Vancouver Mural Festival: Year Two

Artwork by Tyler Keeton Robbins

The Vancouver Mural Festival started this week which means, for the second consecutive year, thousands of square feet of wall space in our city will be covered in murals by local and international artists! You may have already spotted the beginnings of new murals all around Mount Pleasant and Strathcona.

If you’re in Vancouver tonight make sure you drop in for the special VMF edition of SNAG (live painting / art raffle) featuring a ton of talented artists (the most artists they’ve ever hosted for a SNAG). Admission for the event is free!

Thursday night is the giant Vancouver Mural Festival group exhibition at BAF curated by artist Drew Young. The artwork above, by artist Tyler Keeton Robbins, is just one of the many great pieces in what is essentially a nice appetizer for the street party Saturday, when we get to walk around and absorb the 50+ large scale murals!

For a full list of Vancouver Mural Festival events head over HERE.  See more works from the group exhibition at BAF, as well as a full list of the 2017 muralists below.


Artwork by Jane Cheng


Artwork by Lauren Brevner


Artwork by Bracken Hanuse Corlett


Artwork by Priscilla Yu


Artwork by Fiona Ackerman


Artwork by Carson Ting


Artwork by Sarah Delaney


Artwork by Tristesse Seeliger


Artwork by Andrew Tavukciyan


Artwork by Bronwyn Schuster


Artwork by Cristian Fowlie



Vancouver Mural Festival: Year Two @ Burrard Arts

OPENING: 7PM, August 10th
DATES: August 10th to September 2nd, 2017
LOCATION: 108 East Broadway


Muralists of 2017:

Irving Cano & Ari De La Mora / David Shillinglaw / Carson Ting / Tyler Keeton Robbins / Jenny Ritter + Tin Can Studios / Linsey Levendall / Jane Cheng / Bronwyn Schuster / Tia Rambaran / Lani Imre / Amanda Smart / Frank Jones / Ariel Buxton / Hayden Eland / Alex Leder / FIlipo Intile / Blake Wydeman / Take 5 / Jnasty / Crums / Siloh / Naks / Andy Dixon / Jeska Slater / Paul Windsor / Khelsilem / David Ullock / Douglas Nhung / Mega Mcgrath / Wrk(less) / Laura Bifano / Aaron White / Bracken Hanuse Corlett / Cristian Fowlie / Priscilla Yu / Francis Tiffany / Brother Jopa / Morik / Sandeep Johal / Carrielynn Victor / Will Phillips / Fiona Ackerman / Sharifah Marsden / Corey Larocque / Jill Stanton / GHIA Collective / Mengya Zhao / Oksana Gaidasheva / Emily Gray / Ben Frey / Andrew Tavukciyan / Johnnie Christmas / Peeta / Derek Edenshaw / Sarah Delaney / Scott Sueme / Murone / Virus / Dedos / Tars / Capilano IDEA Program / Andrew Dexel / Lauren Brevner / Stace Forand / Tristesse Seeliger

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