“Threshold Drawings” by Artist Lauren Clay

A collection of colour pencil drawings and hand-marbled wall sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Lauren Clay (previously featured here). While Clay studied painting and works primarily in three dimensions, a significant portion of her new works focus on a medium she holds dear — drawing. In recent years, Clay has broadened her working knowledge of Depth Psychology, developed by the early 20th century psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who believed that the subconscious mind held key personal truths about an individual unknown to the conscious mind. Clay illuminates this “other side” through soft, ethereal thresholds, upon which one may unlock the mysteries of the subconscious. Alongside the drawings, Clay’s intricate sculptures (cast in hydrocal) capture thresholds, windows, and stairways. See more images below or on display at Cris Worley Fine Arts starting May 20 – June 17.















Lauren Clay’s Website

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