“Refuge” by Photographer Yolanda del Amo

New York-based Spanish-American artist Yolanda del Amo re-envisions the representation of refugees in her recent series, “Refuge.” Countering mainstream media representations, which often portrays them in large crowds, devoid of individuality, and immiserated, del Amo’s images humanize the refugee experience, bringing life to their stories.

Focusing on the integration of refugees in Germany after the massive influx in 2015, she photographs Germans and migrants living together under one roof: foster families who had taken in a minor, couples who were in romantic relationships, and flats that were shared by roommates, refugees, and natives. “In these mixed habitats, Germans and refugees agreed to share a home and negotiate their differences in habits, food, culture, and religion,” she explains. “Emphasizing togetherness rather than otherness, Refuge provides a counter-point to the ‘us versus them’ narrative.”

See more from “Refuge” below!

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