“Keepsakes” by Photographer Olivia Solodko

A lovely series about memory and how our valuations change over time by Vancouver-based photographer Olivia Solodko. Using her photo practice as a form of therapy, Solodko’s work tends to explore the subtle beauty found in everyday surroundings and the ephemeral nature of material happiness. As she explains:

“‘Keepsakes’ is about how objects and spaces take on a positive association when they’re from the past. Mundane or utilitarian things don’t mean much in the present. Yet, when we look back or rediscover them years later, we see them in warm light, wanting to hold onto them. The idea behind Keepsakes is to capture the dialogue between mind and material, evoking a contradictory feeling of ‘uncanny comfort.'”

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Olivia Solodko’s Website

Olivia Solodko on Instagram

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