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Sneak Peek of Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes’ New Book


Visionary director and photographer Timothy Saccenti has a beautiful print project coming out! Made in collaboration with 3D illustrator Sam Rolfes and heavily inspired by model/actor Sui Nakashima (who Saccenti met on a project for Depeche Mode’s last album), SUI: A Journey in Self-Realization explores identity formation and transformation through a series of computer-generated manipulations.

The cinematic feel of the project is testament to Saccenti and Rolfes process, shooting thousands of frames in studio with Rolfes live scanning and manipulating on set/in real time. SUI consists of 35 unbound images that allow the reader to go through them in whatever way they choose. It also comes packaged in a reflective polychrome box encased in a vellum sheet, a deliberate decision on the part of CYMK Books to enhance the unique, material aspect of the project. Check out more images of SUI below!







How did you start collaborating together in the past?

Timothy Saccenti: Sui and I have been collaborating together since we met on a project for Depeche Mode’s last album. She was the inspiration for part of a film series projected during their live tour. We’ve collaborated since then on various projects and when Sam and I started our “Struggle Session” series we felt she would be amazing as an iconic portrait subject. She completely inhabits her world when acting or modeling and brings a magic to the room. Sam and I have been creating an on-going body of work together since we started a friendly series of one-offs last year, culminating in the “Struggle Sessions” series. Since then we’ve worked together as often as possible.

Where did the idea of the sui project come from?

Timothy Saccenti: It came from two places, one, the inspiration of working with the iconic Sui, then, aesthetically and technique wise from the explorations of portraiture deconstruction that Sam and I had been working on privately. Sui is a fantastic actress and model so her inspiration really drove the genesis of the project.







What was the shoot like?

Timothy Saccenti: The shoot was quite intense, Haruka is an amazing bondage artist and her and sui have a magical connection. These are very physical proessess and the bondage aspect echoed the work that we were going to create in post, the twisting and manipulating of the body. We shot thousands of frames in the studio and sam was live “scanning” and manipulating on set in real time.

What was the post production process like?

Timothy Saccenti: Sam and I have a process of bouncing back and forth rough ideas over a period of time, partially working on multiple shots so feel out what works. I would process stills and sam would then create first passes of ideas, then we would bounce back and forth until the image was complete, me working in photoshop and Sam working in 3D.







What is next for you?

Timothy Saccenti: Sam and I just finished a campaign for Danny Brown, a few fashion stories and various music videos.



Timothy Saccenti’s Website

Sam Rolfes’ Website

Sui Nakashima’s Website



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Artist Spotlight: Jeroen Erosie

Recent work by Dutch artist Jeroen Erosie (previously featured here). See more images below.

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Ticket Giveaway: Canal180’s 8-Day Creative Camp in Portugal

180 Creative Camp is an 8-day media arts academy hosted by Canal180 in Abrantes, Portugal, from July 2nd to 9th. The event provides a unique environment for participants and invited artists to exchange experiences, learn and create together. I’ll be headed out there to do a talk at the camp and more importantly hang with the participants. It’ll be my first time to Portugal so I’m looking forward to exploring Abrantes as well.

Tickets are still available! Also if you happen to live in Abrantes I believe there are special terms for you to participate. Head over to 180.camp for more info and to see the list of speakers and workshops announced so far (more on the way).

Now for the really good news, we have a full package ticket (350 € value) to give away to one of you, which includes participation in the 8-day camp, accommodations and food. All you have to do is share a link to your website or Instagram in the comments below. Click the link below and scroll down to the bottom of this post and use the Disqus comment widget. We’ll pick a winner in two weeks! Good luck.




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Artist Spotlight: Noel Badges Pugh

Love the line work in these drawings by artist Noel Badges Pugh. See more images below.

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Photographer Spotlight: Chris Coyle

A selection of work by photographer Chris Coyle. More images below.

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Call For Submissions: Aint-Bad No. 12

Laura Pannack


Aint–Bad Magazine is looking for submissions for issue No. 12! Their goal is to put your best work in front of a crew of 15 curators from around the world (myself included). With each curator selecting two photographers, a total of 30 photographers will be feature (and interviewed) for the final printed publication of the best contemporary photography out there today.

While there’s no specific “theme” for this issue, you may wanna explore Aint–Bad’s archives or look at the images below to get a sense of the imagery they’ve showcased in the past. If you think your work might be a fit and are interested in submitting, head over here.

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