“Moon Shine” by Photographer Rachel Boillot

Rachel Boillot is a photographer, filmmaker, and educator based in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by the unique musical traditions of the Cumberland Plateau, “Moon Shine” is a lyrical portrait of place and a celebration of disappearing traditions. Boillot explains:

“This region is home to a rich storytelling heritage, showcased in historic fiddle tunes, balladry, religious gospel pieces and other songs passed down as part of a formidable oral tradition. Today, this old-time tradition is threatened by the limitations of a twenty-first century attention span and the popularity of commercial music.”

With her photographs, Boillot explores the relationship between what is seen and what is heard. “The photographs in this work act as a visual score to mirror musical melody”, she describes. Published as a monograph by Daylight books in 2019, the series is a lovely homage to a not-so-distant past, and a visual preservation for the future.

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