Call to Submit: Booooooom Art & Photo Book Award

Calling all artists and photographers! We are extremely excited to announce a brand new initiative for our members, the Booooooom Art & Photo Book Award! We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Artmobile to offer the chance to have your work published as a standalone book! If you have a specific series or a cohesive selection of work that you want to turn into a book, we want to see it. We are looking for finished work as opposed to works-in-progress or otherwise incomplete projects. If you’re not a member you can learn more about becoming one here.

In partnership with Artmobile, we will be printing 6 different books—each dedicated to an individual’s work—at zero cost to the artists and photographers. Artmobile is an independent online bookstore where creators, authors and publishers can reach their audiences more easily and cost-effectively than anywhere else. An extension of Bookmobile (the ones who printed our Small Victories book), Artmobile allows you to sell online without the hassle of obtaining an ISBN, figuring out shopping cart software, or creating an Amazon seller account. A full-service selling engine, Artmobile also stores your books and handles every aspect of fulfillment. You focus on creating art. Artmobile helps you sell it. If you want to learn more about Artmobile, you can check out their new website here, or email them directly here. You can also browse their titles here and directly support other creators!

We know it’s a dream for many of you to publish a book of your own work and this is a chance to do it without all the costs. These will be your books, not ours, so each of you will have full control of the design and layout. We will happily provide assistance/guidance if you need it.

Once the books are printed, you can choose to sell them on your own website or on Artmobile, or give them all away to your friends and family—it’s up to you!

Book Details:

  • 100 copies
  • up to a 10″ x 10″ trim size
  • up to 100 pages
  • paperback print run
  • color interior
  • two rounds of print proofs/corrections

Important Stuff:

  • We are looking for a cohesive selection of finished work that you want to turn into a book (as opposed to works-in-progress or otherwise incomplete projects).
  • You must submit 10 images of your work and describe the focus of your book. You may submit as many times as you like however one thoughtful submission is better than three half-baked ones.
  • Maximum size to upload: 2500 x 2500 px (images do not need to be square, these are simply the max height and width so we aren’t opening thousands of massive files).
  • Format for naming your files: FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_01.JPG
  • If you are shortlisted, we will follow up with you for more images and details. Use the button below to submit.


Deadline for submissions: April 8th, 2022

This will be the second time we are bringing our members projects to life in printed form. Previously, we produced a collection of zines, Tomorrow’s Talent, for seven different artists and photographers, highlighting a different series in each of their own respective zines. These were 32-page zines with each artist receiving 25 copies. With Artmobile’s help we are taking this to another level this time, offering 100-page books each in an edition of 100.


Deadline for submissions: April 8th, 2022

Once again, thank you to Artmobile for making this possible and we look forward to seeing what you got!

If you are unable to afford a membership, we are offering one-time submissions for photographers who are experiencing financial hardship. Head over here. (Available until March 30th, 2022)

Call to Submit: Art & Photo Book Award

If you have a specific series or a cohesive selection of work that you want to turn into a book, we want to see it!

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