Celia Talbot Tobin

“Kin” by Photographer Celia Talbot Tobin

Mexico-based photographer Celia Talbot Tobin explores notions of home and family (both given and chosen) in this beautiful ongoing project. Started during a time of transition spent with her own family in upstate New York, “Kin” represents Tobin’s personal reflections on ideas of belonging, especially in a world that is infinitely expanding. She even chose to use the camera she first learned on in high school as a way to further challenge herself and break from routine.

“I think often about how, despite its crucial ability to heal, time can feel criminal. Knowing it will only retreat further into the recesses of your mind — and that you’re powerless to stop the slipping — can break your heart into more pieces than you can count if you let it. The longer I spend shooting, the more I realize that my somewhat compulsive relationship with the still image is less about the camera or photography as a medium, and more an obsession with memory. Since I was a kid, my desired superpower has been the ability to accurately and emotionally recall moments from the past as clearly as the present feels. I’ve come to understand that I document the world, in large part, as a way of visually hoarding memory, both collective and my own. This project, more than any other, is a manifestation of that desire.”

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