“EOM” by Artists Sebastian Palencia & Eric Cheung

An audiovisual research project exploring the relationship between humans and technology through a study of movement by Vancouver-based artists Sebastian Palencia and Eric Cheung (previously featured here). Sebastian is a self-taught Filipino-Canadian designer. His practice is rooted in image-making techniques through graphic design and photography. His main collaborator for this project, Eric, is a street dancer and contemporary artist whose work involves expanding street dance’s perception and boundaries within different mediums such as film, theatre, new media, fashion, and Virtual Reality. The project features movements created together with Kinui Oiwa, who is from Tokyo, Japan, and is currently based in Vancouver.

“EOM” (Exploration of Motion) is inspired by the significance of current technological advancements and the role technology plays in our day-to-day lives. The relationship between art and technology is equally complex and rapidly evolving. “EOM” combines the concept of “computer vision” (an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how machines interpret and understand the world through images, videos and data) with the human component (a movement study Eric developed) to explore themes of identity, reality and how our relationship with technology can be manipulated and transformed.

Check out more visuals from the project below!


Additional Credits:
Movement: Eric Cheung & Kinui Oiwa
Art Direction: Joshua Abejo
Sound: Jason Liang
DOP: Eric Tsui
1st AC: Hiromu Otsuka
Set Asst: Dallas McKinnon
Still photography: Jenn Xu
Space: VIVO Media Arts Centre















Sebastian Palencia on Instagram

Eric Cheung on Instagram

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