3 Questions with Photographer Delaney Allen

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This particular image was captured by Portland-based photographer Delaney Allen. Here’s a quick little 3 question interview with him:

What can you tell us about this image?

It was taken outside of Pappy and Harriet’s early one morning while I was working on my series Red Orange. I was exploring ideas around isolation and loneliness while traveling on the road, specifically in California. That series allowed for experimentations with landscape attempting to personalize the elements at times, like with this specific photograph.

What is a recent epiphany you had?

After finishing a body of work I generally start looking to add a new challenge to my photography, researching and examining small aspects I’ve yet to add to my visual language I’ve been creating over the past decade. Not necessarily an epiphany, but I’ve been focusing on what feels (to my work at least) as a study of straightforward, documentation of elements. Most recently I’ve been photographing interiors of abandoned farmsteads in eastern Washington State.

Who is inspiring you on Instagram right now?

I get overwhelmed at times with the photography on a platform such as Instagram. The rabbit hole can intimidate me at times so I always try to keep it at an arm’s length. But, seeing a performative-based artist such as Jan Hakon Erichsen (@janerichsen) and his use of the video aspects of the site has been refreshing. I find it hard to stand out in the constant stream of imagery but I always stop for a moment when coming across his work.

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