Artist Spotlight: Dan Ferguson

A selection of paintings by London-born, Belfast-based artist Dan Ferguson. Ferguson worked as a high school art teacher for 14 years before pursuing his MFA and starting to develop his own body of work. His current focus is depicting scenes of people and places that move him in some way. Whether whimsical or dark, beautiful or challenging, Ferguson’s aim is to honour the spirit of his subjects as much as the accuracy of the moment itself. As he states further:

“I have explored memory and social/physical perception, and how we all affect each other with our experiences and stories, and observations. They can be spoken or visual. These memories can be mine, or belong to others, and they seem to be channelled into a colour scheme that tries to displace the conventional ‘sepia’ of nostalgia, and instead evoke a spectrum exploding timelessness. I try to be honest and tender with the memories and scenarios I create, but instead of words I try to achieve this with a mix of both powerful and subtle colour and forms.”

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Dan Ferguson’s Website

Dan Ferguson on Instagram

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