04.12.15 by Jeff

Giveaway: Vinyl Moon


I think it’s safe to say these are the most deluxe mixtapes ever made. Music blogger Brandon Bogajewicz’s concept behind the Vinyl Moon project is simple: Subscribers get a new mixtape mailed to them each month, on limited edition vinyl, with beautiful packaging by a new different designer.

The images above are of Volume 3, featuring packaging designed by Clint Soren. You can see volumes 1 and 2 (designed by Joseph Veazey and Keith Negley respectively) below.

So if you’re a music lover, today’s your lucky day! We have two prizes for Booooooom readers: 1 set of volumes 1-3 (sold out) and 1 three-month subscription to Vinyl Moon. All you have to do is leave a comment below with the name of a song that you think Brandon should include on an upcoming mixtape! I’ll let him pick 2 winners on December 18th.






Vinyl Moon’s Website

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Maria

    I definately love the concept! I would recommend Technicolour Beat from Oh Wonder for next compilation. Fingers crossed

  • great idea – and amazing product! I’d recommend Charo – Floating Free – definitely along the vibe of the music on the existing compilations

  • Jam Jopp

    Amazing artwork so far and what a great idea! “Baby Lass Uns Sein” from Klaus Johann Grobe would be good choice for the next one.

  • jacob burge

    Super nice! Club tropicana – Wham

  • Feli

    Piece of art and music. what else can I ask for? Endless from Anybody There would be my recommendation.

  • Nalim Garzesi

    :D POSSE – Interesting Thing No. 2

  • unityofmulti

    What an amazing idea. I love everything about it. My recommendation would be “Twin Peaks Twist” from Messer Chups.

  • Julie Bee

    Penguin Prison – Show Me the Way

  • Ruben Leal

    “Dancer On The Shore” by Lemonade

  • Andrew Trimbach

    Hellebore- Julia Kent

  • SamYule Walker

    Joanna Newsom- Leaving the City

  • Evaldas B.

    “Look” by Münpauzn

  • Steven K.

    “See Again” – Metavari

  • Pablo Camacho

    “Kiddo” by Ela Minus

  • “Fool” by Perfume Genius

  • cait

    ooh I love this – Too Dark by Frankie Cosmos

  • zachallinger

    Hiders/We Belong Together (CFCF mix) – CFCF

    • Daniel Peiron

      crazy mix! :)

    • mckytrs

      Great suggestions. Both of these have been cooling me out this autumn

  • John Cameron

    “Fairlight” by Com Truise

  • “Self Destructive” by Total Makeover

  • Gabriel Isacson

    These are so incredibly beautiful! “Baby Blue” by King Krule

  • Really great job .. thanks for sharing

  • “Emphasis” by Harald Grosskopf

  • “Monument” by MuteMath

  • I love having so many song recommendations to go through!

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  • Daniel Peiron

    “Lungs” by Townes Van Zandt

    * You could just make a mixtape with all the suggestions… maybe I will, so much stuff never heard of!

  • Colton Floris

    “Celeste” by Ezra Vine

  • Jasmine Perez

    “La Fête Noire” by Flavien Berger.

  • Alexa

    Stone Temple Pilots, “Sex Type Thing” – in honor of the great Scott Weiland

  • Brenna Kiser

    “Petals” by Bibio–it’s one I can put on repeat and still not feel like I’ve heard it enough.

  • Ryan

    These are so v v beautiful. You should go with the track Taste, by Braids.

  • Kelvin Poon

    How about some Say My Name by Odesza! This is really cool, thanks for sharing Jeff!

  • Dagmar Fohmer

    “Jerome” by Lykke Li

  • Sarah

    These albums and their artworks look amazing! I recommend ‘High Enough To Carry You Over’ by CHVRCHES! It’s a great song from a great band!

  • michaelcorpuz

    “Daydream” by Youth Lagoon

  • Bálint Magyar

    “Attitude” by Marie et le Garçons

  • GT

    “Withered Hand” by Thee Oh Sees. Saw them live (again) this week. This is an absolute stormer with a vague early Sabbath vibe.

  • johnshukin

    Underwater by Ego Ella May

  • disqus_E6LqKvqlVP

    Yumi Zouma – Alena

  • Sarah

    Ooh! This contest is just as much fun as the prize! How about, Lemon Jelly, “Nice Weather For Ducks” :D

  • mickeyf19

    I don’t know what sound you’re going for but how about acoustic / hip-hop / overall genre-less beauty? Support the little guy! MONTANA by Healy! If nothing else listen to a few of his lushy songs :)

  • Patrick Muhs

    Alone in the Universe by ELO

  • Brennan Sloan

    Brandon, this is Brennan Sloan and I think without question you should include Kurt Vile’s beach on the moon (but second place was definitely ppp by beach house, okay).

  • gary

    ryhe 3 days, simply beautiful

  • Benjamin Sim

    Listener – Wooden Heart, love me some spoken words!

  • Daniel Peiron
  • Francisco Pereira

    “Rely On” by Holy Nothing, definitely!


  • Nicolas Archambault

    Great suggestions by everyone – here’s mine:

  • Esme jarrell

    I never loved this hard this fast before by tami tamaki


  • David Shoots Film

    Amazing concept – thanks for doing this, Brandon! “How You Satisfy Me” by Spectrum

  • Millie Henry

    Saturn – Sleeping At Last. The cello is beautiful, the words are poetry

  • Ancient Crux – In Teen Dreams

    I don’t hear them a lot (not sure if they’re even a band anymore), but I always come back to them, year after year.

  • Sara

    ooooo It Is What It Is by Blood Orange! Anything by Blood Orange, really.

  • Rony Ginosar

    For me one of the big discoveries of the year was Chet Faker so I would have to pick him with Gold :)
    Awsome project!

  • Chris Blakeney

    Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

  • Cool idea!
    I’m callin’ by Tennis is my pick

  • Vanessa Tam

    BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Ray Gun ft. DOOM

  • Shelby Hipol

    Gorgeous work!
    “Stuck in My Id” by Reptar

  • Nils Frahm — Life Story

  • Eryne Donahue

    “Kites are fun” by Free Design!

  • Katie Scatena

    Run For Your Life by Big Grams. Really just loving the whole album though :)

  • Shannon Holliday

    Is there anything better than a good mixtape? Clearly — a mixtape on vinyl that doubles as an object of art. Gorgeous work. I’d love to win! I’d suggest a fun gypsy jazz number, like “Scofflaw” by Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners.

  • Exignotis Romuald

    I’m in a good moon…Uhhh sorry…i mean mood !
    That’s nice thats artists collaboring on any kind of support, not only working on music. That’s make the univers deeper ! well done !

  • Emma Bracy

    You Still Dream by Rima Kato

  • Joey Wathen

    “Humbled” by Ajo!!

  • duriez jeremie

    Best of all… Saycet – Mirage >> Volcano

  • Brian Esparza

    Mozes and the First Born – Skinny Girl

    Not new, but fun and sugary sweet music!

  • Brian Esparza

    Mozes and the First Born – Skinny GIrl

    Not new, but fun and sugary sweet!

  • Callum House


  • Diana V

    Such a cool company, I think I’ll join! I recommend “B a noBody” by Soak, favorite new artists

  • Mark Vargo

    61 Cygni Ave by Neon Indian

  • Ben Hanzel

    Fashion by The Royal Concept!

  • Carol

    Lydmor & Bon Homme – Things we do for love

  • Szabi

    Don Juan Enterprise (Feat L.O.U.) by Kid Simius

  • Ariel

    Oh my! so happy to learn about this! they look amazing and i hope they sound as good!

  • Bernard Wong

    “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall, OR, “Fuckin’ Up The Count” by Freddie Gibbs!

  • Bernard Wong

    Monobody – “Lifeguard of a Helpless Body”

  • Emily Smith

    Ms Mr “dark doo wop”

  • Izabella Cabral

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “So Good At Being In Trouble”

  • beansand

    Lee Moses’ Bad Girl, such a good track.

  • “Crowd of One” Papa M

  • Tourné Torres

    Camera Obscura – French Navy

    Captain Sensible – Wot

  • MORLY – Seraphese !

  • Erika

    Benjamin Clementine – Nemesis

  • Debora Poussif

    Imager by Barbarossa

  • ma

    Caspian’s “Sycamore” (live).

  • Mania by Keenan O’Meara! https://soundcloud.com/keenanomeara/3-mania

    or anything by the band Oh Wonder

  • From Berlin, so genious! Easter – Alien Babies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2snrHI_qNmI

  • BBischof

    I think you should include Jacob Garchik’s The Battle of Brownstone Bulge from his new album Ye Olde

  • Chris Black

    Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin

    Can’t get this song out of my head; can’t explain why; can’t say I want to…

  • Zach Clark

    Stay Alive – José González

  • The Shadow Walker

    It might be harder to get this in the mixtape, but I still think people should be listening to this artist: Celldweller – The Last Firstborn

  • Raj Sarma

    Along the PCH on Oscar Night – Nicholas Krgovich

    Brandon, I recently came across this song and I feel it’s a perfect fit for your next mix tape!

  • Jaime Fortune

    Noosa -Love that would be an excellent addition!

  • Coleman Tyler Rogers

    “Bath Salt” by River Whyless

    Great tune from a folk rock outfit outta Asheville, NC. See ’em live as soon as possible, excellent folk with great song writing and stage presence.

  • zig zappa

    IAMX happiness

  • Leanne Laporte

    Oh wow, this would be incredible! I would have no choice but to be a subscriber for life if I could guarantee the complete collection :)

    I’d love to hear Sinners Algebra by ActionReaction on a future mixtape!

  • Nick DiCeglie

    “Wanna Be On Your Mind” by Valerie June!

  • Tyler Kirk

    Seryn – Headache

  • Kory

    “Confessions Of A Digital Lush,” by Tone in Georgia!

  • Steven Douglas Blake

    Kisses – Midnight Lover

  • Bryce Lord

    ‘Evil’ by Interpol or the Calvary Cross by Richard & Linda Thompson

  • the maggot

    “Dead Dogs Two” by cLOUDDEAD

  • shanell papp

    Heaven – pure x

  • mindzb

    “Big Sis” by Sales

  • Victor Fernandez

    “The future” by Teen Daze

    That’s an amazing song.

  • Boaz Halachmi
  • Jordan

    No Time to Crank the Sun by El Vy!

  • Alexa
  • Ollie Hon

    “Tardigrade Song” by Cosmo Sheldrake

  • Yu Min Ong

    Rising tide by WALLA!
    It was the one song that got me hooked onto The Burning Ear and basically changed my life!

  • dolausen

    Gasoline – Alpine (I think u should totes listen, seems to fit the style of Vinyl Moon)!

  • Anjela Cabanlong

    I’d recommend anything from this local Duluth, MN band Rogue Valley. If I had to pick one song, probably onward and over, this song sounds great on vinyl. Definitely check them out.

  • Guillermo Carbonell
  • Faraway Nearby

    I’d vote essentially anything off of SOAK’s first album – she’s amazing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgaRm9j8SQI


    Joy – About us


  • Jennifer Thorington

    I love these – super cool design and music! My suggestion: “Indian Summer Bloom (Dimond Saints Remix)” by The Morning Birds: https://soundcloud.com/themorningbirds/indian-summer-bloom-dimond-saints-remix

  • My vote would be for Ana Caprix…a relatively known Soundcloud artist with a Burial influenced track called “Pertho”. https://soundcloud.com/caprix/perthro

  • Lane Castleberry

    Loving Vinyl Moon so far! One of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time:


  • Jean Okada
  • Joseph Leathead

    Lime cordiale – not that easy

    Please. They are so good.

  • Brian Esparza

    Young Fathers “I heard.”

  • Cody

    This is such a RAD idea. The packaging is outstanding!

  • Cameron DeKruif

    The darkness by Built By Titan:) A wonderful, moving track. Built by Titan is an artist you should add.

  • Cameron DeKruif

    City of Lions is another artist worth mentioning. “We Will Cary On” is an inspiring song! (I know I have two different artists but they are both amazing in their separate genres. I couldn’t decide which to go with.)

  • Conor Jatter

    Oh man, what a giveaway! I would recommend Anavae’s Feel Alive whole heartedly. They’re gonna be huge! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMW1l-O9ads

  • Conor Jatter

    This is ace.

  • Conor Jatter

    What a rad give away!

    Check out Anave’s Feel Alive – they’re gonna be huge! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMW1l-O9ads

  • Cips916

    Either Kavinsky- NIghtcall, or Chet Fakir- Gold

  • Talisco – Run


  • Sobrenadar – Encuentros ! a band from argentina (my country) that i love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOOjJO3d14o

  • Davin Lama
  • Elliot James

    An oldie but definitely a feel good, summer goldie. Been pumping this over cold beers while it’s 41 degrees down here in Melbourne, Australia.


    Other honourable mentions go to this epic new Rufus jam


    As well as this absolute classic by Ultra Nate


    Not sure if they fit the criteria, I don’t really mind, just wanna share what I’m really digging at the moment!

  • Jack Leong

    Leave A Trace – Goldroom Remix; from Chvrches

  • run dry by caspian

  • Karen Jones

    How about anything by Jordan Smith? I like Set Fire To The Rain. His version is great!

  • Levi

    Congrats to Mulder and Colton on being selected as the winners! Check your mail!

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“The concept of creating something beautiful within the context of decay and decline is central to the experience of any street artist. As is the idea that whatever you create might be gone the next day. For the artist, street art is all about embracing that transience and impermanence. And for the audience, it’s about seeing it (and taking photos of it) while you can”

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