“Under a New Sun” by Photographer José Castrellón

José Castrellón is a New York-based photographer originally from Panamá. In his series, “Under a New Sun,” he looks inward to a foundational chapter of his life, and also outward, toward the horizon, in search of what’s coming next. “Every moment and every decision is a turning point in what seems to be the perpetual process of becoming,” he explains, “all the while we live between a yearn for that which we left behind and that which is about to come.”

It was in this limbo that Castrellón found himself exhaustively revisiting the Maine of his youth, where he studied to become a photographer. Stumbling upon old friends and new strangers, he navigates his past and hopes to shed light on his future through several trips across “the state that receives, before any other in the U.S., the new sun.”

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