“Song of Sons” by Photographer Nate Langston Palmer

A new series by American photographer Nate Langston Palmer (previously featured here). Born and raised in Washington DC, Palmer received his BFA in photography and imaging from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts in 2016. His work examines the collective understanding of masculinity in the United States, specifically within Black-American communities. In “Song of Sons,” Palmer follows a dance crew in Washington, DC that is made up of a group of young Black men between the ages of 12 and 25. The project documents the culture surrounding their particular style of dance (“Beat-Ya-Feet”) which was created in, and remains specific to, Washington, DC:

“Using dance and creative expression as its vehicle, the series focuses on the lives of these young men and their unique journey into adulthood. The work grapples with concepts of masculinity and societal conditioning with the nation’s capital as its backdrop, a city that is currently experiencing some of the most advanced rates of gentrification in the country, and in turn, a rapid displacement of Black culture and community.”

The displacement of long-term Black residents disrupts the cultural network rooted in music, dance and place. The intention behind Palmer’s series is not only to capture the beauty of the community but to offer a commentary on the threat of its erasure. See more images from “Song of Sons” below!







































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