20.01.17 by Staff

Book Giveaway: Cut That Out

Creative duo Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards (aka DR.ME) have come out with a new book celebrating contemporary collage in the field of graphic design! Published by Thames and Hudson, Cut That Out offers a curated collection of collage work from leading designers and studios from 15 different countries. See more images below or get yourself a copy in stores/online.

We also have a copy to give away to one of you guys! We wanna know what your current favourite art book is? Let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. We’ll pick a winner two weeks from today (open to all readers based in North America and Europe).

































DR.ME’s Website

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If you have work to share, please send us a tweet or post it to our monthly submission posts.

  • Jeremy Grant

    James Jean’s xenograph

  • Ash Kayser

    Adult Contemporary by Bendik Kaltenborn, found here on Booooooom

  • Darius Vaheb

    »YOKAINOSHIMA Island of Monsters« by Charles Fréger

  • V.

    Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini

  • Evan Weselmann

    Kramers Ergot 9

  • Dressing by Michael Deforge

  • Hotdog Taste Test by Lisa Hanawalt is absurd, hilarious, and has a lot of heart.

  • The Art of Pixar! so much inspiration there

  • 100 painters of tomorrow by Kurt Beers.

  • edwing

    At the moment: Tom Dixon’s – Dixonary. Not really an art book, more of a technical look through the artist’s / designer’s mind and post rationalization on the process in which idea transforms into objects. Inspiration in mundane, everyday things, work and philosophical concepts.

  • Melodie Emre

    It’s not really an art book, but my favourite at the moment is the Alice in Wonderland edition with the wonderful illustrations of japanese artist Yayoi Kusama !

    • I have that book and I agree with you, it’s wonderful!

  • I’m currently loving The Art Rules by Paul Klein (and Ballpoint Art by Trent Morse).

  • Jack Massey

    Object 15 by Kilian Ang

  • dalton

    BUFF MONSTER’s Stay Melty

  • Jonathan Pruc

    Walton Fords “Pantra Tantra”

  • Devon Jacques

    Little People in the City: The Street Art of Slinkachu

  • Monica Lacey

    Milk teeth by Julie Morstad

  • Megan Reiley

    Art Forms in Nature — Ernst Haeckel !!!

  • E Smit

    30,000 years of art at the moment, the cover is awesome too in blue light! And I am in love with an inspirational book Amazing Mazes that I bought in Scotland last year.

  • Kat Shannon

    Feminist Avant Guard – edited by Gabriele Schor!

  • andy.gallows

    Been a while but I still love Martin Venezky’s It Is Beautiful…Then Gone

  • joseph gasston

    Broken Windows: Graffiti NYC by James T. Murray

  • Er Sever

    codex seraphinianus

  • Hita Hita

    “100 painters of tomorrow”

  • lynl

    Otomo Katsuhiro – Kaba 2

  • Art of He Man and the Masters of the Universe

  • Chelsea Walsh

    Thanks for asking! Currently captivated by photographer Deanna Templeton’s ‘The Swimming Pool.’

  • Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin

  • Lourenço Providência

    The World of Charles and Ray Eames

  • Gui Bé

    Democratic Forest – Eggleston , because well , yeah , Eggleston is a genius and that’s inspiring

  • Emily Levine

    Cut That Out is my favorite art book. I love collage!

  • Sarah Lichter

    I’m trying to start doing freelance graphic design and seeing this book here couldn’t have been timed better ! So inspiring

  • Sarah Lichter

    My favorite art book is currently “Style and the Family Tunes,” a compilation of selections from a magazine of the same name that is based in Berlin and focuses on bringing together art, fashion and various subcultures.

  • Aaron

    Lawrence Weschler’s Everything That Rises

  • Edward_Westerhuis

    Richard Scary’s Busy Town

  • JD

    Three centuries of American Prints

  • Shannon Holliday

    “The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss”

  • Matt Rudd

    ‘A Love Letter to the City’ by Steve ‘Espo’ Powers

  • joe dao

    Currently, ‘Tres Logos’ by Robert Klanten

  • Neonpt

    Nem todas as baleias voam – Afonso Cruz

  • Art in time – A World History of Styles and Movements, Phaidon

  • Levi

    Congrats to Corey Jordan on winning a copy of Cut That out! Check your email!

29.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Natalia Rak

A selection of colourful paintings and large outdoor murals by our talented friend, Polish artist Natalia Rak. See more work below.

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29.05.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Tristan Pigott

New work by artist Tristan Pigott (previously featured here). See more images from his upcoming show “Juicy Bits” below or on display at Cob Gallery in London June 8 – July 1.

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29.05.17 by Staff

“Works Sighted” by Artist Anna Valdez

Paintings by Oakland-based artist Anna Valdez. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Works Sighted” below or on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco June 3 – 24.

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29.05.17 by Staff

“Cats & Plants” by Artist Stephen Eichhorn

Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn combines images of cats with flowers, cacti, shells and minerals. 200 of his cat collages have been compiled into a new book. See more of Eichhorn’s work below or check out Cats & Plants, available for pre-order via independent publisher Zioxla.

A limited-edition print is also available. For every purchase of either the book or print, a can of cat food will be donated to a non-profit working to rescue cats from shelters and find them loving homes.

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29.05.17 by Jeff

POW! WOW! DC 2017



International Art Festival POW! WOW! just rolled through Washington, D.C. and 15 artists blanketed the NoMa area with colourful murals. You should peep the @powwowworldwide Instagram as the team is now in the Middle East for the first-ever POW! WOW! Israel. No rest for the wicked! More images from POW! WOW! DC below.

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