Call to Submit: New Booooooom Photo Book “Small Victories”

Calling all photographers! We’re excited to announce that we’re starting to put together a new book and this is your chance to submit images to it! Our last book, Tomorrow’s Talent, featured artwork by over 40 of our favourite visual artists working today (sorry to everyone who was unable to get a copy, we didn’t expect it to sell out so quickly). This next book is going to focus on photography, and the theme for it may make you a bit nostalgic if you’ve been following Booooooom since the early days.

“Small Victories” was a photo project I launched way back in 2010 which ultimately became a collection of images celebrating the beauty and strangeness of everyday life. People from all over the world mailed in 4×6 prints that fit the theme and we organized a photo show at a gallery in Hong Kong, called Above Second (you can see a few photos of the event here), and then a second show here in Vancouver, at Little Mountain Gallery.

A few years ago, we brought the project back and we organized a really fun show of work by 10 Vancouver photographers exploring the same theme. Ever since then I’ve wanted to make a “Small Victories” book featuring all new images from around the world, and now we’re finally gonna do it.

Allow me to elaborate a bit on the theme, using the images above as examples (these were from the 2010 show). I’m not as interested in images which feel staged or planned, I’m looking for images of things you notice in the world around you—the way the sun reflects off a window, or a strange juxtaposition—fleeting moments, serendipity. Funny things, beautiful things, weird, inexplicable things. A kid finding some shade (photo by Ken Lamug), a bag that looks like heart (photo by Seth Fluker), a disembodied arm smoking (photo by Tatum Shaw).

I realise that many parts of the world are still in various stages of lockdown, so I want to encourage you to submit existing work which fits this theme. We don’t want anyone going out and shooting photos until it is absolutely safe to do so.

"a collection of images celebrating the beauty and strangeness of everyday life"

I’m going to be reaching out to some of my favourite photographers to contribute images that fit the theme. If you’re a member of our community and would like to be considered for inclusion in this publication, you can submit your own photos using the link below! Any members whose images are selected for the book will receive a copy of it when we release it!


  • you can submit up to 5 JPG images in response to the theme (medium resolution, do not upload high res images)
  • images may be colour or b&w
  • landscape or portrait orientation
  • you will have the option to include a description if you like
  • use the button below to submit

*Log in to enable the submit button. This form is just for members, you can learn about becoming a member here.


Deadline to submit: June 25, 2020

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