Photographer Spotlight: Bettina Pittaluga

Bettina Pittaluga is a French-Uruguayan photographer currently based in Paris. A former sociology student with a background working as a reporter, Pittaluga’s interest in people is palpable in her portraits. “I like to think that I photograph beauty,” she explains. “I find beauty in authenticity; of an emotion, an instant, the other, in what is most real.”

Her work is largely a response to the homogeneous representation of humanity that she sees in the media—”it is a completely unequal vision of the human race. And I precisely think that this unequal representation is largely responsible for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia and the rejection of old age. It is very important for me to do everything to continue to deconstruct this hegemony; I am committed to invoke all these fights until they are won.”

See more from Bettina Pittaluga below!

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