Photographer Spotlight: Jonah Rosenberg

A selection of recent work by Brooklyn-based photographer Jonah Rosenberg. Working primarily in the editorial and commercial realms these days, he is happiest when he’s able to make work that feels like something he might make for himself anyway. In addition to his professional practice, Rosenberg has been working on an ongoing collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Matty Davis for the past few years. Focusing on capturing Davis’ dance and choreography, the collaboration has pushed Rosenberg into new realms of expressive and evocative image-making. 

When people ask, “what do you like to photograph?,” it feels like the wrong question to Rosenberg. “Thematically, I’m drawn to spectacle,” he explains. “In our present age that can encompass virtually any human activity, especially if you have a camera in your hand and you’ve set up a bunch of strobes. The obvious descriptor for a lot of my work is ‘documentary,’ but I don’t feel strongly attached to the idea of a photograph as just a truthful document. I’m interested in the way photographs can thrill and confound you. I love going out into the world and letting myself be surprised.”

See more from Jonah Rosenberg below!

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