Instagram of the Day: Agoraphobic Traveller

A long-overdue feature of the brilliant Instagram account, Agoraphobic Traveller (@streetview.portraits). Despite suffering from agoraphobia and anxiety, Jacqui Kenny found a way she could explore the world — Google Street View. She masterfully screenshots images captured by the Google Street View cameras, and has such an amazing eye for colour and composition. You would never think these moments had been captured this way.

I actually meant to make a post about Jacqui Kenny’s project a year or so ago when I came across a collection of images of dogs running alongside the Google Street View car and traced the images back to her. You may have seen the short that Google made about her, from around that time. I actually hadn’t seen it pop up in my feed for a long time and only recently checked in on it again. If you aren’t already following her, do yourself a favour and click through her archive, there’s so many amazing images.



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