Photographer Spotlight: Asia Denise Shelton

Asia Denise Shelton is a Black queer femme photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Excited by what she describes as the performative action of photographing, Shelton explains: “I feel as though without the camera, I wouldn’t have the excuse to actively look and engage with the world around me—wether it’s by following old ladies on their shopping trips or investigating how the sun changes the forms and patterns of a shadow.” Her process of image-making is visceral, and she operates by the motto, “shoot now, think later.”

“Although I’ve been working as a photographer on sets and commercially, I experience the most joy when I can just go for a walk in a new direction or explore a new city or landscape, when the images are organic and come from pure, unadulterated curiosity.”

See more from Asia Denise Shelton below!

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