05.12.11 by Jeff

Bronx Sniper

The Manwolfs are back! “Bronx Sniper” by Mister Heavenly. This video dropped while I was away but it’s too insane to leave out! Directed by my good friend Corey Adams. Does he know how to end a video or what?

Mister Heavenly Bronx Sniper music video directed by Corey Adams

Watch the music video below!

See the other Manwolfs video here.



  • benjamin

    great video. great band. i got a chance to see them last month in lexington ky.

  • http://nathanveldhoen.com Nathan Veldhoen

    Looks like they had some serious fun shooting that one.

  • toastrander

    haha… poor kid.

  • john

    We’re not gonna take!

  • http://www.benlangholz.com Ben Langholz

    Fantastic video. Must have been expensive to shoot.

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