Photographer Spotlight: Natthawut Taeja

A selection of images by Bangkok-based photographer Natthawut Taeja. Reflecting on the struggles and frustrations of life unfolding outside of one’s control, Natthawut captures a series of random objects that he feels a particular connection to:

“Every stage of my life has gone with many unwelcome conditions. I felt like I was frozen in a narrow place. All the time, I could not live the life I wanted to have. Until the story unfolds little by little, it takes a lot of effort, struggle, and energy. Getting what you wish to sometimes seems too late. See what is wrong, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, for the rest of your life. I choose to photograph abandoned, neglected, and questionable things because I always feel connected to them.”

See more images from “300 miles” below.













Natthawut Taeja’s Website

Natthawut Taeja on Instagram

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