Booooooom TV Best of the Week: Music Videos, Short Films & Animation

A round-up of our favourite videos featured on Booooooom TV. From the painfully familiar to the brilliantly absurd, this week’s selection includes a range of projects all showcasing the beautiful peculiarity of human behaviour!

“It’s Not a Phase” by Kristoffer Borgli

A cringe-inducing glimpse into the life of a 36 year-old superfan of a defunct emo band by writer-director Kristoffer Borgli.

“unfold” by Daniel Antebi

Two exes relive the course of their relationship in the span of a single glance in this bittersweet short by New York-based writer-director Daniel Antebi.

Joe Russo – “Phér•Bŏney Love Theme”

Performer Will Hines stars as a Hungry Business Man, whose simple desire to eat a sandwich is thwarted by a troupe of anonymous dancers. Directed by Jonny Look, with choreography by Erin S Murray.

“S’Ardia é S’Ardia” by Dan Sadgrove

New Zealand-born filmmaker Dan Sadgrove delves into the legendary tradition of S’Ardia in the village of Sedilo, Sardinia — an annual event almost impossible for any outsider to understand.

These are just a few of the wonderful submissions we’ve featured on Booooooom TV in the past week. If you have a project you’d like to submit, head over here!

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