“Tarot Aracanas” by Artist Adèle Aproh

A selection of drawings from Paris-based artist Adèle Aproh. Aproh’s work contains a narrative dynamic bound up in pop culture and surrealism. Inspired by everyday objects and the people that surround her, Aproh likens her images to Russian nesting dolls containing stories within stories, and webs of symbolism and references that exist in their own absurd universe. As an artist Aproh feels an affinity toward comic book authors such as Chris Ware and Nicole Claveloux whose work pushes the boundaries of drawing and narration always further:

“With my coloured pencils, I tend to stage showy and colourful characters in surrealistic scenes tinged with melancholy and humour. Asian mythology and folklore deeply imbues the roots of my art. The work’s progression rely on a long process of intuition, researches and patience.”

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