26.01.16 by Staff

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared x Lazy Oaf Giveaway!


Everyone’s favourite Internet web series “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is now wearable thanks to a fun collaboration with the gang at Lazy Oaf.

We have two prize packs for Booooooom readers (one for guys, one for girls). All you have to do is tell us something that scares you, in the comments below (include the word GIRLS or BOYS below it to let us know which prize you’d prefer).

Take a look at the guys prize pack, and leave your comment below!


We’ll pick two winners on Feb 12th. This giveaway is open to any US/CANADA/UK residents. Thanks to Lazy Oaf for the great prizes.


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  • caitlin

    My biggest fear is jelly….

  • Ethel Chan

    I’m afraid to look at my reflection in the mirror after I’ve turned or leant away, just in case I find something standing behind and staring back me.


  • bella

    Telling people what I actually feel scares me


  • Sophia Self

    I’m not scared of heights or gymnastics or skating; I’m scared of falling.

  • Lori MacAlpine-Smith

    I’m always afraid of poking my eyes out. Girls y’all.

  • poppy j

    pugs eyes popping out. GIRLS.

  • Xavier Lewinski

    My biggest fear is snakes, ever since I watched snakes on a plane I’ve been left traumatised. Even semi-animated visuals of snakes scare me. My little brother once woke me up with a picture of a snake in my face, I cried…. Wasn’t even that long ago.


  • Uzumaki

    Robots taking over the world and adapting human like behavior, the least they could do is be better than us


  • mortola

    My greatest fear: sock puppets


  • liisa

    Something pointy going into my eye ⛄️

  • Piddlesteen

    Im scared of running into people I once knew well

  • Olivia

    I’m scared that I won’t be able to make the people I love happy anymore.

  • Tash

    Transition lenses, obviously
    BOYS X

  • Karla Welch

    My biggest fear is moving escalators – I don’t know what it is but it is an absolute nightmare when it comes to going to London! I am also scares of puppets/marionettes – the lack of expression horrifies me!
    Girls please! :)

  • Susie McGuinness

    Scared all my friends will suddenly realise I am a massive asshat

  • Rubén Martín Hernández

    A girl approaching to twerk.


  • Sarah

    Number on weight scale always scares me

  • Shaw

    I’m scared of footballs flying in my face and killing me and I’m scared of seagulls because one ate my pasty

  • Caitlin Schindler

    That I can’t stop watching DHMIS despite my extreme heebie jeebies. Oh and wet hair

  • Rose

    I’m scared of clowns ever since I saw It by Stephen King I don’t think I’ll ever not be afraid of a clown ( even if they are just doing their job and not psychopathic killers )

  • Ashleigh amcwhirter

    GIRLS – I’m scared of mixing hot and cold foods!

  • Daniela Pinheiro

    I’m scared of heights because as soon as i look down I SEE myself already falling. fertile imagination problems.

  • Holly Archer

    I’m scared of being in bed at night and feeling someone watching me.


    When people’s glasses lenses are so thick that it makes their eyes look tiny.


  • Gabs

    I’m scared of pineapple on pizza

  • ligia nogueira

    I’m afraid of getting a to adultish style!

  • Jonathan Roberts

    I’m scared of ventriloquist’s dummies

  • aimee

    The ocean and the amazing creatures that live in it


  • Áine McCaughley

    I’m scared of having a scary dream and not being able to wake up from it


  • Piggy

    Plastic buttons, specifically pushing them through their respective button holes. I believe it’s called koumpounophobia – a word I like. Silver lining.

  • Niki Rooney

    Scorpions and ladybirds and the eternal marching of time. And space. I don’t want to go to space. GIRLS

  • Alice Batten- Jacobs

    Of my landlord not letting me get a pet hamster I have been planning to get for about 5 months.

  • Jessie Wong

    I’m scared of following my GPS onto the highway and never getting out of it.

  • summer c

    that my dad will turn into a computer

  • Sophie

    I am scared the the undeniable fact that eventually everyone who lives on our earth right now, is destined to die without any purpose. The fact that we are just living our lives dependant on the future rather than the present as this may be all we have left. GIRLS

  • Soofiya

    Things going in my ears, like butterflies, because they’ll lay eggs there and I’ll die. (Fact!)

  • Harriet Bradley

    I’m scared I will one day hug my dog so hard she will die.

  • That moment when you jump from a higher level… that small second in between standing still and flying through the air where your stomach is in your throat.

    GIRLS please! :) x

  • coconut oil

    (GIRL) the fact that in every dhmis episode you can see Roy hidden somewhere and the actual theory behind dhmis. I love dhmis as its so creative and colourful but the actual theory behind it is so scary: the characters are actually once children that have been kidnapped by Roy as you see in one episode on the milk bottle or photograph there is a picture of all 3 of them saying “missing”. June 19th is the date on every callender in the background of every episode as they got kidnapped on June 19th, that’s why when any of them try to be creative in anyway or think differently they get yelled at, notice in the episode about time where green guy gets yelled at so much his ears bleed. in the episode about love it’s thought to be about how red guy escapes. thanks :-)

  • Emma LD

    I am scared of bald people with hats. Specifically the moment they take off their hats and there’s nothing there. It’s like if someone took off a glove and there was no hand. (Sorry bald people) GIRLS

  • grahamyc

    I am scared of Roy

  • Alejandra Perez

    I’m scared of the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared videos, and also scared of green not being a creative colour. GIRLS

  • Chara

    Coming from an ultra-conservative family, I am deathly afraid of coming out to my parents about the fact that I like women. I’m afraid of how they’ll react and if they’ll disown me or send me to a conversion camp.

  • Aaron Boardley

    SPACE. It’s really big. What if I drift off and never come back?

  • B-vo

    i am scared of being shot in the back of the head on public transport

  • sian melody

    I’m scared of losing myself when I leave my teens and become an adult (v soon!!!!)

  • TS

    pesky bee’s

  • Autm

    I’m scared of knowing that at any moment out of today, the worlds population will decline only to incline again within a matter of seconds

  • Maya Chowdhury

    As a child I was always afraid to jump on a balloon to let it explode. Today I am still scared to do it.

  • olivia

    I’m truly scared that I will not have a legacy as good as yellow guy red guy or duck guy and that I will grow up not thinking creatively.

  • olivia

    I’m scared my mom will try to follow me to college

  • Danielle Tweedie

    I’m scared of hugs. GIRLS

  • Toby Etherington

    Sharing a bath and being stuck at the Tap End. BOYS

  • olivia

    I’m scared of Donald Trump….this is the one.

  • Phoebe Cramer

    i fear the impending and inevitable time in which I will suddenly cease to exist without any time to say goodbye or make arrangements for my dog or delete my computer history or get my 5 seconds of fame by dancing behind a news reader, and the shallowness of the memories I will leave behind. Also, I don’t like wet sponges. GIRLS

  • jack

    fingernails falling off / being ripped off

  • olivia

    I’m scared of foreign smells and possibly not what you’re thinking I’m talking the smell of pizza pockets the smell of an old shirt. I must wear plugs at all time I have nightmares about them sometime.
    ..foreign scents

  • Azra Husain

    I’m scared falling asleep and not knowing whether or not I have eaten a spider. I read once in my school Planner that we are bound to ear 8 spiders in a life time. Since then I’ve always had a vision whether or not I would wake up while a Spider is in my mouth. Yikes! Girls

  • ️nico

    I’m scared of the dark

  • Hazel Chong

    Sleep paralysis and having dreams about my teeth falling off.

  • BOObies lol

  • Jake Roberts

    I’m scared of Kites! GIRLS

  • Benjamin Walker

    I fear the awkward silence I recieve after 96% of my jokes don’t go well. BOYS.

  • Nakisha Kiely

    I’m scared of a painting in my aunties house. Its an abstract painting of Diana Ross’s face floating on a mirrored background…. I’m sure it watches me. GIRLS

  • MARY

    Kinda simple, but I’m scared of death. Not being able to think or create or really just live for all of eternity terrifies me. Here’s to reincarnation!

  • Gabriella C

    Scared of going down a water slide and finding out too late that someone has stuck blades on the sides with gum…

  • Rhys

    I’m scared of having dental issues. I’m also scared of life without candy. It’s a difficult sitation… BOYS

  • jeddy ☂

    Death. Particularly the death of my self and the person I love. Also the dentist, the dark, many animals, scary films, heights, it goes on. GIRLS.

  • Scared of going to sleep and then waking up and suddenly being very old and not knowing what has happened all these years, where my loved ones are or where I am.

  • Gemssy

    I’m scared of monopolizing. If a company takes over a products manufacturing of a whole town what will they do to a whole county, or state, then country. We will all be living under the product and it’ll be the norm, we will where it’s clothes, eats its food, see everything it posts. We will have no creativity to use to our own because the big business will have it. We will be living like Wall-E. I fear, that. (girls)

  • Ash

    Scared of the inherent evils within myself. GIRLS

  • Hannah

    I’m scared that one day I’ll wake up and myself and life will have been an elaborate dream and real life me is someone else, like way less cool ;). I’m also scared of pennies and some other metal things, mostly copper 0,0
    [Gal’s just wanna’ have fun]

  • Emil

    I’m scared of social interaction. It’s worse than any monsters. Maybe it is a monster in itself? It’s quite terrifying, anyhow.

  • a11mark

    I’m scared everytime I go to a friends house for dinner and she puts a tub of yeast next to my plate. I get the joke and the referance but it freaks me out. BOYS (size Large)

  • Mattie

    I’m scared of the “no one is real except for you” theory. Every one else in the world could just be a part of your mind and they’re only there because you dreamed them. freaky. GIRLS pack please :)

  • Lee Andrew

    I’m scared that one day I’ll wake up and no one will know I’m here. Girls

  • Gareth

    I often fantasise that every item I’ve ever attached googly eyes to has come to life. I’m not scared of this happening, I’m scared that everyone will just accept them as normal and take to them more than they ever have to me and every new “friend” I make will leave me to join society in a way that I will never be able to. (Boys)

  • Nura catalan

    It really scares me that the red guy isn’t going to come back and Not talking about the end of dhis films….
    Girl box

  • Brendan Conroy

    i’m scared when my granny takes her teeth out and tries to kiss me (boys)

  • Izzy Nuzzi

    I’m scared of gene wilder, but only the scene in charlie and the chocolate factory when they’re all in the boat and he’s screaming and then theres this massive chicken and this eyeball and he starts to look like he’s aging. I love pasta a lot but there was this goosebumps episode where this girls eating pasta and all of a sudden the noodles start to move and two massive eyeballs appear.. its wild and terrifying. Girls

  • •.* cam *.•

    I’m scared of having to live in a world where trump might be president // girls

  • Jaz Odell

    Sharks are scary. Too many teeth for my liking!

    • Jaz Odell


  • bb spice

    I’m scared of Dwayne “the rock” Johnson because his muscles are so big. I’m terrified I’ll meet him one day and he’ll squash me just by touching me. (Girls or guys)

  • Manon van Trier

    Hi, I’m scared that my hands (and feet) will fall off and wouldn’t be able to create anymore {: -( GIRLS

  • Oliver John

    I’m scared when my feet pop out from under the duvet when I’m in bed cause I am convinced a fox is going to come in my room and bite my toes off when I least expect it. Sneaky sneaky foxes. (Girls Box).

  • Izzy Nuzzi

    The ocean. I’m absolutely terrified of it I love it so much but im scared something will grab me while im swimming and suck me down while i can see everything above me just go black. Girls

  • Izzy Nuzzi

    BALLOONS! i’m terrified of balloons and cake that I will go to slice or pop one and blood will just pop out everywhere. Girls

  • naomi rose

    I’m scared of heights, cockroaches and the effort involved in pretending to be an adult (GIRLS)

  • Steven Ketchum

    I’m scared that, as I age, all my friends and family will disappear and there will be no other substantive relationships to reach out to. (boys)

  • Keiko

    Being an International student in the United States, I am afraid of not getting a job after college and getting deported. Until I saw the holes on Sonoya Mizuno’s body in Booooooom’s post about The Chemical Brothers’ track “Wide Open” (featuring Beck). Now I remember that I am afraid of holes. Thanks Booooooom for straightening out my priorities. (boys)

  • Liam Hale

    Dying with a bunch of student debt and being stuck in a poop job. BOYS

  • Ian

    Death is my number one fear. It’s very cliché but still just as terrifying as anything else I could imagine. I suppose I have to except the fact that eventually everybody runs out of time. (girls)

  • Jay

    I’m scared of technology doing weird things – TV, radio, phones. Like when they make a weird noise or start doing things by themselves, changing volume or playing music or turning itself on, or when they go all static-y. As a kid I was afraid of things that might be living in the TV and I probably watched i, Robot one too many times! (BOYS)

  • Jessica Scheibe

    I’m scared of not being able to fulfill my dreams and losing my passion and appreciation for art and beauty (that will never happen but thinking it might still scares me). Girls!!

  • Michelle T

    I’m scared of being alone. Girls

  • Teresa Romo

    I’m scared of not winning this amazing box :o

  • Luke Breen

    I’m scared of flared trousers
    they make me scream yowzers!

  • I’m scared of Furbies. GIRLS

  • rocky

    hmm my greatest irrational fear is being in a one man submarine in the deep open ocean because a. the abyss factor, looking in every direction and seeing nothing b. the pressure down there is wild so if the glass breaks ur head explodes basically and c. giant squids and other creepy creatures live down there wtf pls dont eat me (girls)

  • Abigail Henson

    I’m scared of being murdered while I’m showering

  • I’m scared of the economy collapsing!!
    (girls package please♥)

  • Argonaut

    Very scared of Comic Sans…


  • Jasmin ✌️✌

    Ever since I was younger I’ve been terrified of geese (because I was chased by a bunch of them on a farm). GIRLS

  • Honor

    I’m scared memes will become the new international currency (girls)

  • Jean

    i’m scared of thinking about the future and what i am meant to do with my life


  • Abdul Quadir

    I’m scared of group of sheep in the dark with lights flashing in their eyes


  • Brooke Gibb

    I’m scared of being stranded alone in the ocean, just me and a blow up boat. There’s all sorts of shizz in the deep blue


  • Lara Miller

    I’m scared of screaming people.

  • Kacey Roten

    GIRLS, I’m scared of growing up too fast.

  • Doemaesia Fuewell

    I’m scared of snakes, spiders, clowns, rats, getting my heart broken, and loosing all of my teeth

  • Tiia Pukero

    I’m scared of needles :(


  • serye kim

    Im scared of being alone one day. GIRLS

  • Samantha Wright

    I’ll set the scene: I’m scared of looking out of my window to see a seven foot tall bald albino man just standing there, smiling, and tapping on the glass.


  • Anj

    I’m scared that I’ll lose my way and end up falling in love with someone who doesn’t truly love me. Girls.

  • Alana Marr

    i have a fear of meringues, yes the sweet kind, can’t be in the same room as them because they creep me out, also clowns, the usual

  • sierra

    I’m scared of mirrors. It’s not as weird as it sounds but when I start thinking of this when I look in a mirror I cringe. When I was 7 I was looking around on YouTube and found this really creepy video of this girl (I’m pretty sure she was at a pageant) she was looking in the mirror, brushing her hair and then her mom called her name. She turned around and her reflection was still in the mirror making a really creepy face. I now know it was fake but it was so creepy it haunts me to this day. /// girls

  • Joey Wathen

    I’m scared of forgetting people’s names

  • Chloe Winn

    The way spiders walk. GIRLS

  • Kelc Byers

    I’m scared of the unknown and my mental illness destroying me ya know just the basics // GIRLS

  • Fletcher Legg

    I’m scared of those dreams where mid-way through you realise your pants have vanished :S
    /boys :)/

  • Erika Burchell

    I’m scared to find out what happens on my birthday this year… June 19th ;D

  • Debbie Debonaire

    i have an irrational fear of cows. ~GIRLS

  • Alexandra Courtney

    I’m scared of Moomins. Had a nightmare about them as a child and now whenever I see them I feel physically sick… And if caught by surprise I scream! BOYS please

  • jaxxson

    i’m afraid that the dreams i have where my friends are mean to me will come true GIRLS

  • nichola

    I’m scared because I’m nearly 22 and I don’t want to start adulting yet, do I really have to get a 9-5 and start drink beroccas?


  • Henry

    I’m scared of fancy, show-offy foods that will make my teeth go grey. BOYS

    • Haydn Ronnie Albrow

      You should stick to foods like white sauce and aspic .

  • Shelby Hipol

    I’m afraid of dying in a most unoriginal manner // boys

  • Kate

    I have always had an irrational fear of owls ever since I watched The Fourth Kind where the Owls were basically aliens and it scarred me. Later on I went to a medieval festival and everyone was gathered around this big cage so of course I rushed to see what it was and low and behold it was the biggest owl I’d ever seen in my whole life. I yelled, ran, and have never been to a medieval festival since. // GIRLS

  • Ellen Worrall

    I’m scared of octopuses – girls

  • Zandy

    I have a weird fear of sandwiches. The thought of biting into it and finding an object like a razor terrifies me. GIRLS

  • Lydia Haworth

    I’m scared of old people slow dancing in a sparse, dimly lit room to sinister music. This actually happened once, and I was terrified. I thought, ‘that there, that is death – waiting.’ (BOYS).

  • Alex

    I have always been scared of dummy and porcelain doll, they are just so creepy. When I was a kid afraid of slappy the dummy, in Goosebumps. My sister would make fun of me and she still dose.

  • Tommy Moore

    I’m scared that one day I will go to pull a hang nail and it will keep going and going until all my skin has unraveled and I’m all bones and guts… I’m also scared of spiders. BOYS

  • Mindie Armas

    I’m scared of the dark more than anything. Just the feeling of not knowing what lurks in it is absolutely terrifying to think about. (Girls)

  • Lucy

    Snakes, worms and slugs. Basically anything that can squirm along silently.

  • tristan

    it scares me that almost everyone believes they are doing the right thing and rarely think it isn’t what’s morally best/girls

  • Grace

    I’m scared of spiders **burn & dispose of them all** & being unsuccessful – /girls/

  • Yaqarrah Daley

    I’m scared of not being myself. To not be able to express myself and show how i feel. I’m scared that sometimes I have to keep my feelings inside because other people might judge me or think I’m weird. I’m also scared of not understanding the world. Sometimes i don’t understand things and i’ts a little scary because… what if. The chance that we may not have it all together, that we might be wrong about everything, is the most scariest to me.
    // GIRLS

  • Valerie Vargas

    I am afraid of all bugs with a huge fear of spiders crawling up my nose, into my ears, doing anything intrusive while I sleep. (Girls, thanks!)

  • Isobel Adderley

    I’m scared of my teeth falling out BOYS

  • Jack Emery

    I’m scared that a dingo ate my babyyyyyy (it’s Australia day.) also, I’m totes a BOY

  • grace

    I’m scared of the end of the world!!! it’s fun (GIRLS)

  • Morrigan Seiles

    I’m scared that I’ll die in a glitter based incident. It would be a horrific death but fun for the coroner ~ girls

  • Jenna O

    Seeing my roommate halfnaked scares me :D

  • Karina Starobina

    I’m scared that when I put my contact lens on, my hair is gonna get stuck between the eye and the lens – GIRLS

  • Im scared of losing my use of my hand because of some tragic accident (boys)

  • Cierra Withrow


  • Saray Martinez

    Something I’m scared of is not being able to create and loose my creativity and the child in me :( /girls

  • Jessica Birn

    everything. I live in a bubble wrapped in bubble wrap because then the world is scary and we’re all going to die one day. girls :)

  • Finlay Coulter

    Im scared that the next generation will grow up in a world where there is no individuality and that no one stands out for being different.

  • -_______-

    I’m scared of hairdryers, I’ve had too many that have shocked me // girls!

  • -_______-

    When my cat is meowing at nothing, who’s he talking to // girls

  • Gaia Lopez Barrera

    I’m scared of being categorized either as a girl or as a boy, always / (whichever)

  • Frazer

    I’m scared of the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series ending.
    Oh, and having to take on responsibilities when I leave college, that’s a scary thought..


  • willie witte

    Crippling fear of infinity… . . (girls)

  • William Gueits

    I’m scared of people misusing our resources and having everyone kill eachother off just to live. Also venomous snakes are very scary. BOYS

  • Miriam

    I’m scared of balloons and not knowing if they’ll pop when you blow them up // girls

  • Rose F

    I’m scared that a ladybird that once flew in my ear is still currently flying around my body – girls

  • starchild

    I’m scared of dying before I know if aliens are out there – girls

  • Shanice

    I’m scared that there will be a day where I say no to hugs (& cake); GIRLS

  • Tina Gee

    I’m scared of the media’s toxic influence on individuals and society as a whole and what that means for the future // GIRLS

  • Ginny Darke

    i’m pretty spooked to live in a world where some people are oblivious of the obvious patriarchy that we all live in!!!!


  • Izzy

    I’m scared of Q-tips and what the inside of my ears might look like from using them. I imagine a cave full of blood and yellow gunge. GIRLS

  • izzy

    I’m scared of being buried alive D’:

  • Paige:^}

    I’m scared of growing up and not being loved // GIRLS

  • Egg Egg

    i’m scared of waking in my room and then seeing someone staring right back at me!!! spooky!! \ girls

  • Linda Huang

    I’m scared of climate change and lots of holes in one place. Like when there’s snow on the ground and the snow starts melting off trees and the water droplets make a bunch of holes in the snow. That’s really freaky. (GIRL)

  • Isabel

    I’m scared of my teeth going grey.

  • Lee

    I’m not scared much, so i’m scared of something happening to me that wouldn’t happened if I was scared of it in the first place, sometimes it’s a defense mechanism that could be useful sometimes it refrains you from engaging in a more interesting life. Girl or Boy; they’re both nice!

  • Izzy

    I’m scared of Q-tips and what the inside of my ear looks like when I use them. I imagine a cave full of blood and yellow gunge. Ew. GIRLS

  • Isaac Lee

    I’m actually scared of hummingbirds. I had a nightmare of a giant one eating my eyeballs. LOL welp


  • a flower

    I’m scared of mushrooms (all kinds) // girls

  • Nadine carruthers

    Since the age of 9 I’ve been afraid of the mannequin horses coming to life at the transport museum in Glasgow. -GIRLS

  • Rimisa

    i’m scared of my cat’s addiction to plastic. it’s ruining his life. i don’t know if i can go shopping enough to provide the amount of plastic bags that suits his needs. it makes him angry and scary. please help him. don’t do plastic. // guys

  • Joe Mchale

    I am scared of green bc it is not a creative colour // boys

  • Daisy Kent

    I’m scared of living in a world where the creepy butterfly from episode 3 actually exists – GIRLS

  • Thalia

    I’m scared of butterflies! I don’t know why, but those big flapping wing are just oddly offputting. . . GIRLS

    • Shrignold

      *floats in*
      It makes you sad, doesn’t it….
      ….that there’s so much hatred in the world….>:D

  • Allison Skula

    Whenever I walk into the bathroom and the shower curtain is closed, I’m scared a murderer is behind it, patiently waiting for me… GIRLS

  • Jake Thiessen

    I’m scared of not living up to my full potential. That and spiders. Screw spiders.

  • Hannah

    I’m scared of some peoples weird fears in this comment section ~~~creepy~~~ (who rules the world) GIRLS

  • Ariel K

    I’m scared of driving. I’m always worried I’ll hit someone. BOYS

  • Andrew Stewart

    I’m scared that one day that my arms will go limp, all I can do is flail them pointlessly knocking things over. The limpness would then move to my legs, I would be on the floor helplessly trying to scoot myself along when Thick marinara would start falling on me. At this point I would look down at myself and find that I’ve become a big bowl of spaghetti. //Girls

  • Jessica Gonzales

    I am scared of inverse gravity. As in, you’re walking down the street when out of no where you begin to fall up, there’s nothing to catch you, you’re heading towards space. You could try to grab onto telephone lines, but they aren’t strong enough to hold you. Or even if you are inside with a high ceilingwith ceiling fixments, sometimes I try to figure out the possibility of surviving the inverse fall. ~☆ GIRLS

  • Ani Fernandez

    Im scared of DHMIS!! //boys

  • ruby morton

    im scared of pale blogs on tumblr // girls

  • Francisca

    Ugh where to start… I’m really scared of bridges, like the sensation of walking on the air, and I’m scared of cars, mostly the fast ones, and of making phone calls, pigs, making/loosing friends, moths, heights, BRIDGES, elevators, stairs… So yeah I could actually take a hug cause I’m REALLY scared. (Girls)

  • Totally scared of Zika Virus

  • Deni Lewis

    Super scared of Bumper cars. / girls

  • meatloverspizza69

    i am scared of citrus hatchlings. from the grove to the grave, one segment at a time. GIRLS

  • Charlotte O’Donnell

    Im scared of 2016 bc im terrified the kardashians are going to become the supremes and take over the world even more than they already have – girls

  • Zoe

    scared of being scared. sucks to not have control of your emotions and feel overwhelmed. (girls).

  • Phoebe Harris

    I’m scared of myself when I get too bored and start to produce images like this on my laptop webcam :) GIRLS

  • sk8rwizard420

    I’m scared that reality is just the universe distracting itself from a horrible truth; a way of perpetually denying that we all are in fact the imagination of a sentient, massless sea of consciousness, tormented by endless voids and the perpetual cycles of self-created life and death that flicker in between… rendering existence’s only purpose to eternally entertain itself, until all possible experiences – past, present, future – become a singular unbearable searing ball of energy and pain, like a mixture of old paint in every colour mashing together to ruin each other, creating a murky, bitty taupe… like a crazy person on the street ripping their clothes, their skin, their being… laughing at the horror of the Realisation. And with this realisation, with this knowledge that everything must die to be released from suffering, all consiousness self-destructs, forever. OR – awaking the true maker; the yellow man, from his reverie to finally eat that raw chicken leg. Both are equally terrifying.


  • taryn

    I’m scared of having my eyes sliced (like in ‘un chien andalou’) through intentional or accidental means. rrrghaaa just thinking about it hurts. (girl)

  • Emily

    I’m scared that SeaWorld will never release their captive animals into the wild. //girls

  • Lea Dalissier

    The first time I watched the Gremlins – on VHS ladies and gents- I was 7, the baddies were so scary that I could barely look at the TV screen. To this day I am still terrified a hoard of them will come out of a public swimming pool at night and come for me. I find myself thinking about this at random. GIRLS

  • Needles and scorpions / girls!

  • Bluehairgirl

    I’m scared of not winning this amazing set. -GIRLS

  • Ellie

    I’m scared that all my teath will fall out and I’ll have a gummy mouth – girls

  • Ruby Nealon

    boys // running out of new ideas (as a society, not me personally) for new & innovative music and everything sounding the same for the rear of time.

  • Dominic Costantino

    I am afraid of hugs// boys

  • Gossame

    I’m scared of being locked in a bathroom with a dozen crane flies. {Boys}

  • Rooカンガ

    I’m scared of being friends with my dad //girls

  • Lena W. P

    I’m scared of accidentally kicking small dogs in the face as I walk past )): (Girls)

  • Rose

    I’m scared of the internet breaking forever… //GIRLS

  • I personally am scared of a lot of things, but most of all I am scared of spiders… I know it is cliche but I just hate them, they go everywhere and when I see one I get all itchy and I just wave around me in case he falls in my neck or something! Doesn’t matter if they are big or small. BOYS

  • Heidi

    I’m scared of being all broken and on the floor | girls

  • Kent Yoshimura

    I’m scared of girls. (boy)

  • Samantha Dez

    I’m scared of coyotes, going blind, and all types of insects. (GIRLS)

  • Miy

    I’m scared of running out of plain white sauce //girls

  • Isaac González

    I’m scared about what will happen when I die. Will I go to heaven? Hell? Eternal darkness?

  • bear»

    I’m scared of being sent out the catflap. )))): //girls

  • Dylanvwyck

    I’m scared of high tables // Boys

  • Max

    I’m scared of my teeth going grey // Girls

  • Roger S.

    I’m scared that I might not win a prize pack :). Boys

  • Mags

    I’m scared I won’t be able to eat the last boiled egg \ girls

  • thatsquacktastic

    I’m scared of that texture on lenticular rulers

  • Gemma Day

    I’m scared that my teeth will go grey.
    But then I’ll eat yeast, and it will go away!
    But too much yeast makes your teeth go grey.

  • Devon Hatton

    I’m afraid to walk around in a hoodie with a bag of skittle /guys/

  • bronwyn hawkins

    I’m scared of dying alone and unloved lol

    also chemical spills

    boys or girls

  • DocHobo

    I’m scared of being trapped alone inside my head (boys)

  • Daniel

    I’m scared of the curiosity of man and the limitless possibilities of human creativity…. | BOYS

  • Katelynn Lee Millard

    I’m scared of computers taking over… will my dad become one? is he one already? will I result to eating aspic?

  • Alex Dickens

    Im scared of one day, going all the way round, over the bar, on a swing and turning inside out and then having all the birds in the park chase me home… Boys

  • Michael Moore

    I’m scared, as I learn more about the forces that move this world, of my slowly vanishing feeling of control over my own life | boys

  • Curmudgeon Bludgeon

    I’m afraid of being.

  • Alex

    I’m scared of making life decisions in case I make the wrong one / GIRLS

  • Sydney James

    I’m scared of crocodiles :( – girls

  • Daniel Northup

    I’m scared of waking up while still having surgery…so you could say the 5th DHMIS kinda freaked me out a little hahha//boys

  • BranDameron

    I’m scared of things entering my skin / veins (boys)

  • Graham

    GIRLS!! //BOYS

  • beth

    I’m scared all my worst nightmares (being catapulted in the air, falling out a 200ft tree, my crush reflected me, my legs stopped working when I tried to run) will all happen in real life at the exact same time or maybe just the sound of polystyrene | GIRL

  • beth

    the song All Star by Smashmouth really gets me shuddering :( , girls

  • Julian Ros

    The inevitability of death scares me. Boys.

  • Michael Harper

    My biggest fear is being in a relationship and that eventually they mutilate me and maim me to pieces. BoYs

  • egg

    getting stuck in a mosh pit (I’m 5″2), things with more than 4 legs, pelicans, things entering my skin (needles, sharp objects,,), having a panic attack in public, im p sure I have allodoxaphobia, knees, hexakosioihecekontahexaphobia (it’s the fear of the number 666, I don’t have it but I love the word and would probably lie about having it), when people play the recorder really badly and loudly, outside belly buttons r sort of wierd ngl, don’t hug me I’m scared is sort of scary but prolly only because it’s actually really deep and idk how I feel about that

  • Alex

    I’m scared of this competition I boys

  • Piers Rae

    I’m afraid of having worms lay eggs in my brain while I’m asleep. By the time I figure out why I’m losing my mind, it’s too late. // BOYS

  • Eemil Friman

    I’m scared of my mom sneaking in to my room at night! //boys

  • Chiarra

    Fairly terrified of being creative n Malcolm || girl

  • cats

    I’m scared of anything paranormal and of course roy,// girl :)

  • Chloe

    I’m afraid of Donald Trump being the president of the US. (Girls!!!)

  • I’m scared of death, especially at such a young age when I haven’t yet “lived my dreams” and failure.

  • I’m scared of the number 0 // boys

  • Stuart Horwood

    Boys – I have a repeating dream about dancing sausages that boogie into my mouth, the scary part is they are covered in ketchup…. I hate ketchup!! Boys

  • Nathalie

    I’m scared that if I go to sleep thirsty my soul will leave my body in search of water and not come back. Girls!

  • Lali

    I’m scared because this can’t be sent to mexico(? //girls

  • benedz

    I’m scared of getting sick. boys

  • beeyotch

    I’m scared that DHMIS 6 won’t answer all the questions. I’m scared of finishing the series and never knowing what happens to our favorite cReAtIvE wHiZ kIdS~ // guys

  • Daniel Granados

    Being unfashionable is pretty S C A R Y. BOYS

  • Devin curry


  • erotovoid

    i’m scared of secretly poisoned food / girls

  • Promise

    Am scared of the dark, am also scared of being alone at home…and am also
    scared of people not liking my fashion attitude.Girls

  • Omid Moterassed

    I’m afraid of June 19… [Boy]

  • Emma Atrens

    I’m scared of losing my memories // girls

  • Joe Powney

    I’m scared of frogs. Big frogs, little frogs, happy frogs, sad frogs, green frogs, brown frogs, girl frogs, boy frogs. Frogs in hats, frogs with glasses, frogs on the bus and frogs at my classes. Frogs with money, frogs with teeth, a frog on my pillow, a frog in the sheets, a frog in my dreams and a frog on a flower, a frog in the bath and one in the shower.
    Don’t frog me I’m scared. BOYS (UK)

  • Cheyenne Bailey

    I’m scared of failing at life. I just wanna be a boss like Oprah✨✨Girls✨✨

  • Charlart

    I’m scared that telepathy is real and someone might discover the the dark and greasy, oh so greasy, truth of my inner thoughts. // Girls.

  • Antonina Steven

    I’m really scared of balloons its a hard life GIRLS

  • Hannah

    i’m scared of the feeling of impending doom i that can’t explain | girls

  • Matthew

    I’m scared of being alone, and Seeing Dead-like people and animals attacking me scaringly. BOYS!

    • Matthew


  • EC ERC

    I’m scared of my uncle’s moustache. It’s thick and black!

  • Morgan Hughes

    I’m afraid that I will start to become bad at my art, because green is my favorite color — and green is not a creative color. /// girls

  • josie mason

    I’m scared of moving into my new apartment because it has huge but non-opening windows. Therefore it’s a fish tank. And I dont want to be a fish :-( girls

  • Dan Everitt

    I’m scared of over weight middle aged men who still live with their parents, wear tight faded nylon tracksuit bottoms and collect Pokemon cards. //BOYS

  • Katie So

    Im scared of all the movies that I loved as a child becoming unwatchable because of how offensive they’ll seem as we move towards progress in equality. Girlz

  • estta

    I’m scared of unemployment and crippling debt. | girls

  • Vivian Pham

    im afraid of never being able to wear the Holy Brand (trademark) that is lazy oafs // girls

  • Sophie Herbert

    I’m scared of you! // Girls

  • Iggy Nicklbottum

    I’m afraid that one day, while I’m asleep, I’m gonna hear my closet door open… then there’s a man there with a knife who has been observing me for a few days, making sure to know what my schedule is, who has come in and moved often so he won’t be captured… he comes out and he’s about to stab me and he whispers “digital style” before I go to the big sleep.
    Or a clown.

    although I also like the stuff in the girls pack too.

  • Adam Bird

    I’m scared of GIRLS,

    (Im a Boy, i like the boy things).

  • Rosie Joy

    I’m scared of rollercoasters because I’m not crazy enough to be strapped into a seat going super quick and high into the air, that does me a frighten, but I’ll happily look after my friends belongings because we all need our important things to be safe~ :’) // boys

  • Ruairi Dorrian

    I’m weirdly scary of roy always creeping in the backround of the videos talk about irrational fears oh and responsibilities《 Boys 》

  • Haydn Ronnie Albrow

    I’m scared of little baby pigeons . – girl .

    • Shrignold

      It makes you sad, doesn’t it….
      That there’s so much hatred in the world….

      • Haydn Ronnie Albrow


  • Tor Aunet

    I’m scared that I’ll trip walking up the steps and knock out all my teeth, so I wrap my lips around my teeth to protect them, but then I get scared that when I trip I’ll bite my lips off instead… boy.

  • Chloe f.

    I’m scared of the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared videos. I want to win these clothes so I can wear them and scare other people. (Girls)

  • paige

    I’m scared of David Cameron. GIRLS’

  • paige

    I’m scared of David Cameron.


  • I’m scared of sleeping without underwear because small bugs and creatures could suddenly find their way under the covers | girls box

  • Ash Kayser

    I’m twenty years old and still scared of the dark so when left alone in my large 8 bedroom student house for the night (which is often knocked on by a spooky homeless man), I took to urinating in a 500ml bottle next to my bed to avoid braving the toilet downstairs in the basement. A smart move I thought, until my housemates found the bottle. Oh and I’m interested in the boys pack.

  • Quinn Evergreen

    I’m scared of the idea of dying and having noone remember you // girls

  • Leilah Wright

    I’m scared of never finding my special one, and the yellow guy’s Dad. // girls

  • Tor Aunet

    I’m scared that I’ll trip walking up the steps and knock out all my teeth, so I wrap my lips around my teeth to protect them, but then I get scared that when I trip I’ll bite my lips off instead… boy.

  • Zoe

    I’m scared of children. GIRLS

  • mush


  • George Javani

    Girls scare me. BOY

  • disqus_8o2k5du6WC

    I’m scared of being tickled. My worst nightmare was that a creepy guy was following me and I was trying to run away from him but he caught me and started tickling me and I laughed for a few seconds and then the pain hit me and I cried and squirmed and screamed and then I jolted awake terrified. It took me two hours to get back to sleep. (Girls pack pls!)

  • i am absolutely terrified of babies. particularly newborns. [GIRLS prize pack, blebpt]

  • Ashley Gan

    I’m scared of life, it’s too uncertain. (Girls)

  • raine price

    I am scared that a spider will crawl in my ear and lay eggs and then become infected. //girls

  • Although, I find it extremely fascinating to think and learn about…I am a tad scared of OUR NEVER ENDING UNIVERSE. xoxo girls

  • Sarah

    I’m scared jumping too high off the moon and free-floating into space | boys

  • Hien

    extended eye contact with cute guys ¯_(ツ)_/¯ // woman

  • Taryn

    I’m scared of time and all of the mystery mixed with it :: girls

  • Genoclear

    i’m scared of moldy and spoiled food… i mean, i was gonna eat it eventually :^( // girls

  • Liam Clark

    i’m scared I will not be able to finish all of the chicken picnic // boys

  • Finley Roles

    I’m scared of green.

  • Jonathan Crooshefeaten

    I’m scared for my mom that whenever she goes out alone someone will stab her or she’ll get run over by a car. Savage people are dangerous and will bring the worst to any random person. I’m a guy but I prefer GIRLS choice. :P

  • Krys Rei

    I’m scared of changes. [Girl]

  • Destinypath Videos

    I am scared of long tickle fingers //girls

  • José Luis Rvs

    I’m scared of never being as smart as a computer.

  • Erin Ellis

    I’m scared of spiders. GIRLS!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Jorge L.

    I’m a little bit scared about the shadowy figure that comes every night to my window and stares at me. /boys

  • Ryan

    Im scared of being meaningless.

  • Cloie

    I’m scared of the void (girls)

  • Olivia Bell

    Im scared that one day I won’t be as savage as I am now 420 blaze it

  • Victoria Harrell

    i’m scared of my love for zac efron help also girls pls

  • Nein

    I’m scared of you guys … big time / girls or boys

  • Rachel

    I’m scared of taking life for granted. Succumbing to mortgages (“death pledge” in French), the white picket fence, 2.5 kids. //boys

  • Tiff

    I’m scared of waking up one day and realize this is it, and there’s nothing more || girls

  • Ivy Chan

    Im scared of slipping on banana peels (girls)

  • Kaitlin Stacker

    I’m always dreading the next time I have to feel the “I have to sneeze” feeling.That feel is scary and inconvenient. Lol //girls

  • Connor

    (boys) i’m scared my pen is running o..

  • ▂▃▅Lydio Games▅▃▂

    I’m afraid of romance, even though I think about it p often. I used to be afraid of the dark but my ghost night light helped me get over it. I’m also afraid of forgetting about this clothing line until its too late and ending up having to scavenge Ebay or smt to find em because becky and joe have been one of my favorite artists for a long time and I was rlly excited about this clothing line ya dig ✆♡ Girls

  • Adelina Carbone

    I’m scared of dying before something really cool happens, like flying cars or robots and stuff. Dang. Imagine that, dying and the next day they’re like, “Wow, we got time machines now!”
    : ( //Girls

  • oro

    I’m afraid I don’t care. ♫ GIRLS

  • Courtney Brookes

    I’m scared that the world will run out of garlic bread // girls

  • Ben C.

    I’m scared of the NIGHTMAN //GRILS//

  • Madison Williams

    I’m scared of my teeth turning grey… and Roy // GIRLS

  • Jesse Uiterwijk

    I’m scared of moldy showers]boys

  • Jesse Uiterwijk

    I’m scared of my teeth going grey |boys

  • Jesse Uiterwijk

    I’m scared of puking|boys

  • Aylin Castaneda

    I’m scared of being too close when a piñata gets hit open / girls

  • Facundo Farias Batarev

    I’m scared of Roy | Boys

  • Anya knox

    I am scared of drownding and burning weird combination anyway I would love to win the girls pack

  • Classic Hazel

    I’m scared of eating a spoon of iron filings. | girls

  • Tom Davies

    I’m scared of being put in a can and fed to my friends. I’m scared I’ll be too tasty for them


  • Miranda Maldonado

    I’m scared I don’t have digital style :( girls

  • charlottemei

    I’m scared of clothes

  • Nadira Noorazli

    I’m scared of my dad because he is a computer // girls

  • Judy

    I’m scared of green because it’s not a creative colour, of how time makes my appearance change, of our king Malcom becoming angry, of not being invited to the party and of plain white sauce turning my teeth grey. (Girls)

  • I’m scared I’ll never win this BOYS pack because I’m located in Germany :^<

  • El ☆

    I’m scared of waking up in the mornings and having nothing to wear // GIRLS (or guys, I mean I literally wear anything)

  • Isabella Tamasin

    I’m scared of not being scared. / girls!

  • Kyra Kaufer

    Terrified of jellyfish and bees. Bees? Yes, bees. (Girls) ✨

  • Ciano

    Whenever I cross an empty road, I’m scared James Bond’s invisible car runs me over and breaks my legs. (BOYS)

  • Eva Kay Norrington

    I’m scared of the failing to pieces and being put back together wrong. GIRLS

  • Jessica Nightingale

    I’m scared of cold baked beans // BOYS

  • Alix Hudson

    I’m terrified of eels!! Worst things on the PLANET. Why do they exist

  • Katty Huertas

    Pain and cold | Girls

  • Shrignold

    I’m scared that I’ll never win any of this gorgeous digital style.
    |BOYS or GIRLS|

  • Courtney Jackson

    I’m scared of running out of time! I can’t miss my bath at a quarter to nine! I fear that I will spend my whole life mucking around, and I’ll miss my TV show and consequentially frown! (GIRLS)

  • Clazmix

    I’m scared of the yankee candle kid and the power he has over me. | Girls

  • Baka Italia

    I’m scared of being hugged.

  • Petula

    Fans. Abs terrified of fans. I JUST CANT go to the toilet if theres a fan there. Them ones that make that pure awful noise and there everywhere. I just cant. / Girls

  • Merlaney

    My worst fear?

  • Fran Court

    I’m scared of breaking my hands and arms so I can never be creative again . Girls

  • I wanted to try come up with something funny or interesting, but honestly, I’m scared to die :'( (girls)

  • ann

    I’m scared of the fish that comes at 9’30 GIRL

  • Candace Dossey

    I’m scared they’ll find out green is my favorite color.
    I mean green can be a creative color for GIRLS right? Oh please don’t let them get me..

  • Randy Morales

    I’m scared of BOOOOOOOM going down someday but i know that wont ever happen/ girls

  • a-boz

    I’m scared of boys. | girls

  • harry c

    i’m scared of adam’s apples, even tho i have one (so boys)

  • Silvija Pukenaite

    I’m scared of nearly everything, for a short period of time // GIRLS

  • Maddy Faulkner

    I’m scared that social media/photoshop etc are destroying how confident we feel about our bodies + how we look, everyone is beautiful in their own special way :) <3

  • Kathryn Leach

    i’m scared of any type of fungi, because of the spores. / girls :)

  • octoram

    I’m scared of objects coming to life when I’m not directly facing them (girls)

  • anita

    im scared of my teeth going grey // girls

  • Jon Wetzel

    I’m scared of the power memes have over me //boys

  • Oliver Dunkley

    Im scared that my teeth will go grey (girls)

  • Oliver Dunkley

    I’m scared that I won’t get acsepted to hog warts (boys)

  • Lindsey

    Most definitely awkward silences…..


  • I’m scared of time and being alone / boys

  • rick

    I’m not easily scared. One time the BOYS and I were hangin’ and draangin’ and they suggested we drop some dryls (Benadryl). Ever the naive boy, thinking we would just be passed out at 6pm and wake up at 2 to nightman it up, I took a whopping 18- not knowing that ‘dryl can have some serious psychological effects at high doses. Without getting into too much detail, I ended up seeing extremely bright flashes of light with a sensation of being slammed into the couch, so I got up and drove home to die in my own bed. I sincerely expected to die, which caused quite the sense of existential dread. I was… almost scared.

  • Autumn B

    I’m scared of amusement parks. Yikes! Boys

  • Computery-guy

    I’m scared of being – don’t touch mEEEEEE (Girls)

  • Leanne

    I’m scared of being sad

  • Lola

    I am scared I will never find my special one ( girls )

  • Benton Robertson

    I’m scared of Sharks cause my bro used to tell me they swam in the deep end of swimming pools. //BOYS

  • Tamsin Randall

    i’am scared my teeth are going to fall out one by one //girls

  • aldioni88

    I’m scared of other people teeths go grey //BoY

  • Mike

    I’m scared of being late to my chicken picnic // boys

  • olivia goodspeed

    I’m scared of being alone and also I’m scared of spiders because they are terrifying lol // girls

  • vape lord

    I’m afraid of success. God would never let me be successful. He’d kill me first. He’d never let me be happy | Boys

  • Jacob Hokkanen

    I’m scared of a grandmother falling out of the sky and exploding on impact setting off a chain reaction disrupting the flowering cycle of Mustard seeds reducing the mustard supply in America, inevitably causing pugs to go extinct. Which in turn, causes an overubundance of air the the lower hemisphere stifling flowers ability to grow, which of course angers them, leading them to punch a passing couple that was admiring them, pissing off the couple to the point that they say “I don’t like my dad”. that would be more frightening then anything in my opinion. /BOYS

  • Max DeBoo

    I’m scared that my cat Clive will hear my tin foil secrets and eat my pink wrinkled thoughts///Boyz in blue

  • A.B.I.G.

    I’m scared I won’t be able to enter this competition because I live in Australia.

  • Resetti

    I’m scared of resettin’ !! GIRLS

  • Charlie Sutherland

    I’m scared of Roy! / boys

  • Danny Doyle

    I’m actually absolutely terrified of the dark, and the last episode of DHMIS really screwed with me to the point where I had to sleep with the lights on for a while. Also Roy is terrifying in and of himself. //girls//

  • Cole Ellis

    I’m scared that one day something subtle will change and everyone will act as if it had always been that way, causing me to feel just slightly off for the rest of my life / boys

  • Nicole Hyland

    i’m scared of soggy wet paper and tube water slides that close up at the end – girls

  • Brady

    I’m mostly scared of armed bigots and getting esophageal cancer. Girls

  • Bart Van Obbergen Perez

    I’m scared of what’s called in this world “reality”. BOI BOYS

  • Fridge Teacher

    My biggest fear is the deepest part of the ocean. Also, I constantly wonder why we’re here, what’s it all about? I’ve no idea. //girls

  • Mark

    I’m scared of the water that gathers at the bottom of the cup that holds my toothbrush (Boys)

    • Linda Kalmar


  • Emily

    I’m scared that everything will taste great, but that maybe I should wait before I put it on the plate or it could be too late.

  • Scared of waking up one day and having my legs be completely paralyzed, or worse, cut off…

  • Lauren

    I’m scared that one day I really won’t be able to remember where I parked, and I’ll just have to buy another car // GIRLS

  • Fumi

    I am scared that one day I will lose my mind and notepads, clocks, baby pigeons, computers and food will teach deep, meaningful yet twisted lessons that prevent me from returning to reality ~ girls

  • Liv

    Scared of knowing dhmis will probably end after episode 6 (and of heights but mainly the end of don’t hug me i’m scared) | girls

  • Niamh Porter

    Scared of falling asleep on the bus incase it crashes and I sleep through it / GIRLS

  • GreyTooth

    I’m scared of being scared. Also, Malcolm. And failure. And spiders. And food with microscopic birds in it. But most of all, I’m scared of tiny garden gnomes turning evil and eating us all up and asserting themselves as the supreme rulers of the universe. Hug me pls. Girls.

  • Alaissa

    I live in a Hispanic community just off the butt crack of the Mexican border. I’m scared that one day I’ll be driving somewhere and spontaneously end up in Mexico. I’m scare that I’ll get caught in a drug raid and be forced to work for cartels or something, then I’ll become apart of the mob world and fall in love with a job boss. Then we’ll have kids and when I find out that he cheated on me I’ll overthrow his empire and declare myself as the leader. Then one of my kids will grow hateful toward me because I killed their father so they’ll seem seek revenge and I’ll have to run for my life until my kid catches me and we have this legendary standoff against each other. I’ll get shot in the chest and my child will stand over me like “I’ll never be like you” then I’ll reply “you already are.” And that’s how I die./// girls

  • GreyTooth

    I’m scared of not being able to think creatively.
    I’m scared of mucking around, and missing my show.
    I’m scared of people thinking you actually spell it rizd.
    I’m scared of my dad when he does the *heavy breathing*.
    But I wouldn’t want him to be a computer though.
    I’m scared of fish in the bath. I’m scared of someone interrupting me by screaming louder and louder till everyone’s ears bleed.
    I’m scared of time making my appearance change.
    I’m scared of the past not existing.
    I’m scared of a giant suddenly appearing; swatting me dead like a pesky bee.
    I’m scared of all the hatred in the world.
    I’m scared of going too low and crashing into the rainbow.
    I’m scared of not knowing what to do with my life after eating all the chicken.
    I’m scared of being called a freak, and having to live my life on my own, underground.
    I’m scared of never finding my Special One.
    I’m scared of becoming a giant rock head that eats gravel.
    I’m scared of being abducted and brainwashed, only to “wake up,” spending the rest of my life wondering if I dreamt it or if it was real.
    I’m scared of never being able to learn anything that I don’t know.
    I’m scared of having a brain inside my brain that controls my brain.
    I’m scared of being called “Great news!” my entire life.
    I’m scared of not winning all this DIGITAL STYLE!
    I’m scared of not being able to finish this list.
    I’m scare o-


  • Annette

    Very cute swag.

  • GreyTooth

    I’m scared of falling down and biting off my tongue, and when I call 911 they won’t understand me.

    I’m scared of stepping out of an elevator just as it drops, and getting cut in half.

    I’m afraid of my life just being a movie. Everyone I know, a paid actor. And if I could see behind my back, the end credits would start their crawl.

    When I’m swimming, I worry that I’ll get hit by a strong wave that turns me around. I’ll try to get back to shore, but only swim farther out to sea.

    If I don’t get this digital style, my teeth’ll go grey.


  • Alaissa

    I live in a Hispanic community just off the butt crack of the Mexican border. I’m scared that one day I’ll be driving somewhere and spontaneously end up in Mexico. I’m scare that I’ll get caught in a drug raid and be forced to work for cartels or something, then I’ll become apart of the mob world and fall in love with a job boss. Then we’ll have kids and when I find out that he cheated on me I’ll overthrow his empire and declare myself as the leader. Then one of my kids will grow hateful toward me because I killed their father so they’ll seem seek revenge and I’ll have to run for my life until my kid catches me and we have this legendary standoff against each other. I’ll get shot in the chest and my child will stand over me like “I’ll never be like you” then I’ll reply “you already are.” And that’s how I die./// girls

  • Sarah Wright

    I’m scared that all my friends are figments of my imagination : girls

  • Leo Castillo

    I’m scared of running out of closets for my digital style. But this pack would motivate me to make room for the awesome digital style. Maybe even enough room to do a digital dance. (Boys)

  • emilia ka

    I’m scared of spiders although I know they just want to be friends and hang out // girls

  • Victoria

    I’m scared of my teeth going grey (girls)

  • Ginger

    I’m scared that green is not a creative colour and that this is going to effect my creative output // boys

  • Nat

    I’m scared of the possibility of any inanimate object becoming animate (GIRLS RULE).

  • justniedr

    scared of breaking my yolk – :( **boys/girls**

  • Neil Carribine

    i’m scared of balloons *Boys* xoxo

  • Tori

    Adulthood – girl

  • Milena Shpotya

    I’m scared of clouds☁️ and loudness/ girls

  • Jimmy McArthur

    I’m scared of being scared… Was I just ‘hashtag meta?’ (I’m a #guy)

  • Miguel

    Im scared pf Donald trump becoming president//girls

  • Juan Hands

    Im scared of poop. Guys

    • Linda Kalmar


  • amaya-nova

    Im scared that my dad is a computer// GIRLS

  • Ben gee

    I’m scared that one day I’m going to put my baby in the washing machine. I did it a few years ago, when he was just 9 years old. I stuffed him in there and he looked so unconmfortable, my wife went mad. He was so soggy and smelt of Persil. My wife (half squirrel) was going a bit crazy, but then Eastenders came on and we never had sky+ at the time so we had to watch it there and then. We put my son, who was still very soggy and wrinkly, on the table and proceeded to watch Eastenders. Anyway, we needed our son to go back to normal as it was school photograph day the next day and we didn’t want to have to have an ugly picture of our son up on the mantel piece, the problem was it was winter and so we couldn’t put him on the washing line…. Oh no! We realised our only option was to put him in the tumble dryer! My wife (half squirrel) but him inside and we turned it on. After looking at several sources on the internet who shared similar experiences we found that putting him in there for 45 minutes would be sufficient, but… Oh no! My wife (half squirrel) did the settings wrong and he was in there for 90 minutes!!!! It completely dried him out, he is now just a big bag of skin. He’s a bit like a big scrotum with a nose and mouth and eyes. He’s like a bean bag when all the beans have been taken out. We just drag him around attached to a hook. Our other child, who is my favourite child nowadays is really clever and he smells of fresh soap. I’d hate to see him turn into a scrotum. That is why I am scared of putting my son in the washing machine :( . ^boys^

    • Linda Kalmar

      This is the best thing I’ve read all week. Sorry about your son.
      (half squirrel)

      • Ben gee

        I hope it spreads awareness. Have a nice weekend Linda

  • Scott Brown

    I’m scared of a tasty snack making my teeth go grey // girls

  • Linda Kalmar

    I feel unconfortable about the colour white. It makes me tense and a bit anxious. Because it doesn’t look plain to me, it looks blank, like it should be filled with something. It looks empty, and emptiness is scary. The idea of nothing is scary. And we will be nothing one day. We are something, and to feel nothing is the worst feeling, worse to me than being sad. Most of the time when I feel nothing I do nothing, and I always feel like I should do something, but I’m too overwhelmed by the idea of doing something that I end up just lying somewhere until I find something to feel. Well I am sort of scared of the idea of the colour white. And the idea of nothing. LOOK AT THE TIME

  • Sabrina Chantel

    I’m scared that there’ll be a spider in my shoe when I put it on. // boys

  • Ellie Teare

    Im scared of growing up :((( girls

  • Chloe

    I’m scared of saying “Maybe time’s just a construct of human perception. An illusion created by-” And then somebody starts screaming in my ears until they bleed. //girls

  • Andrea Bader

    I’m scared of earthworms. Completely irrational, I know. They are terrifying!

  • Belinda A Taylor

    Darkened hallways with open doors-girls

  • Natalie M.

    I’m scared of people in mascot costumes… GIRLS

  • Daniel Ngo

    I’m scared of cooking too little for others because I’m used to cooking for myself.


  • Micah Sides

    I’m scared of the inevitable heat death of the universe | boys

  • BeckyT

    I’m scared of fish so don’t hug me I’m scared 2 terrifies me as at 11 to 12 there’s fish in the bath :/ – girls

  • angel

    I’m scared of not knowing. Not knowing what’s going to happen in the future..or what this world is about I’m so unsure of everything. Where will my mind when I die. The world exists but does is it still exist it I’m not here? What if I die and I’m paralyzed but my mind can still think and I can still hear everything going on above me? What if this world isn’t even real and I’m just a figure of someone’s imagination? I hate not knowing..And I’m scared right now. Boyzz

  • Lali

    i’m scared of being hurted by my speshal one u.u/ girls

  • Pete Russell

    im scared of spaghetti (boys)

  • Freya

    I’m scared of the potential future reign of Donald Trump and for the sanity of his supporters // girl

  • lynnclayton


  • Nneka

    I’m scared of not knowing myself before its too late. GIRLS

  • aldioni88

    I’m scared I doesn’t find my special one // Boy

  • aldioni88

    I’m scared of being not invited to the party // boy

  • Tainan Lu

    I’m scared of insects

  • Safi

    Spiral staircases :SsS (girls)

  • Anna

    I’m scared my cat won’t live long enough for science to make her immortal. GIRLS

  • Kizzy

    I’m scared that my teeth will go grey.

  • George

    i’m scared of racists | ‘boys’

  • Andrea Amy

    I’m scared of not having a place to live.
    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com BOYS

  • Robyn B.

    I am scared of flying, well, not so much the flying as I am scared of crashing.

  • Abigail

    I’m scared of scaredness itself.

  • Robin Edwards

    “I’m afraid* of americans” *scared


  • Jeffrey Wattel

    What scares me the most is dying before episode 6 of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is released. The sheer thought brings fear to me because there are so many unanswered questions! Why is Roy so important? Do the characters have real names? What is so important about June 19th!?

    (For the love of god I want that dope clock backpack! I don’t give a hoot if it’s for girls!! Also that flannel shirt is awesome and I would totally go metro wearing it! The sweater is also cool and would bring joy to my girlfriend. I would also pass these down to my children someday and tell them “Don’t be scared…you can hug me.”)
    *-*Girls box please and thank you. I would scream with joy if I won!! <3*-*

    This is me! See how excited I am to try and win this AWESOME contest (also that's my girlfriend in the back who will be forced to wear the sweater every day forever if I win!):

  • Akemi Gallagher

    I’m scared of or-gans that are outside of bodies. ~ BOYS

  • Kendall cortez

    I’m scared of the realities of the world we live in, like the fact that I’m going into debt so that maybe one day I can make a little bit more money than i would if I didn’t go to college. And the fact that going to college might not even be enough. I’m scared that we live in a world where working hard enough sometimes isn’t enough to get the very essential things that we need just to be alive. I’m scared I’ll make all of the mistakes my parents made with me with my kids one day. But most of all, I’m scared that my cat won’t forgive me for that time i accidentally stepped his tail…


  • Kandrex Millones

    I’m scared I won’t be in the same room as 100 puppies

  • Kandrex Millones

    I’m scared I won’t be in the same room as 100 puppies// girls

  • aly3360

    I’m scared of heights and the girls package is the one i’d prefer, but they’d both be fun.

  • Bella

    My fear is hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. It’s the fear of long words.
    // (girls)

  • Jonathan St Amant

    I’m scared that I won’t be able to read every great book, graphic novel, or comic before A.I. takes over and books become banned. Boys

  • Laura Masters

    I’ve always been scared of lifts.


  • jordan

    im scared that dolphins will mutate to land walking love seeking men and woman | boy

  • Laura

    I am genuinely terrified of Beavis and Butt-Head…


  • Jerb

    I’m scared that there is not enough time.

  • Kathryn Rose

    im scared that the great and eternal Shmeckle will get me before my own mortality does

  • Brooke Bayles

    I’m scared of being bored.

  • April

    i am scared that my villagers will leave on animal crossing. // girls

  • I’m terribly afraid of heights. A frozen in place kind of fear.

  • Aine

    I’m scared that my dog is a reincarnation of a Korean ancestor who died resisting the Japanese invasion, and that’s why he gets so angry when I try to fap to tentacle porn.


  • melanoid

    im really really scared of buttons

  • tony is my bae

    Im afriad of DHMIS ending! I love dhmis so so so much and it makes me happy when I’m sad. I absolutely love this series! (Girls!)

  • 12carebear

    I am scared of losing one of my children BOYS

  • Zoe Miller

    Moths absolutely terrify me! They’ve terrified me for ages, and I don’t know why. i can crush a spider with ease, but something about moths really get to me. Also, I’d like the girls pack! I’ve been enamored with DHMIS since the first episode and I’d be so happy to win!

  • Bethany King

    I’m scared that my friends won’t know how much I love them (BOYS)

  • jooann

    Every time I hold a knife, I’m scared that I will trip and it will stab me in the face :-( GIRLS

  • Freya

    I’m afraid for the sanity of america after seeing how high Donald Trump is in the polls. / Girls

  • Mike Pledge

    Anatidaephobia. This is a real phobia that somewhere, somehow a duck is always watching you. My friends and I thought it was a joke but now it’s on my mind quite a lot.. BOYS

  • Sophie Williams

    What scares me most is my teeth turning all grey, honestly I’m terrified of the dentist ✨GIRLS PLEASE✨

  • Callum

    I’m scared that one day my cat will die | boys

  • Sarah Tha Guru

    I am scared that one day our chance to spread art in all its glorious ways will be denied by the monetary system which already shows us that there’s no place for artistic expression

  • I’m scared of my teeth turning grey // BOYS

  • Ligia

    I’m scared of watching DHMIS theories when im alone , at night ,in the dark…

    • Kacey Roten

      Remember to put GIRLS or BOYS so you have a chance to win the prize :)

  • Michael Goliath Palmer

    I’m scared of entering buildings incorrectly and being silently shamed,
    this has led to me walking past any new place I’m visiting 2 or 3 times
    to watch how others enter or leave before I work up the courage to take
    the plunge, sigh. GIRLS

  • Katie Jones

    Im scared that when I show my kids this series in 10 years time they will be just as mental scarred by it as I was when I saw it. I feel it will teach my future offspring the meaning of being creative,love and overall death. Just remember kids GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOUR //girl

  • Sophie Muir

    I’m scared my friends won’t understand why I appreciate the dhmis videos :-( (either, clothes have no gender :-) )

  • Becka

    I’m 21 years old and scared of the dark – ridiculous, right? (GIRLS)

  • Krystn Brown

    I’m scared of being an adult. :) Girls

  • Ru

    I’m scared of waking up one day and become invisible to everyone :/ -Girls

  • Lali

    i’m scared of what the people say of me //girls

  • Ev Laguë

    I’m scared of that girl in the window.
    Oh wait, it’s the mirror.
    Damn it, I need a haircut. ~~ GIRLS

  • Emily

    I’m scared of being scared. BOYS

  • Savannah Foglio

    I’m scared that I won’t win the GIRLS prize pack.

  • Elinor Russell

    I’m scared one day my creativity, (however much we shouldn’t think creatively) will dry up like a sad, forgotten raisin at the back of the cupboard and I’ll be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

  • Maddy

    I’m scared that one day I will be ‘that guy’ who farted mid downward dog in yoga and everyone knew it was totally me. GIRLS <3

  • Elinor Russell

    I’m scared that my brain will dry up like a sad, forgotten raisin at the back of the cupboard because my creativity runs out- leaving me about as interesting as a chocolate teapot is useful… GIRLS

  • Maggy K

    I am scared of snails. GIRLS

  • Lali

    im scared, because i know that everything will run out of time//girls

  • Lucy

    I’m scared that women will never be equal to men !! – girls

  • Becky Nguyen

    Just last year I rounded a corner at the same time a mouse did and accidently stepped on him. We both ran off in opposite directions screaming. This wouldn’t be so horrible if I didn’t have a crippling fear of mice which started from a vacation in Vietnam. The rats there are the size of cats and I came home from that trip to a mouse infestation.

    So yea. Rodents, I don’t want to be friends.

  • Beaudry

    I’m scared of the ocean / Boys, but I dig the girls one too.

  • Emma Bracy

    I’m scared of all bugs, butterflies and centipedes and everything in between :(


  • Se th

    I’m scared that I have a super power that I’ll never find out I have.

  • Davin Lama

    I’ve been trying to tell her that I just don’t see it working out between us anymore, but it’s so scary, like how do I even start… BOYS

  • Matt Fogarty

    Elephants are terrifying. BOYS

  • Lali

    im scared of accidentally falling into a open sewer while i walk //girls

  • Anna!

    I am scared of not know what time it is all the time. GIRLS

  • Kristen

    I’m scared of ending up being a disappointing failure to my parents | girls

  • Avalon

    i’m scared of regret (GIRLS)

  • xasia

    I am terrified of spiders. In my youth I was notorious for torching them because I was too freaked out by their forms and furry little legs to get close enough to squash them.


  • Being in an elevator with another person. (girls)

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I’m scared is big spiders. (Girls)

  • Omar Abdelhamid

    I’m scared that i’ll run out of tImE!!!!!


  • Holly O’Gorman

    I’m scared Fuller House won’t be as good as I hope GIRLS

  • zmac

    I’m scared that I won’t have the capacity to love another human being

  • Amir Saidani

    Scared of becoming bald. BOYS

  • andy.gallows

    I’m scared of wallpaper. What is it hiding?? BOYS, pls.

  • Jack Farley

    The endless nothingness. The eternal dark abyss. The realisation that your sad pathetic existence has come to an end and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No salvation for the tedious daily grind that was your life. Just one last breath and everything you’ve come to know as your reality will be gone and you’ll be nothing more than a faint memory and some food for worms. Oh, and I guess spiders are a bit weird. Boys

  • Makayla Lynn Myers

    I’m scared of when it will be TIME to see what CREATIVE, LOVE filled, TECHNOLOGICAL, and HEALTHY masterpiece you will produce on June 19th, and I can only hope that my brain wont explode from what is to come. //Girls

  • Nithi Pingping Aroonyingmongko

    I just turned 22 two days ago and im so scared to grow up. I wish i could live as a little BOYS forever.

  • CjEggett

    I am scared of my teeth falling out in the night.

  • rachel

    (GIRL)LLSSS gather round. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m so scared. I’m literally scared of metal like it’s called metallaphobia. I was going to try and make a joke to win but tbh it’s a joke enough that I fear the most common material. fgs.

  • Freya

    Im scared of people who use comic sans font on a regular basis// GIRLS

  • Clara Sofía Garcia Castillo

    I’m scared to wake up and not find my family.

  • Zachary Doiron

    I’m scared my plants will die! D: BOYS :D :D I love DHMIS

  • Jacob Hokkanen

    Where did they announce the winners????

  • The Lazy Oaf crew has selected MIKE PLEDGE and PIGGY as the winners! Check your inboxes, thank you to everyone for taking part! Some really hilarious answers!

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Photographer Spotlight: Martin Venezky

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We recently added more locations, so now jobs can be posted for Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, and also Remote jobs! We’ll be adding more features to it in the coming weeks and doing everything we can to make it a great resource for you guys. There’s so much talent here in our community and we’d like to help connect you all with work!

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