“Quiet” by Illustrator Evan M. Cohen

The latest comic series from artist and illustrator Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here). Featuring beautifully composed panels of rising and setting suns, “Quiet” is all about tuning into your surroundings and appreciating what you have. See more images as well as the accompanying poem below!


The burning waves
Wash away endless days,
They push me
And pull me
Into the mirror sea.

Watch the aqua sun
With red vision,
Staring deep into the night
Before the morning comes.

The water talks of common youth,
Swallowing rocks
Of granite truth.

The ripple clouds
with drowning mouths,
gather silver knots
while tying river thoughts.

The night falls slowly
with shattered light below me.
Lying on the ground,
I fall deep into sound.

My bright diamond eyes
keep reflecting grey skies.
The shades of green
looking so serene.

This is the end,
the last moment to stay.
Oh red river
take me far away.


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Evan M. Cohen’s Website

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