Upcoming AMA: Illustrator and Podcaster Andy J. Pizza

We are excited to announce we have Andy J. Pizza aka Dr. Pizza confirmed for our next live #ama “Ask Me Anything” interview in the Booooooom Slack — *Thursday Nov 21 1PM PST*

Andy is an American illustrator who I have followed for many years (I have one of his prints framed on my wall from when I first started Booooooom). He’s made things for Nickelodeon, Amazon, The New York Times, and many others. He is also the founder of one of my all-time fav podcasts, Creative Pep Talk, which has been featured by Apple and Buzzfeed and seen Andy interview the likes of Seth Godin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessica Hische, James Victore, and a million other creative people (I believe he’s at 250+ episodes now). He always asks such great questions and I find his comments really insightful. It really is an incredible resource for artists so if you are not already an avid listener, GO. LISTEN. NOW.

If you have questions for Andy, this is your chance to ask him about his art, the podcast, creative tips, anything! If you’re a Booooooom member you can log into the #ama channel in the Booooooom Slack Community right now and leave your questions ahead of time and/or come back and chat with him while he’s answering questions live. If you’re not a member you won’t be able to access the Slack, but you can still DM us a question via Instagram. We’ll try to ask as many of the questions we receive via Instagram as possible, and we’ll publish a recap of the interview.

Follow Andy J. Pizza on Instagram here:

Listen to the Creative Pep Talk podcast here (YOU MUST):


A video excerpt from the Creative Pep Talk episode featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Below are some examples of the kinds advice Andy gives. He has a knack for breaking ideas down into digestable and memorable truth nuggets.

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