The First-Ever Booooooom Ultimate Puzzle Hunt

Introducing the first-ever Booooooom Ultimate Puzzle Hunt! We’ve created 3 puzzles — Puzzle #1 is below, and Puzzle #2 and #3 are hidden on our site. You have to solve each puzzle to find the next one. The first 3 people to solve the Ultimate Puzzle Hunt will each win a Grand Prize: 1 x Booooooom Diamond Logo Tee, 1 x Ladder Tee, and 1 x Magic Hour Hat (3 winners get all 3 items). If you solve it and you’re not one of the first 3, we’ll still give ya a little something for doing it! *UPDATE – we are also going to give away one more grand prize (all 3 items) — it will be a random draw on December 31st and anyone who completes the puzzle but is not one of the first 3 winners will be included in the draw. We will be announcing the winner of the draw in our Secret Email Club newsletter so make sure you’re signed up!

The first puzzle is below — you can download the higher resolution image here (right-click save). I suggest printing it off if you can! Good luck!

Wall of Fame


Elliot (Grand prize winner)
Don H. (Grand prize winner)
Tooky (Grand prize winner)


The following puzzle solvers are eligible for the random draw for the final Grand Prize on Jan 31 — anyone completing the puzzle from now until the draw will be added to this list.

Phil A.
Sam S.
Alice G.
Christian H.
Marcus R.
Shuyi W.
Martha A.
Eric H.
Raymond P.
Ádám T.
Stu B.
Liam F.
Jane M
Matthew De Wane
Agata M.
Kaylee Kean
Christine L.
Patrick G.
Jonny P.
Andrea Z.
Laura B.
Pedro P
Nathalie E.
Barry D.
Colton Floris
Diana F.
Luke Siemens
Kelsey Wright
Chris F.
Sara Madbouli
Jay H.
Justin Langstaff
James Lavino
Jane Hargrave
Dan I.
Aaron S.

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