam

    My grandmothers are getting scary old. I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible these past few years. I’d like to keep my photographic memories of them in this album.

  • Mollie Burke

    My first camera was a Nikon black and white film camera that had belonged to my dad. I’ve been taking film black and white photos with it for 8 years – quiet and loud moments, mysterious images, Together, and alone. I want to take these photos and put them together in this beautiful book.

  • Alice Mitchell

    I have just finished turning a little old van into a home and I am about to embark on a trip around New Zealand, all of my memories would go in there

  • pmlantz

    family. with the holidays coming up i will be seeing lots of family and i will fill the album with my everyone i spend time with. my three young daughters (1, 5 ,9), my aunt and uncle; both sick and trying to live life. my cousins all starting families of their own. my grandparent (the one that’s still here) enjoying every moment. my wife’s familia who always enjoy a good time. Good Holidays…Great Families.

  • Maggy K

    I would definitely fill it with all the photos that I made in France a while ago. Very good memories

  • Angie Wijaya

    As I start to realize that time is passing faster and faster, I notice myself losing track of what is important to me. Each seemingly insignificant detail of my life, just floating past. No matter how corny this sounds, I want to be able to look back when I’m 80 years old and remember the time that I thought I was brave enough to go on the haunting roller coaster, or that time that we ate frozen yogurt because we were too lazy to go home. I want to engrave the little parts of my life somewhere more permanent than our deteriorating ‘memory’ and think that maybe someone in some 200 years can look in it and piece my life together, just like the way I did when I pieced the album together.

  • Sylvia Ziemski

    I would like to use it as a physical portfolio for my NGO when we meet potential collaboration partners and investors. We do training in photography and entrepreneurship in African capitals and also have an the role as agents for talents. The work of the photographers we work with would look so beautiful presented in this album.

  • shanell papp

    In Canada, I teach darkroom/chemical photography, all of my past work is in plastic sheets and accordion files. The album would be very nice to have. the backback would help me with my day to day commute as I carry 3-4 books with me daily, plus lunch/dinner and note books and cameras.

  • Sage Engberg

    I travelled the world for three years and amassed many ks of photos en route. A cliché perhaps but a lived in one.

  • Many years of traveling and touring photos that need sorting and some dignity. Some of the places don’t exist anymore and some are unrecognizable because the internet turned the world into a global community that changed the character of the towns. It’d be like a time capsule.

  • Wild Roots Photography & Artwo

    I would make it a family album to pass down to my children. I love looking through my Mother’s and Aunt’s albums, trying to guess which baby was who, looking through wedding photos, marveling at our grandparents outfits of the 50’s then cringing at ours in the 80’s-90’s, lol. There is nothing better that when family gets together and starts pulling pictures and regaling stories, everyone loud and talking over one another, wine and stories flowing. It’s what I hope I can pass to my children, a sense of family and history.

  • L H

    I would love to put my family’s photos in there.

  • As a kid (already borderline obsessive about collecting and organising memorabilia) I always gave my parents grief for not taking more photographs of my childhood for us to look back on. My mother would always reply flippantly that they were probably up in the attic somewhere, but over the years I’d assumed this was a tactical evasion myth. I left home (US to UK) about three years ago, and little did I know my mum had grown nostalgic, determined, and found that box of mythical photos in the attic…100 rolls of developed film, in fact! On the Christmas of my 20th birthday, I flew back home and she gave me an album full of photographs from the time of her pregnancy to when I was born. She told me it was the first in a series, where she would compile one album for me each Christmas—chronologically, for each year of my long lost baby/toddler years. It was the best gift I can remember, and now each Christmas we can sit for hours talking about her memories behind each photograph. She turns 60 soon, and I’d love to make her an album comprised of chronological photographs too, one for each year she’s been by my side so far!

  • myjanieann

    It takes a bit of thinking to decide what I would do with an album that is so beautiful. I love the fact that it is handmade with such amazing paper. I am an illustrator and I would love to use it as a portfolio. It would make a stunning presentation.

  • Douglas Sheridan

    Thank you for letting me have the chance to utilize a brand I love and the amazing product Moleskin makes (from Vancouver)

  • joseph gaston

    crispy, toasty, intelligent, and ready to surf the streets of Manhattan with a bad boy’s attitude that breaks the waves of onlookers as you walk by with it. ─gaston. nyc

  • Megan Reiley

    If I had the chance, I would like to put a photo and drawing series inside; of portraits of people, places, and things that have inspired me or made an impression on my life. Thank you, Booooooom! for being one of my inspirations!

  • Eryne Donahue

    I’d use the album for all the pictures, pressed flowers, tickets and paper souvenirs from a recent trip to South Africa with my two year old daughter. It would be a priceless heirloom!

  • Penny Trinh

    next year i would start my journey of travelling, i would absolutely adore the album for a collection of photos ive never had in my childhood. The backpack is also so cute!!! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

  • Alistair Henning

    I just came back from Japan, and would love to use the album to mock up the photobook I intend to publish on Miyama, one of the last traditional villages on Honshu.

  • unapio

    Loved it, I would use it for meetings and daily bases. Since I work as a manager on a branding and web developing agency I use a backpack to carry all of my stuff to present our projects. <3

  • My Brother and I just completed a historic road trip though Greece. Portraits, stories, families, ancient sites, great inspiration, great misery. Schemes, mystery, collusion, and a lot of open questions, mixed with the right amount of fresh iced coffee.

  • Austin Schlichtman

    As “Cheesy” as it may seem I would use this beautiful Moleskin photo album to hold photos from my recent journey home to say goodbye to my departed “Grammy”. During my trip home for her funeral I captured images that reminded me of the good times we had together, as well as, the emotional loss of her. This Moleskin album would provide a beautiful resting place for my visual memories of her.

  • Alicia

    I would put pictures of all the art I have made and use it like a portfolio!

  • Ines McBride

    I just got a new film camera. Perfect place to put the first developed shots!

  • Brian Grellmann

    I’d love to be able to start documenting my travel with film photos. I find lately I do nothing of meaning with all of the pictures I take on my camera phone!

  • Bahr

    I married my wife 1 year ago yesterday, and we have spent the year since traveling allover Europe. I would fill the album with photos of our first year.

  • Would probably use it for a personal portfolio

  • Emma Kreiner

    Hey Jeff! I would use the beautiful Moleskin photo album to display photographs I made while trekking on the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m hoping that album would give me some sway in editorial offices :-)

  • thethingaboutyouis

    I recently stopped working on Fridays so I can hang out with my daughter rather than her going to nursery. I’d like to fill it with our Daddy and daughter day adventures.

  • Tom Parker

    I would use the photo book to display a mini-portfolio of my final year architecture project from college. Might even get me a job!

  • Nicole Power

    I would fill it with my favorite sketches and photographs from this era of my life (the graduated college and moved to NYC “grownup” era)

  • Chelsea

    Such a beautiful giveaway! I would put photos of those that are no longer in my life, because we all have somebody we’ve lost.

  • Nicole Williams

    If I received the photo book, I would use it to document the journey from senior year of high school to freshman of college (hopefully I can’t backpack a bit in the summer in between), I’ve been doing a project and going a year without a cell phone, on a journey to make more meaningful memories, and so I would document some of my favorite drawings, designs, and photos to have more permanently.

  • Kyle Parker

    If I was lucky enough to win such a generous giveaway, i would fill it with pictures from my most recent trip to South America with my Grandfather. Quite the adventure! Thanks for the chance!

  • Tony D.

    I’ve admittedly been stuck in a bit of a creative lull lately. -_-

    It’d give me a pretty good excuse to use up this black and white roll of film for my Holga…

  • M. Gordy

    Self portraits are my least favorite; it’s a goal of mine to overcome the aversion toward taking/viewing/uploading pictures of myself, so I would use this slick album as inspiration to house myself in digital, illustration and film form.

  • Lauren Crazybull

    I would take this opportunity to document aspects of my culture and family in a different way. Through drawn and painted portraits and moments I would aim to capture a contemporary Blackfoot life through the lens of one family.

  • Shannon Holliday

    Wow, those both look so supple. I’m working on a series of photographs I’ve taken over the years at a national park near my home. I’d love to have the collection displayed in this gorgeous album.

  • Matilda Migiller

    Photos of my students’ work to put on display for parents to see.

  • Benjamin Anderson

    I would use it to store my growing print collection

  • robyn

    I draw words, the animals on my farm, and the beauty of the wild. I’m not sure they’re fancy enough for this book really. But it sure would make my sketches seem more important!

  • Rohini

    Oh my, if I ever got my hands on such a beautiful album, I’d fill it up with memories in every form with photographs of my family, my own childhood, photographs of nature and people I’ve met with my fish eye camera for company, and everything else that will make me happy, regardless of whatever age and mindspace I open the album with. It’ll be the happy place in my head, extended to the many pages… :)

  • priscilla cohan

    I will write, draw and collage all the details for the “root cloud.” This is a suspended sculpture marking the culmination of 2 years of being flooded and rebuilding my home and my life to match.

  • Acne Police

    I would put fragment of my body inside it.

  • Kat Shannon

    Both of these look so great! My partner and I were in a long distance relationship for 6 months (sao paulo & nyc) and created a blog to upload weekly photographs, texts, links, etc based around a changing theme, we used it as a way to try and keep close and connected despite the distance and the difficulty. We’re back in the same place now and starting to compile everything from the blog into an album or book form to document that moment and what we made together. If I had this album it would certainly be the right home we’ve been looking for.

  • I’d fill the photo album with pictures of my 1 year old daughter. She is beautiful in every way.

  • crystal s

    I would love to put the pictures I have collected over the years of all of our travels!

  • Crista Parra

    I would fill up this Moleskine with a combination of pictures with doodles drawn over them or collaged over. The pictures would be of everyday chilean scenes, being chilean myself. It would be an interesting way of seeing the influence of my everyday life on my art.

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    I would put all of my old polaroid photos in it. For awhile I was taking double exposure landscape photos and have nowhere else to house them except in a box right now, it would be wonderful to have such a beautiful book to keep them in.

  • I’ve recently started photographing and cataloging various typography in my city of Portland. I would put the best photos in here to create a physical catalog of this great typography.

  • Lucy

    What a wonderful giveaway… I started taking photos of inspiring buildings and architecture but I haven’t yet put them into an album. What a way to house them! X Lucy

  • njparkernj

    I would fill it with incredible memories. Those things you truly can’t forget.

  • Lindsey

    MY CAT. I’ll fill it with pictures of my cat. A worthy cause in my opinion.

  • Andrea Rust

    I have to admit, I’ve yet to make a wedding album and I’ve been married close to 4 years! I’d love to gift this to my husband as a wedding present. That backpack is sweeeet.

  • Sue Kim

    I’ve been always passionate about photography, but never been able to dedicate my time to create series. After completing my college and leaving my full-time job, I rediscovered my passion for photography lately and been taking travel photos, including from my recent Paris trip. Photos capture the moment, and I love creating visual stories through the medium.

    In a few weeks, I will be traveling to Korea to meet my grandfather for the last time. He has been in coma for last 2 years, and the doctor has informed us that this may be our last time seeing him awake. Although it maybe mostly the hospital photos, I want to capture the moments with my grandfather, and create a photo album which I can share with the family. Hopefully, the photo album can narrate the pain he went through, but the love & support he received from all the families.

  • Stef Wit A F

    Currently working on a series of photos utilizing old photos found at estate sales and thrift stores. I think the contrast of the vintage photos with that beautiful leather would look wonderful!

    And that backpack would be great for my commute to and from work :))))

  • JeremyRamos

    This would be perfect for my next photo series project!

  • The moments, places and people I want to never forget.

  • wwweiyi

    Notes of all sorts. Magazine clippings, sketches, newspaper articles,
    photographs, tickets, actual notes from people. It would become an
    archive of everything that once caught my fancy.

  • Charles Gaudreault

    I would dedicate this album to the children of my sister, Benjamin and Maelly. <3

  • fiorella gallia

    My husband is coming to me for the birth of our first child. I would fill the album with portraits, family moments, embarrassing shots and precious smiles I would like to keep fresh in my memory.

  • Bayla

    Pieces of paper, most likely of sentimental value.

  • Tamiya Leung

    I would put some photos of the trip my boyfriend and I took during the summer. He drove from Vancouver to Montréal, picked me up there and then we drove back through America. Some of the highlight photos would be from the Art Institute of Chicago and Yellowstone.

  • Katie Ferderer

    I would use it to take portraits of people that frequent my neighborhood coffee shop. I’ve been looking for a way to unify this community of friendly strangers, and I feel as though this album could be a cool part of the cafe for future patrons. I enjoy shooting film. I enjoy speaking with new people. I think I will start this project tomorrow.

  • Chris G.

    I’ll be going to Tokyo in March/April, I’ll use the backpack there and the album for the photos after. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gui Bé

    I would put all my photos , sketches and texts to create my zine that Ive been working on for 2 years now and that would be the best way to present it to people and get support and people to join/participate/collaborate !


  • Roosa L.

    I’d put all my travel photos and notes from this year and I’d give it as a christmas present to my dearest grandfather. Unfortunately he can’t travel anymore and I know it eats him inside. So maybe he could travel in the photos. With me.

  • Stephanie Sutton

    Sunflowers. My cousin, who was more of a brother to me than anything, committed suicide two months ago and I’d fill the album with photos of sunflowers that I see during my travels. His personality was as radiant and bright as the sun and whenever my family stumbles across sunflowers we share the picture with each other. I’d then give the album to his sister. As a bonus, I’d fill the backpack with sunflowers seeds and plant them so his essence is spread across the earth.

  • Tebani Slade

    I’ve been a Mum for 17 years now and I love my daughters dearly but while I made the choice to devote 110% to caring and raising them eithout any regrets I have put my carreer on hold. Now it’s time for me to do something for myself without being selfish, but to express my creativity and to leave something behind for my family, a treasured piece of art of all the images I took over these years of being a mum and then stored them in a cupboard for later. Well it’s now later, and this book would be the perfect thing. Thankyou.

  • Bernard Wong

    Hi! I’m going travelling to the United States soon for a month. I’d use that bag to carry my things because it looks pretty low key with that sleek black with no aggressive eye-catching branding or anything, minimising the chances of it getting stolen. And over there i’d definitely snap many pics which would most definitely make their way into that beautiful album.

  • Rhys Maurer

    I was born and enjoyed my childhood in Zimbabwe, collecting many photographs taken by my parents. I will soon be returning for 2 months and would like to add the new photos I take to the collection of the old ones, and what better place to store them than this handsome album. I’m sure that tenacious looking bag would handle itself well in the dry Zimbabwean summer heat.

  • Emmanuel Arias Quiroz

    Vacation pics of all the beaches in the DR I go too

  • heatherjoan

    The album looks perfect for some moody portraits.

  • Ellie

    Last year I was given an old box camera that belonged to my grandfather in the 30s. I’ve always wanted to take some experimental pictures with it and I’d love to use this album as a way of documenting all the processes and experiments with this camera, alongside finally having a proper place to put the photos that were given to me with it. Having photos from the first half of the 20th century alongside my new ones taken on the same camera would be pretty cool… I think.

  • I will tour onto all my most loved museums in London to draw my favourite paintings. The bag will carry my sketchbooks, materials, water bottle and lunch…and also keys and purse! The album will carry and display the best drawings I will do!

  • Marion Young

    I would fill it with pictures of my trip of South America, where I visited places from Brazil to Panama.

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