5 Questions You Must Answer (or die)

I’ve been brainstorming a bunch of ways to get to know all of you better, especially all of you lurkers. What I propose is we all answer the same five questions. Whether you’ve been hanging around on Booooooom for years or this is literally the third sentence you’ve ever read on this site, it would be really cool if you took two minutes to introduce yourself by answering these five questions!

If a bunch of people do it, maybe it can turn into a recurring thing. I’ll put my answers in the comments too.


The Questions

1 – What’s happening outside the nearest window?

2 – Do you have any scars? Describe one.

3 – If you formed a gang with your closest friends, what would be an accurate word to describe it?

4 – What’s the current wallpaper on your cell phone or computer? Describe in as much detail as necessary.

5 – If they turned your life into a movie, what song would play during the opening sequence? Post a Youtube link to the song if there is one.




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