“Healing” by Artist Evan M. Cohen

A lovely comic about our connection to the Earth from New York-based artist and illustrator Evan M. Cohen (previously featured here).


I can see the forest
In the distance,
I can hear my name
From above,
I am alive,
I am magnetic,
The Earth pulls at my love.

She wakes me
With her electric skies,
She shows me
How to live
With graceful eyes.
She is the wind
Through the trees,
Moving silent sounds,
I am the rain
From the heavens,
Falling to the ground.

On the surface I will rise
To find a new home,
Draw my veins in the dirt,
Let the roots wrap my bones.

My body floats down
A river of sand,
My limbs reach out
For her hands.
She is the sun
And I listen to her demands,
The golden hour is here,
Shining down on her land.

The flowers,
Like music,
Floating in the air.

The trees,
Like statues,
Waiting in prayer.


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Evan M. Cohen’s Website

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