Best of Kickstarter: Isolite – The World’s First Intelligent Light Modifier

If you’re a photographer who loves to shoot black and white, this could be revolutionary for you. Isolite is a hardware accessory that attaches to your speedlights or studio strobes and allows you to modify light AFTER you capture the image. According to the Kickstarter, Isolite isn’t an app nor does it lighten, darken, or change the contrast of images. Isolite effectively allows you to turn lights on and off inside your photo. The data is captured in a single shutter-click and stored in a RAW file straight from your camera.

If this thing lives up to its claims it will be valuable not only as a time-saving tool but essentially give you super powers allowing you to completely change studio lighting after the fact.

To get a better sense of the tool, there’s a demo on their website. Have a look at the video below where creator Chris Gergley explains how it works.



Isolite - The World's First Intelligent Light Modifier
Isolite - The World's First Intelligent Light Modifier

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