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Hello to all of our new members and supporters! A lot has happened over here since our last update! First up, if you missed the recent Letter From The Editor, we highly recommend you giving it a quick read through. It goes over some of the things we’ve done over the past year and how we are changing and evolving with our growing membership! Keep your eye out for some exciting new things over the next few weeks. We’re looking to add to our Booooooom team so watch for a job posting or two as well as some updates to all our member and supporter profiles.

Right now we’re hooking up every member & supporter with free sticker packs (if you want one). Just head over here to grab your own FREE Booooooom Sticker Pack (just cover shipping), you can use the code below until the end of July!


Free Sticker Pack in Booooooom Shop — Promo code:

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We also have our on-going deal with Skillshare for 2 months of Skillshare Premium for FREE and a new deal with our friends over at Squarespace for 10% off (just use the code “BOOOOOOOM” on checkout). And don’t forget, any member and supporter get 20% off anything in our shop using the promo code you got in your welcome email! Hit us up at [email protected] if you need any help!


As always a big thank you to these Booooooom Supporters:

Adrian W. Ho  •  Alison  •  Altaira Northe  •  Ambrosio Ballon  •  Anna Ristuccia  •  Ashley Busenius  •  Ben Woodhouse  •  Bette Burgoyne  •  Brad McMurray  •  Brit Zweegers  •  Clara Aranovich  Cvannndaneyalmahmood  Daniel Rhie  •  Darcy  •  Diane  •  Drake John •  ekemon • Elissa  •  Elizabethotis   e.vandenhoogen Fyza Hashim  •  Georgia Dixon  •   Goonhouse  •  Hanna  • Harry Hartslattery  •  HarveyParker ideaandmaker  Jasmine Griffin  •  Jayde Fitzgerald    Jayemkayem  •  Jeff Flemings  •  Jenn C Smith  •  John K  •  Jonas Maon  •  Katie  •  Keith  •  Kelvin Poon  •  Kevin Kalaba  •  Kim Kalanj  •  Kyle Nordman  •  Lara Chan-Baker  •  Lauren Matsumoto  •  Lee Walker  •  Less Talk More Illustration  •  Lizzy Karp  •  Luke Blackburn  •  Lyoshavol  •  Maekan  •  Marmo06 •  Matt Rubin  •  Michael Giles  •  Michael Schwartz  •  ML Leung  •  Nana  •  OURO Collective  •  Pat  •  Pierre  •  Ray H  •  Revel Art House  •  Saintseneca  •  Seamus Conley  •  Seun  •  Shinead D’Souza  •  Skys Grey  •  Sooha  •   SP  •  Steven Bennett  •  The Saturday Morning Cartoon  •  Trenna  •  ungawa  •  Vanessa Tam  •  Vicki Duong  •  Will Smith wonheechang


If you’ve been enjoying our content and want to help us continue to support young emerging artists, consider becoming a supporter or a member today! Members have the ability to share their own work on our public submissions platform as well as request feedback privately. Below are a couple of the recent submissions that we loved:

Editors' Pick: Photos by Matthew Thorne

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