POW! WOW! Nepal 2018

POW! WOW! arts festival’s mission has always been to create beautiful artwork in public spaces but they’re also passionate about bringing people together and contributing to underserved communities. For this edition of the festival, artists painted The Koseli School in Kathmandu, transforming it into an inspiring place to learn.

Artists included: Cryptk, Shrine On, Lauren YS, Caratoes, Lauren Napolitano, Jeff Gress, Kai Kaulukukui, Katherine Rutter, IMAGINE, Philip Milic, Jean Philippe Burton, Lindsay Rider, Saadhux, Kosmic 13, Kiran Maharjan, I.effigy, and the Childrens Art Museum of Nepal.

Watch the video directed by Mikey Inouye of Banzai Media (with music by Kutumba) below.

Video directed by Mikey Inouye

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