Photographer Spotlight: T.S. Pfeffer

Photographer and filmmaker T.S. Pfeffer tests locations, light, space and time, in this lovely series of images. While tending to see the world in 24-1000+ fps, Pfeffer often opts for a camera that is less cumbersome to carry yet still contributes to the stories and visuals he’s developing.

“It’s easy get lost in the viewfinder and miss the eureka moments outside the frame — the stuff that will spontaneously tell a story. In practice and in writing, as an effort to pre-compose and capture the essence of scenes I would like to someday recreate, I have found still(s) incredibly helpful in building an archive of my spatial cognition at work.”

See more images from “Scout no. 2” below. Each week we highlight the best work sent to us by our members as Editors’ Picks. You can learn more about becoming a member.













T.S. Pfeffer on Instagram

T.S. Pfeffer on Vimeo

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