12.05.17 by Jeff

5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

After all the amazing responses to the previous 5 Questions, I thought we could it again. It was a lot of fun to read through all the responses and feel like I know a lot more about you guys (found lots of new music as well). Below are 5 new questions for everyone to answer! I’ll put my answers in the comments too.


The Questions

1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)

2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?

3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?

4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?

5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole)




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Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • 1 – Left

    2 – George Costanza

    3 – I feel like Instagram is hindering my creativity. The way it currently functions makes it feel more like a job than anything else. Like there’s a pressure to post frequently otherwise less and less people will see what you post and there’s a pressure for that content to only be things people will like (for the same reason). This isn’t conducive to being creative and experimenting and only promotes artists pandering.

    4 – Our recent meeting with the studio that is redesigning Booooooom (big things coming!)

    5 – Black Puma clydes that I bought in Ireland because the shoes I brought with me literally fell apart as I was walking around.

  • Things Better

    1 Right
    2 The father in ” the road”
    3 I’m not on Instagram
    4 The possibility of a new episode of cold storage on radio nope
    5 Brown suede lace up, I had to look presentable for a meeting.

    • whats cold storage on radio? googling now

      • Things Better

        Different veins then cold storage but dublab has a ton of great radio shows also, houseshoes, cut chemist, Daedalus

  • Raoul de la Cruz

    1) Right-handed

    2) Stanley Hudson from “The Office” (US version)

    3) Not on Instagram at all!

    4) Got some great 7″ singles from the used records bin during Record Store Day for really really cheap, all from the 80’s

    5) All-black Vans low top lace-up sneaks

    • what singles did you get

      • Raoul de la Cruz

        Limahl “Never Ending Story”, Billy Idol “Flesh For Fantasy”, Chic “let Freak”, George Michael “I Want Your Sex”, Queen & David Bowie “Under Pressure”, Cheech & Chong (as Alice Bowie) “Earache My Eye”, Scritti Politti “Perfect Way”, Motels “Only The Lonely”…those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Got a bunch more that day, nice 6” stack, all for 2 – 3 bucks a pop. Spellcheck kept wanting to change Limahl to “Likable”, LOL.

  • BruceCanaFox

    Right Mostly – Ambidexterous in Aikido
    Capt. Jack Aubry RN
    Not using Instagram, prefer nearly raw photos scaled down from 50mpixels
    Making a new mobile of steel and aluminum
    Lace up lightweight high tops, my ankle likes them

  • taryn

    1. I’m right handed, but I do things with my left hand sometimes to make it pick up the slack.
    2. Alyx Vance from Half Life 2.
    3. I don’t post much on instagram, but I’d say it helps my creativity – browsing to see what people are into, to check out other people’s art and get motivated.
    4. I’m getting a new pet leopard gecko!
    5. Black loafers with holes in them (from my pointy toes).

    • what was the name of your last gecko

      • taryn

        Memdoch! And I still have him – gonna get another one. And the new one shall be called Ramekin.

  • 1. I write solely with my left hand, but am ambidextrous otherwise.
    2. Tommy Pickles (Rugrats) on my good days, and Chuckie on my bad days.
    3. Instagram hindered my creativity and my self esteem in a major way, which led me to delete it, along with all other social media.
    4. Reading Noam Chomsky’s book Media Control and just nodding/shaking my head the whole time. (It’s so eerily relevant right now.)
    5. Ye olde faithful high top black Converse.

  • Mauricio Gomez

    1 – Right handed, left is a wannabe
    2 – Bugs Bunny ; Clever but still poor
    3 – It’s inspiring/motivating but scrolling too much can be Counterproductive
    4 – A promotion and new cool art commissions
    5 – Nike Flex 2016 Run : http://bit.ly/2qCasU4

  • David Kim

    1. Left handed, but do random stuff with my right (like tennis??? I don’t really play tennis I used to when I was younger it’s just an example) for some reason
    2. Jake the Dog, he is chill and wise, not saying I am either of those things but I aspire to be and so relate to his character
    3. Sometimes I’ll see something cool and be like “hey, that’s cool” and add it to my subconscious creative influence box but most of the time it’s not that great for creativity (but great for memes and funny pics of my friends)
    4. The last Facebook message from this girl I have a crush on
    5. Huf x Spitfire Classic Lo, complete with ripped laces and ollie hole

  • MiquePraktik

    1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)
    Right handed, ambidextrous only at playing basketball… :)
    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?
    La Linea
    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?
    Feel the same thing as Jeff and some others said. It’s became a contest, so I (mostly) lost an interest. I just don’t bother with playing “the game”, consumes too much time that I can use for anything more important. I still check it thought and I still (co)run 3 profiles (personal – observing, studio – creating, and my Corgi has an instagram, but it’s private).
    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?
    Finding a Bastiano sofa for a crazy low price
    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole)
    Karhu x Footpatrol. Finish sneaker brand collab with Footpatrol shop from London

    • whats your corgis name

      • MiquePraktik

        @betacorgi :)

    • Clararharper

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  • bebop

    1- i m right handed but left-footed, all the bass players can play drums but in my case it must be setted right. snare toms for righty, kicks and hi hats for lefty. i m in a gray area and call the others strict lefty or righty.ambidextrous on playing bass and keys.
    2- don quixote
    3- depends on the point of view. sometimes i found them data collector for big companies via algorithms, depends on my mood.
    4- little storm and waves
    5- flip flops. time of socks and shoes passed at last….

  • JenniferJeckles

    1. Ambidextrous
    2. Ripley
    3. It’s inspiring and distracting so = both.
    4. Spring, the general surge of the sap rising etc
    5. Slippers, I don’t get out much…..

  • Emma Pena

    1. Right mostly but left handed often. I feel more assured of the strength of my left hand.
    2. A mix of Jess & Nick from the serie New Girl will be a pretty good result of my self. Oh I was stroke by the illumination of the candid face of Amelie Poulain too. I always related to her.
    3. I don’t have a smartphone, so scrolling down my insta feed never happens but I keep it connected with my computer for updates from friends and artists I like. It is helping my creativity because I choose carefully what I want and need to see.
    4. My library got a copy of a book I wanted to read and I was really happy they had it.
    5. Dr martens 1461 mono black. I only wear one pair of shoes until they die.

  • Ana Fernandez Saiz

    1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous) I’m right handed but Since I was little I’ve been trying to become ambidextrous, so far I can write in capital letters and eat using a fork with my left hand, for the rest I use the right hand.

    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with? Any character in a Kafka book.

    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity? well, I love instagram but it a distribution platform really. Creativity comes from the daily life I think.

    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited? Talking to a war veteran.

    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole) some kind of black leather espadrilles, the most confortable shoes I’ve ever had.

  • sunwukung

    1: right
    2: can’t think of any – they all serm so grandiose. perhaps Sam Bell from Moon?
    3: instagram and other social media creative sites tend to homogenise trends imho
    4: taking a deep dive into emacs…pretty nerdy i know, but this ancient text editor is an artefact built by thousands, it’s like a text based adventure, it slowly opens up to reveal layers of archaeology left by previous travellers. i love it!
    5: puma trinomics, favorite brand but need to find an alt now i’m vegan

  • Yafan JL Chang

    1. Right handed
    2. Phoebe (from friends if there’re other phoebes you go to first)
    3. I think it depends on how you use/view Instagram. I sometimes find interesting stuff on there that makes me wanna try something new, but it never actually inspired me to a point where I feel enlightened. Overall I get that it’s a place where people curate their life and/or art, but from time to time I still find some pure and original content that keeps me motivated.
    4. Getting my first few rolls of 35mm film developed from a recent trip to Madrid.
    5. A low ankle school uniform/combat boots combo with a buckle strapon top. High platform (had to look up the description from the website because I have no idea how to describe it haha)

  • Dee Dee Aldaba

    1 – Right handed …
    2 – Daria The old MTV show
    3 –No i dont think so… I think if anything its expanding it. Making things that i think are to hard to do they break it down and show me how easy it is!
    4 – Going to Dave and Busters last night
    5 – sketchers but the flat ones that are more dressy not the tennis shoes

    • forgot about Daria!

  • Elissa Gibb

    1 – Ambidextrous but I prefer using my right for most things (except playing pool??!)

    2 – Some days I feel like Lizzie McGuire with my little bitmoji running around providing comic relief, but most days it’s a bit more like Linus from Peanuts

    3 – I’m conflicted about Instagram because finding inspiration or learning new techniques from other artists’ posts and videos has become significantly easier – I think maybe it’s specific to the ceramic circles on Instagram? Seeing process videos and such can really transform the way I approach my own work!
    I mostly use Instagram as a way to keep people updated on my progress through a newly-started ceramics apprenticeship, and keep a photo-log of that progress, so I guess it works well for that purpose. But if I want my work to someday reach a large audience (further than friends and fam and a few mutual-admirers) it feels like having to join in on a game that’s not particularly fun or interesting – like-for-like follow-for-follow type dynamics…

    4 – A book called Extraordinary Leaves I checked out from the library that’s filled with huge pictures of leaves of all types – variegated, spiked, lobed, ferny, colorful, ooooh boy!

    5 – Moose slippers – the front half of the moose on the left foot, and the back half on the right foot so when I put my feet together it’s a whole moose. Talk about Joy!

    • im gonna look for this book

      • Elissa Gibb

        Stephen Green-Armytage and Dennis Schrader – photographer and writer. Some of the textual information isn’t as deep as I hoped for, but there are some JEMS in here. And the photos are really cool.

  • NG

    Hi Jeff, Narangkar here… I’ll happily join in the conversation.

    1. Right handed, goofy footed.

    2. Lisa Simpson

    3. I love instagram. It’s my only social media right now. I like it because it can be exactly what the user wants it to be. If you want it to be about sharing, and looking at creative work and art, you can tailor to be just that way. I rarely experience negative trolling or shaming or harassment. I see that it goes on, for sure, but it can be neutralized fairly easily – if one chooses so. Creativity-wise, I share a lot of freshly created works, which might not be the shrewdest of behaviors, but I like doing it. I love the feeling of snapping a photo of a brand new thing… even if I haven’t fully examined whether it’s good or not. I probably should practice waiting a week or so before posting… just to work on that a bit ;)

    4. Kerry James Marshall’s big solo show at the Met Breuer in NYC. I travelled to NY just to get a chance to see it, and it was SO worth it. The show is magnificent and inspiring. It’s now at MOCA Los Angeles, so… go see it everyone!

    5. My new artisanal calfskin boots ‘botas alentejanas’. Designed by a knitter friend who has a shop in Lisbon Portugal, they are produced by a small cottage industry style shop in LIsbon. They are pretty cool!

    • would love to see the show. i dont think anything wrong with sharing things as you make them, and that’s great that you can use it that freely, i think many people are opposite in that they would think a lot about the curation of whats shared

  • Muz Choudhury

    1. right handed but when I was a boxer both handed
    2. Speedy Gonzalez
    3. Instagram makes me feel bad when I see how great people execute art, helps in one sense but hinders in another
    4. I got really excited when I got an internal awakening and realised I do not need to give a Sh=t anymore about what people generally think of me! And I started teaching others to think the same
    5. Converse high tops. they are falling a part though and like seeing peoples reactions to them

  • Belinda A Taylor

    The Questions
    1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)

    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?
    Vlad Taltos

    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?
    Neither- it is fun to post on but I can still draw without it-
    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?
    Coming up with an excellent idea for an art show I am part of- I can’t wait to complete it-
    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today?
    Blue, strappy, flowers, Mary Janes -good soles-

  • Yy

    clammy right hand
    bighead from silicone valley season 1 (just started it, i don’t watch much tv)
    Ig is a ambidextrously doing something to my creativity, it pauses me for long periods of time in turn causing cortisol levels to rise where I internally scramble to post something for my insta-dopamine.
    I was excited on venturing towards front-development but it wasn’t sticking.
    After wearing a pair of chukka boots, i’ve reverted back my sambas.


    • Levi


      One of my favourite shows right now!

  • 1 – generally left, unless it’s sport related, then mostly right.
    2 – Andy Dwyer
    3 – helping
    4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi61IVQ6QMY
    5 – white ( Vans AV Rapidweld’s)

  • 1 – Right
    2 – Puck or Mark Watney
    3 – Helping, especially with http://www.creativesprint.co/
    4 – The release of private copies of http://www.thehappyfilm.org/
    5 – brown slippers that are about 2 years past the date they should have been destroyed.

  • Cookie Dough

    1. Right handed. I’m told my paternal grandfather was ambidextrous.
    2. I haven’t found any fictional characters I identify and feel bad about it. Everybody else seems to!
    3. I’m not on Instagram.
    4. I got one of those spinner things and the cat figured out how to make it spin.
    5. Tom’s slip ons, sturdier and with a more supportive sole than their orginal ones. Fabric is orange and red flowers.

  • katie woodin

    1. right.
    2. tiny rick.
    3. helping! instagram is, for me personally, the best tool for inspiration. i curate my likes so that i get a really good “for you” page, filled only with things i care about; most of it is art, fashion, design, dance.. and any collaborations between the four of those. then i can check back on everything ive liked in the “liked posts” page and reflect. its also made creatives more entrepreneurial – now they can speak directly to their buyers/fans/supporters and collaborate more easily with other creatives. my vast knowledge of art and art galleries around the globe has come from instagram. hell, i know about booooooom because of instagram!
    4. im going back to art school.
    5. birkenstock slides.. not the conventional leather sandal, these are more like pool sandals. everyone calls them my dad shoes – i dont know if i love them more because of it.

    • katie woodin

      to be fair, i rarely post on instagram – maybe a good selfie or two. mostly, i lurk. i dont upload, i download.

      • good points re -3- it is great for looking at stuff you like definitely – the downside creatively is you’ll just see less and less outside the bubble of what you already like

  • E Smit

    1. right handed
    2. Clark Kent in Smallville
    3. Helping deffo
    4.Today, making a print sale
    5. Sneakers, black and white, Vans off the wall.

  • Nico Glaude

    1 – southpaw with two left feet

    2 – ewan mcgregor as oliver in beginners by mike mills. sucker for those beautiful loser types.

    3 – helping. catching good vibes from other creatives from around the world wouldn’t be possible without instagram. It’s about the connections, the immediacy and the feedback. what is it? a like on instagram means more then a hug these days. sad to admit, but can’t help but agree.

    4 – getting one of my favorite artists to come paint a mural in my home town in august. While instagram is great for that temporary/instant gratification, meeting your idols is a permanent good luck charm that you can keep in your back pocket when those low tides hit.

    5 – black dress shoes to deal with family blues on a funeral filled SADDER-DAY.

    • also loved 20 century women, one of the best from last year

  • Levi

    1. Right handed

    2. Danny McBride in Pineapple Express (watching it right now)

    3. Distanced myself from Instagram. The platform lost part of its allure for me, and Facebook has turned it into an algorithm-controlled feed.

    4. Exciting times at Booooooom! AND Arrested Development coming back!

    5. Black low top converse

  • 1 – Right handed, but always wanted to be left handed like my brother
    2 – Molly Weasley (from Harry Potter)
    3 – I feel like it is helping my creativity in terms of inspiration, but it is also hindering my creativity in terms of feeling less than when you try to get “Likes” or seeing how other people react… the internet can be a rough, rough place
    4 – Lunch today… we had a traditional raclette Sunday lunch before the true summer hits and it was heart warming and stomach pleasing
    5 – Classic black leather chelsea boots

  • Hey Jeff :)
    1. Right-handed, although ambidextrous with hand-tools and power-tools weirdly.
    2. Shotaro Kaneda: He tries to be a bad-ass at times but its just a front, he is brave though, ruled by his heart and cares deeply for his friends. ( Made myself a capsule gang patch recently its nice when other Akira faces notice and you have that fan connection)
    3. This is a question I’m constantly asking myself! I’ve limited my use of Instagram recently and looking at creative stuff in general. Its good to take a break and just get down to work. I do love see artists I admire work in progress and sketchbooks. I find these the most inspiring .
    4. Getting a new set of Rotring pens. one of my most prize possessions.
    5.Flip flops: Its Sunday so I’ve been cleaning the house and wear flip flops often when I clean. ( Hate the feeling of wet floor on my feet when I mop myself into a corner)

    • haha you’re back!

  • Cristine McC

    1. I write right-handed, everything else I do with my left.
    2. Cullen James, “Bones of the Moon”.
    3. I’m not on Instagram but access it occasionally to see other artists work, but it doesn’t affect my creativity either way.
    4. The 2 Canada geese that just swam past with a brood of 5 goslings.
    5. A walking cast.

  • johnnyboyjohn

    Left for artistic things which take a light touch, Right for all mechanical things like hammering or sawing or bending wire. Throw Left but bowl Right. Go figure.

    Kolya from “the idiot” by Dostoevsky

    I don’t use Instragram or visit the site. But I am fond of ello and pinterest which I waste far too much time on late at night once I’m done working.

    The possibility and eventual granting of a solo show in a fairly good gallery. Beyond that, the setting of my house from a truck onto a basement in the wilds of a national forest which shall remain nameless for purposes of this public site.

    Stained with mud, cut grass, furniture stain, acrylic paint and food, my cheap 11-dollar tennis shoes from Walmart, which are lined with Dr. Scholl’s gel pads which automatically transform any cheap pair of shoes into heaven for the feet. I usually buy a new cheap pair every spring which are glowing white at that point and eventually they achieve a patina not unlike that of a seawall that was painted with epoxy and then weathered with mud, algae and chemicals into a cracked and dirtied yet charming surface that reveals much about the wearer. Shoes are a diary if one studies them long enough.

  • Margotenenbaum

    1 – Right handed, however was always jealous of the lefties. Something about how the pinkie finger was always ink smeared from sliding over the writing….the mark of a good leftie.

    2 – Clementine from Eternal Sunshine. For the both the good and the bad. I relate so well to how her mind works which makes it a difficult but beautiful film for me to watch.

    3 – Wow, easily both. It definitely takes up a lot of time, way more than it should throughout my day (and night!) which is a massive reason I don’t have Facebook. I loathe ads, paid grams and “influencers” that lead fake lives. But on the spin, it has made me discover amazing art and talent around the world in seconds and I truly feel inspired regularly from IG. I like learning about others through their “eyes”. Ok, ok. I guess I love Instagram.

    4 – I was at a strange party last night in a strange area with a lot of strangers. But there were these amazing light up balloons all around. The lights quietly flickered around us in random sequences and it felt like a dream with surreal fireflies. It was beautiful and I got excited.

    5 –A proud eBay purchase. My favourite pair of Nikes- oreo 95’s. What is more perfect for a Sunday shoe? Nothing,

    • 95s in general great shoe

  • 1. Right
    2. Kaneda from Akira!
    3. mmm not sure. I’m not really posting that much on Instagram. But I do find it good as a means to monitor my productivity. Some sort of big brother to make sure I’m not slacking off.
    4. The weekend’s climb to explore a new route up one of our mountains.
    5. Five-ten guide tennies

    • which mountain did you hike?

      • Me and a friend tried to find a route up a mountain called the Pinnacles, here close to cape town. After 8 hours up we walked into an impenetrable wall and had to abseil 7 pitches back down sketchy, loose, choss. haha We failed miserably but it was epic fun :D

  • 1. Halfway ambidextrous. There are certain things I prefer to do with left or rightbut most I can do decently with either.

    2. At the moment, probably Mae from night in the woods but I find it hard to really identify with most fictional characters.

    3. I don’t browse around but if I did, it would, because of too much input.

    4. Science. Just it’s awesomeness in general.

    5. Dirty, white, spa slippers from a hotel if that counts. Otherwise; black, dirty, sneakers with paint on them

  • Thom Wong

    1. Right.
    2. Daniel Quinn in City of Glass.
    3. Helping.
    4. The Handmaiden.
    5. GW Bass oxblood leather oxfords.

  • Leah Leah Bo Beah

    1. Right-handed. My left hand still amazes me with how useless it can be.
    2. Kaylee from Firefly. “What’s so damn important about being proper?”
    3. I feel that Instagram was hindering my creativity. In the past month or so I’ve stopped posting my work (or anything) on it, and have found I’m making art more often and more freely. I would often become paralyzed by the fear that my (very few) followers wouldn’t respond to something I made, while simultaneously feeling like I owed them a constant stream of posts. That doesn’t seem like a healthy environment for artistic exploration! On the flip side, how does an artist market his or her work without social media? Not a rhetorical, would really love to know what you guys think!
    4. Planning my road trip to Chicago this summer. Leaving in 11 days!
    5. Vintage navy and white Superga sneakers that I bought in Tokyo :)

    • where is that actress that played Kaylee now? i feel like i saw her in something

      • oh i think it was The Killing but that was a long time ago too

  • Eric Hosford

    1- Left Handed.

    2- Two parts Philip J. Fry (Futurama) / One part Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls) / Two dashes Rob Gordon (High Fidelity)

    3. For me, Instagram indirectly has a positive impact on my creativity. I don’t really draw inspiration from what I see, but seeing friends are other artists I appreciate reminds me that life is always moving forward and I should move with it. Though i do get some encouragement when people like my artwork, but that doesn’t really change my process.

    4. When my wife and I took my mom out to Mothers Day brunch and gave her a dried flower wreath. She’s tricky to shop for so it was nice that it went over well.

    5. Saucony Jazz, blue and silver. I’ve gone through a dozen pairs of this same shoe in my life.

  • pdestrienne

    1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)
    Right, but taught myself to sort of write with my left during high school because I was bored
    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?
    The main character of Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld… maybe not so much anymore, but that’s my inner anxious teenager
    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?
    I think it is soothing and helps my brain relax and think about creativity
    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?
    Writing a song last week as a songwriting challenge between me and my bandmate.
    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole)
    black lace up boot/shoes – was gonna wear sandals but my feet were freezing.

  • Jacqueline Ferrante

    1 – Right handed
    2 – I’ve been told I remind people of punky bruster
    3 – A bit of both. I don’t take the time to use it as often as I’d like and I think if I did, it would definitely help my creativity as well as get more visibility!
    4 – Traveling to Venice, Italy for the biennale!
    5 – Steve Madden beige suede booties with a small heel

    • one day i want to go to the venice biannale!

  • Cody Achter

    1 – Are you left or right handed?

    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?
    Capitan Planet (Don Cheadle Version)

    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?
    If anything inspiring me more to make cool stuff.
    Its more of an inspiration source then a way of life for me.

    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?
    Finding out Kendrick Lamar took some of my beats.

    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today?
    Stan Smith OG Primeknit’ Navy… they cool but they get dirty way to easy!!!

    • captain planet hahah yess

  • kelsiege

    1 – Ambidextrous, slight favor to the right.
    2 – Dewey Finn. Life without music would be…WHAT?!?
    3 – IG is hindering; it used to inspire, but now it’s bloated and overwhelming.
    4 – Waking up to the sun today, a rare treat in the NW. It was invigorating for the few minutes that it lasted!
    5 – Horribly shot, charcoal colored Bobs.

  • Vanessa Tam

    1 – Right handed
    2 – Probably Louise from Bob’s Burgers. Tough on the outside and secretly a sensitive little mush on the inside.
    3 – Hindering most of the time. Sometimes I see something that gets my brain going but most of the time I just end up falling down some Kardashian related hole for like an hour :(
    4 – That secret job I scored that I can’t talk about yet >:)
    5 – Those quilted sleeping bag shoes the homies at People Footwear sent me! The Cypress.

  • Olivia

    1. Right hand
    2. Annie Dillard, but she’s a real person
    3. Neither
    4. Moving into a closet: giving my books and other belongings away as gifts, fooling the landlord (I hope), paying cheaper rent, feeling like a mouse in a matchbox
    5. Brown hiking boots

  • Daniel Moreno

    1. Right handed, do some stuff with my left hand like shooting at basketball
    2. Manny Bianco from the British serie Black Books
    3. Neither
    4. Christoph Niemann, Es Devlin from Abstract series on Netflix
    5. Haven’t worn any yet today

  • JD Streater

    1 – Right.
    2 – I like to think I lie somewhere between Abed and Troy from Community.
    3 – I feel like if you’re using it to share work just to share, then it’s great. But if your focus is on likes or comparing your work to others’, it’s always going to be a hindrance on creativity and motivation.
    4 – Found the perfect chore jacket, it’s literally the dumbest thing, but it has the perfect cut and pockets.
    5 – Black converse 70’s low

  • 1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous)

    Right handed.

    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with?

    Nobody really. They’re fictional.

    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity?

    It’s great for quick bursts of creativity or documenting an event–I will often use it just to keep a record. However, I used to take way more photos when I used a large DSLR…Having that in my hand gave me the “photographer’s purpose”. On a pocket computer (ie. iPhone), it goes back in the pocket. Also: it’s good for documenting work.

    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited?
    That most recent Twin Peaks trailer with the new characters in it.

    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole)

    Black VANS that are my go to walking shoe. I tend to stick to just one black shoe and wear it out. Anyway, it will soon be non-stop sandal weather.

  • Alison Kreitzberg

    1 – Are you left or right handed? (Bonus points for being ambidextrous) Right sided. I didn’t know we were getting points for this!……

    2 – What fictional character do you most identify with? I have to pick just one? Ed from cowboy bebop, without the hacking prowess.

    3 – Do you feel Instagram is helping or hindering your creativity? A bit of both.

    4 – What was the last thing that got you excited? Getting a job at a place that re-purposes used shipping containers into cafe’s and retail spaces and such.

    5 – Describe the shoes you wore today? (Wasn’t a question, found a loophole) That’s impossible anyways. I wore no shoes today. Blanket shoes.

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POW! WOW! Long Beach Recap

Andrew Schoultz


Pow! Wow! Long Beach returned to the city for the third consecutive year and when the dust settled there were 20 new murals. Have a look at more photos shot by Brandon Shigeta below, as well as a recap video shot by Chop ‘Em Down Films.

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