“Topographies” by Photographer Jess Gough

Self-taught London-based film photographer Jess Gough studies the intricacies of the natural world with her series, “Topographies”. Although taken in various geographic locations, the abstracted images come together to form a fictional place, linked by light, heat and texture. Confronting our separation from the natural world, “Topographies” reminds us of our place within the grand scheme of things by highlighting the raw intensity of these unbridled landscapes, indifferent to our human experiences.

“The work in ‘Topographies’ aims to explore how the natural world can be represented in this crucial moment, without defaulting to grandiose or sentimental vistas, or to a depiction of something that can be possessed and controlled,” Gough explains. “Instead the work in these series invites the viewer to marvel at the natural world and locate one’s place, however small, within it.”

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