“Eternal” by Illustrator Evan M. Cohen

A beautiful comic series about eternal desire by artist and illustrator Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here). See more images as well as the accompanying poem below!


The Eternal dance through morning light,
Sunset years,
And final nights.
Two flowers spinning,
Their golden waves singing.
A silver sky clinging onto hopeful beginnings.
Memories bring back the Red River visions,
Each season changing with our young decisions.
To bloom and to break,
Too soon to try fate,
With patterned time we choose to wait.

Let’s make a landing with shallow breathing,
Still daydream but forget the meaning.
We’ll cut the sand with broken hands,
Colors bleeding,
Sounds repeating,
Never leaving.
Always swimming in nectarine,
Sunlit pools of reflecting scenes.
These are the lucky days,
looking for heavy healing.
We’re forever the real thing,
Sinking deeper into the summer feeling.


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Evan M. Cohen’s Website

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