“Girl Interrupted” by Artist Caitlyn Doran

A selection of work by Chicago-based artist Caitlyn Doran. At a time when we are constantly inundated with distractions, Doran explores the fragmented nature of modern life and the complex interplay between multi-tasking and focused attention. Her graphic drawings and mixed-media paintings are based on digital collages but meticulously rendered by hand.

Doran was selected to participate in the group exhibition, “30×30,” at Var Gallery & Studios in Milwaukee WI where she was given 30 days to make 30 works. The body of work Doran created, “Girl Interrupted,” poses the question: “If attention is the purest form of love, what form does it take when we multi-task?” In other words, does our love grow and multiply with every new interest or does it actually get diluted.

“I am someone who examines her split consciousness every day to better answer this question. Scrolling while walking, posting while chatting, texting while eating, hyperstimulation and distraction are omnipresent for many at this time. Such interruptions can be entirely screenless even — a sudden thought crowding over an idea, eclipsing a realization. My 30×30 body of work, GIRL INTERRUPTED, takes inventory of my attention at various moments throughout the month of January 2024. Each piece reflects the tension and contrast between contrary elements such as, the past vs the present, the analog vs the digital, high art vs low, monochrome vs multi-hue, wet media vs dry, and more.”

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