Artist Spotlight: Chloe West

A selection of work by Wyoming-born, Missouri-based artist Chloe West. West received her BFA from the University of Wyoming and MFA from Washington University in St. Louis, a move which continues to inform her current interest in themes of interiority, the gaze, and how spaces imprint on the body:

“I create paintings that investigate the body and its relationship to the spaces it inhabits. I paint the surfaces of the everyday, enfleshing material skins. Objects such as windows and linoleum tiles are presented with works that show fragmented views of the body: contrasting materials of banality with moments of intimacy. Together, these works create a nonlinear narrative that explores the subjectivity of the body as it relates to place. The painting process is durational, tender, and engages in deep looking to question the gaze and themes of accessibility.”

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Chloe West’s Website

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