“Between Gods and Animals” by Photographer Shawn Bush

A selection of images from “Between Gods and Animals” (VOID, 2021), the latest photobook by Casper, Wyoming-based photographer Shawn Bush (previously featured here). Inspired by the confluence of villains and heroes in 1960’s Revisionist Western cinema, personal experience, and present-day revelations, Bush describes the project as “a survey of the White CIS American male’s endless pursuit to sustain power and inability to live by their own set of codes.” He elaborates:

The dismantling of historical icons and everyday definitions of virility mark a timely subversion to  the recognized and outdated socio-political hierarchies that govern Western culture. Comparing  historical standards of ordinary masculine conduct to its contemporary counterpart, this work  reflects a nation in flux. One whose ideology and positionality are being reinterpreted, questioned,  and displaced after centuries of ruthlessly establishing itself as an unequivocal superior.”

See more from “Between Gods and Animals” below!

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