25.04.14 by Jeff

The Best Email in the Entire History of Booooooom!

I got an email and a book from photographer Eylül Aslan recently, and while her book is gorgeous, her email is honestly the best thing I’ve been sent since I started this site. I featured her work several years ago (see the post here) so it was quite a surprise to get an email like this, completely out of the blue:


I felt so encouraged reading this, there are definitely days when I’m not as motivated to work on Booooooom so this kinda thing energizes me to keep it going. Anyways, I’ve posted a bunch of images from Eylül’s beautiful book “Trauerweide” (which can be ordered here) below.



























Buy the book here.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Aliciosa

    What an amazing story!

  • It’s so encouraging when you find that a small gesture has touched someone’s life so completely! You should change your name to Jeff “love connection” Hamada.

    • haha if only i could connect myself to love

  • love her work so much! such an encouraging and beautiful story. you do good things, jeff! so happy for every one!!

  • That’s a great story. Plus her photography is really good.

  • Kelvin Poon

    Cupid Jeff!

  • great story, killer book

  • the jealous curator

    so so so FANTASTIC!!!

  • Pedro Ferro

    There are a lot of silent people over here that you had inspired! ;)
    Go Jeff!

  • Kero Kero

    well deserved

  • idekumiko

    What a great story – I remember seeing her photography when you first featured it, too.

  • This is great. Amazing to see how influential and life changing sharing great can be.

  • Oh so brilliant! <3

  • Ezequiel Blurpenstein

    the butterfly effect! everything happens because of … everything. :D

  • I love stories like these! Make me smile. And her photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aloof

    Wow, that’s a good karma bonus you earned there :))

  • Tito Piccolo

    what a lovely story. but what if…

  • rye

    email = pretty heartwarming stuff here. also that book looks beautifully composed.

  • Jeff doing what he does best!

    • haha is this what i do best? once in 6 years hahah, ill take it

  • kuala

    lovely of her to do this.such e-mail really makes a day.bravo for the great work in this blog.

  • sealiagh

    This made me cry!! Such a lovely story and such lovely work. And I mean both Booommm!! and Eylul :D

  • Clay Hardwick

    a lovely story! This is exactly the reason why the first web site I visit when I wake up in the morning is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

  • jaycie

    Aw, that is a sweet story. Also, the book looks so beautiful. That pink cover is just gorgeous.

  • Marisol Cabrera

    Wow. Just wow is all. A couple times, I had to ask myself “is this real life?” I can’t imagine how you (and she) must feel right now! BOOOOOOOM makes dreams come true. Who woulda thunk? I knew I had it bookmarked for good reason.

  • .::Psyched Blog::.

    So there you go, it’s ALL about the visitors, the artists, the …
    Good things take time and we all have ups and downs (whatever project we are keeping alive) and every mail/message/… like this one here goes to show that, even though, sometimes we feel pretty much all alone with the things we do, it is appreciated, even though we do not always notice it right away.

    Good for you and for the artist represented here.

  • Mir Tohid Razavi

    What a great story :)
    çok güzel :)

  • Cool! Been following your blog for several years and you’ve guided me, not to the love of my life, but to many really inspiring artists. Thank you for sharing this story and all your nice creative findings.

  • I was wondering what could be called “the best email in the entire history of BOOOOOOOM ever”. It’s lovely!

  • aurora borealice

    this is so utterly wonderful!

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