“Fat Strawberries” by Photographer Grace Ann Leadbeater

Grace Ann Leadbeater (previously featured here) is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist and educator invested in words, pictures and bookmaking. Initially started five years ago, her series, “Fat Strawberries,” really began to take shape during the beginning of the pandemic. The work explores the longing that emerges during crises—for touch from others, consistency in routine, tenacity for hope, small pleasures, life.

During a particularly heightened period of solitude, Leadbeater documented the details of her newfound routines and daily life, sometimes as still life arrangements including ingredients from the elaborate meals she was cooking, and sometimes highlighting singular objects of personal importance. When the pet fish she was looking after for friends unexpectedly died, she photographed him too. “I suppose it is silly to be writing about or documenting the demise of a fish, but when many things around you are dying, every death is evidence of a crisis,” she explains. “The longing for anything but this only intensifies, such as the small pleasures: fat strawberries.”

See more from “Fat Strawberries” below!

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